Chilling Official Trailer for Dolphin Documentary The Cove

June 15, 2009
Source: Apple

The Cove Trailer

This trailer will give you the chills. The Cove is a documentary that has been making waves (pun intended) ever since debuting at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. It's about a secret cove of the coast of Japan where dolphins are being killed by thousands and harvested for their meat. The documentary follows a group of activists as they organize an Ocean's Eleven-like operation to setup hidden cameras and finally document on tape the horrors that are occurring there. It went on to win the Audience Award at Sundance and has been receiving a lot of positive attention. With that said, you need to watch this, it looks incredible!

Watch the official trailer for The Cove:

[flv: 598 338]

You can also watch the trailer for The Cove in High Definition on Apple

The Cove tells the amazing true story of how Louie Psihoyos, Richard O’Barry and an elite team of activists, filmmakers and freedivers embarked on a covert mission to penetrate a hidden cove in Japan, shining light on a dark and deadly secret. The mysteries they uncovered were only the tip of the iceberg.

The Cove is directed by first-time filmmaker Louie Psihoyos. The voice-over dialogue was written by Mark Monroe, who directed the Disney doc Morning Light and has written for other docs. This premiered at the Sundance this year where it won the Audience Award. The Cove will arrive in limited theaters on July 31st.

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wow gooood trailer. especially for a documentary

DoomCanoe on Jun 15, 2009


I must see this movie... like NOW

DAVE ID on Jun 15, 2009


I'm with the two above me. Looks interesting. I wanna know.

Brian on Jun 15, 2009


Wowie. I'm floored.

Eman on Jun 15, 2009


Holy crap! I'm intrigued!

Spider on Jun 15, 2009


I'm so happy they are releasing a documentary on such tragic happenings - these Japanese fisherman are blinded by money, are blaming the dolphins for the diminishing fishery and are feeding the population with potentially toxic food - you should have a look at this youtube link for more info -

locos on Jun 15, 2009


I'm with 1-5 looks very good. oh and Alex nice pun.

xerxex on Jun 15, 2009


i really want to see this movie

Tom W on Jun 15, 2009


now I'm with # 6!

xerxex on Jun 15, 2009


wow...this is something that everyone needs to see and understand. the crap that these ppl do and get away with is unbelievable, and needs to be stopped. somehow.

lego on Jun 15, 2009


Dark. Scary and fucked up. Things are wrong.

Crapola on Jun 15, 2009


Shaaaaady! Props to the activists.

GTO on Jun 15, 2009


here comes the white hero to save us again,just marching in with your ideals and morals and badgering others on the head relentlessly with them.sure i'm for dolphins and such,but i hate to see that superiority some white people naturally feel.set yourself up as heroes,feel good.

jean on Jun 15, 2009


Anyway, it sure did give me the chills.

giraffic on Jun 15, 2009


I love #13. They are heroes morons, whether they wanted to be or not.

Itri on Jun 15, 2009


those fuckers! I want to see this. I want EVERYONE to see this.

-Peter- on Jun 15, 2009


Jean, Get a gun and shoot yourself.

biznatch on Jun 15, 2009


And here I was, expecting this to be a happy documentary like "March of the Penguins" or something.

Icarus on Jun 15, 2009


I hope this movie brings about some results. And by results I mean they round up all the people responsible for hurting the dolphins and execute them.

Brian Ricci on Jun 15, 2009


I get sick of activism on occasion. This is not one of the occasions. Kudos for what appears to be some real bravery and heartfelt heroism. I'll be watching this day one.

Mark on Jun 15, 2009


01:17 is that Hayden Panettiere from Heroes!?

