Check This Out: Watchmen Nite Owl Dark Roast Coffee

February 18, 2009

Nite Owl Dark Roast Coffee

You need to actually see this to believe it! No, it's not viral marketing, believe it or not, this is actual Watchmen coffee created by the Organic Coffee Cartel that's owned by photographer Clay Enos (who took the photos in the Watchmen: Portraits book). The OCC is selling only one run of 10,000 cans of Veidt Enterprise's Nite Owl Dark Roast, a 100% organic specialty coffee. "Making an imaginary coffee into something real seemed like a fitting and fun way to honor the multi-layered world of Watchmen. And having a majority of profits go to charity seems a little like something Adrian Veidt would do," says Enos.

Nite Owl Dark Roast Coffee"It's a small moment in the film Watchmen - Dan and Laurie save a group from a tenement fire. Once inside the Owl Ship, the survivors are offered what else? Coffee. Among all that hardware, there's an airplane-style coffee maker. And Veidt Enterprise's Nite Owl Dark Roast is the imaginary brand of coffee they brew. What better name for the quintessential caffeinated beverage when served in the context of nocturnal crime-fighting?" Sweet glorious goodness! Even if you don't like coffee but are a huge Watchmen fan, this is a must buy, because it's a rare collectible in its own right. I'm ordering a few cans for myself right now!

Too make this an even sweeter deal, the OCC is sponsoring a contest for one lucky customer to win two tickets to the Los Angeles premiere and after-party for Watchmen on March 3rd. All you need to do is order one can before February 25th and you'll be entered in the contest. "Zack Snyder and the other filmmakers got behind the coffee idea early on and suggested the contest to me. I am so excited by the idea of making someone's day not just with great coffee but with an opportunity to be a part of the celebration for the highly anticipated film." Do it! And enjoy your special Nite Owl Dark Roast coffee!

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Fuelbot on Feb 18, 2009


Wow. Are they trying to *kill* Alan Moore with this shit?

Tom Brazelton on Feb 18, 2009


@2 ......I'm guessing you haven't seen the Dr. Manhattan condoms, have you?

Daniel on Feb 18, 2009


Oh, you mean the ones that are glow in the dark blue and can displace your partner's vagina into another dimension?

Tom Brazelton on Feb 18, 2009


Mmmhm. At least it'll cut down on the Manhattan cosplayers that are sure to spring up in the future.

Daniel on Feb 18, 2009


how is that killing Alan Moore? In Watchmen Veidt had all kinds businesses. This totally makes sense to that universe.

thasaltshaker on Feb 18, 2009


I have a feeling this is gonna be a GREAT movie, but seriously.?

sumonesumtime on Feb 18, 2009


Wow...ok, this is going over the top, seriously.

wassssssuuuuuupppppppp on Feb 18, 2009


@6 Yeah... IN THE GRAPHIC NOVEL Veidt had a bunch of businesses. But they're selling this stuff IN THE REAL WORLD. Even if the profits are going to charity, I doubt this is something Moore would want extrapolated from his creations. You want to get real sick? Check out this Rorschach lunchbox. A LUNCHBOX, PEOPLE! FOR KIDS!

Tom Brazelton on Feb 18, 2009


not mutch time to wait untill we figure it out

arizonacharlie on Feb 18, 2009


They did this with the Simpsons movie, but to my knowledge this coffee has a little to do with the comic/movie. Meanwhile the Kwik-E-Mart's play a big part (not important, but well known part) to the Simpson universe. I think that's why that worked and this really isn't. It is a cool idea, but how necessary is it? Eh, I'll probably buy it though 🙂

Ryan on Feb 18, 2009


Haha, I'm such a tool. I hate coffee and I bought a can just for the chance of winning tickets to the premiere. I feel horrible doing this to Alan Moore. As excited as I am for the Watchmen movie, all of this marketing is getting out of hand. I know someone mentioned it above, but Dr. Manhattan condoms? Come on.

Chris on Feb 18, 2009


wow people trying to sell things for money what a new concept quit crying you babies...

tw on Feb 18, 2009


@ 9 What are you? alan moores personal cock sucker. How is giving money to charity going to kill him?

gribble on Feb 19, 2009


@gribble - i believe mr. brazelton is employing the use of a form of writing called hyperbole. @Tom Brazelton - the lunch box! well, i suppose we all know that 'watchmen' is, after all, just for the kids! a damn shame i couldn't get my hands on a silk spectre II lunchbox when i was a kid.

carey on Feb 19, 2009


I would rather give my son a rorshach lunch box than a high school musical one.

Nightmare on Feb 20, 2009


To be honest, this appearance matches with sense on coffee perfectly! Creative!

Gowan Rosemc on Jul 5, 2009

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