Check This Out: First Official Public Enemies Poster

March 3, 2009
Source: MSN

Check This Out: First Official Public Enemies Poster

Although we've heard a lot about Michael Mann's Public Enemies, we haven't seen a lot from it just yet, save for a juicy tidbit in that Oscars preview and some early photos. However, MSN has debuted the first official poster, featuring Johnny Depp as the 1930's bank robber John Dillinger, standing tall with a tommy gun at his side. This looks strikingly similar to that Joker poster for The Dark Knight (leather gloves and all), but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Hopefully this means we'll be seeing a trailer soon as well? At this point I'm pretty excited for Public Enemies and all we need now is to finally see some footage!

Public Enemies Poster

Public Enemies is directed by Michael Mann, of Heat, Ali, Collateral, and Miami Vice previously. The screenplay is based on Bryan Burrough's book of the same name and was adapted by Ronan Bennett (A Further Gesture). Later, Michael Mann and Ann Biderman (Copycat, Primal Fear) wrote a revised screenplay before shooting. The film has an all star cast made up of Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Channing Tatum, Giovanni Ribisi, David Wenham, Leelee Sobieski, Marion Cotillard, and Billy Crudup as J. Edgar Hoover. Universal is bringing Public Enemies to theaters everywhere on July 1st this summer.

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Nick Sears on Mar 3, 2009


so pumped for this

xianx on Mar 3, 2009


Background perspective looks off - especially that car on the right

dom on Mar 3, 2009



duh duh daaaah on Mar 3, 2009


As far as trailers, I think the first one will appear before Watchmen.

Travis on Mar 3, 2009


Johny Depp is gonna show what's up in this movie. Christian Bale is gonna be obliterated.

Darunia on Mar 3, 2009


I don't like the poster, it looks very commercial. Are you sure it's the movie poster or just a poster of Depp? I know Depp is the lead but there are lots of actors involved and it's not fair that they make a poster that only has Depp on it. The movie is called Public Enemies and not Public Enemy.

Panadora on Mar 3, 2009


Kind of looks like LaSalle street in Chicago, looking at the Board of Trade.

Korm on Mar 3, 2009


I can't wait to see this film. So badass.

Branden on Mar 3, 2009


My buddy said it was a great movie. We have a sneak peak about it if you want a spoiler. Do a search

Movie Review on Mar 3, 2009


" At this point I'm pretty excited for Public Enemies and all we need now is to finally see some footage" Trailer coming soon on ET. 🙂

Highlander on Mar 3, 2009


Gonna be one of the best movies this year I think

Davor on Mar 3, 2009


Even if it's ripping off TDK, I think it works, Depp looks pretty badass and the poster pretty well sets a mood for the film.

Daniel Mace on Mar 3, 2009


I like the idea, but the background contrast looks wierd to me.

Ryan on Mar 3, 2009


Sorry to double comment, but I didn't know Marion Cottilard (sp) was in this. Between this and Rose Byrne, I feel crazy today.

Ryan on Mar 3, 2009


fuck ... Bale again...

GM on Mar 3, 2009


Damn....Depp is truly a huge star if Bale doesn't even make the poster. I thought the poster would be like a 310 to Yuma, Body of Lies or American Gangster. LOL...Poor Bale.

SAif on Mar 3, 2009


Is he gonna walk around with "JONNY DEPP" written on his balls through the whole film?

Djozer on Mar 3, 2009


Yep Djozer, that is some texy groinage right there, must be heavy.

Crapola on Mar 3, 2009


hahah bad placement for the title. nothing like a crotch pyramid!

Sean Hunter on Mar 3, 2009


why is johnny depp getting top billing on the poster ahead of christian bale. they should be getting equal billing

naz on Mar 3, 2009


The reason this reminds people of Dark Knight is because Nolan is heavily influenced by Michael Mann to begin with. TDK feels like Mann, not vice versa. And Depp gets top billing because he is a bigger star, quite simple really...

