Check This Out: Empire's Cryptic Canvas 50 Movie Painting

May 24, 2009
Source: Empire

Empire Cryptic Canvas

Tomorrow is Memorial Day so it's a rather slow news weekend. On top of that, I'm spending the next 36 hours traveling from Cannes to Paris back to Los Angeles since Cannes has wrapped up. So to keep you occupied on this lazy weekend, Empire has launched the Cryptic Canvas, a time-wasting movie game involving a painting that contains 50 movie references. It's a nod to a painting that was put out a few years ago containing rock band names (if anyone knows where I can find that, let me know). You'll get the idea once you take a closer look at the painting, although there are some instructions on the site anyway.

The only clue Empire gives is that the movies hidden in the painting are from the last 20 years. I found a few right off the bat that weren't that hard and are quite obvious, but there are others that I just have no clue about. I'm not going to list all the answers for the sake of allowing a few of you to spend some time actually going through this (without cheating). The game on the site keeps track of how many you have answered correctly and dims out the images that you've already answered. Just head over to Empire right now to check it out. I'm sure within a few days you can check the comments below to find all 50 of the movies.

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Roughly from left to Right: Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Swimming with Sharks, The Fisher King, Eagle Eye, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Flags of Our Fathers, Zodiac, Pi, The Matrix, Liar Liar, Monsters Inc., Anchorman, Iron Man, Scream, Ice Age, Snakes on a Plane, Traffic, Moulin Rouge, Signs, The Dark Knight, Chocolat, Milk, Million Dollar Baby, The Pianist, The Thin Red Line, Trainspotting, Happy Feet, Saw, Bolt, Interview with the Vampire, No Country for Old Men, Iris, and The Crow. Thats 34 of the 50

Boris Van Der Ree on May 24, 2009


Some that the other guy hadn't found, Hook (on the water tank) Stardust (in the warehouse) Little Children (the three smaller kids) Attack of the Clones (the cheerleaders, don't think that is a great clue...) Walk the Line (next to the train)

Accordion27 on May 24, 2009


Crash (Plane crash)

Accordion27 on May 24, 2009


Green Mile (sign with 5280 ft on it)

Accordion27 on May 24, 2009


Cloverfield(Next to bolt) Last King of Scotland(tombstone on bottom right) Pirates of the caribbean(two pirates by pool) Brick(Next to Lord of the rings clue)

Thelastcineaste on May 24, 2009


Found three more: Pirates of the Caribbean (Two Pirates next to the water tank) Enter the Dragon (Dragon on the Hill) Brick (girl dropping the brick from top of the tower) But i still have no idea about the two guys caring the old English flag, the women shredding books and the three C's on the building. But including those three that leave me with 49/50. So one of the three I just mentioned has two parts to it.

Byron on May 24, 2009


I give... 49/50... the only one I don't have is Iris, and I can't find it anywhere in the canvas! Help

Jeff on May 24, 2009


Byron, The english patient pulp fiction 300

Jeff on May 24, 2009


The one with the English Flag is the "English Patient". Iris is the flower that "the crow" is holding.

Dave on May 24, 2009


got it! I looked at that damn thing a million times!

Jeff on May 24, 2009


Those three are confusing me also. Ice Age (the 20yrs sign) Children of Men(family next to Little Children clue)

Thelastcineaste on May 24, 2009


what are the two guys and the kids?

Jay on May 24, 2009


The two Dad's flag, the woman shredding books and the windmill are the only three I don't know. I got a few answers from this page after googling out of frustration.

Matt on May 24, 2009


There are actually 51. Enter the dragon is a bonus bc it came out in 1973.

Adam on May 24, 2009


no one has said "Gladiator" the guy standing near the camera... 50/50

don on May 24, 2009


The Complete List- I was wrong. There are only 50 1. Eagle Eye 2. Diving Bell and the Butterfly 3. Two Towers 4. Swimming with Sharks 5. Fisher King 6. Pi 7. Matrix 8. Zodiac 9. Liar Liar 10. Pirates of the Carribean 11. Monsters inc 12. English Patient 13. Scream 14. Anchorman 15. Iron Man 16. Pulp Fiction 17. Million Dollar Baby 18. Little Children 19. Children of Men 20. Stardust 21. The Dark Knight 22. Chocolat 23. Milk 24. Gladiator 25. Attack of the Clones 26. Happy Feet 27. Cloverfield 28. Saw 29. Bolt 30. Last King of Scotland 31. Interview with the Vampire 32. Crash 33. Trainspotting 34. Walk the Line 35. Thin Red Line 36. 300 37. The Pianist 38. Green Mile 39. No Country for Old Men 40. Traffic 41. Ice Age 42. Signs 43. Moulin Rouge 44. Flags of Our Fathers 45. Snakes on a Plane 46. Iris 47. The Crow 48. Brick 49. Hook 50. Enter The Dragon- Came out in 1973. The canvas is only supposed to have movies from the last 20 years. They tried to trick us!