Russ on Jun 15, 2009


Wow. This looks riveting. I can't wait to see it.

dqniel on Jun 15, 2009


haha i'm on the same note as 12 here i dont hate them but the slop eyed part made me laugh they really need to be penalized for this though terrible stuff

zach on Jun 15, 2009


Enjoy ..! i really want to see this movie. Nice

led screen on Jun 15, 2009


What is it with them and fucking up wildlife!!! No concept of humanity and morals what so ever!! #13 - Please explain why or how you think these guys set them self up as heros!!? If you feel strongly about something you will do all that you can to make other people see or hear it!

marty on Jun 16, 2009


Yet another one-point-view documentary from westerners who think they knoiw what is really going on. This one has actually some disney blue-eyed quality over it. Lets first show some cute dolphins playing with children and then some mean fishermen who kill the cute dolphins = movie. Really, take a look at what pigs or cows go through before they get into your hamburger and then come back feeling overgood with your self. Where are all the documentaries and hype for the endangered animals that are being hunted and exterminated in US ? I bet if Michael Moore did one of those he would get another wave of hate. In case you wonder no, I am not asian.

Shige on Jun 16, 2009


Ahh huff as much as I love to see things like this being made.. you have to question the world we live in for another reason. This is being sold as a guns blazing movie from that trailer - that means making profit from a very sad event that only the mammal in question is really at threat of. If the guys trying to protect Dolphins really want to get the word out, this film should be plastered all over youtube and vimeo etc to get people watching! They should be learning from films like Zeitergeist. Imagine the possible audience, and then the paying audience - the paying audience are 9/10 gonna be people who pay cos to see a film about something they dearly love - those who know little, or show little interest will never watch this and thus the problem will continue. If the filmmakers feel they need to get paid for their efforts to protect the dolphins then they should start a protection organisation with donations. Doing it this way only makes them look like business men. Before I stop my rant... I know the BEST resolution to stop this in human act! If those divers are able to get into the water and plant video cameras down there, then they should have done something else whilst down there... they should have planted beakens that let off a horrible sound that interfers with the dolphins echo system and thus keeps them far away from that area. Have they done this??

dom on Jun 16, 2009


What's the problem. Beef, pork, chicken, fish, dog, snake, cat, dolphins, manatees... who cares? I'd eat a unicorn if it tasted good and was cheap, or easy to catch!

9mm on Jun 16, 2009


#28... What the problem!? Your a F'in idiot... that's the problem! Brilliant, mature comment @ss clown! You'd probably chug some c@ck if you had the chance too! This looks intense, amazing and disturbing all at the same time. Incredible how these untold stories are starting to make it into the public eye. Obviously a story that needs to be told and hopefully something is done to help save and protect these dolphins. Typical human behavior... do whatever we want, kill whatever we want... deal with any consequences after it's too late. Humanity disgusts me!

K on Jun 16, 2009


@9mm is that the size of your tackle! Good constructive comment that!

martyn on Jun 16, 2009


This also happens in Peru and it's LEGAL those motherfuckers.......... I hope this really start something

Drunkimus on Jun 16, 2009



DON GABO on Jun 16, 2009


I'm with U 32!!!!!!!!

Drunkimus on Jun 16, 2009


This needs to end even if it takes lethal force and private intervention.

Vassal on Jun 16, 2009


looks good...but hey, thats life

Trey on Jun 16, 2009


I'm sick of people's shock and outrage at this kind of stuff. Absolutely awful things happen all the time in every part of the world. Butchering charismatic sea life is just Japan's special brand of awful. Read the god damned news and maybe next time you see some trailer with a sap narrative you won’t be shocked that human culture and psychology is fucked up in one way or another everywhere you look.

Staatz on Jun 16, 2009


#36... umh thanks for the wonderful insight! I don't watch the news cause it's an hour of depressing, horrilbe events. Why would anyone want to watch that after a hard days work??? Doesn't make me oblivous to the state of the world and how utterly fucked up it is. Even if I did watch the news, I certainly doubt I would hear about this. The earth is an amazing beautiful place... humanity unfortunately is not.

K on Jun 16, 2009


#27 and anyone else for that matter, you tube IS plastered with the dolphin slaughters at the hidden cove, AND there is a few petitions and donation website for related cause; , , - yes, the movie will make money, but it also creates awareness (you can already tell from this tread) and considering who is behind the movie, the movie's revenue will certainly be well used - #26 - wow... (speechless)

locos on Jun 16, 2009


Its a tough one... The awareness level this will raise is exceptional but there is alot against it. I think people who are so agressive to the people with a negative opinion of this should really try and understand why they think the way they do before assuming they are trolls and such. Alot of shit goes on in the world and dolphins just happen to be cute enough to make big box office bucks out of it. You know the japanese (among others) still hunt and eat whale?? Wheres the crazy over the top action documentary about that?? What about the trafficking of children?? too sordid for hollywood i guess...

