Check These Out: High Res New Na'vi Photos from Avatar!

October 1, 2009
Source: Spoiler TV

Avatar Photos

I'm probably way more excited than I should be for these new photos from James Cameron's Avatar because I just saw another 20 minutes of footage, include two new never-before-seen scenes, at Fantastic Fest earlier tonight. This movie still looks absolutely breathtaking and I wish everyone could see the same footage I saw in glorious 3D as well, as I think more of you might be converted into supporters. Anyway, Spoiler TV has a small batch (six photos in total) of new photos from Avatar in very high res. Everyone definitely needs to see these. And don't forget that almost all of these are completely CGI shots (at least the first four). Enjoy!

Avatar Photos

Avatar Photos

Avatar Photos

Avatar Photos

Avatar Photos

Avatar Photos

Avatar is the story of an ex-Marine on the planet Pandora who, as an Avatar - a human mind in an alien body - finds himself in a desperate fight for his survival and that of the indigenous beings called Na'vi.

Avatar is both written and directed by Oscar winning visionary filmmaker James Cameron, of Piranha II, The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, True Lies, and Titanic previously. He has been developing the technology to make this movie for the last 10 years. 20th Century Fox is bringing James Cameron's Avatar to both IMAX and regular theaters in 3D around the world on December 18th.

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TTEX on Oct 1, 2009


It's going to get hyped up, no doubt. Its James Cameron's return to cinema since, what, Titanic? And its the development of a project which was in production "over 30 years" - Its probably going to be incredible, regardless of how high or low the hype gets

Nick Sears on Oct 1, 2009


I'm gonna say it, there is some pretty intense detail in these characters despite people saying it looks "video-gamish" but that's me

Eric on Oct 1, 2009


I think the fact that there blue is what throws alot of people off about how real they look,but it really is top notch stuff.

Terry B on Oct 1, 2009


Blow these up and look at them. Still think it isn't photoreal?

Fuelbot on Oct 1, 2009


I hope it's not a lot of overhype. I just don't have a good feeling about this movie. I hope it's good.

Paulks Thought's on Oct 1, 2009


@6 Yes. Check out some of the more realistic work on websites like and Fact is, Cameron threw himself right INTO the Uncanny Valley the moment he said he'd surpassed it.

IK on Oct 1, 2009


Ah - you may be able to tell real Sigourney Weaver from CG Sam Worthington , BUT CAN YOU TELL SIGOURNEY FROM CORGAN ??? (Little plug for my buddy BTD's hilarious online comix. Check out Paul Stanley: Master Orator, too)

Jehosophat on Oct 1, 2009


7: "Fact is, Cameron threw himself right INTO the Uncanny Valley the moment he said he'd surpassed it." That doesn't make sense to me.

ek on Oct 1, 2009


I SO would still rather see the real Zoe Saldana run around in that outfit than a CG Smurfn'derCat, no matter how real he makes it. And # 6 - the test of whether something looks real should be the reverse. If you back away from it, does it blend in w/ reality. Answer: 1st two shots are effective. They've spent a LOT of time on faces. I know Y'ALL are gonna tell me that these aliens live on a planet w/ different physics and thus have different anatomy but - HER BODY LOOKS RIDICULOUS! Jim Carrey's new movie has the same problem.

Django on Oct 1, 2009


p.s. And not ridiculous hot. Ridiculous RIDICULOUS ~ as in, deserving of Riddick-ule bad.

Django on Oct 1, 2009


#10 i agree with that first comment. These pictures look great though. Hi res is the only way pictures from this movie should be viewed it seems. or in 3d

Dan W on Oct 1, 2009


uncanny valley

cyn on Oct 1, 2009


Uncanny Valley: the movie.

Jimbo Slims on Oct 1, 2009


This movie better be all its cracked up to be or I will be seriously depressed about wasting all this time reading about it, watching the trailers, and looking at the pics.

