Check This Out: Official Poster for Jeff Bridges' Crazy Heart

November 13, 2009
Source: LA Times

Jeff Bridges - Crazy Heart

Seen below is Fox Searchlight's official poster for Crazy Heart from the LA Times. The trailer arrives on Monday, but I thought I'd feature this anyway. If you haven't heard yet, Crazy Heart is the latest big Oscar contender, and it already has a lot of support. Jeff Bridges plays a broken-down, hard-living country music singer in a kind of Wrestler-like story. Apparently it's a "performance of a lifetime" from Bridges with critics like Kris Tapley of In Contention and Jeffrey Wells supporting him. "Jeff Bridges is definitely in the Best Actor derby… [His] best since The Big Lebowski but tonally opposite and much harder hitting, of course."

Crazy Heart Poster

Bad Blake is a broken-down, hard-living country music singer who's had way too many marriages, far too many years on the road and one too many drinks way too many times. And yet, Bad can't help but reach for salvation with the help of Jean, a journalist who discovers the real man behind the musician.

Crazy Heart is both written and directed by actor/filmmaker Scott Cooper, who wrote the script for For Sale by Owner and is making his directorial debut with this film. This was shot last year but hasn't shown at any film festivals. Fox Searchlight will be bringing Crazy Heart to limited theaters starting on December 11th.

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ooh I like it! bring it on, Bridges is and always will be one of my favorite actors, so I'm already sold.

xerxex on Nov 13, 2009


what #1 said

lego on Nov 13, 2009


I hope Bridges wins an Oscar... the man is a legend and truly deserves it!

Ben on Nov 14, 2009


So there we have it; this year's celebrity and critic Oscar bandwagons: Jeff Bridges- 2009's Mickey Rourke and Precious -2009's Brokeback and Slumdog nominee. Deserving or not, nothing else will matter this year. Let's see; a heartbreaking little story about a young black girl that has become Oprah's Oscar project and an uplifting "Life is not going to get me ma!" comeback country music story that Jeff Bridges saw a potential Oscar in. Yep, let the over hype begin! No, wait; James Cameron started that earlier this year.

Hattori Hanzo on Nov 14, 2009


TediusTed on Nov 14, 2009


#4, you're a tool. The only thing I agree with is that Precious is overhyped. That movie was a walking(slowly) example of predictability. Though it does strike me as funny that it appears that Jeff Bridges is playing Kris Kristofferson. Why not just get Kristofferson. Not that I don't love Jeff, and it's nice to see him get some recognition for his ability, just seems like why not cast the original?

Scotty97 on Nov 14, 2009


I'm a tool and idiot huh? Okay Number 5 and 6. What did I say that's not true? This happens every damn year. The critics and the Oprahs take over and totally ignore what the movie fan wants. Where was The Dark Knight last year? We even have our 'ANNUAL' sweet little musical this award season that'll soon become the critic and Elton John darling. Rob Marshall's Nine. Now let's see who is in Nine. Well Nicole Kidman of course, fan favourite Judith Dench and lo and behold! Who did they drag out of the grave to become this year's Oscars ANNUAL sentimental favourite? None other than the old bag Sophia Loren. The movie is not out yet, but how much do you want to bet we'll see the tears in the eyes of every critic and every Oprah type as they insist that she get an Oscar nod!!! Yep, Marshall and the Weinstein’s pulled out all the stops to make sure Nine is this year's musical darling. Yes boys and girls; let the Oscar B.S. begin. I'll stick to watching the good stuff like Inglorious Basterds, District 9 and Moon. Gee, I wonder how many of those 3 will be nominated? Care to guess? What a crock of sh*t The Oscars are!

Hattori Hanzo on Nov 14, 2009


#7 There are more important things than the Oscars (such as your own opinion). There are also other award ceremonies (Golden Globes etc.) that you can watch instead if you feel so inclined. Yes, last years Oscars were bullshit and it wasnt because The Dark Knight was snubbed. But I'm pretty sure no one wants to hear your bitching so you should just go ahead and shut the fuck up.

Betterchill on Nov 14, 2009


Scotty97: Glad someone else noticed the resemblance to Kristofferson. However, the book this films is based on is fictional, so it isn't really Kristofferson. It could just as easily be Waylon Jennings or Hank Williams Jr. who were the inspirations. Hopefully, this means a trailer is coming soon, because I can't wait to see this. Not only am I a fan of the cast (Bridges, Farrell, Gylennhaal, and Duvall) but I am also a HUGE fan of old-school country music (Johnny, Willie, Waylon, Kris, and the Hag being my favorites).