NeoN on Jun 16, 2009


So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

dude on Jun 16, 2009


Great trailer, a must see! Spread the word! ( i hope they promote the F*@! out of this) 🙂

chris on Jun 16, 2009


I honestly don't give half a turd what they do to these animals. they can rape and maim cows and pigs before they become hamburgers or chops. So, as far as i'm concerned they can slowly grind these dolphins in a wood chipper fin first while they're still alive. I'll still buy it with a side of chips if it tastes good. i watch those PETA videos, and yes it is cruel, but while i'm sitting down at my dinner table enjoying delicious steak, i don't give a fraction of a shit what kind of torture or cruelty the animal suffered. It's a goddamn dolphin not a human! I do want to see this doc though. looks really well made and definitely worth a watch.

dave on Jun 16, 2009


you know what, i have never read anything more black hearted than this. dolphins are the beautifuliest animal ever. they save peoples lifes in the sea, just like the documentary told you. lets see a cow try and save you. this is a slaughter,hopefully you did watch this and has changed your mind, because if you havent i hope to god that you are the only person who thinks this way, or else dolphins will be a dying breed. plus people arent even eat dolphins due to the high mercury levels, again like the programme tells you, so its not needed. as far as im concerned, your no better than those murderers doing the slaughtering.

Gemma on Mar 11, 2011


For those who lack the knowledge... there IS a HUGE difference between the intelligence of a Dolphin and a Cow/Pig etc.. read up on yer mammal knowledge before you make comparisons!

dom on Jun 16, 2009


@42 ... are you for real? do you live in the midwest? and you still want to see this doc? if every one would think like you, we would be in a pretty sad state - you also probably litter, vedge in front of the tv all day, drive a hummer or a pick up truck, and don't recycle too... you need to get out more, go for a swim in the ocean or something - I swim with these animals in the wild on a daily basis, dolphins are one of the most intelligent species out there, how can you say this shit? you must be real proud of yourself...

surfertd on Jun 16, 2009


lol at #42

TheManWithNoName on Jun 16, 2009


oops I meant #40.

TheManWithNoName on Jun 16, 2009


wow look at the few ignorant childish" i think im cool if i make disgusting remarks" people on here. To anyone who is tryong to shut these people up they only made these comments so people would shoot bakc at them . There the classic "movie crittic pricks" that firstshowing is littered with . There is nothign u can say ot them that they dont wanna hear . Ignore them there pathetic punk bitch's anyway . To the smart ass who said watch the news . Fuck the news its so tiresome of the same shit . Its not news anymore its just sad stories and then they through in one happy story and hope idiots keep watching so they can talk about what they think is important the next day . This will be a good documentary that should shed some more light ona situation that needs to be dealt with but prolly wont . Like most animal torturing problems some people just dont care cause they consider them just animals . To be honest not caring is showing the true signs of what an animal is supposed to be . It is sad though that some people feel the need to be so mentally childish on popular website just to make waves with others who come here for entertainment news and perhaps some intelligent comentary.

Superchyle on Jun 16, 2009


#28... eat a unicorn LOL. but seriously folks..

birdynamnam on Jun 16, 2009


I did not see anything shocking in this documentary. Dolphins are being killing for human consumption. Just like all the other animals in the world. Deer, cows, chickens, alligators, tuna, bison, etc.. The Japanese leaders shouldn't try to hide this, because there is no reason to hide it. Comments on this page like "round up all the people.....and execute them" and "this needs to end even if it takes lethal force" really show the mentality of the opposition. This is the same kind of interventionism that justified the invasion of Iraq based on the idea that the US would bring feminism(marxism applied to the sexes) to Iraqi society. Let's impose our values on these foreigners, right? There is no real logic in that trailer, simply emotionalism. Someone in India needs to make a documentary about how the Americans eat holy cows!! Those barbaric Americans.

