Cobra Commander Appears in the Japanese G.I. Joe Trailer

July 6, 2009
Source: YouTube

Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe

We see you Joseph Gordon-Levitt! Seen above is the first official look at Gordon-Levitt as the villain Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. A new Japanese trailer popped up on YouTube this morning (via Cinematical). Yes, it still looks as bad as it did before, but now at least we don't have to see it just to see what Gordon-Levitt looks like as Cobra Commander anymore! A couple of weeks back I wrote about how we haven't seen Gordon-Levitt's face yet but now we finally get a quick glimpse. As for the rest of this trailer, it's just more of the same excruciatingly bad footage we've seen plenty of times before. Enjoy this if you can!

Watch the new Japanese trailer for G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra:

You can also watch the first Super Bowl TV spot as well as the first full-length trailer at those two links.

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra is directed by big action filmmaker Stephen Sommers, of The Jungle Book, Deep Rising, The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, and Van Helsing previously. The screenplay was co-written by Stuart Beattie, of Collateral, Derailed, and 30 Days of Night previously, as well as Skip Woods, of Swordfish and Hitman previously. The movie is based on Hasbro's G.I. Joe line of toys that debuted in 1964. Paramount will premiere G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra in theaters everywhere on August 7th this year.

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I'm surprised JGL signed up for this. Looks horrible.

Ken on Jul 6, 2009


oy ....geez

JNYCE on Jul 6, 2009


people should not overreact for a couple of reasons first of all i think he looks quite bad ass but lets look at some reasons to not flip out. 1. The Title of the film indicates THE RISE OF COBRA 2. I hear he gets his full mask at the end of the film so i think cobra is more around the liens of Darth Vader than anything else

nelson on Jul 6, 2009


It gets worse. My store wrongfully set up the toys before the set date of July 10. As much as I hate my store I told them and they ignored me. Then I told them how Toys-R-Us had a fine per toy sold before the release. But yeah, I saw them. He sucks. Totally new design for his mask, so yes, this movie just got worse.

w00t!!! on Jul 6, 2009


Looks like Casshern is in the wrong film, or maybe he borrewed Robo-geishas mask? Also did Eccleston steal Sean Connery's voice?

Crapola on Jul 6, 2009


Given- the movie looks entirely craptastic with the stale-twins, Tatum & Quaid at the helm, BUT I think the scenes with Levitt could be rad... without a doubt, if this movie is even tolerable, he will be the reason. But, someone please start putting quality CGI in huge budget movies... come on. It looks like they put green gak on a model of the Eiffel Tower.

Antioch on Jul 6, 2009


Hey fanboys....wait I actually want this movie to make big money and be a surprise hit!!!! I wanna see a sequel in 2 years....and then the Joes get all different uniforms, new recruits (Shipwreck) and a fully terrorist ready army of cobra with the twins Xamot & Tomax and Firefly. COBRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lazarus from Sparta on Jul 6, 2009


Or I get lucky, move to Hollywood, get hired to direct the sequel, marry Megan Fox and win an Oscar for best sound effects!!!! Which ever happens first! 😉

Lazarus from Sparta on Jul 6, 2009


I'm sorry I don't agree with any of you haters....I will always be a GI Joe Fan and I really think this looks pretty bad ass.....I mean look at Transformers 2....reviewed as the worst movie of the year and it is kicking ass in the box office....(Which might I add was pretty sweet). ITS A SUMMER MOVIE...SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!!

Cameron on Jul 6, 2009


#9 Difference between Transformers 2 and this is that the former had a director who knows how to make action and had amazing CGI + Megan Fox. CGI here looks something like from A Sound of Thunder and..... hm well, it got nothing else.

Shige on Jul 6, 2009


How does the guy that wrote Collateral end up doing this!? I blame Skip Woods!!!!!!!!

Xerxex on Jul 6, 2009


ALEX, how the hell do you rip on this, yet say you enjoyed Transformers 2?! ROFT was easily the worst blockbuster of the year, aside from Wolverine. But let me guess... you liked that too?

sea on Jul 6, 2009


Why does everyone Levitt so much? I mean seriously, the guy on 3rd Rock??? He's barely broke puberty and HE'S COBRA!?!

w00t!!! on Jul 6, 2009


whys evry1 hatin on this movie, its not even out yet. looks halfway decent, ya the 3rd rock kids cobra , maybe hes got skills , every1 groaned when leadger was picked as the joker an now look what happened. not that this will prob be anywhere near as good at TDK but holy shit never seen such hatin on a movie not out fuck lol . hey ray park is in this good enough 4 me .

subcelsious5g on Jul 6, 2009


# 13 watch Brick.

Oblong on Jul 6, 2009


# 14 well said,its just...look at it!!!!!!

Xerxex on Jul 6, 2009


meh. ill probly watch it.

mrmr on Jul 6, 2009


JGL is a great actor. Manic, Brick, The Lookout, Killshot, Miracle at St. Anna, Havoc, Stop-Loss... he plays a different kind of role in each film and does them well. He just tends to shy away from more of the mainstream films. If you haven't seen Brick then stop what you are doing and go buy/rent it now.

