Check This Out: Boring New Motion Poster for Saw VI

July 20, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Saw VI Motion Poster

Lionsgate is a bit obsessed with these new "motion posters." So much so that they've decided to forgo the normal disgusting poster designs they usually use and give us this bland motion poster for Saw VI. It's a cool little gimmick and fun to see for the first time, but I don't know how well it works for the Saw series. I mean, I preferred seeing teeth and arms and legs, but a bunch of people running to form the face of Jigsaw, what the heck does it even mean? I doubt he's even really killed that many people. Thanks to Yahoo we've got a new poster for Saw VI that you can see come together below. Be sure to let us know what you think?

Don't worry Saw fans, the series is still alive and well. Saw is supposed to run at least to Saw VIII for now, but who knows, if they continue to do as well as they're doing, it may even go beyond that! Who's excited?

Saw VI is directed by first-time feature filmmaker Kevin Greutert, who edited all five of the previous Saw movies before this and directed a few horror short films. The screenplay was written by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, who broke out with Feast and subsequently wrote Saw IV and Saw V as well. Lionsgate is bringing this latest installment, Saw VI, to theaters everywhere on October 23rd, a year from the last one.

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I started to lose interest after the 2nd, I tried the 3rd but during the showing I kept more attention to the girl (date) I was with that night.....the 4th came out and I fell asleep during the showing....coincidentally that same night, same girl who was with me to see the 3rd dumped me.....I guess she was expecting a sequel between us during the showing! lol

Blue & Orange NY on Jul 20, 2009


When they say " Disease" do they mean the disease of shitty franchise movies that seem to be plagueing hollywood???

PJH on Jul 20, 2009


If that didn't say it was a SAW movie I wouldn't even know who that is. Your right this is the most boring and pointless poster ever.

Dylan on Jul 20, 2009


Seriously I am getting sick of these Nay-sayers. If you don't like saw don't comment here. You aren't going to change the opinions of those who do. I will go to every saw movie until they stop making them. I enjoy the story which IS there. Also I love to see how twisted these movies could get. I will never stop loving these films and have all of them on blu-ray!

link1983 on Jul 20, 2009


Dude this poster if f'ing epic! Alex boring!? Seriously? come one it great. I love these movies I mean yeah they have gotten a little hard to follow but I'm sticking in to the very end! #4 agreed!!!!!!!!

Xerxex on Jul 20, 2009


This movie will make more money in two weeks than 99% of the people who comment on it ever will in their lifetimes.

JL on Jul 20, 2009


Epic?! Just because of the music or something? If you want that music, go watch the trailer for The Box! How is a bunch of CGI people walking together to form a face that epic?!

Alex Billington on Jul 20, 2009


Oh come on Alex! Besides the awesome score by Charlie Clouser, the poster is creative man, honestly I could give a fuck if you don't like it, as long as I end up liking it so there, still I respect your opinion but dude its an awesome Bunch of CGI people walking around to form a face! The Box is something I like too, Richard Kelly is amazing!

Xerxex on Jul 20, 2009


so wait... by his disease do they mean cancer? cause that shit is everywhere

DoomCanoe on Jul 20, 2009


Don't you just love my double comment...damn there goes my credibility...ugh.

Xerxex on Jul 20, 2009


Epic.... I wouldn't say that but definitely interesting, but not boring. I love the Saw series Ill keep watching as long as they make them. Though none are as good as the first. And they do dramatically drop off after the 3rd but still a fan. Loyal to the end.

NachoCheese on Jul 20, 2009


Maybe xerxex wanted to say Epic today, can't blame him for that, saying Epic is f'ng EPIC!

Oblong on Jul 20, 2009


#6 Same goes for Ghost Rider, Hitman and other terrible movies. Your point? The poster isn't bad I guess. At least original. I still wish this franchise would finally die. They never should have made a sequel to the original in the first place.

SuicidalOptimist on Jul 20, 2009


Anyone else think Jig Saw's image looks like Chairman Mao?