Phil on Jun 16, 2009


#49 I agree with you to a certain extent. People arguing that dolphins shouldn't be killed and cows should be because they have a difference in intelligence? Get the FUCK outta here with that shit. That's like saying slaughtering all redneck hillbillies in the South would be OK, but don't even dare think about doing that to the intelligent New Yorkers, because their intelligence levels are waaaay different.

teddymercury on Jun 16, 2009


I think the documentary seems to show how people can be pretty messed up. I think the next documentary about human/animal interaction should be about Pony, the orangutan prostitute, from a village in Borneo. Read the story below it's more wrong than anything I have read. The subtitle reads 'That There Is No God and Humans Are Essentially Evil'. That story proves it. Have a read, just don't throwup.

Crapola on Jun 17, 2009


no really,c'mon people you cant just buy into this kind of bullshit.If you want something done,you'd actually go out and do something.the way these white people just march into someplace with camera crews,ready to right out a part of some foreign culture they deem wrong.I'm not saying dolphin slaying is right,legal or commendable in any way.But imagine if a bunch of foreigners just trampled through your hometown,waved to something and started lecturing you about how wrong it is. im from australia,and this kind of racism all over the place.yes,i called it racism,for lack of a better word.I don't even know what it is,but it sickens me beyond all else.

jean on Jun 17, 2009


No#21, I think you are right

David Banner on Jun 17, 2009


boycott all japenese products until this stops...what kind of scum can do this!!

max on Jun 17, 2009


Powerful, emotional, impactful documentary that makes you think...

Jana on Jun 17, 2009


I like eating Tuna, So what does this movie going to show us (NOTHING). I tell you what We humans eat everything until they go extinct. We are meat eaters until the end of time.

Chico on Jun 18, 2009


omg ive been waiting for this to come out. ever since i gave a speech about this story in my speech class last year! STOKED!

justin on Jun 20, 2009


There are a lot of false arguments going on here. The fact that bad things happen all the time is no excuse to simply allow more bad things to happen when you can do something about it and put it to an end. Myself, I'm not in a position to physically go out and help these people or go get some legislation into the books, but I am n a position to pass on the word about this film, and that's what I'll do. I think if more people took a bit more of an active stance and didn't allow themselves to become jaded fucks like half you you obviously are, the world would be vastly different than it is now. @Chico: Your ignorance is staggering. Why should we give a shit that we're hunting species into extinction? 1) It will upset the balance of nature and cause other species to overpopulate or to also be wiped out. 2) We will no longer have that resource. You're aware of the fact that the earth is a finite resource? That things like Oil and Coal won't last forever? That poisoning the oceans will kill off the fish, which will kill off the birds that eat the fish, which will kill off the various animals that eat or otherwise depend on the birds, etc etc. Not to mention the fact that water goes everywhere and is also a finite resource, so poisoned ocean water will eventually end up coming out of your faucet. You're drinking 60 million year old dinosaur piss every day, not to mention the run-off from the streets and fuck knows how many chemicals and medications that get dumped down drains. But why give a shit about that stuff, right? I mean, it's totally in our power to stop it, but it's easier to just watch Lost or American Idol and be a jaded ignorant fuck. wo gives a shit about some dead dolphins. Except no dolphins = over-population of fish that WE DON'T EAT, which then grow in population and become more and more a threat to other fish that we DO EAT as they compete for food, the populations of fish we do eat goes down with this increase in competition as well as our own massive fishing industries... it can upset things in so many ways that it's not even funny.

Squiggly on Jun 21, 2009


Im disgusted about the crime!!!! where can i see this doco, cant find them in cinema

Tommy on Jun 21, 2009


Wow - lots of interesting discussions happening here... Unfortunately they involve folks who haven't actually seen the film!!! I saw The Cove and thought it was a wonderful documentary that sheds light on an issue that is not known about by many, including Japanese citizens that are being fed TOXIC dolphin meat. That's right, this film is not just about the cruel slaughter (and yes, it is cruel) of dolphins by a handful of fisherman in Japan but also about the irresponsible poisoning of Japanese citizens. Why you ask? well, you need to see the film to find out 🙂 The film is traveling around the world to different film festivals but should be released to select theaters in a few months. To find out more about the issue, visit:

Peter on Jun 22, 2009


60: Just what I was wondering -- how many of the above commenters have actually watched the film? Just to reiterate what you stated: One of the main issues the film raises is the surreptitious selling of mercury contaminated dolphin meat to the unsuspecting Japanese public. And for those who haven't seen this film, trying watching before making sweeping generalizations.

bob on Jun 23, 2009


...i didn't see anything shocking :/ is everybody mad becasue they are eating the dolphins or becasue the Japs are trying to hide it?

