Coen Brothers & Jeff Bridges Reunite for True Grit Remake

September 11, 2009

The Dude

It was back in March when the official word of a Coen Brothers remake of the western True Grit.  Since then we haven't heard much about the project since the Coen's were busy with their forthcoming release A Serious Man (watch the trailer). But now Variety tells us that there will be a reunion of sorts with Jeff Bridges in discussions to take on the lead role that won cinema icon John Wayne an Oscar back in 1969. The last time Bridges worked with the Coen Brothers, he turned in a highly praised performance as "The Dude" in the 1998 cult classic The Big Lebowski, so this announcement has definitely piqued my interest.

The original True Grit tells the story of U.S. marshal Rooster Cogburn and another man in uniform tracking the killer of a 14 year-old girl's father. In addition to being more faithful to the novel that the original film was based on, the Coens also change things up a bit in that the story is told from the point-of-view of the young girl, and not of Rooster Cogburn (Bridges' character). Scott Rudin is producing the remake, who also had his hand in Joel and Ethan's Best Picture winner No Country for Old Men. Personally, I think the Coen Brothers are two of the best filmmakers working today, and while their films are hardly blockbusters, they certainly are consistent when it comes to quality. I will be looking forward to this one. How about you?

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In what insane universe can Jeff Bridges' name be even mentioned in the same sentence as John Wayne? True Grit is a John Wayne Classic and should be left as such. "The Dude" will never be, and should never attempt to be, "The Duke". Insanity.

Mike D on Sep 11, 2009


Well said. As if Hollywood hasn't produced enough remake crap already, now you want to go and potentially destroy a classic!!! Shame on You COEN brothers, you should know better!!!!!!

matt on Sep 11, 2009


Jog on Matt and Mike! VIVA LA COEN BROS. ...and Jeff Bridges

DoomCanoe on Sep 11, 2009


the original can't be topped.........

beavis4play on Sep 11, 2009


i think the only modern actor who could come close to, or possibly top, John Wayne is Tom Hanks. he should be in this movie

oi on Sep 11, 2009


Most remakes are shite. I can't think of any good ones

napoleonblownapart on Sep 11, 2009


I'm sorry Jeff, you have little to no chance of being a comparable Rooster Cogburn to The Great John Wayne. If this gets made I have a feeling I will view it exactly as I view the 2nd it never happened.

Dan on Sep 11, 2009


While I agree that no one will ever compare to the duke ( the greatest movie star of all time) True grit was a poignat film that deserves a special treatment if being remade. I loved the film so much, that while i was in high school i read the novel. I have to say there is a lot of differences between the two. (sans eyepatch) Bridges may have the grizzled, unglamorous quality of roosters character, But the thing i'm most excited about is the coen brotheres involvement. no country was a deep, and tragic western. True grit is the same. I'm very excited for this project and will follow it closely.

indyjack on Sep 11, 2009


hey indyjack far from the best, John Wayne can only be defeated by one man only Steve McQueen! AS for Bridges, I love you "Dude" but unless he really gets into the part, I don't see it happening.

Xerxex on Sep 11, 2009


john wayne was a hack

harrison on Sep 11, 2009


I dont think this is intended to be a remake of the John Wayne take of the book, but the coens take of the book so its not about comparing wayne to bridges!!! I am not into the idea of remaking some of these classics they are messing with (leave ford, kurosawa, welles, etc's work alone!!!) but I can get behind the Coens doing their take of the ORIGINAL work!!! I think they have proven their vision and style many times over (even if Burn after reading put me to sleep) and Im always excited to experience what they make... like im excited to see this.

Lando on Sep 11, 2009


Apparently, the John Wayne movie (which was a good western in its time) wasn't based very closely on the book. I think this may be an interesting take on it, especially since it is seen through the eyes of the girl. And Jeff Bridges and the Coen Brothers belong together!

Chendy on Sep 11, 2009


Coens + Bridges = perfect except this will be more NCFOM, and less of their dry humor but still, can't wait

-Peter- on Sep 11, 2009


8 year olds dude.

Cmurder on Sep 11, 2009


hey #10 .... are you hiding in bin laden's cave? Cuz that's the only place for someone who thinks The duke was a hack! WTF! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! That's really the only thing you could say? and who is your favorite movie star? carrot top? rupert everett? tom arnold? I'm just curious........ number nine...... I AGREE WITH YOU! Steve McQueen is the man. Love all of his performances. But on his Worst Day John wayne could still beat the shit out of him.

indyjack on Sep 11, 2009


I'm actually from Dardanelle, Yell County 🙂 I kid you not. As much as I love the original, I'd like to see a more accurate depiction of the country around here (Arkansas/Oklahoma) than the original, which I think was shot in Colorado. I heard that the Coens are looking to make a movie closer to the book, which I'd love to see. I wonder if Robert Duvall, or Dennis Hopper might have a guest appearance since they were in the original. I actually expected Duvall might play Rooster when I first heard about this, but I can see Jeff Bridges pulling it off.

bracomadar on Sep 11, 2009


Only if they have him say one time: "The Rooster abides."

