Charlize Theron & Tom Hardy Might Be Cast in Mad Max 4?

October 22, 2009
Source: E! Online

Charlize Theron / Tom Hardy

Well, according to E! Online, George Miller might finally be making that Mad Max 4 movie after all. E! claims that "multiple sources" have told them that George Miller is looking to cast Charlize Theron as the lead female in the upcoming film. I'm guessing she won't be playing the new Aunty Entity (as made famous by Tina Turner), but a badass road warrior babe instead. And since Mel Gibson won't be returning as Mad Max himself (ah damn!), E! also says that Miller is looking to cast British actor Tom Hardy (who you may recognize from Bronson or RocknRolla) in the lead role opposite Theron. One great pick, one not so great.

Believe it or not, I'm actually excited for Mad Max 4, even without Gibson. The three original movies are the only good movies George Miller has ever made and I think he could make a badass newer Mad Max movie as well. At first we heard that Miller was going to make this as an anime, then we heard in May that Miller was scouting locations, pulling out some of the old cars, and dusting off the old Fury Road script. As for the new actors, Tom Hardy is a brilliant actor who has a lot of huge potential, and putting him in this could be one of the best decisions Miller makes. Theron, on the other hand, doesn't belong in any Mad Max at all, sorry.

According to E!, this is all early in development anyway: "the studio has yet to sign off on Miller's choices, and no formal offers have been made," meaning it could all change at a moment's notice. I get that in this day and age, Miller needs some hot female actress who can bring in sex-hungry Middle America audiences, but I just don't think Theron is right for it. Find someone else! Find some hot Australian girl that no one knows about (or has seen a little it of), like Rachael Taylor from the first Transformers. She'd be a much better choice and would kick ass as well. Whatever happens, I'm already getting excited for Mad Max 4.

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We don't need another hero!

esophus on Oct 22, 2009


I agree, Hardy would be great, Theron? say it isnt so. Mad Max was iconic in its day and the original is still a masterpiece. its gritty in the way it shows civilization winding down. i cant wait to see what the finished product brings.

TC on Oct 22, 2009


Who is that?

Tra la la la la di da on Oct 22, 2009


im with you 100% on this, theres no place for theron in a mad max movie, can she do an aussie accent without butcherin it?

harrison on Oct 22, 2009


Mad Maxette?

Fox on Oct 22, 2009


Tom Hardy really showed his stuff in Bronson. Even if you didn't care for the movie you've got to admit he played that part brilliantly. Not yet saying I'm looking forward to this. I'll wait for more news on it.

krieg70 on Oct 22, 2009


How the F can they call it MAD MAX 4 if Mad Max isn't in it? FAIL!

Dirk Diggler on Oct 22, 2009



esophus on Oct 22, 2009


" ...only good movies George Miller ever made." I like The Witches of Eastwick. Also, re: C Theron, she doesn't just play babes-she's been a Monster (and won an oscar for it), a cop, and other "tough chick" roles. Why would she be a problem in an Australian funny car movie? The truly great one was The Road Warrior. They should just remake that I guess. The first one holds up fine, though. Not sure it can be improved upon or if there's a point in a remake. The third one was too much of a pop culture encyclopedia, although it was watchable. Re: accents-half the time Gibson--who used to be a favorite actor before he got weird--let his American accent slip. Shame what happened to him. I don't care if that religious snuff film made him incredibly rich.

zubzwank on Oct 22, 2009


Here we go again with yet another remake/re-boot! Mad Max is NOT mad Max if Mel Gibson isn't in it, playing the title character! 🙁

Spider on Oct 22, 2009


well it is Tom Hardy so I'm sold, but the title Mad Max 4? And If it does happen I wouldn't mind to see Charlize Theron in it, she is a pretty damn good actress. She's really the only reason I watch In The Valley of Elah, next to Tommy Lee Jones. She has an impressive record.

xerxex on Oct 22, 2009


no, Charlize Theron does not have a place in MM4. She is a fine actress and has no business being cast in what will become yet another steaming pile of sh*t remake. If the story is to continue, use new characters. How old is Max now? Are they going to rig up a turbo charged interceptor wheelchair for him? Give it a break guys. Do something original.

toejamm on Oct 22, 2009


How about some Australian's??? Bloody hell I hope George Miller hasn't turned his back on his own country.

d1rEct on Oct 22, 2009


George Miller should reconsider it being a specific Mad Max 4 movie, or remake for that matter, and make a movie out of the book Market Forces (Richard K. Morgan)... it's got all the Mad Max flavor plus the new-age culture mixed with apocalyptic undertones that he could possibly hope for. The book was originally written to become a movie anyway, and it's an exceptional read that'd be an even better film. Off that note, I don't particularly like the idea of either of these actors for a Mad Max film, there really are a lot of other choices out there that I think would be better fits.

case on Oct 22, 2009


WTF, if this is how it's gonna go down Hardy can hang. This girl warrior bullshit sucks though

Johnny Neat on Oct 23, 2009


Needs less Theron and more Grace Jones

The Dude on Oct 23, 2009


>>The three original movies are the only good movies George Miller has ever made ...are you insane, good sir? I must ask, purely out of interest for your health.

bobby on Oct 24, 2009

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