Check This Out: The Fourth Kind's Creepy Abduction Poster

September 18, 2009
Source: JoBlo

The Fourth Kind

Unlike the official poster for Paranormal Activity, this new poster for The Fourth Kind is actually pretty damn cool. I love that they used some design that looks pretty creepy displayed. It should definitely attract the attention of movie theater patrons, unlike that Paranormal Activity poster, which just has a still from the movie and a bunch of text. I'm comparing the two because they're both creepy thrillers with home video footage. And while I'm excited for The Fourth Kind, I haven't seen it yet, I'm scared by aliens, and probably won't see it because of that, but this poster is impressive. Thanks to JoBlo for debuting it - check it out!

The Fourth Kind Poster

A thriller involving an unsolved mystery in Alaska, where one town has seen an extraordinary number of unexplained disappearances during the past 40 years and there are accusations of a federal cover up.

The Fourth Kind is both written and directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Olatunde Osunsanmi, of the horror film The Cavern previously. The story was co-written by Terry Robbins and Osunsanmi. This was mainly shot in secret in Bulgaria last summer. Universal is now bringing The Fourth Kind to theaters everywhere starting on November 6th. For more info, head to the official website:

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Wow, it does give me the chills...

Wylles on Sep 18, 2009


I can't stand this fake movie based on fake documentary bullshit. The trailer is soooooo pretentious and Milla is DOOOOOONNNNNNEEEEE! She's made enough money off the geeks,but nothing including a brief meeting with her at Planet Hollywood would ever lead me to believe that she has the fanboys best interest in mind. She can't get legit shit so she's doomed to these hack films. Yeah I'm sure she'll tell you their fun,but can you really see her taking genuine time to answer geek questions from adoring fans if approached on the street? Now if news were to come out tomorrow that she's directing a new movie based on some amazing comic book or whatever I might change my mind. I mean why not. She's been in the Sci Fi Fantasy(yes I said Sci-Fi Fantasy)genre for soooo long does she really like it? I mean come on. This bitch is a glorified pin up. I'd love to see her home. I bet you couldn't find so much as a comic book lying around. I wonder if she has a game unit or god forbid a Warcraft account. I'm so sick of these actors and actresses faking the funk. They arrive to the set with their agents at their side giving them the run down on a movie their starring in based on a comic or video game or novel that has been around for ever. Am I the only one who gets pissed when you see an actor in a junket say "I actually had never heard of (insert movie title here) until I was approached with the role"......I guess hat's the way the cookie crumbles but fuck!!!

esophus on Sep 18, 2009


wow #2 you are right and wrong. On one hand most actors probably do not know anything about the film basis, but calling her a bitch and saying she hasn't ever touched a comic before is a dumb. But I do agree it is annoying when ever an actor takes on a role and dosen't know much about the source material. But Jovovich may actually know a lot about this role, I mean ever listen to her music. I say give it a chance.

xerxex on Sep 18, 2009


If these aliens are trying to physically abduct him they should've opened the window first. Epic fail.

sleepykid on Sep 19, 2009


simply WOW...the poster looks amazing. Going to update my site with it. Thanks for sharing

Andrew | on Sep 19, 2009


Catch phrase is stupid...

Tra la la la la di da on Sep 19, 2009


lol, you're scared of aliens? anyway, it sounds awesome!

Robbie on Sep 19, 2009


esophus you come off like a total bed wetter. poster nails it and is clever to not use jovovich. looks like they want the creepy story and the case studies are to be the star. agree with you, tra la la la la di da, "actual case studies" isn't the sexiest tag line - but will probably getthe conspiracy nuts all worked up.

zipzap on Sep 19, 2009


This is no creepy AT ALL!! Hahaha, sorry, but since this reminded me A LOT to the pixar short film, I cannot do anything but laugh.

leiner on Sep 19, 2009


I'm sure most of participants in this site know this, but for you younger ones: The Fourth Kind is a continuation from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", one of Spielberg's earliest and best movies. He's apparently not involved in this, though, and it's not sequel to that 1977 movie. I think these enumerated encounters are the actual terms used by UFO-logists in describing contacts between humans and extraterrestrial species.

zubzwank on Sep 20, 2009


Funny it says "based on actual case studies" and not true story. I could go study a person who thinks he's Super Mario, but that doesn't make it true.

someone on Sep 20, 2009


Scary poster Z=

Fisherr on Sep 20, 2009


The poster says it all: Abduction cases mainly happen at night (midday); abductees are carted off primarily through their window (without it being opened), and intense light is usually reported by abductees during their experience. What people don't realize is that these cases are Biblical and can be explained and stopped.

g-man on Sep 23, 2009


is it bad if i used bible paper to roll a joint? it wasn't an actual page, but one of the pages in the beginning with no writing. am i going to hell?

jesus quintana on Sep 23, 2009


We're all going to hell someday

Qwasnoid on Sep 23, 2009


Romans 8:1 [ Life Through the Spirit ] Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,...

g-man on Sep 24, 2009


What if I was in Christ Jesus but pulled out before I came?

Fed Up With Hollywood on Sep 25, 2009


This kind of publicity is completely unacceptable. It is one thing to simply lie about the truth of certain events, but to actually create websites and other sources that attempt to verify the lie should be illegal. How is anyone supposed to be able to conduct legitimate research when corporations can go around creating fake medical journal website. Here is Universal Studios phone number - please call and complain about this blatant public manipulation: 818-777-1000

Felix on Sep 26, 2009


#18 I completley agree. I actually research ufology for fun. And I have to admit that stuff like this is made to manipulate the truth and scare people. Wait, huge coporations trying to scare people? No you don't say. It's obvious they want us scared and they don't want us researching this stuff. Hell Nasa erases stars from photos of earth so we don't see what it actually looks like from space. (Ever wondered why alot of pics of earth from space is always surrounded by blackness with no stars? Not to mention this doesn't take place in LA or something. It's always some town in BFE. Remember Fire in The Sky. I found out the guys the movie was based on were known for being hoaxers. I'm gonna say the same about this film.

Magnolia Fan on Sep 26, 2009


god, felix, lighten up, would ya?

zipzap on Sep 27, 2009


Is the 5th kind anal probing?

Gavin on Oct 6, 2009


esophus you sound like a geeky jack off 4 times a week live with my mom virgin roach fuck.shut the fuck up and go play world of warcraft or dungeons and dragons or some shit!

Crookster on Nov 2, 2009


gavin why dont you ask esophus.he sounds like he has been probed several times haha

Crookster on Nov 2, 2009


#4 Best comment ever!!! LOLZ...#2 STUPIDO!!! Nice Poster.

dexter on Nov 7, 2009


Entertainment and "ART" is one thing, but when and where are we gonna draw the line when it comes to misleading the public? When Blair Witch was made by a no-name, low budget cast and crew, it was easy to believe someone found some REAL footage and was trying to make a buck by making a film of it. The vagueness of the facts of that film were one thing. THIS is totally different! This is a major motion picture company with well known actors and recognizable famous faces walking right up to the screen and BLATANTLY LYING about the accuracy and truth of the information you are about to be presented with. That angers me greatly. There is NO division between Fiction and Non-fiction anymore. This is WRONG!

D on Nov 18, 2009

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