Check This Out: The Science of Watchmen Video

February 26, 2009

Check This Out: The Science of Watchmen Video

At this point, we've seen nearly everything on Watchmen that's currently available, from behind-the-scenes featurettes to trailers to TV spots and more, but this is something I guarantee not many of you have seen. University of Minnesota physics professor James Kakalios was hired as a science consultant on Watchmen and now with the release just a few weeks away, Kakalios has put together this short video talking about various scientific aspects of the film. I was hoping this would be a lot cooler than it was, but it's still a good watch and it's interesting to hear about the actual scientific side of things in Watchmen.

Special thanks to our friends at SlashFilm for first discovering this video. I would've actually like to see a lot more about the test that Jon Osterman (aka Dr. Manhattan) was performing when he got trapped and what it actually did to him. Personally, I think once he becomes Dr. Manhattan, his powers are sort of meant to be unexplainable. It would've been cool to hear more about the physics of the Owl Ship, or how teleportation could be possible, or other cool aspects of Watchmen like that. James Kakalios also wrote the book "The Physics of Superheroes", which you can pick up for pretty cheap on Amazon if you're interested.

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reminds me of a book i read "the physics of star trek" or something like that

ureyesonly on Feb 26, 2009


I think i read that book too... lol Mike Mixed Doner

Michael on Feb 26, 2009


Yo i read that book to it was called the hobbit though get ur facts straight before i make you

Tom W on Feb 26, 2009


I'm already getting a bit tired from this movie.

Captain Subtext on Feb 26, 2009


#4 Totally agree 😀 I wasnt excited about this when the first news came about making a Watchmen movie. Then i saw the trailer and i became excited. But now every day theres some new video about this... Getting boring seeing everything before seeing the movie. Starting to think it wont live up to its hype!

max on Feb 26, 2009


I loved the full scene of Dr. M. dismantling the tank and then crushing it to a pretty tank ball. I'm so psych'd to see this in IMAX next weekend!

Mark-o-Polo on Feb 26, 2009


man i am so happy i get to see this movie a week early and for free!!! i leave on an air force base and they are having some kind of grand opening at our theater and this movie is free to everyone who got a ticket. HELL YEAH!!!!!!

UGLI on Feb 26, 2009


#4 & #5 - I've been trying to restrain myself... I'm probably not going to post any more videos at all. I just thought this was so unique I couldn't pass it up. But I know exactly what you're saying, and I'm going to restrain any new media for Watchmen until it hits. Though my review will be up fairly soon as well.

Alex Billington on Feb 26, 2009


Where is Carl Sagan when you need him? Science!

b on Feb 26, 2009


ommmmgggg he's got the lame phys teacher jokes and everything!

nick on Feb 26, 2009


Waves and waves............of shit. I fell asleep after that bit and I think Watchmen is the best comic I have ever read.

Crapola on Feb 26, 2009



-Peter- on Feb 26, 2009


Well call me a science geek but I thought this was very interesting. I love thinking about the physics of how superpowers could potentially work.

Daas on Feb 26, 2009


@4 Well most people don't scower sites like this for every tidbit of movie news. Hence our burnout on this film =P Personally though I am still exited to see it.

Hand Knotted Rugs on Feb 26, 2009


I'd just like to know why is it that in the latest TV spot they show the (Owl guy and the girl - sorry don't know their names) disintegrating when the atomic bomb explodes in the distance??? I'm just hoping that they didn't mess up and put a major spoiler in the commercial because I've been trying not to read up on this so much so I can see it when it comes out.

Diego on Feb 26, 2009


15, you have nothing to fear. its more or less just a cool 10 second dream sequence.

Al on Feb 26, 2009


15 and 16, the dream sequence in the graphic novel those two (Silk Spectre 2 and Nite Owl 2) get naked, then strip their skin, to show their costumes underneath. Hope I didn't spoil that for everyone, not even sure if that's how it'll play on in the movie. Just a geeky FYI. Tip: get this novel at your local library if it's available. I never knew about the graphic novel until the first trailer came out on this site a day or two before TDK. I've read the novel twice since.

Mark-o-Polo on Feb 27, 2009


17.....i know....i was answering it for 15.

Al on Feb 28, 2009


just saw it at a preview screening here at camp pendleton. it was AMAZING

Chris on Feb 28, 2009

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