Check This Out: Badass Photos from Thai Film Bang Rajan 2

November 17, 2009
Source: Twitch

Bang Rajan 2

I don't know what this is, but it looks frickin' awesome! Twitch has found a handful of new photos from an upcoming Thai film called Bang Rajan 2 that's actually the sequel to a little-known film from 2000 called Bang Rajan. The original is a period epic about a group of outnumbered villagers standing up to a stronger military force. It was apparently pretty damn good, despite not getting too far outside of Thailand. However, nine years later and they're back with a sequel which, this time, is being produced by Phranakorn Film, one of Thailand's biggest production companies and distributors. With that said, you need to see these photos!

Bang Rajan 2 Photos

Bang Rajan 2 Photos

Bang Rajan 2 Photos

Bang Rajan 2 Photos

I can't see, to find a plot synopsis for Bang Rajan 2 anywhere, but that doesn't matter because it probably wouldn't make much sense anyway without seeing the original. That said, I'm sold based off of these photos alone, which look completely badass (visually and physically). Twitch says to "expect some sort of fusion of styles" as the teaser they've got has some action inspired by 300, yet these photos are "both very impressive and very naturalistic in their approach." If you're interested, you can pick up the first Bang Rajan on DVD on Amazon while waiting for this one to make its way across the Pacific. As always, stay tuned for updates!

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Matty on Nov 17, 2009


What's so bad ass about this? I don't get it. When it come to acting i've never seen any good thai actors. seems to be like all they are good at is fighting.

dex on Nov 17, 2009


#2 wtf you want them to give oscar performances when they are in action movies LOL thats like getting mad at Statham movies because the acting is not as good as the wrestler

nelson on Nov 17, 2009


the first one will be watched before the weekend

mrmr on Nov 17, 2009


Right dex, those expressions are so fake looking! I mean come on, how could photos from a movie be badass unless we can tell the acting is Oscar-worthy. /sarcasm

Dark Fist on Nov 17, 2009


How is it even possible that there is a sequel to a movie where everyone dies in the end? The first movie was amazing and it told an awesome legend about the Thai-Burma War. But a sequel? That's just absurd and, quite frankly, disrespectful to the story of a village that defied an empire. It's kind of like having a 300 sequel, except it's slightly different because everyone does die at the end in this story.

Hien lam on Nov 17, 2009


I think it looks bad ass. Big swords, screaming faces, lean...rippling...muscles.......huh what? >.>

Sabes on Nov 17, 2009


I'm in

Colt on Nov 17, 2009


Only one facial expression required!

Matt on Nov 17, 2009


une suite inutile encore le premier etait tres bien !

devils 2 on Nov 18, 2009


Is it me or does the guy in the last photo look like Sonny Chiba? BTW if... A) You don't know who Sonny Chiba is go here: B) If you're thinking "Tokyo Drift Sonny Chiba?"... you are a douche. C) If you're laughing and initially thought "Kill Bill Sonny Chiba?"... you are a nerd. D) If you have bad flashbacks of Aces: Iron Eagle III every time someone mentions Sonny Chiba... you are me, and we need therapy.

Akirakorn on Nov 18, 2009


what so fucking ace about these photos of abloke hacking out with a sword and another bloke with a bit of blood on is face, it will take more than that to impress me.

Cineprog on Nov 18, 2009


This is just like what they did with ong bak 1 and 2 and Thailand distribution does this a lot...repackage a new title and rebrand as a sequel so that they at least get a partial built in audience...yes the photos are pretty dope but I'm sure this film will be terrible...have yet to be truly blown away by a Thai film yet, although ong bak 1 was pretty solid and the sequel again had nothing to do with the original except for the presence of Buddha statues.

Linkfx on Nov 18, 2009


Btw according to these photos that dude only has one expression, not good...they should have at least stripped another face on there for the press release..

Linkfx on Nov 18, 2009


Thai Movie Good.......!!

NooMiNaK on Nov 18, 2009


@6 Thanks for the spoiler warning jackass.

shadow on Nov 18, 2009


That dude without shirt is Paradorn Srichaphan. Thailand Tennis player.

siamknight on Nov 18, 2009


Dude. You use badass WAY TOO MUCH. Give other words a try like gritty, hardcore, exciting, flashy, i don't know. Badass must be your favorite word because you use it to describe anything violent.

DeeJay on Nov 18, 2009


To all who questioned what's so bad-ass about the pictures above... here's the hint: it offers potential VIOLENCE - BLOOD ALL OVER THE PLACE... ain't that one of Alex's checklist for BAD-ASS?! Someday, when the time comes where a movie is shot at a slaughter house and cows' blood are all over the place - I wouldn't be surprised if Alex will tag it as BAD-ASS!

Name Witheld Just Because on Nov 18, 2009


i wonder if that guy is incapable of making another face. maybe that's just the way his face looks.

Young'n on Nov 18, 2009


To all the people complaining about his face, ever stop and think maybe that's just his battle face? Much like how you make the same face when you cum.

danielvutran on Nov 18, 2009


How do you know I look like that when I cum?

moif on Nov 19, 2009


That Guy is Paradorn Srichaphan, former 9th place in the World`s tennis ranking. I didn`t even realized that`s him till I checked thing out. @2 To dex, How many non-action Thai film have you ever seen? @6 To Hien lam, I think that it`s due to the naming. It`s about the historical battle of Bang Rajan, so it`s not really a sequel or anything. The simplest way to confer the title is to use the name as it is. But if they just call it Bang Rajan, then it will be confusing with the year 2000 film. @12 To Cineprog, As far as being an amateur historian goes, I think that these images do capture the feeling of the story. They are not professional soldiers, but villagers who spent all they have to stay alive. It`s not like we need Prince of Persian SFX, or action for every movie in the world. We don`t have that kind of budget anyway. @13 To Linkfx, I did mention the thing about the name in the message to Hien lam, They don`t need partial built in audience. For Thai audience, Battle of Bang Rajan is the very stuff of History and Heroism that we take pride on. Unless it`s a failure, They will go and see it, just by seeing that name. As for Oversea audience, it`s not like Bang Rajan 1 was an extremely well known movie or anything. like Dex, How many non-action Thai film have you ever seen? As for the 2nd message, That Guy is the former 9th place in the World`s tennis ranking, He`s damn famous. Although this will be his 1st time acting, so I can`t really predict how it`ll turn out. @16 To Shadow Can`t really blame him though. To be honest, That audience all go in to see, knowing before hand that they`ll all die. @20 To Young`n That`s his normal face

Zenneth on Nov 20, 2009


Forgot to mention, His wife is 2005 Miss Universe Natalie Glebova

Zenneth on Dec 1, 2009


guys, why won't you look into the brighter side of life... i mean, in the movie, there were good scenes too. There were also beautiful faces just like that of Puri Hiranpruk (i love this actor so much, haha). He is so cute in the movie even with his "battle face," so sexy too! yeah! 🙂

Jhuna on Aug 15, 2010

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