Check This Out: Rockin' Poster for 'It Might Get Loud' Doc

July 10, 2009

It Might Get Loud

It Might Get Loud is a "documentary on the electric guitar from the point of view of three significant rock musicians: the Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White." This rad doc first showed up in Toronto last year and is finally looking to hit theaters starting in August. "I've gone through things where I go onstage and the sound guy at sound check comes over and he'll hold the decibel meter and show it to me while we're playing — and it's 127 decibels,” White told Rolling Stone, where this poster debuted today. "That's not good. And I can't even tell. If it's not right there, it feels wimpy, it feels uninspiring." I'm digging this design quite a damn bit!

It Might Get Loud Poster

The trailer for this debuted on Yahoo a few months back and is also pretty cool - watch that right here!

It Might Get Loud is directed by veteran producer/filmmaker Davis Guggenheim, of Gossip, Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, and Gracie previously, as well as various episodes of TV shows. The doc also explores why the three musicians were driven to learn their craft and digs into their unique creative processes. This film first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year and also played at Sundance and the Los Angeles Film Festival. Sony Pictures Classics is bringing It Might Get Loud to theaters on August 14th this year.

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Tyn on Jul 10, 2009


I like the top half of the poster, otherwise the design is dull and i know for a fact wont pull people in to watch this documentary.

Nikhil Hariharan on Jul 10, 2009


Ok Jimmy page is the only one who deserves the title "Significant rock musician". I mean are you kidding me they dont even deserve to be in the same picture...especially that asshole from U2. Honestly this really pisses me off, Page is a legend and is 10 classes above these two. Especially jack white I mean wtf. But I guess its more about the music itself than the actual musicians.

Cody on Jul 11, 2009


Jack White is one of the worst musicians ever. Simple guitar riffs a kid can do in every song. Should have put someone like Chris Cornell or something.

Ryan on Jul 11, 2009


Thank you Cody! WTF are the other two even doing there? White is an idiot and Evans can't playing anything better than some kids. Page is a a deserving legend.

He tries so hard... on Jul 11, 2009


The Edge is a fucking LEGEND...Have some respect morons...

m4st4 on Jul 11, 2009


The Edge absolutely is a legend, no one else sounds like him. To say otherwise is to demonstrate ignorance of U2's output. In the last 20-30 years, I can't think of another band that is more significant. And yeah, Jack White doesn't have near the mileage as the other two, but have you ever seen him live? The man's a wizard on the guitar. Clearly they're trying to get three different generations of guitarists, so to say the other two don't match up to Page is missing the point. They haven't been around as long, and besides ... who does match up to Page? Clapton, maybe? Not from a songwriting standpoint, and same generation.

Dave on Jul 11, 2009


The Edge is great. Welcome to 2009, Page hasn't much of anything new in 30 years.

Scott Reed on Jul 11, 2009


Seriously, this movie should be called In Comparison : Why Jack White Sucks at Life.

Matt on Jul 11, 2009


u2 is a headache of mediocrity, the edge can suck it i feel like the only people who enjoy u2 are people who don't know where to find actual good music.

real talk on Jul 11, 2009


A legend!?!?!? ARE YOU JOKING!......U2 is easily the most same sounding overrated hack band that has ever reached the ears of anyone. Its the same sound every album...a legend!?. Go listen to Achilles last stand or Nobody's fault but mine by Zeppelin then you know what a true legend sounds like...have some respect ya morons. To say otherwise is to be completely ignorant about the history of rock music. Dont tell me to get with the times because these arent the people I want representing my generation. Ive watched the edge play and my really good friend could probably beat his ass in a solo. Also just to note Page didnt use the petal and never had the computer make riffs for him thats why it makes him an even better guitarist than dare I say Hendrix.

Cody on Jul 11, 2009


This is comedy: "It's the same sound every album". That is just a plain dumb statement. Tell me in which way The Joshua Tree sounds anything like Achtung Baby, Zooropa, Pop, etc ? Talk about musical ignorance. The Edge does deserve respect as well as many other guitarists. The documentary is from the point of view of each musician and what the guitar means to them. The look, the feel, the style, all different, but each has it's place--Page's blues-rock, The Edge's icy notes, and White's stomp-rock. And I love how you think that a solo defines a guitarist. Again, ignorance. Let's add a 4th member to the poster: B.B. King. We can all admit that B.B. is a blues legend but guess what, he can't play chords. He's terrible with chords (his own words) and never plays them. Does that remove him from the legend status? Last, Page did use effects on the Zepplin albums - Roger Mayer fuzz box, Sola Sound Tonebender, Maestro Echoplex, Vox Cry Baby Wah, MXR Phase 90, etc. Get your facts straight.