????? on Oct 1, 2009


I have to assume if they've put that much attention into inventing new plant species & moss that they'll spend some time rusting up those metal ships a little. If Pandora's such a vastly different atmosphere, safe to assume those Osprey-ship thingys wouldn't look so shiny & new? (... awaiting dorky explanation ... wait for it ...)

Django on Oct 1, 2009


Just realized those dots that look like sweat are 'bio-lume' freckles. B/c half of what made those first two shots look real to me, was I thought that was sweat. Gotta say, if those dots don't move around & they're not sweating, I'm not as convinced ... In my humble opinion.

Jehosophat on Oct 1, 2009


To all of you geeks who only find the time to criticize and bitch about this movie I ask you: What have you done? What have you ever created in your lives? Do you have any inkling at all at how much time and effort the artists at WETA have put into this movie? It's ridiculous how you all think you are owed something from the creators of cinema when all you have to do is buy a ticket and sit your fat asses down to watch. All the bitching and moaning is really, really pathetic...

Film Fan on Oct 1, 2009


This is now becoming a little "over hype" dont you think???? "And don't forget that almost all of these are completely CGI shots (at least the first four)" WTF???? Cant you see the difference ?????

Lucky on Oct 1, 2009


# 18: (Translation) "Leave James Cameron A-LOOONNE!!! WHY ???!!! WHY ???!!! What did he ever do to YOUUU!!!!"

Jehosophat on Oct 1, 2009


#20 Nope, I'm not saying that at all. In fact I didn't mention James Cameron. However when you spend over ten years of your life dedicated to creating an entirely new cinematic world as Cameron has done, when you spend tens of thousands of hours creating and fine-tuning the countless details as we can clearly see in the images above, as the artists at WETA have done, THEN I'll take your criticisms seriously. But until that time (which I'm guessing will be never) all of your critiques are simply pointless.

Film Fan on Oct 1, 2009


I think we are missing the point film has a "fog of war" that will make these images look a hell of alot better. Right now they are too clean (high Res). It wont look like this when this comes out. We've done a huge injustice to this film by even posting these pics out of context.

esophus on Oct 1, 2009


The specific point of our critiques, which is entirely valid - is that James Cameron was quoted as saying you will not be able to tell the difference btw. the CGI and the live footage. Had he never said this, we would not hold him to this - but he literally over the past 4 months or so WOULD. NOT. SHUT UP. About it! He was at this Video Game conference. Talking, talking -NO FOOTAGE. He was on this website, talking talking about revolutionizing our eyeballs. NO FOOTAGE. Hype. Hype. Hype. Then the footage is released? Underwhelming. Plain & Simple. My nephew will like it. My eyeballs remain un-revolutionized. That said - he's clearly worked very hard on every little detail, and for that I applaud him. He just shouldn't make hubristic, border-line ignorant claims about what he's accomplished - directly to the press, no less. Yes. We're critizicing James Cameron himself. Not WETA - who went around his back & produced the entirely more cinematically interesting & believable DISTRICT 9, released the same week as his trailer. Coincidence? Take a look at Peter Jacksons reactions to James Cameron's Hype Talk here, & you tell me: Is Peter Jackson even buying Cameron's 3-D Revolution hype? I think HE knows - if the movie's no good - the movie's no good. End of story. @3:50 - "The fun of doing films is not - I don't want to say do the impossible, b/c that would sound ego-tistical." Read their body language. These are not two men in complete agreement with each other. I respect Jackson's output of the last decade. Cameron's last outing was TITANIC. Which was one gigantic work of (say it with me) H-Y-P-E ~ !

Jehosophat on Oct 1, 2009


here's the link:

Jehosophat on Oct 1, 2009


I've never been one to rag on unfinished pieces, especially pictures. I'm sure the finished product will KICK ASS! I trust James Cameron. I believe in James Cameron.

Spider on Oct 1, 2009


Relax. All haters will see the movie, myself included. But we will take Cameron's faithful seriously when you guys stop taking yourselves so seriously, and admit you can still tell what's fake & what's real. (at this point I just wish they'd kept him on a shorter leash & he'd never said this stuff publicly. Case example - director's cuts of Aliens & T2 are essentially unwatchable.)

