Check These Out: Awesome Stills from Tribes of October!

May 7, 2009
Source: Cinepro Pictures

Check These Out: Awesome Stills from Tribes of October!

No more than three days ago I ran a casting announcement for Philippe Martinez's Tribes of October. Ray Stevenson, Jaime King, Stephen Moyer, Robert Duvall and James Caan had all joined the cast of what was being called a post-apocalyptic thriller on a $25 million budget. It was also mentioned that they were shooting it using almost entirely green screen (think Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) and that a demo reel they had whipped up would be shown at Cannes. Well thankfully some shots of that demo reel have popped up and they kick some serious ass. I was expecting this to look cool, but not this frickin cool!

I really love the orange tinge to these - it makes the visual style so distinct. And it's not ripping off anything, because as far as I know,t hat color hasn't been used excessively like this anytime before. Love these!

Tribes of October Promo Shots

Tribes of October Promo Shots

Tribes of October Promo Shots

Tribes of October Promo Shots

Tribes of October Promo Shots

Tribes of October Promo Shots

Obviously these aren't finished, as some of them have been painted in addition to all the stylized CGI. But I will say this looks gorgeous and I can't wait to see more from it or even see all the footage in action!

All of the six photos above come from the sales company's website: Tribes of October is set in a future in which New York has become surrounded by an endless desert plagued by heat storms, and the city's technology has decayed so much that nothing made after 1960 works. In this environment, a detective (Ray Stevenson) is on the hunt for a Mafia don (James Caan) who is going after the remnants of the NYPD, led by Robert Duvall. Stevenson's detective character is simultaneously searching for the love of his life (Jaime King). Stephen Moyer plays another cynical and street smart detective. Any thoughts?

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It's like a sepia toned Sin City. Story sounds so-so, but still looks interesting enough to follow. I kinda like the matte painting backgrounds; could be an neat look for a movie.

Jay on May 7, 2009



LINKFX on May 7, 2009


So basically a 50's style post-apocalyptic with color correction from 300? Cool looking, but we've all seen the orange. But who cares, maybe it'll be cool. I'm always a fan for those who actually try to make an indie film not look indie. 300 was a prime example of a relatively small Hollywood budget with big results.

Marty Martin on May 7, 2009


I imagine this would hurt my eyes after 10 minutes.

Jesus on May 7, 2009


Somebody going crazy with the lens flare effect.

Greedo the Rodian on May 7, 2009


Could be cool. I feel that a lot of times with movies like these the story gets lost in the effects. Sin city was different though. And in terms of that color being used, The Fountain used a similar color quite a bit. Not as overly done though.

Dan W on May 7, 2009


These shots look like Drew Struzan posters come to life. If you guys don't know who he is, you're missing out. He's only been creating the most amazing posters for the last 30 years.

Fuelbot on May 7, 2009


Fusion of Sin City and Dark City. Plus the font for the title makes it look similar to Indiana Jones.

Nick Sears on May 7, 2009


So nothing original about this movie in the slightest.

Mat on May 7, 2009



Marty Martin on May 7, 2009


#9 How is there nothing original about this? Are you kidding? Find me photos that look like this somewhere else... Anything?

Alex Billington on May 7, 2009



prickly pete on May 7, 2009


The orange tint kind of gives it that Indiana Jones feel.

teyhtr on May 7, 2009


Just because it feels like an Indiana Jones poster doesn't mean it's unoriginal?! You all know this will have absolutely nothing to do with Indiana Jones at all in the end... Come on!

Alex Billington on May 7, 2009


the main picture looks kind of like an indiana jones poster to me, minus harrison ford and a bit more yellow. the next craze will be purple tinted movies ;), what's after that? maybe they will go crazy and make a red and white movie!

Jason K on May 7, 2009


These look like pre-production artworks, the filming beings in August 09.

taz on May 8, 2009


Very interesting. Seems like a hybrid of 300's atmosphere and the noir style of Sin City. Could be a very bad ass flick with cast and this look. Count me in.

kevin on May 8, 2009


Well I didnt think much of Sky Cpatain or Spirit mainly because I just didnt buy into the digital sets and the over-exagerated colours. I think 300 was ok because the context required bland landscapes which is more belivable in a digital world. As a 3D artist, I would go out on a limb and request these guys to actually use props and real locations! Works better.

dom on May 8, 2009


yeah it looks like INDIANA JONE redux... atleast poster wise..... but looks visually very promising

tom rothman on May 8, 2009


BW they are PRE-Production concept boards....

tom rothman on May 8, 2009


#21 and #22 Buy some glasses, dude... Totally Indiana Jones, my ass. This looks great. Looks more like Sin City, but then a classic mob story in New York, surrounded by a desert. Hmm, yeah, count me in!

Jack on May 8, 2009


Its unique and the look is very slick. I just hope they can pull it off as a full-length motion picture.

9001 on May 8, 2009


sweet. I hope its more Sin City than The Spirit (as in not a cinematic travesty!). Sky Captain didn't get as much love as it deserved imo, that and Casshern. I was thinking they should remake 'The Rocketeer' in this green screen stylised type vibe, that and 'The Shadow'. Those movies would be awesome.

chris on May 8, 2009


Ha! I was just thinking this looks like it could be a good "mystery man" movie-like the Shadow should have been and the Spirit never got close to (I won't even go see a Green Hornet--a comparable pulp character-- flick if they have this Seth guy playing him. That's almost as stupid as Jack Black playing Green Lantern)--when 23 Chris got there first. Good take, Chris! It looks like a 1930's, art deco setting, which I love, but was not properly done in Sky Captain, which to me was so synthetic looking as to be airless and bloodless. Always (almost--forget the Punisher) glad to see our old friend from THE 13TH--and I don't mean Friday--Ray Stevenson.

zubzwank on May 8, 2009


Looking great.

Fisherr on May 8, 2009


Is this the best they can come up with?! Oy!

Tedious Ted on May 8, 2009


I don't know...saying "And it's not ripping off anything" kind of implies that you think it least a bit. If I took a screen from Sin City and color corrected it to an orange tinge, does that really make it original? Because that's exactly what these photos are. Just my two cents.

Jesus on May 9, 2009

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