MacPhisto on Jul 11, 2009


Wow....and this bullshit (shit talk) storm came from taking a look at a poster...seriously get a life or get in the studio and one up these so called "hacks" of which currently have done something with their lives, while all of you have way too much time on your hands to be masturbating & criticizing. Turn off the computer go wash your hands and learn an instrument mother fuckers!

Marqwest on Jul 11, 2009


The comedy is in your whole post theres so many things wrong with what you just said I am not even gonna bother starting a flame need to get your facts straight buddy.

Cody on Jul 11, 2009


Nothing shows immaturity more than someone dealing with a "this guitarist is better than that guitarist" argument. Fact is, all three of these musicians have added enormously to the field of music. Both Page and the Edge have influenced many guitarist, expanding the musical pallete incredibly. Jack White is a very prolific guitarist, both with White Stripes and the Racontuers, plus he plays drums in another band. He produced one Loretta Lynn's best albums on top of that. Technically, there are probably some jazz guitarists that could blow all three of them away if we are limiting our conversation to just chops and musical knowledge, but it is more that that. These guys are pioneers, (well, two pioneers and one great synthesist) that should be held in high regard.

kitano0 on Jul 11, 2009


In regards to 11/14, obviously still a young fellow who likes comparing.. 'my band is better than your band' rubbish. He should grow out of it soon enough.. (maybe) You can instantly see the difference in maturity by reading 13/15. And it doesnt matter what gets written about U2 (band members), on any website or elsewhere, there will always be someone out there who will completely abuse and flip out just how garbage they are. With any band/artist you either love them or hate them, but cause U2 got to pretty much the biggest any band can get, it is easy for others to compare and 'abuse' them because 'their' band is 'below' them (in terms of sales/relevance etc etc.) 12 - so true. Look forward to watching this.

zedg on Jul 12, 2009


To #3,4,5 and 9, Seems to me you never even got close to something like an instrument, cause other wise you wouldn't be spouting these simplistic and narrowminded views. Saying this one is better than that one just shows you never learned to truly listen and appreciate music,caus it's about everything but comparing individual expression and rating it.Enjoying the one and bashing the other caus you don't feel it is closing your mind to the possibility of discovering new music you might enjoy anyway. Good luck with the wall in front of your face. Btw. written any good songs lately??

zerge on Jul 12, 2009


Yeah actually but it's not my job. I play piano, guitar, drums, and trumpet. You? Your statement alone about trying to pick out immaturity just dissolved anyone else by saying that making such statements as I did and others means we haven't played instruments, know little about music, or are young. Making general statements are alright but being so specific then being wrong, kills the idea that you have a clue what you are talking about and now you are just going with what everyone else already said anyhow. Also like to through in, I listen to U2, nothing new really since yes, they do sound the same. I love The White Stripes but The Edge is nothing, truly. You want to talk about someone playing instruments and writing music, look at Foo Fighters first album where Dave Grohl did everything, much like Ray Charles once did with vocals. Dave though probably was "too busy" to do this. He's a stuck up bastard. Hm, how's that for honesty? My favorite group and I hate the front man. Sorry, when it comes to music I have more than most and I generally love it all but just because people been around for awhile, sell tickets at $120 a piece or more doesn't make them great or a legend. Chords or no chords, it's not what you strum but how you play.

He tries so hard... on Jul 13, 2009


The thing i got from this film is, the edge doesn't like solos he thinks it's a wank. But really i don't blame him afterall he can only come up with variants of "the streets have no name song"intro/"solo". If you look carefully he really struggles in the improptu jam -(refer to streets have no name) . Looking back i dont blame Page for chosing this line up, had he had the balls to invite..lets say Vai & Satriani or even malmsteen the edge & white would would be owned. It was supposed to be all about the guitar afterall and this documentary is more of a strokefest of egos.

mick on Dec 13, 2009


edge- totally original, one of a kind musical guitar genius. jimmy page- total rosetta stone- and nothing in hard rock would be what it is without him- the riff master of ALL time. Jack White- total bullshit toying around with kids riffs. arrogant fucking bastard to even allow himself to be included in this film. and shows what the director knows for even fucking asking. why is he on a fucking farm in tn? huh? detroit yankee on the farm? he's supposed to be northern delta or something? a fucking absurd joke. how about, eric clapton/angus young/derek trucks. there is a fucking movie. derek trucks and john mayer are the fucking significant current younger players- fucking jack white should be in a fucking punk movie, and is a disgrace to the fucking blues. even dan auerbach would have been better. ridiculous- they should have fucking stuck to lying about global warming.

stove pipe on Dec 27, 2009

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