Burt on May 24, 2009


The two guys with the kids is two - the tiny kids are Little Children and the men are Children of Men. I just got all 50, so will post a list on my blog shortly.

Adrian on May 24, 2009


i just can figure out wich one is iris,the thing below the Pi number ,an the numbers next to the zodiac circule

roger on May 24, 2009


iยดd find the damn hook

roger on May 24, 2009


If anyone is interested, the aforementioned Rock and Roll game can be found here: 150 names if I remember correctly.

Mark on May 24, 2009


For some reason Pirates of the carribean is not accepted/recognised. could it not be right? help? i'm on 49/50 (without 'pirates).

James S on May 25, 2009


because I was spelling Caribbean wrong (see above). DUH! sorry guys. 50/50!

James S on May 25, 2009


wot is the lady at the bottom of the screen shredding books??...

Micheal B on May 25, 2009


23 - wot is the lady at the bottom of the screen shredding books??โ€ฆ pulp fiction ๐Ÿ™‚

Simon on May 25, 2009


I got 40 some on my own and then came on here. Where the hell is Iris at?

Ryan on May 25, 2009


whats the tombstone?

ben on May 25, 2009


#26- The Last King of Scotland

Ryan on May 25, 2009


where is iris and the numbers next to the zodiac symbol

roger on May 25, 2009


Iris is in the mouth of the crow in the upper right corner. The numbers are a matrix.

Kevin on May 25, 2009


thanks bro

roger on May 25, 2009


Funny painting! Found Attack of the Clones, Pulp Fiction, 300 ans Scream very difficult to find or not very logical IMO.

Wurst on May 26, 2009


Attack of the Clones is ridiculous. Iris and Scream I couldn't figure out at all. About 45 to 40 were somewhat easy, and 7 to 10 were hard but once I figured out that some things are literal I was able to guess at the answer.

Robert on May 26, 2009


Similar game from a couple of years ago from M&Ms...

James on May 26, 2009


where is Cloverfield

ivica on May 26, 2009


where's cloverfield? (2)

Duda on May 26, 2009


next to bolt

pq on May 27, 2009


I dont get why the 2 instrument things are Liar Liar. Anyone?

RM on May 27, 2009


lyre lyre.. was too literal for me

aw on May 27, 2009


Can't get Pi to work................????

Tink on May 27, 2009


great game. i only knew a few

Lukas on May 27, 2009


What are the 3 C's for?

Jane on May 27, 2009


The three c's are 300 in roman numerals

Rhy on May 28, 2009


"Found Attack of the Clones, Pulp Fiction, 300 ans Scream very difficult to find or not very logical IMO." Scream is the Name of the paiting, made by norwegian PaArtist Edward Munch: 300: CCC is 300 in old Roman numerals (C is 100 -> CCC is 300) Attack of the Clones and Pulp Fiction need some fantasy. But the rest is lack of general knowledge. ๐Ÿ™‚

SiMo Sol on May 29, 2009


@17 Well there are 51 clues... wonder why mark it as 50

Sineman on May 29, 2009


anyone know what the thing is between the cheerleaders and the grave?

vader on Jun 2, 2009


@45 someone who has been attacked by the clones?

lean_go on Jun 3, 2009


I didnt find scream anywhere ont he canvas, and when i realized the iris in the crows mouth wasnt black i typed it and got 50. are there 50 or 51?

Andrea on Jun 8, 2009


NVM read post above mine. Knew the paiting was scream was thinking of the movie thx!