Jimbo Slims on Oct 1, 2009


(at this point I just wish they'd kept him on a shorter leash & he'd never said this stuff publicly. Case example - director's cuts of Aliens & T2 are essentially unwatchable.) I agree.

ryderup on Oct 1, 2009


What exactly IS the technology hes spent 10 years to develop?

Guy on Oct 1, 2009


Wow these look truly awesome!

Richard on Oct 1, 2009


I really am not excited. I'll go see this sure, whatever, no biggie. But I mean come on, the hype is nothing but silly. People are overdrawn by the fact "10 years in the making, JAMES CAMERONS RETURN TO CINEMA" Read the god damn plot. It sound so stupid, and the characters just look beyond dumb. As well as the trailer? Holy shit, terrible. BTW this is not a troll. This is me tired, and really just wondering whya nyone can be so fucking stoked for this.

Movieraider321 on Oct 1, 2009


#18 I don't have to be a chef to know if somethings rotten. You have got to understand' the CGI might be amazing, but the Na'vi design is hideous. It's too human looking, and thus unsettling to the eye. Unlike the Prawns, the Na'vi just look like Dr. Manhattan's furry grandkids.

Nemo on Oct 1, 2009


*Cough Cough*-RIP-OFF-FERNGULLY-*Cough*

Vegegeeta-geeta on Oct 1, 2009


My own view here is a bit bipolar The quality of imagery is very good - there is no debate on that in my view. The movie will look cool and with 3D should be immersive and I have no doubt that I will feel that I am looking at living beings after first few minutes.... but is that what folks who post on these pages actually expect ? I expected a rather more alien looking race and what we see (and where a lot of the video game references come from) are what look like tribal Night Elves from World of Warcraft against vehicles and technology which looks like it came from Halo. That is not even open to debate - they are so similar. I am NOT saying that graphically there is a comparison in quality but thematically it does look like a blend of themes which are very familiar to gamers - hence it does not look terribly new and exciting The alien race looks so close to human that prosthetics could have been an option - in fact I have seen more "alien" looking beings in TV shows like Farscape - so it all gets down to the goal. If the goal is to make us think that a CGI generated world is real - that is one thing and it looks like he has nailed it. If the goal is to make that CGI world seem new, fresh and creative .... then sorry - it does not look that way since I recognize too much of it from other sources. I see folks arguing over whether or not the movie looks like a game and folks yelling that these graphics are way better than any game - and that is correct - but they are missing the point that it is not the quality of the graphics that are being debated but the originality of the vision. Having said all this - I will be there - popcorn and 3D glasses in hand when it opens I think that the broader challenge is still that the Na

MikeC on Oct 1, 2009


Having a rough time liking the alien design. Looks stupid to me, the big eyes and too-human like nature isn't jiving. I'll still watch it, but I'm not expecting too much.

Mark Drennan on Oct 1, 2009


Watch that the big secret reveal is that Pandora is a real planet & James Cameron was chosen to introduce them to our world through this film. Because if that were possible he could just bring Jim Henson back to life, so we could see some TRULY believable character designs. 🙂

Jimbo Slims on Oct 1, 2009


Dont get me wrong this movie will still make millions if not a billion. But the first photo of Zoe Saldana is Mother FUUUUUUGLY! Who was the character designer(s) on that? I know the eye were probably gotten from Japanese Anime to show emotion or whatever but Im sure people will agree that its a no go. Everyone got tooo hyped up about this movie and were disappointed as with the man of this website. Too hyped up and trying to defend their loss of expectations.

Jason on Oct 1, 2009


The whole "look how real this looks" has gotten old. The only thing that matters is whether it's a good movie or not. When The Abyss and T2 came out everyone talked about what great movies they were THEN we talked about the cool effects. I wish that every time a fucking picture from Avatar is released people would stop blowing their nut over how photorealistic it looks. Of course it's going to look realistic, good morning, it's 2009. But judging by the pictures and trailer, I still feel that the cgi is no better than some of the best stuff from the LOTR trilogy.

