Carl Rinsch Confirmed as Director for Fox's Alien Prequel

May 29, 2009
Source: Collider

Alien Spaceship

A few days back, news started to spread across the web that Carl Rinsch, a commercials and music video director for Scott Free Productions, had been hired to take over the Alien franchise for a reboot. It was initially reported as a rumor, but Collider caught up with Tony Scott this weekend and received some official confirmation. "Yes, Carl Rinsch is going to do the prequel to Alien," Scott told them. "I'm excited cause Ridley created the original and Carl Rinsch is one of the family." It's great to hear that Rinsch is confirmed, but it's also interesting to hear him call it a prequel, not a sequel or reboot or remake. How about that?

This isn't the only sci-fi that is getting rebooted by way of a prequel - John Carpenter's The Thing has a prequel in development as well. As was reported previously, this prequel will go back to only having one alien, not multiples, which was the same for Ridley Scott's original movie. But where can they go with this? How far back can they go? As far as I remember, that first movie was the first time any human encountered them. I'd love to see the story about how that U-shaped spaceship crashed on the planet (see above), but that wouldn't have any humans in it. When can we expect this to shoot? "Hopefully the end of the year."

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Except for Alien and Aliens, all the othe Alien films have been really bad. So I guess can it really get any worse? The news is good that Ridley and Tony are producing and that they have faith in Rinsch to make a really good Alien film. If anything really it will be an improvement of the Avp films.

Last Son on May 29, 2009


I love the idea of a prequel. There are so many questions that need to be answered such as where the Alien species originated from, how did they end up on a space ship and the chain of events that led to its ships demise. Hopefully there will be some depth in the storyline and the characters and it won't end up as some corny soulless movie. If the writers of this up and coming movie read this, I have one other request, PLEASE DON'T MAKE THIS MOVIE RATED PG 13+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alien is not a kids movie, nor should it ever be. Stick with the original formula that made the original movies a success.

Ezza on May 29, 2009


If this film is PG-13 I might fall on my sword in shame. Make it about the origin of the Space Jockey's corpse, which is what Scott has been saying all along.

LINKFX on May 29, 2009


I worry but I'll still see it so whatever.

LSP on May 29, 2009


is this director any good? i don't know his work.

cat on May 29, 2009


@7 Look at it it's amazing. You are all such fuckin nerds.

sumonesumtime on May 29, 2009


Hmm it's an intriguing idea. I'm just glad it is NOT a reboot, as the original 2 movies - Alien and Aliens - were fantastic.

Janika on May 29, 2009


I loved Alien since I was seven ears old. I always thought of the first as the beginning and the first contact with the Aliens. This movie needs to be done carefully. Alien was not a film saved by special effects and explosions. True, it did have them, but people need to remember it was a HORROR movie with a sci-fi setting. Aliens was more of an action movie, but equivalent to Alien as far as suspense and entertainment value. Cameron owned that one. If this film is done correctly with one alien aboard a space ship, they need to minimize the CGI and maximize on the horror. Make this scarier than the first. I will always remember the scene where Tom Skeritt is in the shaft with the flame thrower and the alien is creeping towards him on the motion sensor as one of the scariest, most suspenseful moments in movie history. If this Rinsch guy can top that, he has the blessing of a true Alien fan.

Dirk on May 29, 2009


Well, at least it's not a remake...

Andrew on May 29, 2009


An interesting twist would see a woman start as the dominant character later to die and then see a weak male character emerge as the Hero..... The mistery of the Aliens is what gave them so much power over your fear. Your watching the events unfold thinking where the hell did these things come from... I always wanted to see them actually make it to earth as it was Ripleys greatest motivation behind blowing them back to hell.. But yeah man Aliens rock the last 2 kinda did suck but i will be happy to go to the big screen again.

werdnafaz on May 29, 2009


Like I said before....I think the space jockey idea is the best one that has been talked about. We do NOT need another Alien movie. The first Alien and even Aliens were pure gold and they can never ans should never be re-done.

Dan W on May 29, 2009


Why does everyone knock Alien 3? I thought it was awesome and an equal to the first 2 regarding suspense and horror. Although Alien 4 and the AVP movies pissed me off, especially AVP2 - what an abortion! And if the storylines were to continue, the 'company' knew about the aliens as of AVP2 so that would mean that they must of known about them from the original alien movie also, and the predators too. So yeah, a prequel is a novel idea and knowing where that U ship came from would be great too.

n8dog on May 30, 2009


Thank God! If it was going to be a reboot of the Alien franchise, I would probably have killed myself..

Robbie on May 30, 2009


We know that the first film was not first human contact with them. It shows clearly in AVP, that they had been to Earth in the past. Also the fact that the 'Company' seemed to know far more about them, than was let on. That was made very clear in the subsiquent films. It will be interesting to see what they come up with on this one. Hopefully keep it to the original sci-fi / horror theme.

Marty on May 30, 2009


The alien pilot in the original was nearly twice the size of a human, was the ship designed by Giger? I think a film set in that world could be great, but we all know how it ends and it isn't pretty. Maybe the Company Ripley worked for sent a recon mission there before, that was wiped out. I like the Alien series, but really the first 2 are the best, the first with the horror and the second a Vietnam film set in space.

