Comic-Con: Marvel's Kevin Feige Reveals Avengers Line-Up

July 26, 2009
Source: Collider

The Avengers

As almost everyone knows, Marvel stopped by Comic-Con yesterday to premiere the first footage from Iron Man 2 (which we didn't get to see). Marvel's Kevin Feige talked with press afterwards (via Collider) and one of the questions he was asked was whether or not they had worked out the line-up for The Avengers movie yet. Apparently they have, even though "Zack Penn is outlining it as we speak." So who's in it? I think we already know exactly who to expect. "It's going to be Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Nick Fury." But that's not all - there's a few more other members who might show up in the movie as well.

"I think it's safe to assume that there will be some members of the Hulk universe in the film as well. In terms of the additional, I think Black Widow for sure. SHIELD's organization for sure. And, again, what's exciting to me about the Avengers movie are seeing those four characters together and interacting with each other. Anywhere from the first issue of the Avengers to Civil War, the dynamic between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark is awesome and fascinating. It brings out sides of the others that won't be brought out in their own franchises. Throwing Thor into the mix is a whole other thing and I think that will be cool. So to pile in another ten or fifteen… or frankly even four… I think will be too many."

This isn't very surprising to hear, as he pretty much just named off all the superheroes who have their own solo movies coming up in the next few years. What is a bit interesting is that we're not going to see other heroes like Ant-Man or The Wasp involved. It sounds like they're going to stick with the big four that by then the entire world will be familiar with: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and Nick Fury. And you know what, I'm perfectly fine with that. I think Feige is dead on with this one - too many superheroes might be problematic. And at least for this one, they should just stick with those four guys for now. Thoughts?

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I agree if u put too many superheroes in the movie it might be problematic with the running time of the film.

Jnyce on Jul 26, 2009


It's good that here are no too many heroes; I just hoped there would be more on Hulk

Ajax on Jul 26, 2009


i Think those are the perfect line up, the hulk is very cool but he wouldn't add anything to the charaters of the movie. the hulk is a loner as bruce banner he doesn't really add much and he can't control the hulk anyways so it would be cool if he made an appearance but the hulk is better off alone in his own movies. I think they are making a good move by sticking to the four that the general public will know and love.

eric estrada on Jul 26, 2009


id love to see a spiderman crossover. obviously sony wouldnt probably go for that.

????? on Jul 26, 2009


hold on what about War Machine plus how comes no one asked him about what other marvel characters they hoping to make solo films i been waiting for a Dr Strange and Black Panther solo movie

dan on Jul 26, 2009


Crossovers are a bad idea. Stories and character development is usually bad.

Cat on Jul 26, 2009


I was really hoping to see my favorite Avenger, Hawkeye. Also wasn't there rumor of possibly having the Hulk be a sort of villian in the movie?

jdemaray on Jul 26, 2009


So no Hulk? I really really hope they didn't put him in the back seat cuz of the movie's box office performance from last year. It would be a shame.

Alfredo on Jul 26, 2009


Leaving Hulk out of the Avengers is wrong. They already put a plot idea in place with the cameo of Tony Stark at the end. Why not calibrate it further. BTW, is there a Hulk 2 movie coming?

Harold on Jul 26, 2009


They cant NOT have the hulk, "Captain America, Ironman, Thor, and THE HULK" are the initial members of the avengers you cant not have a crucial part of the group

Aaron88 on Jul 26, 2009


They have to pit the hulk in the avengers if they didn't the extra scene at the end of the hulk movie would make no sense. The scene where Tony stark informs the general that he is putting together a team. So I wouldn't doubt not seeing hulk in the movie.

Moose on Jul 26, 2009



Aaron88 on Jul 26, 2009


Okay, all of the Hulkites need to calm down. If you remember, the Hulk was the first villain the Avengers faced, and Cap came along a while after that. I have a feeling that the Hulk will be in the Avengers movie as the big bad (possibly with Loki and the Mandarin joining forces to be behind the whole thing). It could be the whole reason they decide to bring all the heroes together - they're the only chance at stopping the Hulk. Plus, the movies seem to be more based on the Ultimates series than the original series, so they will probably be facing against Hulk rather than with him. The final scenes of Incredible Hulk reflect this as well (Banner intentionally having an episode, Stark meeting with General Ross). Back on topic, I think it's brilliant to keep the cast small for the first Avengers film, or even the first couple (if they decide to continue with sequels like you know they will). Too many characters mean less character development per 2 hour film. They should hint at more superheroes being around (like the rumored cameo by Janet Van Dyne and Hank Pym in Iron Man 2) but not include them for a while.