Andrea on Jun 8, 2009


I have them all, as well as their locations: 1. Ice Age - the 20 years sign 2. Flags of our Fathers - the flags with 'Dad's' written on them 3. The Two Towers - click on one of the big two towers and they will black out once you type it in 4. Brick - yhe falling brick from the tower 5. Traffic - the cars which are against eachother on the road. That's one hell of a jam! 6. Trainspotting - the train or the guy about to jump onto the rail tracks 7. Walk the Line - the guy who is sidestepping along the line next to the train 8. Signs - Any of the signs (500m, no smoking) 9. Stardust - The guy putting up the huge star. Where's the stardust? 10. The English Patient - The coffin with the England flag over it 11. The Fisher King - The King who is fishing by the tub full of sharks 12. Swimming with Sharks - The woman swimming in the tub of sharks or the water 13. Scream - The guys holding up the painting - one seems the be screaming, but this is a tricky one 14. The Dark Knight - The knight next to the building wearing dark armour 15. Milk - The milk bottle next to the chocolate 16. Chocolat - The chocolate! This was tricky as you couldn't have written 'chocolate' 17. Gladiator - The gladiator standing by the field of clovers 18. Cloverfield - The clovers on the field - just below the happy feet 19. Happy Feet - The feet with smiley faces on them 20. Bolt - The bolt (or nail, if you think it is) next to the clovers in the bottom right corner 21. Monsters Inc - Frankenstien with the hounds by the truck 22. Little Children - The shortest children in what seems to be a family (hand size) 23. Childen of Men - click on the man pushing the pram 24. Million Dollar Baby - the baby with the $1,000,000 tag on it - child slavery! 25. Pulp Fiction - the woman shredding the books (fiction) into pulp - by the shredder 26. Iron Man - this is more like an ironing machine, talking to the anchor 27. Anchorman - the anchor with the hat talking to the Iron Man 28. Pirates of the Caribbean - watch out for the spelling. The pirate next to the guy with the suitcase 29. 300 - The three Cs. this was somewhat hard. Think that C in Latin means a hundred 30. The Pianist - the woman playing the piano on the building 31. The Thin Red Line - the bright red vertical line next to the tracks 32. Interview with the vampire - we don't see Brad Pitt, but there is the girl talking to the vampire 33. Attack of the Clones - you obviously have some cheerleaders attacking and they look alike 34. Crash - the plane-crash site. Another great movie 35. No Country for Old Men - the sign with a cross running through the old men - right hand side 36. Saw - the saw next to the 'happy feet' 37. The Last King of Scotland - the grave saying 'HRH' with the Scottish flag 38. Hook - the clothes peg below the numbers '3.14159' 39. Pi - The numbers '3.14159265358975' - pi to fourteen decimal places 40. The Green Mile - the green plaque to the right side of the drawing saying 5280fb 41. Moulin Rouge - the red windmill. If you know your Paris landmarks this will be easy 42. The Matrix - the columns of numbers in a sequence, specifically a 'matrix' 43. Eagle Eye - the eagle to the top left carrying the 'I' 44. Snakes on a plane - The plane on the top middle. You can see that there are snakes on it 45. Zodiac - the zodiac circle, to the bottom far right 46. Liar Liar - the two wierdly-shaped string instruments to the bottom right, leaning against the tub 47. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly - the butterfly is tied to the bell, which is on the diving board 48. The Crow - the crow flying in the sky 49. Iris - the flower held in the crow's beak. It is purple coloured 50. Enter the Dragon - This was unfair, as it was made in 1973, but, nevertheless, it is included. It is the red car going into the dragon's mouth. So overall, the canvas was moderately hard.

Ash on Jun 11, 2009


"Enter the Dragon" was re-released in 1997.

Movie_Dearest on Jun 16, 2009


Ash, regarding Stardust, the guy isn't hanging the star, he's dusting it.

shiva on Jun 17, 2009


also, the painting the guys are holding is titles "the Scream" and the guy on the train isn't trying to jump off, he's painting spots on the train...

shiva on Jun 17, 2009


Sorry if there were some errors, but the main purpose of that post was to simply tell people where the things are, not the very specifics. I had heard that Enter the Dragon was released in 1970 from somewhere, but I was clearly mistaken. Concerning Trainspotting, I wasn't looking very clearly, but now I can see the spots.

Ash on Jun 19, 2009


WTF? Moulin Rouge???????????? I've been stuck on that for days. Been looking online for every reference to windmills, red, wind, breeze, dutch, etc. I still can't believe it!

Kari on Jan 21, 2010


Most were pretty easy. Some I have never even heard of, so even though I figured it out, I didn't know it was right like The Diving Bell and The Butterfly. What kinda title is that? A few of the movies were just too obscure. The person who created this should be congratulated for creating something rather clever, and then promptly smacked.

Arlan on Jul 7, 2010


Arlan Diving Bell and The Butterfly is an incredible movie worth seeing (and so is every other movie )it was nominated for Oscars in Best Achievement in Cinematography, Best Achievement in Directing, Best Achievement in Editing, Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published and Kari in England note that Empire is British Moulin Rouge is a huge sightseeing thing

Dirk Diggler on Jul 9, 2010


@45 If you look in really closely at the thing hunched in front of the cheerleaders it sorta looks like an old man with white hair and a curved weapon sorta like Dooku's lying next to him

Tony88 on Nov 19, 2010

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