Casey Affleck Directing Joaquin Phoenix Documentary

January 15, 2009

Casey Affleck, Sean Combs, Joaquin Phoenix

So all that news about Joaquin Phoenix leaving acting to pursue his career in music actually meant something? Fellow actor Casey Affleck has announced today that he will be directing a documentary about Phoenix' musical career. He decided to leave acting recently to start a career as a rapper (of all things) and is currently working on album produced by Sean Combs. Affleck will start shooting his documentary at Phoenix' first public performance at a Las Vegas club later tonight (Friday, January 16th). This is also Casey Affleck's directorial debut as well, which makes this news even more interesting than it already is.

So although this is Casey Affleck's debut directing a feature film, he did previously direct a series of shorts for Sundance Channel in the late 1990s. And the news didn't list any actual production company, so it sounds like this is a completely independent project that Affleck and Phoenix are funding on their own. I really don't know what to say about this, I'm a bit stunned. A career in rapping? Casey Affleck directing? I would much rather prefer Casey Affleck to stay in front of the camera, not behind it. And as for Joaquin Phoenix, at this point, I'd rather see him stay out of music, too. Is anyone interested in this?

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What? Rapping P-Diddy, this guy is filming the guy singing, this actor turned actor, this wanna be rapper cant act? What the hell!!!!

dee on Jan 15, 2009


Why don't the actors act and the singers sing, and the P-Diddy's of the world stick to just ripping off other samples and appearing in everyone's video!!! Diddy take that , take that, take that!!! Arrrhhhh!!!!

dee on Jan 15, 2009

3 Mr. Phoenix in all of his glory! Wow ! This is not a good thing!!!

dee on Jan 15, 2009


Read somewhere (in the comments of this site I think) that it was a mockumentary, that this whole affaire of Phoenix going to music was a hoax... Any information about this ?

brou on Jan 16, 2009


I knew he was retiring from acting to pursue music, but I didn't know he was going to try and rap... :\

Nick O. on Jan 16, 2009


Actually that was the first comment here : (" You may be the only one still taking Phoenix's "retirement" seriously. It's pretty much accepted by now that the whole thing is a hoax. Casey Affleck is said to be making a mockumentary, and recently shot Phoenix rapping in a club.") I wouldn't have believed if it hadn't been the first mention of a documentary (or mockumentary) by Casey Affleck before everyone else.

brou on Jan 16, 2009


I am more interested in Joaquin Phoenix sporting that beard! He look hilarious, maybe he is taking over from Tim Allen as Santa!

kaiser on Jan 16, 2009


Is this thing REALLY a mockumentary? I don't know if I can believe it... Is the whole film industry being fooled? Or am I the one being messed with? This is all starting to get a bit confusing... I don't know who to believe anymore!

Alex Billington on Jan 16, 2009


Phoenix looks like a vagrant and his rapping steez is whack yo's. he he. Hanging out with P Diddy? Better watch he doesn't get whacked, look what happened to his old fat mate (the actual talent), he got killed just so Puffy could duet with Sting.

Crapola on Jan 16, 2009


There's also a report here : of Affleck filming Phoenix and Jamie Foxx rapping in a club... It doesnt seem to be a real documentary, as they're obviously imitating rappers' clich├ęs, but I don't know... I guess we'll have to see what comes out of all this.

brou on Jan 16, 2009


Has anyone considered that all of this might just be a publicity stunt?

Mattyc on Jan 16, 2009


Either the dude hasn't turned of his Johny Cash "persona", or this is all a joke. Do you know who you are??? The dude playing the dude, singing another dude's shit.

Darunia on Jan 16, 2009


#12, I think everyone has. Hence them saying it's a hoax and mockumentary. Thank you for joining us.

Syphous on Jan 16, 2009


Um... Marky Mark => Mark Wahlberg => "We Own the Night" => Joaquin Phoenix => "Joaky Joaqin"(?)

Andre on Jan 16, 2009


rapping?! is he actually serious, I mean the guy who played johnny cash is going to rap! what the fuck! this is the most insane bullshit I have ever heard. why would he leave acting to rap?! and why rap, I mean maybe he likes it, but god do I hope this is a joke! as far as casey directing it might not be all bad, I mean his brother did a fine job directing on gone babby gone, acting runs in the family so maybe directing does as well.

tyler w on Jan 16, 2009


So even if it is a mockumentary, who would actually want to watch it?

Pete on Jan 16, 2009


Casey Affleck = LOSER Joquin.. whatever = LOSER the guy in the middle = LOSER bunch of self loving egotists who choke each other in the shower while they masturbate

Ihatethishippy on Jan 16, 2009


He's rapping about how hard it is, growing up with shoulders that always arch forward all the time. Respect.