Pete the Geek on Jul 26, 2009


let me get a comment, first off the possible thought not include the HULK is a big mistake, having Ed rocking out half way scientist and the other HULK smashing shit up would be good enough for me....regarding 2nd movie, it's just wrong they haven't thought of it, I believe MARVEL is some what scared going into HULK again for some reason....thinking it wouldn't make good again and might mess up their plans for Avengers and the rest of the crew, but that's my opinion.... Anyway regarding the Avengers just keeping it to a min' i think that sucks....shit we've waited this far, I want them to go out blazzin'....I have faith that MARVEL can make a film that has more players in it then just 4 per say....shit if it was FOX or SONY running the clock then I would be afraid, but I feel MARVEL is that John Elway, 2 min's left let's go for it.....I know they can put together a good flick, I don't care if it's 3 hours as long as do they do it right....put in 5 - 6 major Avenger players and 4 minor players, maybe same with the villains what ever....all I know is that as of now MARVEL, I have confidence in them that they can do it.....f that about keeping a count to min' let's rock it and go all out.....anyway that's my opnion

Blue & Orange NY on Jul 26, 2009


I have to say...I'm a bit disappointed that Hulk isn't a confirmed character? I mean come on. How can you have Tony Stark show up at the end of The Incredible Hulk and talk about putting a team together, directly referencing the Avengers, and then not be sure if Hulk will be in The Avengers? I mean, if Hulk is not in it, I'll be quite pissed.

Chris G. on Jul 26, 2009


they can just make a movie bout those 4 trying to bring hulk into the avengers

lego on Jul 26, 2009


I remember hearing that if The Incredible Hulk performed well at the box office then there would be another one. I also remember that in the Avengers the Hulk would either be the Villian or a member, but I figured that he would be a member because at the end of the film it shows Banner able to control the Hulk. As for the Avengers the line up should be Captain America, Ironman, and Thor and maybe the Hulk but there remains two big questions: Who is going to play Captain America? and who will be the villian in The Avengers? #13 the ending does show Banner intentionally having an episode but it seems like he is controlling it, being able to master his rage and the Hulk; so throwing him into the bad guy seat is unfair, really...but we still need to see how Ironman 2, Thor, and Captain America are going to do once in theaters.

Xerxex on Jul 26, 2009


#17 hulk still can turn into a bad guy remember Banner gave a sinister smile this could hint that maybe he control the Hulk or the Hulk might change Banner into a bad guy anyway guys no way they will do a Avengers movie without Hulk it does not make sense at all also they better bring back Edward Norton heres something else Lou Ferrigno said his going to voice the Hulk again in The Avengers movie

dan on Jul 26, 2009


#18 yeah I know the ending is left pretty open ended. But hopefull they will figure it all out.

Xerxex on Jul 26, 2009


they should atleast add two people in the second movie then kill one off then add one in the third(?) to keep it even somewhat

cheater on Jul 26, 2009


I heard that footage was shot/created during the Hulk shoot that wasn't used or hasn't been used yet, that has the Hulk in the Arctic finding a frozen Steve Rogers! Hulk will be in it in some form.

The Captain on Jul 26, 2009


@18 & 19 I remember hearing Ed Norton say that they left it open ended for the Avengers film. Nothing about the Avengers film was confirmed back when the Incredible Hulk was in development so it was a 'just in case' senario(sp?). Also, Marvel have released their upcoming releases list and theres no 'Incredible Hulk 2' to be seen. I believe it would be a mix of poor box office takings and the fact they fought with Ed Norton too much about the film's darkness.

Marcus on Jul 26, 2009


Incredible Hulk was way better then Ang Lee Hulk they better find a way to do a sequel to Incredible Hulk

dan on Jul 26, 2009


If the Hulk isn't in the movie, I'll be pissed

Max on Jul 26, 2009


So will Edgar Wright's Ant man still go through? Nick Fury was never really a core member of the avengers....

sb on Jul 26, 2009


#22 check this out it might be a old article done in 2008 but keep in mind it mention the same movies that been mention on this article.

dan on Jul 26, 2009


#25 Nick Fury is important

mega on Jul 26, 2009


#27 Though i do understand his importance, i thought of him as being more of a supportive character to the others. Who knows what will happen though, the film isn't due till another 3 years or so.

sb on Jul 26, 2009


It's not really much of a "team" with just those four though, especially since Fury is usually written as an administrative type of guy rather than a field guy. I think they should have at least two more, just to make it a real true "Team" of heroes, rather than just a team-up plus one.

