Check This Out: Photo of Avatar's Comic-Con Banner!

July 1, 2009

Photo of Avatar's Comic-Con Banner!

Comic-Con is still another three weeks out, but Fox is already starting to build buzz for James Cameron's Avatar. Exactly as we expected, the highly anticipated feature will have a huge presence at the Con, and that includes starting with the advertising around town. As always, banners are put up on street lights around San Diego for Comic-Con with one half of them an advertisement. A few years ago it was Iron Man and last year it was Star Trek. This year it's Avatar. And considering this is a combination of the two things I am most excited for at this moment, there's no way I could pass up sharing this with everyone today.

Avatar Comic-Con Banner

We also haven't ever seen this art from Avatar before. Which makes me a bit nervous - I hope the poster doesn't look like this. Sure, it looks cool, all mysterious with that blue Na'vi eye and everything, but I don't really care to have an eye staring me down on my wall. I really hope this is just some advertising that was made solely for Comic-Con that is just designed to make people curious. It definitely does make me even more excited for Comic-Con, that's for sure. When Warner Bros announced their line-up for the Con last week, they inadvertently confirmed that Hall H would in 3D this year - which is great news for Avatar!

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we will never see a trailer.

james cameron on Jul 1, 2009


of cource we will.and it will be great.the only want to built monumentum.

flybot on Jul 1, 2009


As I actually said once before months ago... The trailer won't arrive until August or even later. Comic-Con is the first big debut. No one believed me, but it's the damn truth! 🙂

Alex Billington on Jul 1, 2009


want trailer now for fucksake.

zetsu on Jul 1, 2009


I don't know, there's something really great and different about that poster. I love it.

Timothy on Jul 1, 2009


Is it just me or does that not seem 3d at all? Looks very photo realistic (as previously described). To be honest, I know it's James Cameron and all but I feel I'm going to be let down.. but then with every image released about Avatar that feeling tones down a whole lot. My worries are calming with every image. I wonder what the trailer will do to my little heart.

KenDoll on Jul 1, 2009


No way, the Blue Men group are cameo-ing? Can't wait.

Crapola on Jul 1, 2009


i think the poster is part of the trailer it looks cool and makes me excited and nervous .

alan on Jul 1, 2009


I know its Cameron, and that its been a while, and Hollywood and filmmakers back it, but, well.....who knows if it'll actually all be worth the wait? Is it "Terminator" meets "Fergully" or something much more? While I hope for the best, I'm not holding my breath. I've been around the (box office) block before and think hype and marketing can build a movie to be something it isn't. Although it doesnt remind me directly of AVATAR precisely, Im reminded of the hype for Final Fantasy compared to how much that movie blew. Again, I want it to be great, but''s just that I've been hurt SO MANY times before by proclaimed pending awesomeness....

Voice of Reason on Jul 1, 2009


I'm more worried about the font, to be honest. What is that?! Are they trying to position this as some kind of fantasy pic or period piece?

ulfmarcus on Jul 1, 2009


@10 Really? You're worried about the fucking font? Are you fucking serious? You fail at life!

Cmurder on Jul 1, 2009


I just love the bioluminescent lights on the face. sweeetttt.

mcgruff on Jul 1, 2009


"You fail at life!" Best to describe what 10 said... This comic-con poster looks pretty sweet!

The_Phantom on Jul 1, 2009


Hey, "Cmurder", tough guy, I'm not worried as in distraught or sad. It's just that I root for the film, and yeah, I definitely think that font will be a real problem when positioning the film. That's it. A comment about marketing. Taking such offense to my comment, I'd say You fail at life! 😉

ulfmarcus on Jul 1, 2009


Does anyone else remember that cartoon about humans and aliens that were in some war or something and they went around in giant mechs that plugged into the back of their heads and the aliens also happened to be blue?! Anyone?

S on Jul 1, 2009


Would love to see a trailer?

Fisherr on Jul 1, 2009


The plot seems rather boring and mundane, not to mention overdone in hundreds of sci-fi movies. Then again, this movie isn't going for plot, seems to be only based on visuals.

w00t!!! on Jul 1, 2009


#1 best comment ever

fucku on Jul 1, 2009


this will be a purely visual film for me...even if the story might be good...wont be able to help it

Buggy166 on Jul 1, 2009


#17.......... ? sort it out mate

benjoi on Jul 1, 2009


Still excited to see this one.................................

SHANEDAV on Jul 1, 2009


15 the cartoon was exosquad and yes they were blue also from what little art and imagry has come out of this production so far I have been seeing a lot of paralels as well

kiran on Jul 1, 2009


Wow, you called the obvious. *claps* Congratulations.

Twerp on Jul 1, 2009


Fuck this movie already. im tired of all of this so called "HYPE"! I think id rather watch dragonball evolution!

ray on Jul 1, 2009


Okay wait. Let's take a second and absorb what we're seeing here. That's a Na'vi creature. That's a WETA created completely CGI creation. And while all of you are bitching about whether or not this is the final poster, and what font they're using (seriously!), none of you are taking the time to appreciate what you're seeing. That's a completely digital creation, not some face painted over with makeup. This is what we'll be seeing come December. Look at the creases in the skin, the dimples and wrinkles across the lip, the folds and contours of the eyelid. This is remarkable.

Fuelbot on Jul 1, 2009


I think Fuelbot is poppin a chub.....he wants to bone the Na'vi creature, NA'VI style !!!