Mathieu on Mar 3, 2009


christian bale was if remember correctly part of a film which has grossed more than a billion dollars and was arguably one of the best film in the last century. Johnny Depp has only been part of the rubbish pirates of the carribean series, apart from the 'Curse of the Black Pearl' which was quite good, 'Dead Mans Chest' and World's End' were truly atrocious films. Dont get me wrong, i love johnny depp, i will watch him in any film, but he is not the only reason i am looking forward to see this film, it is also Christian Bale, thats why i think they should get equal billing in this film

naz on Mar 3, 2009


depp over even mann? aww...public johnny & cast in his crotch.

moo on Mar 3, 2009


is there any role depp can't knock out of the ballpark?

LeeMan on Mar 3, 2009


Calm down naz, I like Bale. I knew as soon as I typed that the kind of response I'd get! Yes, he's had two large hits with his Batman movies recently. But that doesn't change the fact that Depp is simply more famous at the moment, and has been a household name for a solid two decades, from Edward Scissorhands (and all his prior tabloid exploits) to the terrific Sweeney Todd. He's been in more hit films, for longer. That's all I meant. Plus, from early reviews it sounds like his character receives more screentime than Bale's, so he's obviously the focus of the movie. But this could just be the first of a series of posters centred around each character and the position of the names will change accordingly, who knows?

Mathieu on Mar 3, 2009


OH MY GOD!!!!!!! This movie is going to blow EVERYTHING else out of the water this summer! Johnny Depp will be amazing, as usual.

Will on Mar 3, 2009


Yeah, Depp will over shadow Bale big time.

Joshua on Mar 3, 2009


I think there will be another poster soon on from Bale's side.

Fisherr on Mar 3, 2009


To number 21, this is only the first poster for Public Enemies, I am sure, and I do mean sure we are going to see another poster with just Bale on the poster. This is just to start get people wet for the upcoming movie which I think is going to fucking brilliant!!! I think this is a great role for Depp, rock on homes!!!!

Conrad on Mar 3, 2009


Pretty tough, I love the fashion of this era, hotness.

tzarinna on Mar 3, 2009


The logo is right on his nuts, it's like, I am a straight warrior male, don't force me to look at Depp's crotch just to see what the movie title is, WTF? I give it a thumbs down. I am excited for the movie, however.

Scott on Mar 3, 2009


I agree that a Bale poster is probably on the way with their billing reversed.

ebbie on Mar 3, 2009


32 - You would have looked anyway ;p BTW, I can't wait to see this movie!!!!

missy on Mar 3, 2009


Missy, #32 here, you're smoking some serious green stuff! You're funny though, I like that. If you're cute, maybe I should prove my non-likes-male-crotches to you? Haha.

Scott on Mar 3, 2009


Can't resist (in light of all the crotch comments): Pubic Enemies

Kachow on Mar 3, 2009


Haha, hilarious. So, Melvin PURVis is waging a war on a PUBIC Enemy? ... We're so retarded. I actually prefer the term "funtarded". But honestly, they could have saved this mockery if the numbnuts (pun intended) wouldn't have put the logo on Depp's crotch.

Scott on Mar 3, 2009


If memory serves me, Dead Man's Chest made over a billion also. Also, this is Depp's movie, it is about John Dillinger. Plus, Depp is10 times the actor Bale is. I have never seen anything that Bale has been in but isn't he pretty typecast? Hasn't he only been in action movies? Don't jump down my throat if I'm wrong. Depp takes more chances and has more range than any actor of his generation..... And, I don't have any problem looking at his crotch

Harley on Mar 3, 2009


this will fucking rock

jono on Mar 3, 2009


Scott, tee hee! I like your sense of humor. I'm very cute btw. I agree that they should not hide Depp's crotch with all those words :

missy on Mar 3, 2009


To #38: Are you fucking kidding me? How can you say Depp is ten times the actor Bale is when you've never seen a Bale movie? If anyhing, it's the other way around. And don't get me wrong, Depp is probably in my top five favorite actors, but Bale is number one, and rightfully so. Only been in action movies? To say that Depp takes more chances and has more range is just ignorant. Go pick up Empire of the Sun, American Psycho, The Prestige, or maybe The Machinist. Hell, watch fucking Newsies! When it comes down to it, Depp plays the same character in 9/10ths of his movies, while Bale becomes his characters, most of them completely different than the one before.