JEFFREY on Jul 20, 2009


thats not EPIC people alway miss you that word for every thing

carlos on Jul 20, 2009


I was hoping they would become Megaman

L on Jul 20, 2009


# 13. I already made my point. Did your comprehension skills fail you?

JL on Jul 20, 2009


# 13. What was wrong with hitman? I enjoyed it. Granted, Jason Statham would have been a better hitman. But, i still liked it.

ronnicxx on Jul 20, 2009


I agree with #14...looks more like Mao than Jigsaw. Pretty stupid. I don't mind the concept, but the picture formed should be of some sort of severed limb or something and not a portrait of some dude that doesn't look at all like Jigsaw.

Kevin on Jul 20, 2009


It should've formed that gay puppet on the tricycle.

In_rainbows on Jul 20, 2009


I think all those people on the poster showed up to demand their money back for the previous sequels.

jasonmd2020 on Jul 20, 2009


To be fair Alex the poster isn't all that bad. I have seen far worse. Hate the movies but this poster is ok.

Curtis G on Jul 20, 2009


You people make me giggle. It does look a little like Mao. O.o lol It was not anything great. I happen to like the Saw series, no matter what everyone else says. >.< I'm just getting a little tired of practically everyone not having any redeemable qualities and getting killed. Can more than one person please survive? lol

Sabes on Jul 20, 2009


no ocean's eleven that's for sure

Steven Spielberg on Jul 20, 2009


I like the SAW series so F all that don't...................

SHANEDAV on Jul 20, 2009


In a world of stale posters, this is actually pretty damn cool. Fuck the SAW movies completely, but their marketing is always pretty awesome. As for the killing that many people thing (sigh, seriously Alex sometimes I question your imagination), I doubt the next film is about this, but it would be interesting if there was a city-wide game.

Fuelbot on Jul 20, 2009


Neat little poster, glad to finally see some sort of marketing. His disease is indeed spreading...

Big Red Moose on Jul 20, 2009


is it me or do i see something red in the right eye?

Matt on Jul 20, 2009


lol @ whoever thought this was a good idea...

Eric on Jul 20, 2009


i love these flash posters, but it'll be tough to beat Terminator Salvation motion poster.

L1A on Jul 20, 2009


The only good one was the original SAW the first one, then it evolved into a gore fest with a shitty story,if you can call that a story.Besides that I actually like the poster..its simple but cool.

Andrius on Jul 20, 2009


it was creative, but....... i lost interest in Saw after i saw the 4th one I liked the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, after that..... well there was no surprise, it got boring. the 1st one was "omg jigsaw is the dead guy!!" the 2nd one was "oh shit! it was all rec. so the cops are to late!!" the 3rd one was "damn why didnt i see he was testing Amanda!!!" the 4th one was "oh ok hes the killer now" and the 5th one...... well it had no surprise ending! oh yeah and i hate that every other movie trailer has to take the Saw theme song!!!! its become like "lux Aeterna (requiem for a dream)" everyone just has to use it cause they think it will make there trailer better

Said on Jul 20, 2009


OK. Poster itself is cool, but who gives a shit about these movies anymore anyway? Obviously there are a few people that do, which is why they might get excited about this, but what about Jigsaw's face represents this franchise? I would say that if asked, nine out of ten people would bring up the fact that people getting fucked up in these movies and being killed in horrific, disgusting ways is more representative of the franchise than this douche's face. Therefore, as mentioned, fingers, feet, teeth, are all anyone needs to see to realize a new Saw movie is on its way...

David on Jul 20, 2009


This was dumb as hell and not the way to go about advertising a horror film.

Angry Chief on Jul 20, 2009


To me the series died off after Saw 3.

Nikhil Hariharan on Jul 20, 2009


ehh, the poster is cool, but i don't get the slogan at the bottom. disease is spreading??? i don't usually do my saw re-re-re-re-re (and now another 're') analyzations until about 4 weeks before the new movie starts. the saw movies don't have that 'DAMN' feeling like they used to, but they're still fun to watch so that you know what's going on. there is alot of detail, and so i don't want to miss it. but easily put, the poster cool, but i'll still call it a boring ass poster.