Math on Oct 1, 2009


Photorealistic? Are you kidding me, it looks so obviously fuzzy CG'ed, yeah, more than a bit of 'phantom menace' look. And the designs of the 'blue'-thundercat-elves, so generic and boring (design by committee?), where's the charisma/flair/charm?

Laz on Oct 1, 2009


*shrugs* looks like a really high resolution video game to me.

Dan the Fan on Oct 1, 2009


Everything is just to fucking perfect, there is not a hair out of place on her head, the clothing a ships do not show enough wear and tear. There eyes are perfect CG spheres, with no off-marks in them, their eyelashes are perfectly groomed. Look at where their eye meets their eyelid, maybe there should be some darkness there? They are not aliens, these a supermodel human beings painted blue with added tails and then hit in the face with a shovel.

shadow on Oct 1, 2009


freak and stupid people! shut your mouth and stop bullshit talking about AVATAR.this film will explode your nasty goddamn eyes.try to love AVATAR,if you not, im sure you are a stupid freak...

Bob on Oct 1, 2009


ok... that third picture is pretty god damn impressive

DoomCanoe on Oct 1, 2009


and they only have 4 fingers

DoomCanoe on Oct 1, 2009


Well said, Bob. No wait, reading that almost gave me cancer.

Meh on Oct 1, 2009


@ DanTheFang: Since you've essentially described exactly what it is, I fail to see how that can be taken as an insult. Videogames - unfortunately - make every effort to approach this level of detail. They are the exact same thing. 3D models + shaders + animation. But I will guarantee you that these things don't move like videogame characters. And yeah, the quality of these is really TOO good. Too perfect. That's what looks wrong. I think the only mistake they might have made was to make the aliens look too humanoid. You people seem obsessed over the little things you think look weird about them. The eyes are too big, they only have four fingers, the proportions are off... They're not human. They're just human-like. I doubt you'll be bothered by it too much after the first couple of minutes. Cameron has never claimed that it was perfect. He claimed that it wouldn't overshadow the actual film. I have no reason to doubt that. I kinda figured the movie was going to get a lot of flak because people were hyping up how "real" it was going to look. Just realize that it's CG. We're NEVER GOING TO BRIDGE THE UNCANNY VALLEY! That's why they call it the uncanny VALLEY. If it was so easy to just hop over to the 'totally 100% convincing' side, they would have called it the Uncanny Fissure or something. It's not even the Uncanny Canyon. It's a fucking valley. No matter how many people ever claim to have finally crossed over, there will ALWAYS be tells. There will always be flaws. Don't believe the hype. The movie will be fun to watch. The characters will be interesting. Cameron is a fucking good writer who makes good use of characterization. He just likes having the best toys. This movie is a huge showcase for all the new toys he's collected. It's still going to be a fun movie to watch. That is all.

Squiggly_P on Oct 1, 2009


is that a facehugger in the jar on the last pic?

Christ on Oct 1, 2009


Hi guys, I am indirectly involved in film distribution and the rumor over the past few months is that Sam Worthington has been attached to play an Australian war surgeon ( Craig Jurisevic) in a new war film to be directed by Eva Orner. Apparently based on Kosovo war experience. It has been quite hush- hush but a reliable source has told me that Worthington in soon to visit Australia to me the character he is going to play...... Has anyone got any more news? If not, spread the word so that we can dig up some more info about this rising star. Cheers guys!!!!

dan wender on Oct 1, 2009


@ Squiggly_P: You're right, I didn't really imply that it was insulting for it to be a video game. But that it loses its sense of realism that I think Cameron was going for. CG is typically used in film to blur the line between what's real and what isn't. There are the obvious exceptions, like CG movies where the audience is enveloped, and in some instances it's completely forgotten. Ie: G.I. Joe's Rise of Cobra... But in this situation, it mimics, for me, what a video game does, which is simulate what's real, but not actually capturing it. A movie that I think blends the two elements well would be, Jurassic Park - to use an obvious one.