Tom on Mar 3, 2009


This movie makes the month of July relevant for me.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Mar 3, 2009


This movie is going to be the tits!

skywarp on Mar 4, 2009


Well #41 is a dip shit who obviously doesn't know dick about acting. I'm not even going to say why your so wrong because its such a waste of time. Christ I could write an entire paper on how little you obviously know about acting. Johnny being the same character 9/10 times? Bale becomes his characters? hahahaha you're fucking kidding me right?

DoomCanoe on Mar 4, 2009


looking forward to this one for sure... i like Bale too, but calling TDK one of the best films in the last 10 years is a little Bale had NOTHING to do in that film at all, it was the Joker's movie for sure Depp is the man...ya gotta hand it to him for being able to stretch and play many different parts...Bale doesn't have Depp's range IMHO

darthwhitey on Mar 4, 2009


to # 44 Have you seen The Dark Knight?! How can you say that a movie that has now gone over the one billion marker, not be one of the best films in the last 10 years? A movie that breaks the opening weekend record, topping spiderman 3 with $155.34 million is defiantly worthy of being on that know what? Its actually is number 6 on IMDB's top 250 movies of all time.... Besides that, did you forget its called The Dark Knight, as in....Batman? I think they named it that, because no, it is not a joker movie, it is a Batman movie. Don't get me wrong, Heath is one of my favorite actor's and he really did have an amazing, one of the best act's i have seen, as a SUPPORTING actor. hens the Oscar. So your comment about Bale had NOTHING to do with the movie, well, It didnt make any sense. Sure, "Depp is the man.." i think you mean to say he is a great actor, which he is but in my opinion not as good as Bale...Bale hasn't been around long enough to even have the "range" that Depp is, but he sure has a hell of a good start.

Marsha on Mar 4, 2009


44: Not only do I know about acting, I also know about spelling, grammar, and punctuation. That's four things I have on you. As a fifth, I have the ability to give examples as to why I'm right, as opposed to just jabbering away and saying nothing to support my views. Odd how you claim the ability to write an entire paper on why I'm wrong, yet you can't give a single reason.

Tom on Mar 4, 2009


Missy, I think you should send me an email to scott1up(at) This scene is too be continued!

Scott on Mar 4, 2009


If anyone cares... can't wait for full trailer, going to be awesome!

K on Mar 4, 2009


no tom your so fucking retarded and wrong. that is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard and you give discrase to the name tom. Johnny Depp is by far one of the most diverse actors of all time. Bale is also a great and diverse actor but you are so fucking stupid for saying that about depp. have you seen any of his movies at all. Ive seen every one. cry-baby, edward scissorhands, willy wonka, pirates... he plays a completely different person in everything and he is quite cappable of playing literally any role he wanted. you are a complete fucking peice of shit and the dumbest person in the world and i you say my grammar is bad who the fuck cares only a pussy retard would care about something like that, your just really fucking dumb

Tom Eck on Mar 4, 2009


Bale & Cotillard are just the thighs .... DEPP is clearly the BALLS of this production. Unless his balls are truly that big, and Bale & Cotillard are actually NADS!

Django on Mar 4, 2009


in respose to #50, First off, i love how personal attacks are more important to you then proving a point... Here are the links to both Depp and Bale's IMDB , shoiwng all the roles they have been in Depp- Bale- Please take a long, hard look at the roles and see who "overlaps" characters. You talk about Depp playing cry-baby, edward scissorhands, willy wonka, and Pirates.... Alright so no YOUR wrong, he doesnt play a completely different person in "everything" Tell me how Edward Scissorhands and Sweeny Todd dont have a resemblance? bout Nightmare on Elm Street? Oh how about Willy Wonka and the Mad Hatter? (in the upcoming Alice in Wonderland) Better yet how about Fear and loathing and pirates? Both drunk, all the time, oh, you know what? Lets add Blow to that list as well. I mean the list just goes on! So no, your are really actually the "really fucking dumb" one because you are just amazed how how well he can perform, mostly an altered state of mind character. So if you are going to actually try to stay on focus of the discussion then reply, but if you plan on trying to bitch someone else, i would suggest starting with your grammer teacher.