OPTIMUS DEVINE on Jul 1, 2009


Settle down Foolbot, CGI for Golem was just as good as this creature in a overhyped movie !!!

CORNBOY on Jul 1, 2009


What do you mean #20? Just go check out the game and it describes the plot there. Sounds like that cartoon and Halo. Humans battling animals/aliens for a planet...blah blah blah.

w00t!!! on Jul 1, 2009


CGI Golem is nowhere near what's going on in that picture.

Fuelbot on Jul 1, 2009


#29 I've got to agree with 27. i watched two towers/return of the king a few weeks ago and most of golem's scenes, he is completely photorealistic. cant tell that its cg- i actually wonder during a lot of the scenes if they painted some guys hand to look like golem. this still looks cool but ROTK is still awesome as well.

mcguffey on Jul 1, 2009


#30 thats bullshit. There were a few sspots you could tell gollum was cgi/fake. Get it together kiddo.

REAL6 on Jul 1, 2009


Must admit, it does have a certain Mystique...

Ryan Adams on Jul 1, 2009


Golum was a good effect, but I could tell he was fake the whole time. I think it was the eyes. The proportions were just wonky. I loved the character, tho. No one mentions Davy Jones in this sort of thread, tho, and I thought his effects in the second POTC flick were far more impressive. When I first saw shots of him I thought they were using makeup / prosthetics with some CGI enhancement, but no... the whole character top to bottom was CG. Not only did he look good, but he moved flawlessly the whole time. I had no trouble confusing him for reality, where gollum I could just tell he was off a bit the whole time. Maybe the way they smoothed his lip movements when he spoke, or just smoothed all of his movements in general. Didn't really feel right. Hopefully the Na'Vi will look as good as either of those. I'm sure they will, tho. This is a film I've been waiting for since I heard about it right after Titanic hit the box office. He's been trying to get the thing made for at least 15 years, and the idea that it's finally about to get released is just thrilling as hell. Also, I think it's a bit premature to start leveling judgement on the plot of a film whose trailer hasn't even been released. You can do that in some cases, like Transformers 2 for instance, but Cameron is actually pretty good at getting stories into his flicks. Even the less involving stories are more interesting and the characters more fully developed than most other directors' best works. Also, considering that he likes to set things up and then pull the rug out from under you in the final act, and the fact that no one has seen anything from the final act aside from POSSIBLY a rough animatic of a battle sequence (we're lead to believe it's from the final act, but who really knows...), and I would feel safe in assuming that no matter how mediocre you might think the plot to be at the beginning, SOMETHING is going to happen towards the end that will throw you for a loop.

Squiggly on Jul 1, 2009


I'm very exicted about this film and have been ever since I heard he was working on it. I was very doubtful when I heard James was making Titanic. At the time I thought it a waste that such a visionary sci-fi director was wasting his time with a period drama. How wrong was I. The film became my favourite ever film for how it affected me and I saw it 4 times at the cinema. It taught me to have faith in the mans genius and this is why I want to see Avatar. My only concern with a trailer is after some of the glowing comments from the likes of Spielberg and Scott of it being incredible, amazing etc is a normal trailer really going to be able to get that across. The film has been elevated above the normal formulaic bullshit that we regularly see, so watching some ham fisted "It was a time of war" style trailer that follows the ABC of movie trailers, could do more damage than good. Although hungry for info I'd almost like to go into the film without a great deal of prior knowledge.

Payne by name on Jul 2, 2009


i dont know about this but it kinda pisses me off that they are totally hyping this film for a long time now but i dont even have a clue what the shit this movie is. its obviously a fantasy movie of some sort but at least show us some teaser trailer or something.

Leo on Jul 2, 2009


what about all those ravings from that Cinema Expo in Amsterdam? where everyone got their eyeballs fucked!

evilnik on Jul 2, 2009


awesome....looks like the only trailer remaining to look out for this year is Avatar....

HellBoy on Jul 2, 2009


But those shiny dots on the poster are neat, perhaps they are for some star constellation. I too think the poster will eventually change--like with Lord of the Rings, remember just the one ring poster at first ...

Bo on Jul 2, 2009


If That NAVI is CGI. Holy shit.

JimD on Jul 2, 2009


actually sort of reminds me of the original gollum poster.

mcguffey on Jul 2, 2009


@38 - They're not constellations, they're actually part of the Na'vi's skin.

Fuelbot on Jul 2, 2009


Hey 33 ... not so sure about the fake from just the eyes... though the one living down the street from me under the old lady's porch has much smaller and more oval, humanesque eyes.. I have noticed that the near entire population of 50 or so of them living in the back storage room of the corner quickie mart have eyes just like that! I had been on that same line of thinking about the cave trools toenails, but the one my neighbor has tied up in the back yard.... Please.... you really could tell he was fake? Besides the eyes, what gave it away?

The Floyd on Jul 2, 2009


This is a film that I'm allowing myself to believe the hype for and i'm getting really excited about it.

Jimbone on Jul 3, 2009


fr all the debate goin on abt gollum.....lets jst say tht LOTR had only 1 photoreal character bt Avatar hs a whole planet.....

Hellboy on Jul 3, 2009


so.. let's just all wait for holographic computer generated audience, it'll bring sense of completion to the process

Bender on Jul 7, 2009


You've all figured that the Naávi face / eye, mirrors the SD Comic con logo ---- right?

woolly on Jul 21, 2009

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