Dan the Fan on Oct 2, 2009


I create few wallpaper from this pic

romaz on Oct 2, 2009


About CG and Black People 🙂 CG here is top class. Even better than on Lotr ..if you do not thinks so... ask someone who worked on Lotr. This will look a even better in theater. It is always that way. Not to mention 3D that will add one more layer of immersion, but even in 2d it will look awesome. Doing any better work than this would be relay expensive and kinda pointless. If this characters work with story this CG will be photoreal to you after few minutes. And .. telling that this aliens are ugly is kinda racist. Wait!!! Do not kill me just jet! Let me explain! My grandmother lived in mountains of eastern Europe. First time she saw black people she was shocked how ugly they are. But later she told me that they looked like humans but were black and that was unnerving... Anyway .. when I saw this aliens first time I was worried that my friend working in Weta has lost his mind. He told me that they are beautiful .. and he is excellent artist coming from traditional art to 3d. More I am used to this creatures better they look. Art on them is stunningly good if you accept is as it is. New creature. Not deformed human discolored. Making this design was bald move.. we will see will that be praised like work of genius or stupidity of over confident prick. Design now works for me .. but I wonder how many people will spent hours looking at them wondering about his friend mental health. I hope that likens surfaces faster in theaters.

Random CG artist on Oct 2, 2009


Sure are a lot of morons that comment on this site. The haters of this movie simply look pathetic. It's almost hilarious watching people try and dismiss the graphical quality of these pics. As usual it's the vocal minority that bitches and moans the most and loudest. What's even more hilarious is you all will still be there opening weekend.

Geoff on Oct 2, 2009


@ Random CG artist: Yes, these designs are a very BALD move. And I am looking at this wondering about my friend, Mental Health. (full name, mental health ledger) FYI - there are actual Blue -Skinned humans here on planet Earth. Oh yes. They're a result of in-breeding in Pennyslvania & the South - see them here: So look at them for a while, if you need to "get used to it". (It's called methelemania or sumpn) But getting back to the designs - I'd first like to congradulate this board for finally arriving at an intelligent discussion of exactly what it is we dislike about the Avatar footage. Visually stunning. Just not impressively concieved story-wise, or particularly well designed. I personally think the faces w/ baseball size eyeballs are kinda cool - & even well done. However, the noses look kinda lazy. - Tigers (essentially big cats) have folding flesh around their noses which would've given more expression, if adapted to this design. Really, we could go on forever about little things they did or didnt include in the design. This is the definition of the "Uncanny Valley" phenomenon. If it's trying to pass as real, we as humans trained for millenia to read the most subtle physical cues of living, breathing beings will react with REVULSION (the concept was originally describing the impossibility of a life-like Robot, not CG) until it gets so close to reality that we CAN accept it. The thing is , we can account for form, atmosphere, light, reflection & texture - even subsurface bloodflow, etc. - but in reality we will always be able to tell when something is not real. Thus - if Cameron would've never opened his big dumb mouth & said we wouldn't be able to tell the difference - we wouldn't be looking for it. Peter Jackson never said that about LOTR - he just delivered (a combo of actor, mo-cap, CG, AND animatronics) - and we BELIEVED in the magic, just like that. So - the people who need to get over the realism issue are not the fans, frankly. It's the people whose job it is to MARKET this thing from now on. I don't anyone can really deny that it looks good. Even great. Unoriginal - perhaps. Revolutionary - we'll have to see on opening day. All I can tell you is - everybody on this board, negative or positive reactions - are going to wind up seeing this movie in 3-D, on the intended screens, eventually. But will that number be enough to make a profit for the most expensive film ever made? I think the toy stores will have their say in that one, if the studios are smart.