Marsha on Mar 4, 2009


Edward Scissorhands and Sweeney Todd both have crazy hair, and thats the sum total of their similarity. They are completely different characters, completely different performances, tonally and emotionally. Depp is very varied. You couldn't compare his role in Fear & Loathing with say, Donnie Brasco or What's Eating Gilbert Grape. He's played a lot of wacky people sure, just as Bale has played a lot of 'intense' people. They both have certain preferences and strengths, but if you look over the bigger picture of their respective careers they've both done a bit of everything. On the the whole I'd say this is getting a bit silly, folks, no need to make it personal! Let's just celebrate our excitement for this film instead of insulting each other.

Mathieu on Mar 4, 2009


I agree with Mathieu. There are many great actors in this so just enjoy the move 🙂

missy on Mar 4, 2009


Marsha, you are contradicting your self. you site three groups of movies that depp is in with complete seperate roles. there are certain roles that are similar to others but that does not mean that his range is still not the most diverse. Look at Bales roles. you talk about depp and his out of mind characters, how about bale and what his main focus is. he mostly plays someone messed up in the head and with serious inner problems. with the exception of a few of course, he plays mostly bad guys with no morals. so no i dont think that i am the dumb one. im pretty sure i got a 2240 on the SATs and im going to yale. I dont spend all my time on worthless websites for movie trailers, im just a big fan of johnny depp and i go to the movies a lot. So you are really really fucking retarded

tom eck on Mar 5, 2009


Tom Heres a fact: Nobody gives a flying fuck what you got on the SAT's and especially that your going to Yale. A school you seem so proud of, yet you can't even take the time to capitalize it? so...."congrats"? are you fishing for compliments? If your going to talk bout being contradictory, you are also, spending your time on a "worthless" website. if its worthless why even be on here?

Marsha on Mar 5, 2009


fuck you marsha, what kind of name is that. you are probably so fucking ugly and i already know from hearing what you have had to say that you are a fucking retard. you are the dumbest bitch ever. i came to this site because like i said i am a big fan of johnny depp so i stumbled across it to see the poster. i wasnt looking for compliments i just wanted to tell you how much better i am than you. i go to parties every night and get laid, do you, no cause your a stupid fucking cunt and youre so dumb and all you seem to care about is critiquing how other people type and making points that serve no purpose. i would have no problem punching you in the face, if i ever saw you i would probably spit on you and i would be disgusted at how fucking ugly you were so shut the fuck up you piece of shit.

tom eck on Mar 7, 2009


Lmao! Well at least we've now confirmed that "tom eck" is in the sixth grade.

Tom on Mar 9, 2009


nope im going to yale, im a senior in high school. your really gay and i dont know what lmao means cause im not a fucking homo

tom eck on Mar 9, 2009


everyone i know, literally everyone, knows what lmao means. so you are not going to Yale if your in high school....hmm...lies

Marsha on Mar 10, 2009


to Marsha and Tom I love Bale but there is no way that you can compare him to Depp. I've been a fan of Bale since Little Women but Depp is just one of a kind. To say that Sweeny Todd and Edward Scissrhands are similar is like saying that Bale's character in American Psycho and The Prestige are similar. Edward Scissrhands, Ed Wood, Benny and Joon, Arizona Dream, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Donnie Brasko, From Hell, Sleepy Hollow, Blow, POTC, Secret Window, Finding Neverland, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Libertine and Sweeny Todd are a great proof to how diverse he is. Note that I didn't include CATCF because it was kind of similar to Ed Wood but other than that he is the most diverse actor I've ever seen. As for Bale, I've seen most of his movies and I respect him as an actor but he has this serious wooden face in most of his movies. Depp has done many quirky roles but they are different than each other and they require different way of talking, walking, etc......... I cannot say the same about Bale who pretty much acts in the same way even is his role is different. Also Depp owns whatever movie he is in, he could be doing a small role like in Once Upon A Time In Mexico and he would just own the movie. Bale on the other hand would be the lead in a movie like TDK and he would be overshadowed by Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman and Aaron Eckhart.

Panadora on Mar 11, 2009

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