Check This Out: All the Hidden Easter Eggs in Pixar's Up

June 1, 2009
Source: SlashFilm

Pixar's Up

If you're a Pixar fanatic (like me) then you already know all about this. Or you probably found a few of these yourself. But if not, our friends over at SlashFilm have put together a fantastic feature looking at all the Easter eggs hidden in Pixar's Up. As is always the case, they hide many references and other goodies in their movies, and I wanted to point out a few of them today (although you can see the rest of them on their site). Pixar always hides characters from upcoming movies in their current releases. Believe it or not, Dug the Dog was actually seen in Ratatouille, and a new character from Toy Story 3 is apparently hidden in Up.

Below are two shots of my favorite Easter eggs. The first one is from Ratatouille, in which you can see Dug's shadow on the wall. If you go back and watch the scene, you can definitely tell it's him, even though his bark isn't the same (obviously). The one below that shows the bedroom where "under her bed is one of the new stars of Toy Story 3," as confirmed by producer Jonas Rivera. Click the lower photo for a bigger version.

Dug in Ratatouille

Toy Story 3 Character in Up

Another favorite Pixar Easter egg is the inclusion of "A113" somewhere in the movie. Kind of like George Lucas' 1138, this number is included because it's a reference to the classroom at CalArts in Santa Barbara where character animation was taught. John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Brad Bird, and Pete Docter were all students and have included it in every Pixar movie to date. It can be found in Up early on in the scene where Carl goes to court after hitting the construction worker. A113 is the court room number next to the door (see the photo above). It's not that hard to find in this, but it's an Easter egg I always look for in their movies.

Up also has a lot of Easter eggs hidden in Russell's merit badges. Not only is there a merit badge of the Luxo Jr. ball, but there is also apparently a merit badge of the spinning rainbow cursor from Apple computers as well as a hamburger with a birthday candle in it, a reference to Merritt Bakery in Oakland. There might be more hidden, but it's obviously hard to find them. You can see all of the Easter eggs in Up on SlashFilm.

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Dave on Jun 1, 2009


you gotta admire Pixar for their ability to hide things in their films. And it makes movie going especially fun to keep an eye open for past Pixar characters and up and coming characters! My favorite one is Rex in Wall-E!

xerxex on Jun 1, 2009


Um, I don't see anything under this girl's bed.

Andrew on Jun 1, 2009


look at the bottom left of the picture and you will find the hidden toy story 3 character(the teddy bear).its right at the end of the bed near the pillow side

Spider94 on Jun 1, 2009


lol when i first read this article i thot there was actual easter egg, but then i realize its the meaning of finding something,

PinkSushi on Jun 1, 2009


Never seen so many easter eggs in one movie, wahah =p

Robbie on Jun 1, 2009


Random comment: That top picture, of Carl on the bench, reminds me of that scene of John Candy sitting in the train station toward the end of "Planes, Trains and Automobiles". Carry on.

Shane on Jun 1, 2009


Wow those suck. Stuff that relates to the cast is not an easter egg really. Stuff the relates to movies and that people could recognize without reading everyone's life history to know about so classroom is just stuff they put in. George Lucas 1138 at least can be known by general fans and not that it could be the number of his locker when he was in high school.

LSP on Jun 1, 2009


new toy story 3 character under the bed???? all i found was slippers hahaha they arent being very creative oh and the teddy bear is next to the bed not under it!

zach on Jun 1, 2009


Yeah, the teddy bear ain't hard to spot, but it's not under the bed.

Andrew on Jun 1, 2009


My 2c.... UP was freaking amazing. Didn't catch the easter eggs though.

Mark on Jun 1, 2009


Don't know if this would be considered an Easter Egg, but when one of the dogs hands Muntz a menu, he says "Surprise me," which is what Anton Ego said to Remy at the end of Ratatouille.

Eric on Jun 1, 2009


why did the artists make the kid look retarded ( because of the eyes) i am offended.

kris on Jun 2, 2009


Are you of Inuit (Eskmio) descent?

Orangutang on Jun 2, 2009


Kris are you a retard? Because the kid was Asian, ya fuckin' retahd!

pickle tits on Jun 3, 2009


so pixar new character is a pair of slippers cause thats the only thing under that bed.

Jon Bertrand on Jun 4, 2009


another one is that one of the kids at the badge ceremony at the end closely resembles andy from toy story...i think its the second kid

gansett on Jun 22, 2009


Do you think this could be a dog from Up..... Mack's hood ornament?

Bradford Smith on Jun 27, 2009


I just love this post when I read for the first time.

Grace Wismer on Jul 12, 2009


calarts is in valencia, ca... not santa barbara.

bryan yu on Jun 22, 2010


toy story 3, andy's moms car plates have a113 also. any other easter eggs in T.S.3?

marvin on Jun 23, 2010

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