Django on Oct 2, 2009


One more thing! I am not sure how ugly this looks to people that did not know anything about movie. I was expecting something awesome so I was like WTF??? Some people that I showed this liked design when they saw it first time in trailer (girls mostly for some reason). So maybe I am a racist? 🙂 Probably I just expected some Alien/Predator movie with Necromancer/Matrix vibe with beautiful aliens , brilliant plot , good dialogs and CG that is so good that even I as CG professional can not tell difference..... hm .. Am I naive?

Random CG artist on Oct 2, 2009


Random CG artist . Drop the race thing. That's nobody's issue but your own. As I said - go see some real life blue people, if you feel you need to get used to it. 🙂 The Uncanny Valley issue has nothing to do w/ race. Go hang out w/ some brown & black people, and not CG ones. Real peeps. You've been starin' at your screen for too long! hahaha

Django on Oct 2, 2009


Django Hey man! I am Cg artist is my job to stare in CG! hehe Anyway maybe you have a point. Maybe it is not race thing. Just tried to reason why my perception of same image changed over time. That was best analogy I come up with.

Random CG artist on Oct 2, 2009


She has a tail. 'Nuff said.

Dominic on Oct 2, 2009


Mark my words people - such hype, it will undoubtedly fail though......I love Cameron's work - but this looks ridiculous really. The average joe is going to care less about the "breakthroughs in cinematic history".....storywise - its already a crapfest

Dan on Oct 2, 2009


I only wish we could harness the energy spent in these comment threads to light another few boxes in WETA’s render farm. I can’t identify with the critiquers or the defenders. I like sci-fi. I like spectacle. I’m probably going to like this movie. I don’t care what Cameron promised (I don’t listen), and I don’t care about the concerns of the detractors here. I’m blissfully ignorant as far as movie marketing goes. It’s less interesting than this comment even. Also: she has a tail.

scamper on Oct 2, 2009


I think it's gonig to be excellent movie.

ben on Oct 3, 2009


either going to be one of the highest points in cinema or one of the worst movies ever. Has one of the worst previews for a film i have ever seen. Will is see it in theaters? yes.

murpux on Oct 3, 2009


More on the WORTHINGTON war film! The story sounds excellent ( a true story and lots of action) May use CGI to make the battlefield scenes more realistic than any war film to date. MARK BOAL ( The Hurt Locker) rumoured to be writing the screenplay. 20th Century Fox rumored to be studio involved. Anyone heard anything else???

judd kolo on Oct 3, 2009


wow aliens lol idk what there suppose to be lollollollollol

amber on Oct 3, 2009


Damn those are nice photos.

DiR3ct on Oct 4, 2009


@ MikeC @ 33. Peronally I'm glad the vehicles in this look like they are from halo. I see it as Cameron's way of getting back at Bungie for basically stealing alot of his ideas from Aliens and the Terminator movies to sell their products and to design vehicles. Seriously they even blatantly use quotes from Aliens throughout their games. And I'm sure I don't even need to mention who Sargent Johnson is a direct rip off of. So overall fuck Bungie and Halo.

Alex T. on Oct 4, 2009


I won't let the hype get me, but the photos restored a lot of hope.

Xerxex on Oct 4, 2009


for the longest time, i thought this movie was based off of the television show, the last airbender. and yes, i know that m. night shyamalan is working on that one.

Online Guitar Tuition on Oct 5, 2009


Any news on the Worthington war film???

judd kolo on Oct 5, 2009


Dear Mr. Cameron, CG isn't a selling point anymore. And for that matter you can also take with you the empty buzz behind, "Blu-Ray," "HD," "3D," and "Digital." All for the same reason pumping "technicolor" doesn't hold any water either.

