Clive Barker Says Pascal Laugier is Off the Hellraiser Remake

June 4, 2009
Source: Twitter


What's going on with that Hellraiser remake that Dimension Films is working on? Anything? Last we heard, Martyrs director Pascal Laugier was attached to direct the new Hellraiser. Not so fast, though. Word coming from the Twitter account run by Clive Barker is that Laugier is no longer involved. "Pascal Laugier is regrettably no longer on the Hellraiser remake. I think Martyrs is extraordinary," Barker said on Tuesday. "I don't know much more. I mean why would anyone tell me? I mostly discover these things here or through friends who still buy the trades." Barker adds: "Sorry, did that sound cynical? Yeah? Good."

Back in March, when STYD talked with Barker, he expressed his supporter of Laugier. "I'm very excited at the idea of [Laugier] doing it. Pascal is a very talented filmmaker," he said. "I am completely open and ready to be blown away." We're not sure what happened or why Laugier left (or was fired), but it seems that Dimension is now going all the way back to the drawing board yet again (in a previous iteration, French directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury were attached, too) and looking for new writers. I have a sinking feeling that this Hellraiser remake may never go into production. But maybe that's all for the better?

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Joyce? Joyce?

David on Jun 4, 2009


Yes, that's all for the better. We don't need a remake. We need Barker to finish writing his sequel to The Hellbound Heart (the novella that Hellraiser was adapted from), Scarlet Gospels, his Pinhead Vs Harry D'Amour story. Then make that into a film. Let's have a new Pinhead story, not another pointless remake with flashier effects.

Mathieu on Jun 4, 2009


New pinhead story i agree with

zach on Jun 4, 2009


this film is cursed. Take a hint Hollywood.

wm on Jun 5, 2009


A "prequel", showing when the lovely box was made, ca 1600, would have been nice aswell. I did like the "new Pinhead" look, but I must agree with Mr. Barker, it's not to be changed in that way, as it was planned. Save that "new look" for someone recieving "pleasure" from the cenobites, and dont change the "priest at the alter of a S & M" look. Mr. Barker said on the new Pinhead look: "I think the combination of a very organized system of scarring with a nail at every intersection is almost mathematical in its precision. The fact that that's been done to somebody or worse, that they've done to themselves, is what makes that image powerful. Once you take away the squares all being the same size and the nails all being the same length, you are just left with a slasher victim, which I don't think Pinhead is. I think Pinhead is a priest at the alter of a S & M."

David Banner on Jun 5, 2009


"A "prequel", showing when the lovely box was made, ca 1600, would have been nice aswell." They did that during the abysmal 4th film. If the cenobytes truly wanted someone to suffer they'd show that to someone strapped in the Clockwork Orange video chair. The thing that amazes me was that later direct to video films were better than that 4th almost franchise killing piece o' crap. No remake/reboot is needed just a new story with his royal pinness and make it more current. Pinhead was originally a jaded soldier from WWI looking for kicks. Why not try a vet coming back from Iraq/Afganistan in the same boat? Will he join the cenobytes, fight them or just get the old hook & chain treatment? Just a thought, your mileage may vary.

jasonmd2020 on Jun 6, 2009


just leave this alone these movies are badass and horrific, todays directors will just butcher it. sorry thats the way the world is now.

BadKarma5g on Jun 7, 2009


They showed the story with how and why the box came about I believe in Hellraiser: Bloodline if I remember correctly from memory.

Mike D on Sep 30, 2009


clive parker is a one trick pony, same old story telling prick! how the fook does this guy make a living from this???????????????? are you all goldfish!

rabsy on Nov 28, 2009

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