Check This Out: Poster for Morgan Freeman's The Code

January 7, 2009
Source: Get The Big Picture

Check This Out: Poster for Morgan Freeman's The Code

I'm almost certain no one reading this has ever heard of The Code. It's a heist movie about jewel thieves starring Morgan Freeman, Antonio Banderas, and Radha Mitchell. Thanks to Get The Big Picture, we've got our first look at the poster for the film. While it's titled The Code on the poster, it's also being called Thick as Thieves. In the film, Freeman plays a veteran thief who recruits a young crook to help him pull off one final job in order to repay his debt to the Russian mob. I really love the old school look of this poster, but as for the movie itself, that is yet to be seen. Either way, take a first look at this heist film below.

The Code Poster

The Code aka Thick as Thieves is directed by veteran filmmaker Mimi Leder, of The Peacemaker, Deep Impact, and Pay It Forward previously. The screenplay was written by Ted Humphrey, who is making his feature debut after writing for "Shark" and "The Unit" on TV. The film is already finished and ready to go, but Millennium Films hasn't found the right time to debut it. Stay tuned for more on The Code in 2009!

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got to say the story doesn't sound very original.

Padme on Jan 7, 2009


Check it out:

Obiwan on Jan 7, 2009


I like a lot the poster.

FlaWiio on Jan 7, 2009


Morgan Freeman was in one of the worst movies of the decade, The Contract, so this film holds no interest of mine whatsoever.

Itri on Jan 7, 2009


Itri, what are you talking about? contract was an "ok" watch. definitely not one of the "worst of the decade". i gotta agree with #1 and #4. heist movies are a "dime a dozen". but, with MF, it has a chance to be pretty good. just like with "the score". deniro and norton made that movie good, so i'm holding out judgement till i see this movie.

dan on Jan 7, 2009


The Poster is nothing ,The story is not new ,It sound like exactly as ( Itri # 5 ) said The Contract and as Alex said : Millennium Films .

Norton on Jan 7, 2009


if Antonio is on the film, i gotta see it.... definitely

Diane on Jan 8, 2009


morgan freeman is an ass. buying young white women. divorcing a beautiful woman like Myrna. Hope she takes him to the cleaners. mary joyce hays, what a gay name, is an aspiring writer dating him, ha! she is a divorcee whose money is running out and 'aspiring' means she has sold nothing. have you seen her? she is an old white hag. morgan the N should have died in that car crash.

nh on Jan 8, 2009


nh why so angry? Who are you to decide if Morgan should have died? As for a gay name!! What's to say she wouldn't have the same thought of your name. You are judging people you don't even know. You sound racist.

Kara on Feb 10, 2009


Sounds like nh may know this mary joyce hays! what has she sold besides herself? and looks like mr freeman will be paying for it.

just me on Feb 25, 2009


It's his money to buy whatever he wants and apparently he wants her. He sure looks happy in the pictures of them I have seen.

Barry on Feb 25, 2009


Sounds like nh may know Myrna and be really jealous of Mary Joyce.

JK on Feb 26, 2009


just me ~~How do you know she has sold herself?

RB on Feb 28, 2009


Barry---if he wanted her so bad why has he dumped her now??? JK---who would be jealous of Mary Joyce, she is a crazy gold digger.....

just me on Mar 6, 2009


Morgan Freeman is a great actor and I have always enjoyed all of his work. His personal life is private and should be kept that way.

TS on Mar 20, 2009


March 23rd Enquirer says~~"Morgan Freeman's Mistress Dumps him"

SW on Mar 29, 2009


oh, he'll get whats comin' to him. he will be hurt emotionally real bad, financially bad after dear Myrna gets everything, and thankfully he was hurt in the car crash - arm still paralized. ha ha n!

nh on Mar 29, 2009


Do you really think she dumped him? Sound like he got smart and figured out what she really is.

just me on Mar 31, 2009


I only know what the Enquirer article said. Could be she finally came to her senses and figured out what he really is.

