Casting Bits: Kwon Sang-woo as Kato, Milla Jovovich as Alice

August 1, 2009

Kwon Sang-woo / Milla Jovovich

I've received numerous emails alerting me that Korean actor Kwon Sang-woo has been cast as Kato in Seth Rogen's Green Hornet movie, replacing Stephen Chow. The news officially comes from the Korea Times, where they say that "Kwon reportedly passed an English audition, attended by Seth Rogen and newly attached director Michel Gondry." It hasn't been officially announced by Sony yet, but there are numerous sites reporting the news, and all these emails claim it's confirmed as well. A casting call on this blog also includes his name. Kwon is a martial artist, however, this would be his first big Hollywood role. Read on!

Another casting tidbit worth mentioning today is this news from Bloody-Disgusting that claims that Milla Jovovich is returning for the recently announced Resident Evil 4: Afterlife in a starring role. "I'm the lead role [again]," Jovovich tells them. "There's the clones [from Resident Evil: Extinction] and it's going to be a lot of work. Iā€™m gonna be working every day for the next four months on this and it's gonna be bigger than ever. It's super-exciting." Apparently Sony really wants to reignite this franchise, as Extinction only made them $50.6 million, and I'm sure they figure they can get way more if they bring Jovovich back again.

For more information on either of these stories, head to the following sites: The Korea Times for more on Kwon Sang-woo in The Green Hornet; Bloody-Disgusting for more on Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil 4.

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Ha! Green Hornet is happening haters. Are we really in need of yet another Resident Evil film?

Xerxex on Aug 1, 2009


I lov it, the picture are very nice

Paul on Aug 1, 2009


Hm...more Milla. Score!

Tra la la la la di da on Aug 1, 2009


I wish they'd do something else for Resident Evil 4. Like a reboot of sorts. Go back to Raccoon city and tell some of those stories. Like maybe Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy's story from Resident Evil 2 (video game). just a thought.

Shaun on Aug 1, 2009


#4.. The RE evil franchise is a joke and horrible. I wish they followed the story from the games. It would've been perfect.

Leon on Aug 1, 2009


#5: If they did it like the game people like you would still cry about it cause they didn't make it perfect. And it wasn't really supposed to be based on the game, they didn't do it your way for a reason retard.

Kris on Aug 1, 2009


Seth still better hit the gym. And given the state of newspapers today, he should be the millionaire owner of a blog...hey he could be Mark Cuban!

david on Aug 1, 2009


man another korean actor i was looking forward stephen chow to represent us but no he was smart enough to back away from the project

eric on Aug 1, 2009


Hey Alex, how come you aren't freaking out about Resident Evil 4 being in 3-D?

John on Aug 2, 2009


^ Ehhh 'cause I don't really care about the Resident Evil franchise that much... And it's only 4 movies in, whatever, Saw is 7 movies in, and I still think they're not bad. This franchise though I just don't care abut anymore... Whatever. I'll still complain though!

Alex Billington on Aug 2, 2009


I think Kwon should use his own style instead of portraying Bruce Lee's style Kato, either way I know its gonna b still SHIT. And for RE:4 I know its gonna b SHIT as HELL if shes coming back. Also wasn't Jensen Ackles from Supernatural going to play Leon?????!!!!!! BS

Fearl3ss on Aug 2, 2009


ya the story from the games would have been better even if they were at least loosely based. The real Resident Evil 4 was an awesome game and Res 5 is badass in its own right , if they made them like those games kinda stand alones but connected to the whole res evil background i think they would have done better.

subcelsious5g on Aug 2, 2009


dont you find it strange that ever Korean actors are playing Chinese and Japanese characters i.e. Rain who is Korean going to play a Japanese character in Ninja Assassin John Cho a Korean actor played Hikaru Sulu a Japanese character in Star Trek James Kyson Lee Korean actor play as a Japanese character in Heroes Lee Byung-hun playing Storm Shadow who is Japanese in GI Joe now we got Kwon Sang-woo who going to play a Chinese character Kato lol it seems like Korean actors are taking all the Asian roles lol

darkone on Aug 2, 2009


Asians playing Asians!!! AHHH!!! STOP THE MADNESS!!!!

Tra la la la la di da on Aug 2, 2009


this is not right i thought only White actors should play Asian roles LMAO

dan on Aug 2, 2009


How exactly does bringing back Jovovich "reignite" the franchise after the last one only made $56 million? Last time I checked, she starred in that one, as well.

Trev3k on Aug 2, 2009


#13.... yeah that is interesting if you think about it BUT... Hollywood casts based on appearance so if you look asian, you'll play an asian. If you look caucasian, you'll play a caucasian. If you're black, chances are you'll be playin ga black dude. Ethnicity and nationality barely comes into play with casting actors.

teyhtr on Aug 2, 2009


#17 NOT REALLY, Prince of Persia is being played by a white bloke, not an asian/persian Will be SHIT anyway! Looking forward for Expendables

agentX on Aug 2, 2009


#17 but how comes Black Panther a marvel superhero people want a African to play the superhero to me it makes sense cause Black Panther is African and the best people person who should play the character is a African person not African-American. i.e. Chiwetel Ejiofor and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje are rumored to play Black Panther yes they both British but they Africans cause both of their parents are Nigerians plus they both been raised in African culture so they have a better understanding of been African. heres some more Korean actors playing Japanese roles Jamie Chung a Korean played a Japanese character Chi Chi from Dragonball Evolution Joon Park a played Yamcha in Dragonball Evolution Will Yun Lee playing Iori Yagami a Japanese character from The King of Fighters Rick Yune who is also Korean playing Takeshi a Japanese character in Ninja Assassin whats funny is that when people say they aint no Asian actors in Hollywood you got to laugh at them cause they are alot of Asian actors but most of them are Korean actors LOL. oh another thing Brandon Soo Hoo should of been Aang in "The Last Airbender" instead of Noah Ringer LOL

darkone on Aug 2, 2009


#12: I like The game Resident Evil 4, but it needs a LOT of re-writing if it will ever come to the screen. I mean, Jack Krauser kidnaps the President's Daughter... and has this entire "country" full of crazed Spanish types... What? I mean.... "Why?" And sure Krauser can have all sorts of reasons for it. But for the cinema you need reasoning people can emotionally invest in for it to work. My vote for a plot would be Resident Evil 1.. but I'd reduce the leads to just two policemen investigating some kind of crime that leads to the Mansion. That way, you start with what seems like a small crime story.. that takes a left turn into slash-gore-science-fiction. But that's just me.

SS on Aug 2, 2009


Well I've always wondered why the films for Resident Evil deviated from the original source game story. And it hasn't really been answered. Another question why does Anderson keep on casting Jovovich in R.E. that was answered he's doing the Tim Burton Helena Bonham Carter thing, He's marrying Jovovich so that answers that, and as far as she goes her portrayal of Alice isn't bad its actually pretty decent. But if R.E. is going for another film, why not start how #20 stated two Policeman investigating a crime, but hire a screenwriter to create not only gore but a plot that isn't overshadowed by the delicious meyham, and follow a few characters and not a fuck ton that most horror films insist on doing nowadays.

Xerxex on Aug 2, 2009


Sorry.. confused Jack Krauser with Cult-Chief Saddler... šŸ˜›

SS on Aug 5, 2009

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