DRM on Jul 26, 2009


#28 i heard that Nick Fury will kick as in The Avengers movie plus you got to remember Ultimate Nick Fury was tested on "Project Rebirth" that gave him super-strength and Healing factor

mega on Jul 26, 2009


Everyone has spoken and its only fair. The Hulk has to be one of the CONFIRMED characters...BAR NONE. Its one of the worst decisions ever if Hulk is passed on to be in the Avengers movie. The reboot movie would have just been a waste if Marvel doesn't capitalize on keep the continuity they are trying to achieve with Avengers, Iron Man, Thor & Captain America. Leaving Hulk out is just simple idiotic to the highest extreme. Honestly, if they don't make an announcement that Hulk is somehow in the Avengers film (GOOD GUY OR BAD), theres going to be some serious backlash. Marvel execs! Speak now!

Harold on Jul 26, 2009


After their latest shit shows, I have ZERO faith in Marvel. I'm dick-riding D.C. from here on out. That's right I said it.

Sean on Jul 26, 2009


Well, they could take the X2 route. Xmen 2 worked fine because the extra mutants just had brief cameo appearances. We saw Colossus, Shadowcat, and a few others, but the big stars got all the attention. They could easily add Ant-man and Wasp and maybe even a couple others as long as they don't feel they have to flesh them out as well. Just stick to the big guns: Cap, Thor, Iron Man and whoever else when it comes to relevant parts of the story.

TNo on Jul 26, 2009


If Hulk isn't in it, Marvel will lose a massive chunk of interest in this. His unpredictability is a very important part of the Avengers. Put Hulk in, and do it justice.

Mark on Jul 26, 2009


I think, it was good to stick to those four for now but HULK definitely has to be involved somehow as well. Whether it be that they are searching for him or not. I definitely appreciate the latest HULK movie and Iron Man is just classic! It's going to be interesting to see if the 2nd Iron Man movie will be ass good if not better then the first one ----> keeping the momentum going for Cap America movie. I also HOPE that the Cap America movie is great, following up to the actual Avengers movie. I'm just wanting good acting and a GREAT story ... lets hope ...

Max on Jul 26, 2009


Didn't we ALL already know this? Ed Norton was signed for one movie and there's never been mention of him being on it again, which is who they'd go for first so...duh. Never the less, this is a sneak peek, seriously, calm down. If they give the whole thing away, what's the point? Stark never talked to the general about forming a team and could Bruce join. I'm thinking The Avengers might be a Hulk-buster movie which would be great!

Tra la la la la di da on Jul 26, 2009


@ Tra la la la la di da You can never trust movie execs. Especially when they try to talk up the cast. However, by no mention of the Hulk directly, its already showing a slight in the direction of the Avengers casting as well as the possibility of no Hulk at all. In his Feige's statement he says "characters in the Hulk universe" might be in. That doesn't sound like Hulk the character will be in it at all. Thats the alarming thing. Lets hope they see how this thread sways there thought process before its too late. The Avengers movie with no Hulk will be a complete failure. Remember, there won't be a second Hulk film, thus the only connection to the ending of the reboot movie is the Avengers. If they want to tackle the crossing of universes and characters, do it right. Don't half asses it. Nuff said.

Harold on Jul 26, 2009


Edward Norton said he would never reprise his roll as the Hulk. He said its not because he has a problem with the character but he hates marketing the big green machine more then any character he has played. i say make Hulk like Batman, keep switching him up till we find the perfect guy for the job... cause don't get me wrong Norton did great but he was not the perfect Bruce Banner. but if they can gey Norton then we have Downy, Norton, Cheadle, Jackson, Hemsworth, and maybe McDonough... that would be an all time super hero power cast. hell please throw in a cameo from Jackman just so i can see him do the Wolverine thing once again. (cause i mean come on, X3 and Wolverine may suck but Jackman is still the best man for the job) and Adewale Akinnuoye as black panther! do you know how much i love that guy!!! the thought of this movie is geekin me out way to early.

DoomCanoe on Jul 26, 2009


I would be perfectly happy with the 4. If done right I think they could make the team up of the 4 be awesome. Also could it be possible to consider the Hulk popping in at the end after they stop whatever the main problem of the movie is making what potentially could have been only a part time team up into an official solidified super hero team? I'm just saying that there's a ton they could do with this movie but only so much they will do and should do and frankly having too many super heroes (especially played by actors that cost a lot of money to hire) would probably be a bad idea in my opinion.

Joe Ho on Jul 27, 2009


i really want to see just the founding avengers to begin with

manxome on Jul 27, 2009


More details... if your interested. I pray they get all the directors involved in some degree, put all their thoughts/suggestions together and work out a fucking masterpiece super hero flick! This is way too much for one guy to take on.