Corran Horn on Nov 14, 2009


Corran: I guess I worded it poorly, as I really just meant "the original outlaw comeback country singer", not so much the exact inspiration for the story. Though I have to say I think a bio movie on Kristofferson would be excellent, from his stint in 'Nam to his threatening Toby Keith, lol.

Scotty97 on Nov 14, 2009


People give a shit about Oscars? If you do, you're not a fan of film. Sorry.

Nick on Nov 14, 2009


So anyway. The poster looks good. I'll go see it.

risk on Nov 14, 2009


While I don't agree with everything Hattori said, he did make some valid points. As for #8 telling him to shut the fuck up, what gives you the right to tell him that? It's his opinion, and whether you like it not, a lot of good people have died for him and the rest of us to have that right to express an opinion.

Cap Nord on Nov 14, 2009


#13 granted telling him to shut the fuck up was a little harsh. But I've had it because every time I go on this site and look at an article somebody is bitching about something. Now dont you find that annoying after a while? Hattori has not even seen this movie or the others he mentioned because they havent been released yet (besides Precious). He's just another jaded individual who can't stand the Oscars because The Dark Knight only won TWO OSCARS! Alot of really great films haven't won any! All I'm trying to say is stop the hating on here at least until you actually see the movie the post is about!

Betterchill on Nov 14, 2009


and #11 its funny that you say if you give a shit about the Oscars you're not a true fan of film, because besides small indie developments (and sometimes those get picked up) most of the films you watch and the people involved in them are involved in the Oscars,the voting process, and the awards ceremony. The people most involved in films bigger than say Paranormal Activity (which I hear had something like an 11,000 dollar budget) are involved with the Academy and they make the movies you LOVE!

Betterchill on Nov 14, 2009


How about you all stop bitchin at each other..........kay. If YOU see a film and enjoy it, what difference does it make if the media throw there attention at something wholly undeserving. YOU saw the film, YOU liked it, if the media are caught up in some sycophantic arse licking orgy let em' get on with it. YOU still know that the piece of shit that wins the Oscars is only there because some fucker is greasing some other fucker’s palm. Oh...and by the way....just to be sure some half-wit has a go at me for this little post-it. The DARK KNIGHT should have won the Oscar, simply because it was the most entertaining thing on celluloid bar none.

Barry North on Nov 14, 2009


Isn't this just Tender Mercies?

Dave on Nov 14, 2009


Hattori Hanzo- Hurt Locker is dominating the Oscars this year. Everyone knows that

DoomCanoe on Nov 14, 2009


i like the tagline,and maggie gyllenhaal always impresses even with her smashed cute-turtle face. i have no other input-its the weekend,relax a bit.

twispious on Nov 14, 2009


based on the poster, I think the man took the look from kris kristofferson...

leiner on Nov 15, 2009


Bridges is a great actor. He's done some awful films in his days, but what makes him brilliant is the fact he bettered those awful films. It's good to see him doing a film that possibly showcases those acting talents. Go Jeff!

Quanah on Nov 15, 2009


Hattori Hanzo you are right in some area's the oscar's are corrupt and if people actually believe they are not, then they are very niave. good movies usually get snuffed, Moon better be nominated, along with Inglourious Basterds, and the Hurt Locker Better be too! as for Precious I do not, DO NOT wanna see that movie win, not because of the story but becasue Oprah says it needs to win. Slumdog Millionaire comes to mind it was critically acclaimed and even though it was a great film it did not deserve to 8 oscars it should have won best adapted screenplay only. The best thing about the film were the child actors and they really didn't get too much recognition, unless you count the news scandels.

xerxex on Nov 16, 2009


Hey, it's a fact that Jeff Bridges and Kris Kristofferson go waaaaaay back. They lead the way in Heaven's Gate (yeah) and have been friends ever since. Kristofferson's best friend Stephen Bruton is in charge of the music (he's gone now, but this movie is def. going to win for best score!) as is T. Bone Burnett, Bridges' best friend. It's a buddy-movie. And Bob Duvall is in it - he's also a great friend of Kristofferson. I say we got the Kristofferson-connection pinned down.

Johnny Lobo on Nov 20, 2009

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