Ken on Jul 6, 2009


its been awhile since we saw an underwater shootout

Darrin on Jul 6, 2009


*sigh* With every preview they release I want to see this movie less and less...

Jeep-Fu on Jul 6, 2009


-_- When the trailer started. >.>! When Cobra popped up. -_- The rest of the trailer. I will more than likely be dragged to this movie. I would be excited about it, but stuff in the trailer just makes me go..."Eh.." Certain actors, and the stupid space monkey looking suits they're all flopping around in. I hope Wayans will try to be more serious instead of the typical black guy who dances around and makes supposedly funny comments whenever whitey says something.

Sabes on Jul 6, 2009


I don't care how cheesy the source material was, this looks horrible.

Ska on Jul 6, 2009


they should have approached this with an R rating. lets be real the fanbase that followed these cartoons are all adults now i think they would have made serious money and a much better movie getting gritty....this crap looks dumb as hell

c good on Jul 6, 2009


i think many people are eager to see if Levitt pulls off a Johnny Depp/ Ledger- Joker with this role, in creating a memorable character with his own imagination

yes on Jul 6, 2009


Looks nothing like COBRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! J/K Still watching this ........................

SHANEDAV on Jul 6, 2009


#24 That would only work if this movie would be a huge success, imo. I wish he was a little taller. I always thought he looked a little bit like a mini Ledger, and I am convinced he could pull off a new Joker. But ever since Ledger's amazing performance that character is sacred. Well...for a few years at least. Hollywood doesn't really mourn it's losses for too long. And the big bucks are always calling. Anyhow, I think Levitt is a fantastic actor, and he sure has a big career ahead of him.

SuicidalOptimist on Jul 6, 2009


Newsflash! Rick Yune is gonna play Quick Kick in the sequel. NOT! Mwahahahahaha....

EvOiSGooD on Jul 7, 2009


all i can say is that this is going to be a waste of time. i don't remember g.i. joe needing accelerator suits, they were awesome all on their own. it is pretty pathetic if they need to rely on technology to get the job done. like so many "reboots" it's hyped up with fancy shiny gadgets; i would much rather see a movie that gets down to the basics. TMNT was a great movie because it didn't do anything fancy, had a gritty look to it and barely no cheese.

Christopher Sullivan on Jul 7, 2009


Storm Shadow looks like an insurance sales man

mandarin on Jul 7, 2009


#5 - Christopher Eccleston's accent is actually that. Sean Connery isn't the only Scottish actor in the world.

Emma on Jul 7, 2009


Has anyone realized yet that this is not a picture of cobra commander but an image of some character they are calling "The Doctor"????

Scott on Jul 7, 2009


#7 i so would want to see scerpentor. Cobra lalalalalalalalala

Rambo on Jul 8, 2009


all i wanna see is snake eyes kill it in the movie i've been waiting for it since the announcement of the movie

malink on Jul 8, 2009


#31 this looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt to me.....................

SHANEDAV on Jul 8, 2009


Y'know...been wanting to say this for awhile but...seriously, just drop the Joe hating. You guys were excited for of the most cliched, cheesy action movies ever, from one of the most dopey directors of all time, and you're whining about GI JOE? Seriously? It's going to be a straight up action flick, no more, no less. JUST LIKE TRANSFORMERS. If you don't want to watch it, don't watch it. Just cease all coverage of it.

Joshua Cookingham on Jul 14, 2009


This is NOT Cobra Commander. It's Dr. Mindbender.

Lily on Jul 14, 2009


This is actually Cobra Commander, because Levitt has long hair, the pailness is just makeup. I think he will get the full part of the mask at the end of the film.

Emmanuel on Jul 16, 2009


Thats not cobra, thats "the doctor". Cobra is supposed to look like Darth Vader, only with red skin

Jack Bauer on Jul 21, 2009


for the guys claiming this movie is bad and giving injustice to the toons of yore yer a bunch of hypocrites so u want them to wear colorful costumes, shout COBRA or YO JOE when they attack? wow so realistic and shoot with laser guns that doesnt seem to hit anybody fatally if u dont want the movie dont watch it but dont keep sayin its gonna suck its so bad etc etc if u like the toons so much go watch it but seein BS comments its gonna suck but u keep following the updates is sooooooooo BS

PFFT on Jul 22, 2009


if you guys really hate it that bad then why waste your time and even leave a comment go watch harry potter b@$#hs

cobracreo on Jul 23, 2009


forget the cast, I love how the Japanese promoted the movie with 13 leather clad babes

swen on Aug 10, 2009


Say what you will, this film was great for it delivered almost exactly what it should have. Great action ,decent visual effects( on par for a non-summer released film) and Kick-ass villains. I didn't like Cobra Commander's Mask at all( though it does look like a King Cobra a bit) But The villains were all damn kewl as they should be. The reference to alot of the old Cartoon elements and the toys is subtle and great . I look forward to seeing the next one and see what is next!

Negro on Nov 3, 2009

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