Chris Pine is Not in the Running for Green Lantern, Yet!

April 3, 2009

Chris Pine - Hal Jordan

Back in March we wrote about a rumor that Star Trek star Chris Pine was being considered for the role of Hal Jordan in the upcoming Green Lantern movie at Warner Brothers. Unfortunately, it turns out this rumor wasn't entirely true, or at least mostly unfounded. MTV talked with Pine recently, who said that "No, I had a meeting with [casting director] Pam Dixon and [executive producer] Donald De Line, but a meeting was all it was." And if you still think he might be dodging the news as best he can, just listen to what he said next. "I have not been offered squat. I do not have the part and haven't read a script." Well, there we go.

Pine also said that, "I'm not a big comic book fan," and that he wasn't inherently interested because he hasn't read the script. "I'm a fan of stories, so if there's a story to be told, I love to tell a good story. But there's not a particular superhero or comic book character that I'd like to play." This is some sad news, as I said in my original post, that Pine was my favorite actor out of any who had ever been rumored for the role, and he felt like a good fit physically and visually and has the acting chops to pull it off. Let's hope that he still has a chance, and the buzz that his name got is used to actually help him still get the job in the end.

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I've never seen this guy act, so i won't be praising him. he is better then everything else mentioned for the role.

joberdober on Apr 3, 2009


Pine is a tool who ruined Bottle Shock and will inevitably do the same to Star Trek. He needs to go back to do shitty rom-coms with Lohan.

schizznic on Apr 3, 2009


I prefer that actors that take on comic book roles know at least a bit about who they're playing before they're offered the job. At least they should act excited about it. That's just the fangirl in me though, I'd guess. Seems blasphemous to me to bring to life these marvelous characters that so many of us love, at the hands of someone that really doesn't give a damn. It's a turn off to me that he's all 'I'm not a comic book fan.' as if the role is beneath him, but I could be taking him out of context. He doesn't sound interested in playing Hal Jordan, so I'm no interested in seeing him as Hal Jordan. hopefully he does well in Star Trek.

Maria on Apr 3, 2009


#3 Most of the actors that portray our favorite comic characters don't like comics or aren't familiar with them at all. Any interview with Heath Ledger he'd say that "The Killing Joke" was the first comic he'd ever read, but look what happened.

Rabs on Apr 3, 2009


Actor's portraying comic book characters shouldn't need to be comic fans. Actors need to understand the character, of course, but you don't need to read JLA #42-60 to get your character... many times the script and your director/filmmakers will make sure you the actor become the character on camera. Christian Bale and Heath Ledger weren't comics fans, but they found their new roles were too interesting to pass up... and that was mainly because of the script and the filmmakers involved as well.

Ivan on Apr 3, 2009


Whatever that guy is what like 5'4", way too short to be the lantern. and his face looks squooshed! i wonder how the interview process goes over there, does the person walk in and they go here put this mask on, say "i am the green lantern" i mean really, they might as well go ask the dude from fast and furious paul walker or hannah mantana's on screen brother.

THERBLIG on Apr 3, 2009


I've also read that along with Pine and Gosling, that Sam Worthington was being considered. I think all three would be great, so hopefully it's between them three.

Farris on Apr 3, 2009


i just want to see the GL movie get into production allready

zach on Apr 3, 2009


How about Ben Foster? He's a really good actor with creating his characters...

The_Phantom on Apr 3, 2009


most actors are aint fan of comic books even Hugh Jackman was not a fan of X-Men but when he read some of the comics for his reseach he liked them. you dont have to be a major comic fan to do a comic book movie. @#5 Christian Bale was a fan of Batman in general he did not read all the comics of Batman but he was a fan anyway

movieboy1 on Apr 3, 2009


Okay... i think some people here are misinterpreting a few things here. Sure, you don't NEED to be a fanboy in order to fulfill an acting role, but it doesn't hurt. Secondly, if someone has illustrated a disinterest of a genre because they feel it is beneath them, then it's spitting on all things a fan base appreciates. If an actor, whomever that may be doesn't respect what they're doing, but are doing so in order to get paid, I think that's an issue. Again, nothing against Mr. Pine, as I do not know his own beliefs on the subject, but I just would like to see some actor integrity. Find me an actor that isn't in it for the money, and I'll line up to see each one of their movies. As an example? I am typically pleased with Liam Neeson movies... just citing an example, imho.

Billy Bob the Boob on Apr 4, 2009


Gil Kane, the great silver age comic book artist and creator of Green Lantern's silver age look (which holds to the present), modeled GL after the young (1959) Paul Newman. Josh Lucas, who: 1) looks like the young Paul Newman; 2) actually played a younger version of a role for which Paul Newman played the older version; 3) has a cocky attitude in many roles; 4) is the right age (GL is not a 20-something; neither were Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Robert Downey, Ed Norton and others--like most of the Watchmen-- when they played super heroes); would be a great Green Lantern.

zubzwank on Apr 6, 2009

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