Check This Out: The Spirit's For Your Consideration Trailer

January 4, 2009
Source: TotalFilm

The Spirit's For Your Consideration Trailer

I'm breaking my promise to not run anything else on The Spirit just to bring you this one last video. This is definitely not what you're expecting. The guys over at TotalFilm (via SlashFilm) whipped up a hilarious "For Your Consideration" trailer for The Spirit - but it's not for the Oscars, it's for the Razzies! Quotes like Roger Ebert's "To call the characters cardboard is to insult a useful packing material…" and AICN's "Worse than Battlefield Earth…" are highlighted in this wonderfully entertaining little trailer. Yes, I've unfortunately seen The Spirit, and it is as terrible as this trailer (and every last review) is making it out to be.

Video removed by the studio. Sorry guys!

I'm not sure how anyone can say anything positive about The Spirit. Even Frank Miller's incredibly stylized visuals weren't enough to save the movie from being a complete waste of time and money. The only use for The Spirit now is to make a mockery of it and to laugh at its most ridiculous parts (Muffins anyone?). I applaud TotalFilm for coming up with a trailer that best sums up what this piece of crap really is.

The Spirit is both written and directed by legendary comic book author Frank Miller, who previously worked with Robert Rodriguez to direct segments of Sin City. The film is based Will Eisner's newspaper comic strip of the same name that originally debuted in 1940. The Spirit first hit theaters on December 25th, Christmas Day, and is currently playing in the few theaters nationwide that have still kept it running.

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Reader Feedback - 24 Comments


Still havnt seen The Spirit yet but am now prepared for the worst. Ive read a few of the comics and found them really hard to take seriously. The ammount comics hve changed since the 40s is huge!

Marcus on Jan 4, 2009


Just got back from seeing it. I think it's fine. There are a few teeny tiny bits of technical amateurism in terms of editing. So much so that there is LITERALLY a line screw-up that has been put in the film--I can't remember the line now, but it's Eva Mendez who makes a blooper right before she accidentally pushes the spirit out the window. Then there were a few bits that looked, sounded, and felt like Miller wanted to do a Batman Returns remake. Then there are moments where the acting is terrible. Miller is clearly not an actor's director. Still, I think all the actors were great along with the best acting performance in the entire film belonging to actress who played young teenage Sand Serif. The only performance that stood out as being surprisingly awful was Scarlet Johansen's. But within all that, there is a fine, modest--heavy emphasis on MODEST--postmodern film noir movie in there. A clever, professional re-edit could have genuinely saved this. Either that or never allowing Frank Miller into the editing room in the first place. And despite it being up for Razzies, I think its cinematography is definitely worth an Oscar nomination. It looked visually fantastic.

George on Jan 4, 2009


nothing is wrong with The Spirit. I finally saw it and was less than impressed, but also less than insulted. it was just ambivalent. nothing great, but nothing terrible.

Al on Jan 4, 2009


I am confident that The Spirit can win this award

crabby on Jan 4, 2009


"The Spirit", tries too hard to be "Sin City". It fails terribly. I can see why the name talent was attracted to this mess.

Blue Silver on Jan 4, 2009



Ryan on Jan 4, 2009


#5, the spirit wasn't trying at all to be like Sin City. In fact if it did, i am sure more people would love it. Sin City had quirky events happen, but the characters remained pretty reality driven (or at least how the behaved) While The Spirit, on the other hand, had both quirky events and goofy characters. Much different from Sin City.

Al on Jan 4, 2009


"After every other trailer, poster, the Comic-Con footage, and everything else I've seen for The Spirit, it was this TV spot alone that finally sold me better than anything else ... I'm definitely going to see The Spirit and I'm going to see it on Christmas Day, damnit! Sin City 2 be damned, at the very least, it looks like Frank Miller has made an entertaining movie." -Alex "With the awesome new trailer that came out a few weeks back and great posters like this (and these other ones as well), I may finally be convinced again that The Spirit could be a great movie!" -Alex "Frank Miller's visual style really shines through and this finally looks like it will be a solid hit. Or at least I can say that it'll be entertaining as all hell, right?" -Alex All this while others were saying the trailers looked like shit. You sure know how to pick 'em.