Greedo on Sep 11, 2009


I don't usually endorse remakes, but the Coens and the Dude doing a Western? Yes please.

Kevin on Sep 11, 2009


remakes usually bring cries of scorn but this is different...the Coens are a in a league all by themselves...I would love to see this film done with new faces...John Wayne is good when you are really young but with age he becomes really tiresome...too easy to see through all the smoke & mirrors...I look forward to seeing this...

corholio_by_the_sea on Sep 11, 2009


all right indyjack, on his worst day only!

Xerxex on Sep 11, 2009


anyone remember ladykillers? also a remake.

Joeso on Sep 11, 2009


@15 paul newman with mel brooks in a close second. cant remember a single movie movie i enjoyed the duke in, but hey maybe its just me @17 that would make the movie

harrison on Sep 12, 2009


Oh my God, Coen bros and Jeff Bridges? I'm sold, again!' That's a team the world of cinema is better for.

Mark Drennan on Sep 12, 2009


HAHAHA at #10. That came out of nowhere, and I nearly peed my drawers. Who the hell says something like that haha.

Mark Drennan on Sep 12, 2009


#22, try watching "The Searchers" or "Stagecoach" and you might change your mind, I too grew up disliking the duke, but did a 180 when I saw those for the first time in my life..

Lando on Sep 13, 2009


Has the whole world gone crazy? Am I the only one around here who gives a shit about the rules?

RobertoDinamite on Sep 13, 2009


The Coen Bros. suck hard. This movie will suck and so does Jeff Bridges.

SlashBeast on Sep 23, 2009


HAHAHA....Hey #27, you should add a cool tagline after your comments like "You've been Slashed by the Beast! THE SLASHBEAST!" that shit would rock your comments hard! make them even more credible and impactful! notice BEFORE: "The Coen Bros. suck hard. This movie will suck and so does Jeff Bridges" ok, kinda harsh, to the point..but now read it LIKE THIS: AFTER: "The Coen Bros. suck hard. This movie will suck and so does Jeff Bridges, YOU'VE BEEN SLASHED BY THE BEAST THAT SLASHES! - THE SLASHBEAST!!" eh? nice huh? shit even scared me typing it!!! Hey, You're welcome!!

Hassan on Sep 23, 2009


what insane drug induced dream came up with this insane movie remake with jeff briges?????

lee on Oct 6, 2009


Jeff Bridges?Cant picture it. How about Tommy Lee Jones or Sam Elliott?

Quincannon on Oct 26, 2009


I can't picture Tommy Lee Jones or Sam Elliott as Rooster Cogburn and I like bother actors but they are not right for that part!

Sam on Jan 16, 2011


#28 - Hassan LOL!

SlashBeast on Oct 27, 2009


I'm just glad someone is making a western again. I don't know if they can pull True Grit off but I will keep an open mind about it.

Greg on Jan 18, 2010


Tommy Lee Jones or Tom Selleck are very good but even they could not play Rooster! Why not leave it alone! Do the Coens think they can do it better?They are sucking hind tit if they think so!

JIMMIE ATKINSON on Mar 8, 2010


If any of you people out there think the Coen Brothers suck, and you dont get their movies, you obviously have the IQ of a "Hand Ball" ! I'm a fan of the old movie, but if anyone could pull off this project it would be the Coen Brothers ! Their consistency and quality is remarkable ! If you dont get the Coen's, then go and watch something like "Porky's or the American Pie movies" ! Talk about being cerebrially challanged ! Here's another suggestion ! Stick to watching TV shows like "Jersey Shores" or "Springer" I can almost guess your age by your stupidity ! Rock on Coen's !

Ronbo on Mar 30, 2010


You have a lot of guesses and suggestions,Yajaira

Aastha on May 22, 2010


coens suck remaking john wayne proves it,we always knew something was wrong with damon,"i never saw the movie" that explaines a lot,never thought jeff bridges would fall for crap like this. want to see a good movie watch the's very true to the book,and not only a john wayne film but thee john wayne film.

Beau R Melvin on Oct 7, 2010


Ronbo, Shut the fuck up, the Coens suck hard.

SlashBeast on Oct 31, 2010


Don't have a problem with the Coen Bros or Jeff Bridges, but have a huge problem with all the remarks. They never do the original justice and are a complete waste of time.

mamaw2265 on Nov 21, 2010


Once again Hollywood has done it's worse. I can see you reviving the character Rooster Cogburn but to totally remake any classic film, in short WHY?. I won't waste my time watching it, I'll be saving my bucks to watch something ORIGINAL. Any Turkey can do a remake, it takes someone with real talent (John Wayne) to do an orginial. Just my 2 cents.

This Bites Big on Nov 28, 2010


Bridges is not a cowboy in the first place

Mike on Dec 2, 2010


An opinion is like an asshole, everybody has one. :/

Sam on Jan 16, 2011


You mofo's don't know a damn thing! Johnny Depp would have made a fantastic Rooster Cogburn! OOOOOO WAHHHHHH!!!!

Billy the Kid on Jan 16, 2011

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