Comic-Con: Feige Hints at The Invaders in Captain America?

July 28, 2009

Captain America

Yet another bit of exciting news coming out of Comic-Con that will have hardcore Marvel fanboys reeling with excitement. A few days back, we ran article with a quote from Marvel's Kevin Feige that included a basic list of who we could expect to see in The Avengers movie - but let's take a step back. One year before The Avengers hits theaters, we'll be seeing The First Avenger: Captain America, which will be set in WWII and is being directed by Joe Johnston. This comes from CHUD, where they drop a few hints about the potential appearance of two groups in Captain America: The Invaders (good guys) and Hydra (bad guys).

"Setting it in the Marvel version of WWII is going to open it up [to an international audience] in a big way. It'll actually end up being our most diverse and our most international film. In terms of the cast there's a group that [Cap] works with that will have an opportunity for much more international casting."

When asked straight up if we'd see The Invaders in the movie, Feige's answers was a coy "I don't know." At a future point in their interview at Comic-Con, he also "namedropped" the villainous organization called Hydra, a technologically advanced secret terrorist group that often fought against SHEILD and Captain America. However, Hydra was never active in the comics until after WWII, so therefore they'd be messing with the canon a bit too much if they were to introduce them in this movie. However, this could be a subtle hint at who we could see as a villain in The Avengers movie - since I highly doubt it's going to be the Hulk.

As for The Invaders, they were a group of WWII superheroes first created in 1975 by Roy Thomas. In addition to Cap and Bucky, the Invaders consisted of other various characters like the Human Torch, Toro, Namor the Sub-Mariner, the Blazing Skull, and the Silver Scorpion. I think it would be smart for them to actually put a group like this in Captain America, because it allows them to cast international actors (like Feige said) and give us a taste of what a powerful team like the Avengers will be like. And for non-comic book fans, this is a good way to get them ready for what we'll be seeing in 2012 - an epic Avengers movie.

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sounds awesome! I like the setting of this Marvel Film! Give us a casting update dammit!

Xerxex on Jul 28, 2009


Hey Alex. What about Nick Furys Howling Commandos? That would make more sense. Though its likely its not, it would be cool is see Sam Jackson in WWII. (In the comics it said Nick had a version of the Serum that caused him to not age). Would be a cool idea to mix Nicks old origin with the Ultimate look. He also seemed to mention Nick IS an Avenger in the Avenger film not just a "at the base guy" it seemed like. Did the Howling Commandos have different backgrounds? I only read about it on Wikipedia, I think one was a German defector

Ryan on Jul 28, 2009


Captain America? how boring.

Scott on Jul 28, 2009


I can't wait for this movie. Captain America is far and away my favorite superhero, and The Avengers is going to blow us all away when it comes out in a few years.

RC on Jul 28, 2009


Dudeeeee war machine looks fucking tight!!!!!!why havent u put up the images everyone else has holmes.sam rockwell is cute.

george on Jul 28, 2009


chris pine as captain america!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i want to see civil war.

george on Jul 28, 2009


civil war would be sweet but there is so many question marks at this point that no one knows what will happen with these movies.

cat on Jul 28, 2009


Screw Chris Pine - Tahmoh Penikett should be Cap. My proof (and a kickass costume to boot):

Pete the Geek on Jul 28, 2009


What War machine photos?

Tra la la la la di da on Jul 28, 2009


if they got the invaders and they got namor in it i say hugo weaving should take the roll. hes a perfect sub mariner! i wanna hear him say "imperius rex!" when he beats the shit out of nazis!

cesking on Jul 28, 2009


The Invaders will be in, I think. About Hydra, I'm not sure..

Robbie on Jul 29, 2009


why add more heroes? this movie should be about Captain America, not Captain America and friends.

dave13 on Jul 29, 2009


i'm completely opposed to this. cap should stand on his own for this movie, not have the invaders there to distract from things, if that's the direction they're going in that's a mistake, and if they're doing it as fan service they're jeopardising the film in a big way. hint at them, sure, use them in flash backs in a sequel, but not in the first film, it shouldn't be a team movie at all. disappointing. as for hydra, that could be awesome, canon be damned, that's not messing with it too much, that's just the right amount. i don't see any reason to doubt the hulk could fulfil an antagonist rle, seeing as how that's the role he played in the lee/ditko AND ultimate stuff, albeit unwittingly and manipulated by loki in the former.

manxome on Jul 29, 2009


#3 Why the hell are you even posting?

big r on Jul 29, 2009


is it just me or does anybody else think that Sam Worthington could be a good choice for Captain America ?

HBK on Jul 29, 2009


BOB FROM HYDRA!!! I'd love to see him in The Avengers! #3 is an idiot, but #8 is a FRIGGIN' GENIUS!

Cody on Jul 29, 2009


Didn't Baron Von Strucker form Hydra..? He was one of Nick and Cap's main baddies from the War.

Ballyhoo on Jul 29, 2009


Steve Rogers should be the main focus of the film. Add Bucky, Red Skull, and Hitler. If more are needed throw in the Howling Commanders as a supporting cast, minus Nick Fury. Oh, and have a small cameo by Wolverine. Bring in Armin Zola as a Nazi biochemist, but not in a robot body. There you go! Cap. Bucky. Red Skull. Hitler. That's how you do it. The movie should be epic like Saving Private Ryan.

Marius on Jul 29, 2009


yeah man it would be so fucking sweet to put the invaders in the captain america movie because they have two major plot points in the invaders storyline doesn't namor throw caps body into the sea & don't they use the original human torch body to create the vision because the torch was an android.i thought the red skull would be the villain not hydra wasn't hydra lead by baron von strucker.who knows whats going to happen but its a very exciting time for comic book movies can't fucking wait.

zetsu on Jul 29, 2009


Chris Pine as Captain America? Heck no. Captain America sucks as it is. We dont need know it all star trek commander dude as some hero. Captain America is so lame...Deadpool, Green Lantern, Gambit, The Flash and Wolverine are the way to go. RR plays two of them. Thats cool. Not CP.

Scott on Jul 29, 2009


I'm going to be first in line for this.

TheSaint on Jul 29, 2009


Hydra has it's origins in some of the players in the Cap. WWII universe. Would be a great opportunity to create an origin that could be expanded in Avengers. I see a hint of the Hulk in Avengers because of the scene at the end of Incredible Hulk with Stark. Maybe the Hulk is the reason they heros get together to form the Avengers?

S on Jul 29, 2009


@2 Ultimate Nick Fury had extend history where he was in World War II also i believe your right most likely Howling Commandos could be in the movie they had different nationality in Howling Commandos

tazz on Jul 29, 2009


while #3 and # 20 have no perspective on a well written and developed character originating with the beginning of comic books, i can agree with a lot of whats been said, I dont want this invaders crap, i believe they can pull off and amazing cap and bucky story set in ww2 that will break us into the development of the true American soldier. i love great war movies and cap is one of my favorite characters, he was developed in the beginning as an act of patriotism to portray who, what and why An American soldier do what they do. And i think if they were to really pull that concept within captains character , with a great story, and great supporting characters ( marginal mind you) i think this could not only make for a great war movie and transition into the avengers, but we will see where this goes, there are many actors that look the part but playing it is completely different, i pegged Chris Hemsworth because in that small scene he had in star trek he in most ways played the captain role of self sacrifice in an act of saving people he did know or need to care for. buuuuut he is thor sooo moving on. either way looking i am forward to it

splinter on Jul 30, 2009


Patrick Wilson should be captain America perfect choice

Drunkimus on Jul 30, 2009

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