Check This Out: Jim Carrey's I Love You Phillip Morris Poster

July 7, 2009
Source: IMPAwards

I Love You Phillip Morris Poster

I'm certain that anytime there is any new marketing material for I Love You Phillip Morris, which stars Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor as gay lovers, it's going to create a lot of buzz. Not only because the gay community is fairly strong in Hollywood, but because it'll be so wild that we just can't pass it up. Take this obnoxiously yellow poster featuring Jim Carrey in a very gay pose. It's not the official US poster (I saw this up at Cannes) but it is still worth checking out. Thankfully this got picked up for distribution and it should be out in theaters early next year. I saw this in Cannes and really liked it (read my review). Anyway, enjoy!

I Love You Phillip Morris Poster

When Steve Russell turns to cons and fraud to allow him to change his lifestyle, his subsequent stay in the state penitentiary results in his meeting the love of his life, a sensitive fellow inmate named Phillip Morris.

I Love You Phillip Morris is both written and directed by first-time feature filmmakers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, who previously wrote the screenplays for Cats & Dogs, Bad Santa, and Bad News Bears. The film is based on Steven McVicker's book of the same name. This premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. Consolidated Pictures is bringing I Love You Phillip Morris to theaters on February 12th.

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That is one of the worst posters I have ever seen. Jesus. I'm anticipating this movie more than Iron Man 2 or Avatar. But WTF is that supposed to convey?

Cary on Jul 7, 2009


You guys know how many times this fucker escaped from prison!? question: Are people afraid to piss off the gay community? Feel free to either talk sh*t or comment back.

Xerxex on Jul 7, 2009


goddamn that is one hideous poster. I'm sure the US poster will be far more appealing and funny.

LINKFX on Jul 7, 2009


is this the sequel to 'i love you beth cooper'?

marmar on Jul 7, 2009


Yeah, that's a pretty ugly, yellow poster. But, how exactly is his pose 'very gay'? o.O

SuicidalOptimist on Jul 7, 2009


I actually like the yellow. It reminds me of That Yellow Bastard from the Sin City movie.

Joshua m on Jul 7, 2009


That's a nicely done poster, love the colors. It's beautiful actually.

Pun on Jul 7, 2009


if thats a very gay pose, this movie is sunk.

dave13 on Jul 7, 2009


rofl at 4!!!!

zach on Jul 7, 2009


If you piss off the gay community they unleash an army of streetpoofs gayer than ever seen, it's crazy I tell you and they bum anything that has an orifice. I'd say I've seen gayer poses, like the classic gay 'teapot' that's gayer than that pose. But remember the roving gangs of street poofs are awaiting the call.

Crapola on Jul 7, 2009


I am not a huge fan of this poster, but I also fail to see how "walking with a briefcase and a smile" happens to be a "very gay pose." Was that supposed to be a joke at how not stereotypically "gay" Jim Carrey looks and how you expected something different? To me, the only thing that looks "gay" about the poster is that the color is so saturated and bright. Since when did going to work become a "gay pose"?

WhattheWhat on Jul 7, 2009


Nothing about that poster would cause me to think the movie had anything to do with homosexuality. Before reading the blurb I assumed the movie had something to do with smoking and maybe a serial killer. Beside the extra L in Phillip. At a theater, I would never have given the film a second look after seeing this poster. Carrey looks skinny and sick and far too airbrushed. The way the text is framed draws way too much attention toward his crotch, but why? Even the font is awkward and wrong. Boo, poster.

Mark on Jul 8, 2009


What an ugly poster. Looks like some ad for washing powder.

dexter on Jul 8, 2009


There's a problem on this poster : "I love you Philip Morris" didn't win the Caméra d'Or at Cannes...

brou on Jul 8, 2009


Is this supposed to be a comedy or a serious type movie? In either case why would I want to see Obi Wan playing tonsil hockey with Ace Ventura?

Jeep-Fu on Jul 8, 2009


I like the yellow, but the poster just makes it look like it's gonna be another zany Jim Carrey movie. He looks like Fire Marshall Bill there. I'm just saying if you promote a movie one way, people will expect the same damn Jim Carrey movie. Looks like Liar Liar 3 (Yes Man being the first sequel).

Greedo on Jul 8, 2009


Someone got a little carried away with whitening Jim Carrey's teeth and the blur tool on his arms in this one. And since when is walking with a briefcase gay? I've been sending the wrong message for awhile and I didn't even know it.

Dan on Jul 8, 2009


Omg, somethings wrong with his left arm?!

kedi on Jul 8, 2009


That poster looks like the Jim Carrey version of Piss Christ.

snickers on Jul 8, 2009


How is the pose "very gay"?

Sarah on Jul 9, 2009

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