Hale On Earth on Oct 5, 2009


These pictures look boss as hell. Plus it's got JP in it. "How did he see me?" "Sit on my face!"

that guy on Oct 16, 2009


The pictures look really nice. There is no doubt. I am working with CGI and i can see a lot of work. But I guess we will have to wait for another movie where we dont recognize what is real and what CGI. I think Cameron did not do the right thing when he was talking about all this revolutionary and realistic stuff. I dont like mix of real people and CGI, a dont like those aliens there, it just made it so easy for him... Yes this movie could be great, but why to hell all that hype? Yes money money...

redcarp on Oct 21, 2009


What is this scrawny Aussie kid doing in a film like this???? And what of this war film he's doing? Not Clash of the Titans? Something more modern? I see burnout looming.

Amonnel on Oct 23, 2009


Saw the second trailer and it is realllly bland. I agree with those who say this looks like world of warcraft and halo, but I'd say wow and halo are far more interesting than avatar. Cameron's really behind the times.

one on Oct 26, 2009


Also, the blue characters are really ugly and I can't stand to look at them.

one on Oct 26, 2009


@one Bland? The only thing bland is your lame attempt at trolling this movie. Try harder please...if you're gonna troll at least be amusing and make us laugh with you and not at you.

Geoff on Oct 26, 2009


@Hale On Earth You think HD, BluRay and 3D are empty buzz? LMAO!!!!! Yeah, HD is simply a fad. I can't wait til we go back to interlaced black and white footage. You probably think the internet is empty buzz too, right? This site attracts a pretty mediocre level of trolling.

Geoff on Oct 26, 2009


Geoff: How about the unbelievable lack of creativity coming from Cameron, whom every fan on this site seems to forget: his last movie was TITANIC. And to add to your hype machine (or lack thereof) - TERMINATOR was settled out of court w/ ACTUAL sci fi writer Harlan Ellison, as the utterly hubristic Cameron OPENLY admitted in an interview with Starlog that: "Terminator? Oh, I just ripped off some old Outer Limits episodes & Harlan Ellison short stories." OPENLY ADMITTED IT - as in , stuff he saw when he was a kid, he was fully willing to Rip Off, and slap his own name on it, as if he came up with it himself. (The stories/episodes in question involved a) a soldier sent from the future, chased around a modern day city by an opponent soldier, b/c he's the leader of the resistence in the future. and b) a soldier chased by a robot programmed to the eliminate the human resistence. What next? Cameron's super secret, super original baby of the past decade, Avatar, is being pointed out as a DIRECT ripoff of popular sci fi novel, "MY NAME IS JOE". Cameron may not be hack of filmmaker - he's clearly a monster of a director (and according to his crews - when he turns into "Mij", as well as his ex wife Linda Hamilton, possibly a monster of a human being) - but one thing is abundantly clear: He's perfectly willing to take credit for OTHER PEOPLES IDEAS. The mere fact that Cameron has been caught with legal precedent from the past - Plagiarizing Terminator from two Harlan Ellison stories - is enough for the "My Name is Joe" case to be seen in court. The Dude Can't Come Up with his own ideas - sure, good artists borrow, great artists steal. But James Cameron's hubris has had him opening his big mouth, and openly admitting that he ripped off an award winning ACTUAL writer. So - in Jim's world, if someone else came up with it, it doesn't matter: It's HIS idea. THAT. Is NOT COOL.

Django on Oct 27, 2009


this is the real thing....everything is amazing...can wait to see the movie in the theaters on a huge screen with a great sound system and huge bucket of popcorn....typical 🙂 if you let go of your ego, whomever you are, you'll enjoy this creation. all my respects to all who contributed to this stunning movie.

radu on Oct 30, 2009


is that a facehugger in the jar on the last pic?

???? on Nov 11, 2009


Cameron should concentrate more on the script than on the effects GL

TRE on Nov 13, 2009


i watched this film last night... it was outstanding... easily one if the best films i have ever seen so far in my life... in my opinion, it 'was' revolutionary (visually speaking) 'was' amazing'... all this critiques that ave not watched it... go watch it... its awesome... it does not bore you... it grabs you through the whole film

.... on Dec 20, 2009


Will James cameron stick to animated films after this film? any chance that we'll see some sort of sequel?

MPS on Mar 10, 2010

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