K on Jul 27, 2009


Oh... and the HULK absolutly 100% needs to be in this. I think he should start out as a good guy and then they realize he can't be controlled and hence becomes the bad guy. IM, Cap & Thor will have their hands full! Fuck could you imagine watching that battle scene!!! Dear god that would be jaw dropping, shit my pants, EPIC!!!

K on Jul 27, 2009


Loki was the first villain the Avengers fought not the Hulk. He was part of the team. All I wanna see is Hawkeye. Add him to the team and that's that.

Marius on Jul 27, 2009


The only reason the Hulk"didnt do so well" is b/c of that Eric Bana CRAP. This current Hulk was the greatest Hulk, powerful, full of rage, vulnerable. If Marvel Studios Does This, then they are turning into FOX and Sony, and turning the next slew of Marvel Movies into Crap. And the Hulk made: $263,349,257. How is that bad?

Jason on Jul 27, 2009


The Incredible Hulk grossed Higher than Tropic Thunder, The Mummy, Wanted, Get Smart, Eagle Eye, High School Musical 3. Hulk is great: 18,775,336 tickets sold. If they diss Hulk fans then they will be sorry. Hulks popularity has increased 300 fold since that movie. His comics are selling out and his disciples are spreading the word of Green all across this land. 263 million

Jason on Jul 27, 2009


the fucking hulk & wasp should be on the team,not fucking nick fury he was never an avenger.if marvel is going to fuck around with the original team at fucking least put ms.marvel in it.

zetsu on Jul 27, 2009


I wish SLJ wan't Nick Fury. But barring that it should be a good movie.

TheSaint on Jul 27, 2009


It looks like Marvel is trying to mix the original team of Avengers and the recent Ultimate team together to make this movie. They should do something we've never seen before. Something new.

Marius on Jul 27, 2009


@marius Original Avengers/Ultimate Avengers/Remix Avengers....doesn't matter, HULK MUST BE IN IT 100%. Being anal about this is just the begining. Till now, I still can't believe it. No Hulk = No Avengers = Bomb/bust movie! Guaranteed! Do the Marvel execs think that the Hulk is a replaceable character? Do they think they can still keep this whole "continuity" of Marvel films and universes intact without Hulk in Avengers? Like I said in my prior post....DO IT RIGHT MARVEL! I can see it now...Comic Con 2010 or 11, when they have the panel for Avengers in Hall H. I can imagine the serious uproar of fans, the series of questions to the panelists like "wheres the Hulk? Why reboot a film, connect a story line and not continue it in the obvious Avengers film?" Kevin Feige, Zack Penn and the rest of the studio heads will be shakin' & pissin' in there pants, trying to justifiy why Hulk isn't in the Avengers movie. Hulk isn't a pee on character you can switch like Rhoades/War Machine, HES 100% A CRUCIAL PART OF THE AVENGERS. The hulk is a staple of comic lore and that cannot be denied. If they want the Avengers movie to be the epic super "Dark Knight" type of hype, box office, etc...put Hulk in. I can see Entertainment Tonight, CNN and other media outlets just jumpin' on this eventually. Starting with E.T. Example: Mary Hart saying "The new Avengers movie is out but wheres Hulk". Then it segways into the ending of Iron Man 1 and leads to the question "why is the Hulk out of the Avengers movie"? We don't need to start a petition guys. Lets just let the Marvel execs/actors of the "Avenger" project embarrass themselves at Comic Con 10 or 11. Looking at each like "IDK", am just getting paycheck. lol.

Harold on Jul 27, 2009


Hulk a no show, I'm a no show. Not just because he's a great character. Not just because visually he really rounds out the team (and is the reason EVERY SINGLE SUPER HERO TEAM has had one huge character in it for years now). But because he's the most crucial single element to Avengers; he's there most chaotic bad-ass core, and without him, guaranteed boredom will ensue. It's BS that they even allow for the possibility of no Hulk. Morons.

Mark on Jul 27, 2009


To see the Iron Man 2 panel in its entirety, direct your browser to or just go here. Best footage you'll see of the panel, guaranteed. Enjoy!

HallHCoverage on Jul 28, 2009


This is how I see Hulk in this film: Banner has finally been able to control the Hulk and wants to use it for good. But, General Ross and the Avengers still think he's a menace and take him by force. Of cource, Banner is angry for being unjustly imprisoned. But, after some discussions and the advent of the real villan (who I'm still not sure who it should be), the Avengers decide that they should take a chance on him and put him in the fight.

Ajax on Aug 3, 2009


I think they are going to run it so it's the Avengers AGAINST the Hulk. After all, at the end of TIH, Tony approaches Gen. Ross about a mutual "problem"

Dion on Feb 13, 2010


They need to get Hawkeye in the movie. At least a cameo or something.

Chad on May 25, 2010

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