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October 6, 2009
Source: MovieFill

Sequels That Bombed

I love the graphics that MovieFill makes. We've featured plenty of them before (the $400 Million Club one most recently) and now they've got another one that I've got to share! It's called simply Sequels That Bombed and is inspired by the overwhelming success of The Final Destination, as they say it should've failed miserably (and didn't). So instead, they chart the biggest sequel bombs from 1982 to 2009. "Most of the films we included made under $35 million. A few (Blair Witch 2, Analyze That), made over $35 but were still considered bombs because of the significant drop in sales from their predecessor. Bombs away!"

Sequels That Bombed

Some of the movies on here just deserved to die a miserable box office death, but others are a bit shocking. Some of the big ones that I am still surprised by are: Jason X, Analyze That, The Whole Ten Yards, etc. The funny thing about this chart is that most people probably haven't seen most of these films, which is exactly why they were failures (and for good reason, most of them sucked). Although I do remember seeing Dumb and Dumberer, sadly, and everyone went to see Punisher: War Zone, but that movie was just as bad as the first one. Anyway, I hope we've all gained some insight looking at this - don't make unnecessary sequels!

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hahaha, thats awesome!

Xerxex on Oct 6, 2009


punisher war zone is a reboot not a sequel???

carfonexdo on Oct 6, 2009


hate to admit this but i left my brain at home when i saw punisher war zone, i thought movie was just wild crazy madness, which i liked

Darrin on Oct 6, 2009


I really enjoyed Crank 2

Garrett on Oct 6, 2009


Punisher War Zone is THE Punisher film, it shows the true mature tone of the comics and was headed in the right direction. But its a pity that they didnt show as much emotion in that film, oh well some movies on that poster though were great like Friday After Next, haha

Nikhil Hariharan on Oct 6, 2009


crank 2 was the shit

Ray on Oct 6, 2009


They should have every Mark Whalberg movie after his first one, Cause moraly it was a flop!

Ray on Oct 6, 2009


Yes, "Punisher: Warzone" was THE PUNISHER flick! I thought it was better than the Tom Jane fiasco!!

Spider on Oct 6, 2009


"Shudders" Grease 2.....Ah my ears are STILL bleeding!!!! LoL!

Lolly on Oct 6, 2009


How many of these bombs still made mad money? Many i bet. The Friday the 13th movies cost a buck ninty-nine to make. Hollywood studios care about profit first and last. Boxofficemojo list Jason X as being budgeted at $11 million, make about $17 on domestic, plus oversees, cable, dvd, and you have, I would guess $10 million profit. Even if its just $5 million, it is $5 million more than you had at start. Who does not want an extra $5 million in their bank. A bomb, IMHO, is one that does not make it's money back even after secondary market.

goudos on Oct 6, 2009


i have to say that when he owned that guy jumping across buildings with the grenade launcher, i LOL'ed. that was gold

lego on Oct 7, 2009


I liked Hellraiser 3, the whole club scene was cool and the new cenobites weren't bad.

subcelsious5g on Oct 7, 2009



zetsu on Oct 7, 2009


Ain't it funny that a film can make 30 mil and still be a failure

Davido on Oct 7, 2009


Crazy man love for "Punisher War Zone: and I never thought of it as a sequel.

ultramanj on Oct 7, 2009


Wait, Deuce Bigalow:European Gigolo made 44 million... that's not a bomb, that's a space station.

dRailer on Oct 7, 2009


Crank 2 was awesome

Chase on Oct 7, 2009


Crank 2, wasn't that the one certain movie site people twittered \ tweeted during, saying how shit it was? I was suprised by The Final Destination. The people who made it were all in on the joke. "Well, we just lost ourselves a fine milf"

ChrisUK on Oct 7, 2009


Goal 3 is so bad it makes Goal 2 look like a masterpiece.

Shuriken! on Oct 7, 2009


Glad those turds Crank 2 and Punisher: War Zone bombed.

SlashBeast on Oct 7, 2009


I really like Jason X. It's definitely one of my guilty pleasures.

Mega Jet Jaguar on Oct 7, 2009


Punisher Warzone most underrated film on that list. Incredibly awesome flick, and one of my favorite action movies to date. Police Academy City Under Siege? I thought that was one of the better Police Academy movies. Mission to Moscow was so awful.

Chris H on Oct 7, 2009


Punisher: Warzone might have been better if they had taken more care to give it some presentation and had gotten a better director. You can tell the director was inexperienced. I felt like I was watching a cheesy late 80's / early 90's superhero flick that just happened to be a hard R. Crank 2 was fucking great. I wasn't actually a huge fan of the first one. It felt like it wanted to be both an action movie and a parody of an action movie at the same time. The second one was just a pure over-the-top action parody and was fucking hilarious. I was laughing my ass off the whole way though it. Proof that a film can have a shitty plot but still be fun as hell. Honestly, I don't think any of the +$30Million films can be considered 'bombs' at all. I'll bet that most of them made money - especially if you consider the foreign markets and DVD sales. Actually, probably most of the latter ones on this list ended up making a lot on DVD. I know Crank 2 is doing well, since I work for the company that produces the DVD's. Punisher did pretty well as well. Obviously they were all rated poorly, tho. It would be interesting to see what the highest grossing lowest-rated films are... IE, the films that have made the most money while having a significantly low score on rt. I know Transformers 2 is up there at the top of that list. And maybe one of the lowest grossing, yet highest-rated films. limit both of those to only films that went on a wide release... that would be a nice chart...

Squiggly_P on Oct 7, 2009


I have to put in another vote in favor of Punisher:War Zone. I absolutely loved it. It really captured the comic in way most comic book movies haven't recently. I can understand it not appealing to all the masses, though, who may not be familiar with the comic. But definitely an underrated film. Never saw Crank 1 or 2. All his movies are the same. I'll stick to the Transporters. WTF is a "Goal, Goal II or Goal 3"? Do I dare look this thing up? And some of these definitely cost nothing to make, so their low take is still profitable: Big Top Pee-wee, Deuce Bigalow:EG, D3-Mighty Ducks. I'll bet their combined budget was less than the take of Deuce Bigalow. But, I guess the graph is "BOX OFFICE BOMBS" not "Films that were total failures", and these(mostly) didn't do so hot as theater cash makers.

Scotty97 on Oct 8, 2009


Punisher War Zone is a fantastic action movie. People who hate it must never have read the comic it's based on. It is _the_ Punisher movie to date.

John_Stalvern on Oct 14, 2009

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