Jimbo Slims on Jan 16, 2009


he will never succeed as a rapper and i hope to god that it is all one big joke. If he does rap im sure it wwill sound just like Atmosphere and the other white rappers that sound the same

Dan W on Jan 16, 2009


makes up for all the rockstars trying to act...

fanboy d on Jan 16, 2009


I thought he was gonna start a band and do his Johnny Cash singing thing. A Rapper? For real? and Is Diddy that desperate for an act that he will sign Joaquin Phoenix? Oh dear God.

KyB on Jan 16, 2009


Unless he means a celophane wrapper rather than a music rapper, I'd consider watching this...

????? on Jan 16, 2009


Does the name, "Kevin Federline" mean anything to you?

E GAD! on Jan 16, 2009


It's clearly one of two things: either Joaquin and Affleck are really doing a mockumentary, or Joaguin is so strung out on drugs that he isn't even aware of his surroundings anymore. For everyone's sake, I hope it's option A. Oh, and Dan W (the obviously less informed, musically inferior, and dipshit inbred of the Dans you see in the comments here), check your sources. You might wanna do some research on so called "white rappers". The underground scene is mostly composed of college grads, a healthy ratio of them wops, mics, or other types of caucasian that probably had higher GPAs than you. A suggestion would be Aesop Rock. Just a suggestion of course, if you can take a break from listening to 80s butt rock...

Dan on Jan 16, 2009


He needs to shave...

Vertical Gunn on Jan 18, 2009


Sounds pretty good that Casey is making a documentary, but the whole thing about Joaquin becoming a rapper? - that just sounds ridiculous!

Conrad on Jan 19, 2009


Thi is going to be a hilarious mockumentary, I'm so sure!!!

Wheelsgr on Feb 13, 2009


And this interview with David Letterman was a great publicity stunt too as well as the ET interview.

Wheelsgr on Feb 13, 2009


This is all fake, it's for Casey's documentary. Hopefully it will have a more positive message and teach kids that it's not that cool to be a RAPPA! Although if they need beats, I will sell...



Better be a stunt. Joaquin Phoenix is an irreplaceable actor.

C. on Mar 29, 2009


Are you stupid? Everyone is interested in this. And of course it's a stunt. Just to prove how easy it is to trick you all.

Niclas on May 11, 2009


I'm sure they are kidding with us... Joaquin is a brilliant actor and is going to make a hilarious movie so we could see how tremendous his acting is also making us laugh... We love you Joaquin and cant wait to see you on this next movie..

Eli on Jun 18, 2009


fucking genius he got everyones attention ... everyones so concernd about wanting him to be a certain way everyone is reacting to this everyone will watch it .

Alex on Jul 18, 2009


He is gorgeous! Why does he have to become a bearded rapper? I guess I understand why. He's afraid people will love his face andnot his rapping. He shoul realize, we still love him, we still think he's hot, and we'll like his music weather it sucks, is good of weather he gas the weird beard. He's beautiful and I thik his true fans will love him.

Khristine on Nov 29, 2009


Joaquin Phoenix career is over. This little side mockumentary is a waste of time and a waste of some critical career years. What a horrible talent loss for all involved, well maybe not for Casey "you were a never was" so this is right up your alley. Keep on DUDE!

Misty on Dec 16, 2009


I to thought this had to be a joke at first, but with it being almost a year later, no name for the documentary, no name for the C.D., and absolutely no further news regarding any further projects, I am starting to think otherwise. The Documentary was supposed begin filming the night of the famous stage fall, and that's been it. Nothing else. No interviews, no other songs, and Imdb has almost nada on the topic.

Scoobs on Dec 17, 2009


Honestly, I don't know for sure wheather it is fake or for real, but one thing is for sure: Mr. Phoenix was increadible in every movie he was in, and if he wants to become a rapper (and possibly ruin his social standing, if he hasn't already) people should just let him.

Lena on Jan 3, 2010


Yeah the whole bearded crazy man persona is actually an elaborate hoax to be filmed by Casey Affleck for a mockumentary about celebrity meltdowns. This is now old news as the joke is on hollywood's gossip machine and most of the fans for actually believing it.. lol Many of his mates such as Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Johnny Depp, Leo etc were in on the joke when it was set up by Ben and his brother Casey ages ago. Looks like the hollywood gossip freaks just got rickrolled lol Nice work Casey and Joaquin lol

Andrew on Feb 23, 2010

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