Check This Out: Early Futuristic Judge Dredd Concept Art

January 7, 2009
Source: io9

Early Futuristic Judge Dredd Concept Art

It's real! Back in December, just before the holidays, we ran an article about Judge Dredd coming back from the dead. Apparently DNA Films (the company behind Sunshine and 28 Weeks Later) has greenlit another Judge Dredd film that would be based on the 2000 AD comics and not a remake of Stallone's 1995 film. At the time, I had this feeling that it could've all been a bunch of BS. But apparently not! Our friends at io9 have got their hands on what is supposedly the first few concept art photos from the upcoming film. The art was drawn by 2000 AD artist Jock and show us what the new Judges and Mega-City look like.

Click on any of the photos below to see them in full-size over on io9.

Judge Dredd Concept Art

I don't know, or care, enough about the Judge Dredd concept and its origin in the comics to really get excited about these. As great as they look, I'm also wondering how they're going to find the budget to pull off a world that looks like that. I have nothing against low budget sci-fi, but these photos are definitely not low budget. They also need to find the right director, which is the next bit of news I'll be waiting to hear. Our first article on this new Judge Dredd movie got quite an enthusiastic response in the comments, with a lot of people supporting Judge Dredd. Maybe this could turn out pretty awesome? What do you think?

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Reader Feedback - 22 Comments


How do you plead? I KNEW YOU'D SAY THAT.

Vegavega Balrog on Jan 7, 2009


If Stallone is not in it, it is a vast improvement. We don't need another guy shouting "I AM THE LAW!" again.

Daniel on Jan 7, 2009


i think it's amazing that people still want their movie to be blade runner three decades later. go ridley.

fanboy d on Jan 7, 2009


Ok, new production company, no Stallone, no Schneider, and no "I am the Law!", this could be good. Concept art is great! The actual comic of Judge Dredd is awesome! Fascist anti-hero who may or may not be crazy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. And for the love of God, pleeeease NO BRETT RATTNER!!!!!!! That guy is a massive douche!

Chilli Cheese Man on Jan 7, 2009


Let's hope its a R-rated outing as well.

Film-Book dot Com on Jan 7, 2009


I think those might be for the video game that's meant to be coming out this year. Could be wrong though 🙂

Dr Phaust on Jan 7, 2009


Have crazy Ben Foster be a Judge....Judge Death maybe? I saw Judge Dredd in the cinema, my mum took me when i was 12 (it was a 15 rated hit just before my 13th bday i think!). After arguing with the ticket seller about my age, we got in, and left via the emergency exit 'side door' as the credits hit. Those were the days!

chris on Jan 7, 2009


In all fairness " I am the law " is a line from the Dredd books. An english friend of mine pointed out something of note: Judge Dredd is Britain's equivalent of Batman. The Dredd concept is pretty awesome. We had a bad run w/ Stallone - I'll admit Mean Machine looked pretty cool in the film but that's about it. It was also too close to Demolition Man. I've said it and I'll say it again - fantasy, sci fi, whatever. So long as they use actual artists to sculpt some mackettes and creatures, and don't rely exclusively on computers, and have a good cinematographer to blend the fx w/ the real sets & actors, I have faith they can make a quality film. Leave out Stallone. Give it to a Brit. Keep it true to the source material. They always turn out better actors than US anyhow.

Hmmmm on Jan 7, 2009


Hey Hmmmm that stings, America has good actors, and we had mutha fuckin Steve McQueen! besides the brits do have good actors, not saying they don't they do highly esteemed actors.

xerxerxex on Jan 7, 2009


I am the law Looks great

crabby on Jan 7, 2009


Give it to Neil Blomkamp... the dude that was supposed to direct the Halo movie.

teyhtr on Jan 7, 2009


One more thing! In response to what Hmmmm said, I think Clive Owen could be an interesting Dredd.

Chilli Cheese Man on Jan 7, 2009


@2 is THAT what he said? I thought it was "I ABBLE YAWWWWW" @3 Judge Dredd goes pretty far back. Agreed with 9... give it to a Brit, and I can say that as I'm not a Brit.

dRailer on Jan 7, 2009


The problem is which actor is going to take a role where we don't see his face. If its true to the comic Dredd's helmet never comes off.

Agent X on Jan 8, 2009


ray stevenson for Dredd?

ChrisUK on Jan 8, 2009


statham brolin

fanboy d on Jan 8, 2009


I think these concepts help the look of an update Dredd movie... but they need to have brutal violence and a solid story if they want to make a faithful flick...budget shouldn't be an issue if they can fuse Mega City with our present time ala "Children of Men"....

Christopher M on Jan 8, 2009


The pics look good, seem to be keeping the original designs. A city like that can be easily done CGI, I would assume a vast part of this film would be CGI since it's the future. The movie will good or bad though depending on the plot and acting. Judge Dredd is a great character that has had great stories for years. If they stick to that and use the comics like with Batman, finally, then they should do alright. I also agree that this should be a British lead or all Brits since it is their hero. The thing about Dredd that really matters is the voice and the chin. He should never been seen out of uniform and helmet anyway so those are what matter. Also no shouting "I am the Law!", Dredd doesn't shout, but if he doesn't say it, it isn't Dredd. He is the Law.

Moviegimp on Jan 8, 2009


#14 "I ABBLE AWWW" Hilarious. Simply hilarious.

Hmmmm on Jan 8, 2009


If they dont make it comic book like in the sense of the word. If it is more in the realms of Batman or Ironman, I could see this being successful. But if it is campy, like most other comic book movies, I doubt there will be any reason to see this. Plus, people are still trying to get their money, time and eyes back from the previous version.

Bishopsring on Jan 8, 2009



werdnafaz on Jan 9, 2009


Awesome to make a new movie because they would be keen to do the material more justice than the Stallone version. Judge Deth was always a favourite for me and he'd really need to be in it.

DethRulzzzzz on Jun 28, 2009

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