Wottock Hunt on Jan 4, 2009


frank miller made a comic book not a movie. thats why it was all poseing, flashy images, talking and narrative with little cinamatic value. but haveing the mind set that it was more of a comic then a movie made it pretty enjoyable

cali on Jan 4, 2009


The Spirit was a horrible movie. A friend i went with actually left and just went and saw another movie. Lol. So, yeah- this " For Your Consideration" Is right.

GreaT on Jan 4, 2009


Frank, sit down and draw some more Sin City; it's obviously the only thing you're good at.

Nick on Jan 4, 2009


When Is aw Sam Jackson with the big gun in the trailer I could just tell it looked bad. But whena reviewer says its worse than "Battlefield Earth"…..Ouch man ouch. That's pretty darn bad.

JimD on Jan 4, 2009


The Spirit for Worst Picture!!!

ed_1138 on Jan 4, 2009


@ #5 People hate The spirit because it WASN'T trying to be Sin City, but people were hoping it would be. It wasn't bad. It just wasn't as good as people wanted it to be. I found it quite entertaining. Also Battlefield Earth was unwatchably bad. And I tried really hard. To compare this to that is ridiculous. makes Battlefield Earth sound better thanit really is. It's not possible to be worse than Battlefield Earth. But Alone in the Dark comes close. At least The Spirit had a cohesive plot.

Aldonn on Jan 4, 2009


Ouch wish theyd put that on some tv spots fucking waste of 20 bux

Cody on Jan 4, 2009


Sam with a black/white/red/gray/blue hair, sam with a tash/beard/go-t/side burns, sam with white eyes/red/glowin/green, sam with big ears, scars,sam in every decade,sam with round glasses, sun glasses sam with…whatever you get me picture, and now we have sam with eye make up and a bowler!!! com'on whats next sam dressed like a blues bro singin on stage…oh wait it is! Message to sam "TAKE A FUCKIN BREAK MAN" i check the credits prior going to movies or renting just to make sure he doesnt pop up with his stupid looking face with his "I WILL NOT BE SHOT TODAY!!!" line not in it at this stage, so sick of him, nitemare…one good movie and hes been milkin it ever since, is everything okay at home Sam?

ro on Jan 5, 2009


Honestly, it wasn't horrible, and it wasn't fantastic, and NO WAY NUMBER 5 was it trying to be like Sin City. Same art effect, but nothing like it.

Movieraider321 on Jan 5, 2009


I swear if Don't Mess with the Zohan doesn't win that Razzie, then fuck them for not being compitent enough to understand what an even worse film that was.

Movieraider321 on Jan 5, 2009


8 has a good point by the way Alex.

Movieraider321 on Jan 5, 2009


ummm, you guys keep telling us how horribble this movie is, yet you gave it a 5.5 out of 10. Thats half a good movie. Yet, The Day The Earth Stood Still, a perfectly decent movie, gets a 6? But the Spirit is worse than Battlefield Earth? For reals?

KyB on Jan 5, 2009


I went in to watch the Spirit, pretty much knowing what I was recieving. And I came out entertained and thankful that I saw it 🙂 It's definitly a 'cult classic' in the sense that, "Boondock Saints" and "Feast" are cult classics.

LW on Jan 5, 2009


@7 & @14....No matter how you slice it...THE POINT IS...."The Spirit" sucked. I didn't enjoy it at all...with exception of Eva Mendes's sexxy ass shot.

Blue Silver on Jan 5, 2009


Still seeing it. Y'all kin BITE ME.

Hmmmm on Jan 6, 2009


So was there a lot of monologues just like any Frank Miller comic book?

mandarin on Jan 7, 2009

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