SW on Mar 31, 2009


Where can you get a back copy of this Enguirer? I guess when the mistress is the one sending in the stuff for them to print she can put anything in there. She is trying to find a way to make some money since he has dumped her and she does not have a job............

just me on Apr 1, 2009


hi SW i looked up Enquirer online for March 23 looking for hays dumps freeman but found no mention of him or her. what up? what did it say? i want him to be the lonely old man he looks like. thank you.

nh on Apr 5, 2009


Morgan Freeman has been dumped by the mistress who broke up his marriage, The Enquirer has learned exclusively. For four years, the 71-year-old star has been romantically involved with divorced former school-teacher Mary Joyce Hays, 60. Friends of the couple say they were headed for marriage after Morgan’s divorce was final, and Mary Joyce occasionally sported an engagement ring. But they split up recently while Morgan was in New York performing on stage in “The Country Girl,” revealed a source close to the pair. “Mary Joyce told me, ‘I broke up with Morgan. It’s definitely over.’” Myrna Colley-Lee, Morgan’s wife of 24 years, filed for divorce last year after being separated from him since December of 2007. But Mary Joyce insists that Morgan and Myrna had been living separate lives for a lot longer - at least 20 years, according to the close source. “Mary Joyce told me, ‘I don’t think Myrna thought I was much of a threat. But she didn’t think it would turn into love.’” The source said that Mary Joyce left Morgan because the actor no longer loved her, and she said: “He tried to push me away.” [From The National Enquirer print version, March 23, 2009]

SW on Apr 5, 2009


Looks like there are two snakes here. Funny they have been dating for 4 years since she has only been divorced less than 3 years and for the 3rd time. White trash hoe bag. And if any of you know Mary Joyce Hays you would know who dumped who. She is CRAZY!!!! Guess he didn't want to be husband #4.

just me on Apr 6, 2009


She has been married 2 times. He has too.

EA on Apr 6, 2009


EA - sorry but you are wrong. She was married to her first husband twice. Check your records.........

just me on Apr 6, 2009


I don't need to "check my records". I was at her first wedding, when I was 15, she is my sister.

EA on Apr 6, 2009


I would not be to proud of that EA.

NP on Apr 6, 2009


Did not say I was NP!! It's just a fact!

EA on Apr 6, 2009


i am glad she is out of picture, guess i'll have to ask for back issue to be mailed since not online. thanks for the info. the bitch is gone but sure the old geezer will find another, maybe in africa while filming mandella. he is probably on his last leg anyway. and yeah ea wouldn't be proud to be the hag's sister. you are just upset she did not get any money out of him. talk to ya all later.

nh on Apr 6, 2009


nh, you don't know me or my feelings on the subject. There are some people, believe it or not, who are are not impressed with money.

EA on Apr 6, 2009


and some, believe it or not, are i.e. mary joyce hays she is an old hag out for his money and she seems to have lost out

nh on Apr 7, 2009


Sounds like nh knows this Mary Joyce Hays and does not like her at all. As for EA, it's to bad we can't pick our family like we can pick our friends. Thankful she is not my sister, mother or grandmother. Just plain white trash is all she is.

NP on Apr 8, 2009


I already watched thsi movie months ago, it was good, not great, it's been online for about 2 months already. Just google it, you'll find it.

CatchHerInTheEye on Apr 16, 2009


Sounds like some people need to chill.Morgan will decide for himself who he wants to be with. It really does make the women commenting on Mary Joyce seem to be jealous. It seems to be it's a racial thing too.

JD on Apr 24, 2009


ea you are not her sis peep talk to much about stuff they don't know anything about

doug brill on Jun 10, 2009


so do you know her sister? I am sure you have met several of them! :op

ea on Jun 25, 2009


yeah glad he dropped the ol' hag. BET website now says morgan f___ed his own granddaughter. check it out. he is 72 and she is 27. Myrna's granddaughter actually but same thing. dirty ol' bl__k man is he. when is he going to kick the bucket? everyone else is. his new movies coming out, maiden heist and mandela are going to bomb. no one wants to see the old man anymore. i think he has ruined his image with the adultery and almost killing demaris things. why didn't MADD go after him after demaris said he was driving drunk? did he pay Mississippi off too?

nh on Jun 28, 2009


I posted this earlier, but now it seems to be gone. ea is not related to her, if ea was ..... wouldn't have spoken about her like that.

ss on Jul 8, 2009

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