JL on Jul 21, 2009


His disease is spreading, I give you this on disease: In human beings, "disease" is often used more broadly to refer to any condition that causes extreme pain. I believe it refers to more than just Hoffman. I still think there are oher factors that aren't being considered. Like Jill Tuck. John's Ex-Wife. Also we never actually saw Dr Lawrence Gordon die. I don't think Hoffman is getting another chance though. Also I can't wait to see what that carousel room is all about. On top of that they have promised the traps are more personal and not an entire room. R.I.P. Strohm. Not a way I would wanna go.

link1983 on Jul 21, 2009


I thought that was pinhead at first. If I hadn't been told this was a SAW poster I really would have no clue who that was supposed to be. I still can't see the resembleance, just like i hardly see the resembleance between the original SAW movie to the sequels, and I'd hate to say it but the 1st one wasn't even that great. I mean really, a whole series that came from a movie that came from a simple concept of what if you had to hurt your self to save your life? I'm sorry, but this series is way over rated.

mxr5150 on Jul 21, 2009


Looks like Colin Mochrie.

Moe on Jul 21, 2009


WHOA LOVE saw there sooooo awsome and disgusting that it keeps me watching im really excited 4 saw 6 escially after number 5 which is my 2nd favorite (my first favorite is number 2)

quez on Jul 21, 2009


u no i just got done reading some of ur comments and u guys r soooooooo gay cuz saw is 1 of the best gory horror films in history they will always have my money as long as they make more movies sooo if u dnt like k.m.a. PCE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

quez on Jul 21, 2009


poster is pretty cool but really has NOTHING to do with the franchise...BTW i enjoy the series and i may not go see them in theaters but i do watch all of them and own the first 3

thejugfather on Jul 21, 2009


You Guys On here Sayin The Movie needs To Juss end Already Are Stupid...There Will Prolly Never BE another Franchise like this in a While and thats good...The Cool Things About The Saw Movie Is How U Have so many questions during the movie and as the last scene is comming up,It All Starts To make Sense,Unlike movies like Nightmare on Elm Street Or Friday the 13th.. nd As far As The Poster Goes..This Shit is Tight as Hell..I Juss Wonder what the tagline Means..Itll Prolly make more sense as the Months Come Along..But EVErybody..Juss Please Stop hating..This Movies ISnt going Anywhere...if U really wanna stop a Movie..Stop HArry Potter,or Star Treak

Kevin Rocks 619 on Jul 22, 2009


Nice work.

Fisherr on Jul 22, 2009


yo fuck everyone who is talkin shit about the saw movies. anyone who can come up with scripts like theirs and have so many twist in it that you dont even know who the real killer was till the 5th movie.. come on now.. thats good shit!! america needs more writers like that. and too think of some death traps like the ones in the movies.. WOW... i wish i could share some ideas with them cause shit.. i have a dimented side far more worse than all the writers put together. i love every saw movie that comes out and just to clear up all these rumors about "how many movies they are making...?" well bitches its gonna be 13 of em.. hope you have room on your shelfing cause its gonna be the best series you can ever fuckin have. what you people should do is stop star trek and harry potter movies.. like that one guy said above me. i dont know what you people are in to but shit.. stop bitching over a good horror film. twisted pictures is the best productions out there. and stop remaking all these cheesy ass freddy,jason,leatherface,micheal myers, ect ect.. movies and make some good fuckin shit! leave that shit to the fuckin 80s.. it 2009! step your movie making skills up people.. damn...

Lilkane420 on Jul 23, 2009


Gawd, how stupid are you? The people forming the face of Jigsaw plus the headline - it means that more and more people understand his message (disease --> spreading). Not too hard to get, mmh? Seriously, 99% of the people who don't like SAW are either too dumb to understand the movies or don't have an own opinion and hate it because "everybody does". Or both.

NiNaKramer on Nov 27, 2009

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