Cillian Murphy Says Chris Nolan's Inception is Very Complex

October 21, 2009
Source: MTV, Empire


In order to respect the filmmaker's wishes and to maintain the integrity of the film itself, I've decided to no longer post any story or spoiler details surrounding Christopher Nolan's Inception, which is due out next July. However, I am not opposed to running more teaser tidbits and quotes, like these today that come from both MTV and Empire, especially because they only make the film even more mysterious. MTV talked with Cillian Murphy and Empire talked with Michael Caine, who are both in the film in roles that we don't yet know much about (and neither were shown in the teaser trailer). You've got to hear what they each said.

Michael Caine revealed the most, saying that his role was very small (barely more than a cameo), and they wouldn't even let him see the full script. "They wouldn't let me read the script. I only got my page. They're all very secretive!" As for his appearance, he simply says that "[DiCaprio is] going off to do a science project and he speaks to me before he goes." A science project, eh? Don't think too hard about, we'll find out soon.

Cillian Murphy, on the other hand, has a larger role but wouldn't talk about it. All he did say was this:

"This is my third film with Chris," Murphy said. "He showed me the whole script. It's very very complex and amazing. I'm hugely excited for next year when it comes out."

Me too, Mr. Murphy. When asked to further explain the concept, he couldn't, just because it's so unique.

"It's conceptual. It doesn't fit into any genre," he explained. "There are elements of different types of things in it but it is all from Chris' imagination. I've never read anything close to it before."

For your own sake, I highly suggest that you do not go off searching for details or try to uncover the exact plot before it hits theaters next year. Not only because some (if not all) of the info out there is inaccurate, but because it will ruin your experience. Part of the brilliance of Inception is not knowing anything about it going in. I'd love to see it right now having only seen that teaser trailer, but that can't happen and we'll have seen a full trailer by the time it comes out anyway. I love that Murphy says it's "very, very complex," because coming from the mind (or rather, imagination) of Christopher Nolan, that means it'll probably be brilliant.

Inception has been shooting since that teaser came out in August and is still shooting as we speak. I don't expect to hear anything new about it until a few months into next year. So until then I think it's best to lay low and keep the anticipation high. I don't want to ruin this one early especially because I have a feeling it will be one of the highlights of 2010. As always, though, we'll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest.

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"Part of the brilliance of Inception is not knowing anything about it going in." That's any and every film. How great would it be to walk into a theater on a regular basis with as little knowledge as possible?

Adrian on Oct 21, 2009


"In order to respect the filmmaker's wishes and to maintain the integrity of the film itself, I've decided to no longer post any story or spoiler details surrounding Christopher Nolan's Inception". Thank you, Alex.

Angel on Oct 21, 2009


I totally agree Alex, sometimes not knowing all the details makes for the best moviegoing experiences. I didn't know much about The Matrix when it came out, and I was completly blown away. With Nolan directing and the cast he has assembled, Inception is going to be rad. I love movies that make you think, and Nolan always delivers the goods. I CAN'T WAIT!!

theotherbluth on Oct 21, 2009


sorry, double post

theotherbluth on Oct 21, 2009


It would be great, but a lot of people wouldn't bother purchasing a ticket to a movie they know nothing or little about. A Nolan film is one of the few times people can just trust it will be awesome. All the studio has to do is put "From the man who brought you Dark Knight" and the general public is sold.

branden on Oct 21, 2009


I really hope the marketing keeps you in the dark until the movie comes out. However, I just don't see it happening. The teaser trailer was vague enough to work. But even if they keep it on the downlow, you would need to see it in the first weekend. The traditional thing to do with even the secret movies is to show you more and more after the first weekend. I think they can market it enough based on who is directing it, (from the director of The Dark Knight) who is in it, and the fact that the whole thing is so secretive. I like how it has a bunch of Dark Knight people. One thing I felt epic about TDK is that they threw Scarecrow in at the beginning. What the 4 90s Batman movies lacked was continuity. Batman 3 should totally be like Arkham Asylum, you can still have the Joker in there, but more as a Jigsaw type character.