Jackson on Jul 11, 2009


Well done Hayden Panettiere.

Wall on Sep 4, 2009


**** I strongly think that the person in Number #13 is a Japanese fisherman who one of those who is responsible in killing those dolphins mercilessly ****** Look at how that Jap talks bad about the white people trying to be hero's and showing the world how bad people can really be, that really upsets him since they blown his cover..... If you cannot change world or can't lend on anything, why don't you shut up and let others do the saving job!!!! At least they are not crowds and they risking themselves to show the world the ugly truth!!!! Good job to those guys... Now... If i wish like there's someone like John Rambo steps in and save the dolphins and do whatever he did in Rambo 4 busting up asses but instead of the burma soldiers, those Jap scumbags !!!

Men Of honor on Sep 5, 2009


This is a nice trailer. This sounds like a movie to see with kids and family.

Hsa on Sep 14, 2009


I just watched the Documentary with my colleagues (Media students in Galway, Ireland) and have to say thanks a lot for the whole team. For the braveness, commitment and passion for justice and activism. Crimes like this affects all of us and they are hidden from our normal eyes while hypocrites wearing suits and tie (blinds and lost) pretend not understand how crucial it is. Every single soul in this planet is responsible for other people's actions and taking part of it becomes our duty no matter if we have to fight against giant corporations and governaments. Count on me if you need, as another nature defender or future participant in the movement.

Samuel Araujo on Nov 11, 2009


What a shame on Japanese Governament!!!

Samuel Araujo on Nov 11, 2009


First and foremost, I would like to say that I'm a scuba instructor who has taught in 3 different marine ecosystems, all of which are far away from the 'developed world', i.e. North America, Europe, South Africa, and have seen a lot of the impact of the West on the developing areas of the world. When you see action like this trailer, not only the slaughter but also the consumption of tainted meat, it may be shocking, but yes, it is everywhere. Another doc, Earthlings, shows footage of the same dolphin cull. Many fish caught in the Pacific has pieces of plastic in it from what we have thrown away (documentary - Addicted to Plastic) and our fisheries worldwide are depleted already. For the record, out of all the main fisheries in the world (13), 11 of them are overfished and the other two are at capacity (doc- Deep Trouble). There is a low of reason to take action on issues such as these because of the impact it is having on our way of life, no matter where you go. From personal experience, I have been places where the fish is inedible because of toxins, water needs to be shipped in from the mainland because there is no fresh water there, and where coral reefs have been destroyed because of irresponsible fishing practises. The West doesnt see the effects because the actions are taken far away, but it doesn't mean it won't impact us. The issue is that the average American/Canadian/Brit does not leave their country and experience the cultures that are waist-deep in these problems. It makes the issues a lot harder to comprehend and not just view for shock value and entertainment. This is all real, get out and see it for yourself.

Hana on Jan 8, 2010


Rick is a cousin that I have never met...different parts of the country... His life has revolved around saving dolphins as long as I can remember. My father and our family were very proud of his sister's son and his devotion. I know his actions have affected his life for many years, but he has always stuck to his belief...BEST of luck with the nomination for an oscar!!!

molly on Feb 4, 2010


Bravo! To all the people who made this film happen! It has cpenned my eyes and everyone this year will be getting this DVD as a present. Knowledge is power and I will help distribute this knowledge! Those Taiji fisherman are so blinded by what their goverment sayes to them, I can't believe they don't realize they are hurting their own people. Don't let the water run red!

jayleen on Feb 17, 2010


Well, it's all niceand dandy, however, what makes dolphins better than al the domesticated animals we use for food? How ia a dolphin better than a cow, or a pig, or a chicken? Why it's fine to eat fish and not dolphins? Just wondering.....