Crapola on May 30, 2009


I don't think any good can come of this. I'll be surprised if they manage to do a good movie... I hope so!

Drived on May 30, 2009


It is true that Alien and Aliens Were pure genius pieces of film, and Alien 3 almost ruined all of Aliens for me, and for that I wll never forgive it. But I don't know that a prequel is the way to go. Mostly because when you've already established so much I feel it might be boring to backtrack. Personally, I think they should go back to the original formula of interesting characters in a small dark space in space with an Alien to screw things up, but set it around the same time as the first. Like Weyland-Yutani Corp sent other people simply as collateral in case of something like what happened happening. Or even a prequel set on LV-426 after it was being colonized. Aliens era. Tell about what happened to Newt and how she lost her family and survived by sneaking around. You'd get to see The first Queen Alien hatch and it would end with A Segourney Weaver cameo. Okay I've said enough.

Da Man on May 30, 2009


I like this guy's work. If they can come up with a good story I feel he would do a great job. This one commercial Evolution of Technology,, he worked on should be developed into a movie. The steam powered T-Rex is awesome, check it out.

Moviegimp on May 30, 2009


As long as it's a decent script I reckon the film is in safe hands. You need to be a decent director if you gonna work for Ridley and with him on board as producer we can rest easy. Just thank our lucky stars Brett Ratner didn't get his hands on it!!!!

John J on May 30, 2009


This website should run a news story about how hollywood is too much of a chicken now-a-days to think of new ideas so the only BS movies we will see for the next few years are going to be bad reboots like this one. in my opinion we should boycott them because all the movies so far that came out this summer have sucked except for terminator and even that had so many holes.

mortuus on May 30, 2009


Tony and Ridley have never really made a bad film. I'm sure they won't let their name be on something they weren't happy with. Neither one of them have the time to devote fully to this project. And if Carl is screwing it up they will most likely fix it themselves before release. That's how things work in Hollywood.

Bryanmakeup on May 30, 2009


awesome, cant wait itll be good, if not great. and whats with the hating on alien 3? that was a great movie, provided perfect closure to the ellen ripley story and could almost stand alone by itself, i actually prefer it to the first one, but aliens is the best. and yes alien 4, and both avp's sucked balls

harrison on May 30, 2009


The "horseshoe" spaceship from Alien was never properly exploited...the whole theme revolved around "THE COMPANY" being on the lookout for alien life out there somewhere...why was the alien spacecraft not a super hot topic for them??? they bypassed a really great opportunity there and a reboot/remake should take this subject to task...but I dont see how they can fit ANY human beings into the history here...

cornholio_by_the_sea on May 30, 2009


I just hope Carl Rinsch realize what a massive responsibility resting on he's shoulders.

Thomas on May 30, 2009


i thought this news was going to destroy me but after reading i don't think this is such a bad idea. personally i think the idea of going back to 1 alien is awful because it will give it more of a... Jason, Freddy Kruger feel... ya know where you have your 1 iconic horror monster kill everybody but 1 or 2 people. it'll just turn out to typical

DoomCanoe on May 30, 2009


It could work if "The Company" and Paul Reiser's character, are brought back to show they had already known something they weren't telling Ripley about, or the androids? Or were they? It could be like a mashup of John Hurt in "Midnight Express" and "Alien" and "Osterman Weekend" and "The Company" part of Tyrell Inc. was "serving man".

George Myers on May 30, 2009


I don't want to know what happened to have caused that alien ship to land on that planet. I don't want to know anything more about the aliens. Stories are more effective when there are missing elements, aspects that allow the viewer to wonder, and fill in the blanks with their imaginations. That's what distinguishes a great movie from a brain-dead franchise.

Scott on May 31, 2009


I'm with Dan on the space jockey thing. That would be epic, as long as they put Giger in charge of design. Also, if this one ends up PG-13, as much as I LOVE the franchise (got a dropship model sitting at home on a shelf), I won't even entertain the notion of watching some lame ass flick designed for the mainstream populous (to include ages 14-17). 😛

bozoconnors on Jun 1, 2009


ANYTHING that happens in AVP should NOT be taken in consideration as to whether THE COMPANY knows about the aliens or not. AVP should have never happened, period. The simple fact that THE COMPANY sent the Nostromo crew to investigate the "distress signal" implies that they knew about something. Seems like there's plenty opportunities to play off of that. They only thing I'm asking is some creativity in the script, I don't want to see a copy of the 1st alien...

locos on Jun 1, 2009


I rather have them do a prequel than a reboot. The Alien and Aliens movies must not be touched. Leave them alone!!!

GTO on Jun 1, 2009


How bout a prequel to aliens? They can show how they consumed the colonist on LV426. At the end the aliens win until Ripley shows up 57 years later.

JussHaten on Jun 2, 2009


Maybe that was the first documented encounter with the Alien in Alien.

Corey on Jun 2, 2009


Weren't the Xenomorphs like a military experiment?

Corey on Jun 2, 2009


Its a completely different "Alien" who tried to do what the company is trying to do. This "Alien" (with the horeshoe ship) took an egg or baby queen from its homeworld and it got loose and laid an alien inside the huge (skeleton) "alien" . Ship crash lands on that planet that we're trying to colonize, we explore it the rest is hollywood. There you go people do your research read the comics.. 🙂

Jesse Dill on Dec 21, 2009

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