Greedo on Oct 21, 2009


Adverbs don't do anything for me. Prove it, Nolan.

Fuelbot on Oct 21, 2009


Adjectives don't do anything for me. Prove it, Nolan.

Fuelbot on Oct 21, 2009


nolan is the man. i anticipate his movies more than any others now.

jake the snake on Oct 21, 2009


Oh you just wait, Fuelbot, you just wait. Nolan will prove it to you and then slap you in the face while doing so. I can't wait till July when this comes out and blows everyone's minds.

Alex Billington on Oct 21, 2009


Pronouns don't do anything for he/she/it/we/you/they. Prove it, Nolan.

Greedo on Oct 21, 2009


Nolan has nothing to prove.

Hattori Hanzo on Oct 21, 2009


I would love to see this movie.I trust Nolan.

Fisherr on Oct 21, 2009


"In order to respect the filmmaker's wishes and to maintain the integrity of the film itself, I've decided to no longer post any story or spoiler details surrounding Christopher Nolan's Inception, ....." isn't it just common sense not to post up any spoilers for any movie at all ? and for the record I guess most of us will watch anything with Christopher Nolan's name on it, kinda disappointed that Michael Caine didn't get a bigger role, but i am sure Chris has his reasons.

Andrew on Oct 21, 2009


Spoiler: The dog dies.

Greedo on Oct 21, 2009


Alex, do you actually know what its about? Or are you just going on faith?

Fuelbot on Oct 21, 2009


so what he can copy Paprika in live action bravo nolan

:) on Oct 21, 2009



SlashBeast on Oct 21, 2009


It'll be really interesting to see if they'll market the film while still keeping a tight lid on details. Very excited for this.

Governor on Oct 21, 2009


why can't they do this for every film?

wm on Oct 21, 2009


"From the man who brought you 'The Dark Knight'" is NOT a selling point for me. TDK was an overblown, noisy, depressing mess. I'll watch Cillian Murphy in anything (even dumb F/X-dependent trash like "Sunshine"), but this is pushing it.

Blip on Oct 22, 2009


I thought I saw Cillian in the trailer. When the helicopter is taking off?

JP on Oct 22, 2009


#21 - Blip Shut up.

1-7 on Oct 22, 2009


Lol #21 just admit your lying....I mean an over blown noisy depressing mess?....Maybe you were just too stupid to understand what was going on. I mean seriously, I know some people didnt think it was a masterpiece but saying it was a bad movie just proves your stupidity. And what #20 said...this type of ad campaign should be done for any movie within the action/thriller genre.

Cody on Oct 22, 2009


Same here, JP. I'm pretty sure that was Cilian being dragged away from the helicopter. #20 - I know, but unfortunately some directors (and actors) have an affliction known commonly as "diarrhea of the mouth." Governor - I think that's doable. Nolan was able to keep a pretty tight lid on most of the details for TDK until the first reviews starting popping up earlier that month.

Corran Horn on Oct 22, 2009


If Nolan didn't get an Oscar nod for Best Director for The Dark Knight -- or a Best Picture nod, even -- this one might do the trick. Maybe.

Frame on Oct 22, 2009


I am way more than excited! Can't July be tomorrow!!?!?!?!?!?

Brian on Oct 22, 2009


"neither were shown in the teaser trailer" ? wrong, Cillian Murphy is in the teaser. he's being dragged away by two men in suits on top of a helipad.

sedna on Oct 22, 2009


Wrong. It's Lukas Haas being dragged away in the teaser.

SlashBeast on Oct 22, 2009


Easy Alex!!! @ 10 We should all just stop talking about it. tsp

tspfeffer on Oct 22, 2009


Leo play the main role, I truly can's stand his acting, so I realy don't know if I ever see this movie. Maybe his part will be smaller or others will be so great or all reviews say "you must see it" than maybe I will pay ticket.

Azis on Nov 26, 2009


It's only you missing out Aziz, you sorry fool.

SlashBeast on Dec 6, 2009

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