Mitko Pitko on Mar 1, 2010


Mark, A dolphin or whale is a highly intelligent MAMMAL. Cetaceans speak a language, are social animals with hierarchies, work collaboratively together for a common purpose. They spend their lives in the wild, oblivious to man until we the greedier amonst us decide to exploit them. It is NOT a chicken, cow, dog or swine bred and genetically engineered for the sole purpose of consumption. Researchers have measured dolphin IQ's and found some to be in the 80's or 90's. Consuming dolphins for food has the moral equivalence of raising Down's Syndrome children as a protein source. I wonder how long it will take the Japanese culture to shun the eating of dolphin and whale, in spite or because of the toxins involved. Pressuring the Japanese gov't to start a public service campaign on heavy metal toxicity and discouraging the consumption of marine mammals might be a good way to kill the market for dolphin meat.

Sic semper tyrannis on Mar 3, 2010


i think these people killing the dolphins should be thrown in jail and left to die . Little do they know there time is coming soon. what goes around comes around...

marc on Mar 7, 2010


Why is "intelligent" creatures more valuable in life than "less intelligent" creatures? That's what most Japanese think. You could never stop Japanese to eat dolphins or whales unless you stop dividing creatures by "importance of life". There are difference in religious views. Sorry for messy English.

japanese on Mar 8, 2010


there frigen selfish animals , lets bomb them again.

Mel Bnk on Jan 11, 2011


While the "Cove' was great and sad, how can it compare to the millions that are suffering for so many years under the brutal military junta in Burma? Not to mention the untold thousands that have been murdered,imprisoned and forced labor. Buddha teaches all life is precious, but a golden opportunity was squandered to shed more light on a tragedy that surpasses even Darfur.

Scott on Mar 9, 2010


Says Jean # 15: "here comes the white hero to save us again,just marching in with your ideals and morals and badgering others on the head relentlessly with them. ... , but i hate to see that superiority some white people naturally feel." How does it feel to see the face of a racist every time you look in the mirror, Jean. You should avoid everything white and the world will be a far better place for you. I hear ketchup helps the mercury go down but there is nothing that can make what spews from your mind palatable.

mhiikl on Mar 21, 2010

79 I think that the thought of this movie narrow-mindedness.

duke on Apr 10, 2010


my teacher made us watch this documentary it is amazing that so many people can continue killing outstandingly smart creatures thinking they're helping the environment with the fish population decreasing, got news for you its decreasing because we keep over fishing and if this continues the oceans will collapse. Is int this world wonderful!

SM on May 12, 2010


A must see! People need to stamp this out quickly. We all need to stand and fight against this barbaric, brainless and evil conspiracy! I'd like to go over there with a spear and kill the fishermen! I really would!

Michael on Jul 20, 2010


Yes, the movie is very traumatic, especially the part where the waters turn red with blood, and the fisherman are repeatedly stabbing the dolphins. But do you think it happens only to dolphins, or only the japanese are bad? Don't "Americans" do the same thing, to other animals? I assure you that if you were to watch footage of what goes on inside a cow or pig slaughterhouse, you would be equally traumatised. And who are you to decide that which of these animals has more of a right to survive? If you look at slaughterhouses, you would find out that mother cows wail and wail in misery when there young are taken away from them to be killed. so that is acceptable, but not the misery of dolphins? By the way, in case it matters, I am an American. I dont know about how this movie has affected others, or not. But It has made a difference to the way i look at food, and I am going to gradually start cutting meat from my diet. I will do my part. Will you do yours?

gk on Oct 12, 2010


I have been following your blog for about two days now and I have been reading your posts and find the information you provide to be of tremendous value. It's nice to see a refreshing point of view that is well thought out and thorough thanks so much!

David Kinect on Nov 11, 2010


We should bomb those dirty swine Japs again

Irineo1954 on Jan 11, 2011


Almost as bad as the Newfies in Canada clubing baby seals. We should boycott anything Canadian.

Michaelje1964 on Jan 11, 2011

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