Creepy Trailer for Alien Abduction Thriller The Fourth Kind

August 13, 2009
Source: Hulu

The Fourth Kind Trailer

A UFO sighting is referred to as an encounter of the first kind. When evidence is collected, it is known as an encounter of the second kind. Contact with extraterrestrials, is an encounter of the third kind. The next level, abduction, is the fourth kind. This encounter has been the most difficult to document… Until now. Universal has debuted the official trailer for the sci-fi thriller The Fourth Kind starring Milla Jovovich on Hulu (you can also watch it on SciFi Wire if you're not in the US). I will only say that this looks very creepy. It just came out of nowhere, I didn't even know this movie existed until today, but damn, does it look crazy!

Watch the official trailer for The Fourth Kind found on YouTube:

A thriller involving an unsolved mystery in Alaska, where one town has seen an extraordinary number of unexplained disappearances during the past 40 years and there are accusations of a federal cover up.

The Fourth Kind is both written and directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Olatunde Osunsanmi, of the horror film The Cavern previously. The story was co-written by Terry Robbins and Osunsanmi. This was mainly shot in secret in Bulgaria last summer. Universal is now bringing The Fourth Kind to theaters everywhere starting on November 6th. For more info, head to the official website:

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Looks good and I agree with everybody else that says this thing looks incredibly creepy, ut is it really based on actual events or is this another clever marketing scam.

wrongturn687 on Aug 13, 2009


Ugh. Hulu is only available in the States. Rest of us out here in the world can't watch.

ThinningTheHerd on Aug 13, 2009


Holy Sh*t this looks incredible! There are a million of these stories around, abduction by an uexplained being, so as far as this being based on actual events is somewhat believable in its entirety, and I think this film is a good basis for exploring the millions of stories about Alien Abductions around the world.

Xerxex on Aug 13, 2009


I dont like these kinds of movies... normally but damn that looks too creepy to dismiss.

Richard on Aug 13, 2009


seems like an interesting role for milla jovovich. creepy, but i hope it's good.

Sgt. Pepper on Aug 13, 2009


Found the trailer: I am so going to Nome, Alaska on holiday and look for snow owls πŸ™‚

David Banner on Aug 13, 2009


Yes. That's all I have to say. Yes.

PJ H on Aug 13, 2009


I would have been a lot more interested if they didn't make it "based on real" whatever bullshit. Too bad.

Syphous on Aug 13, 2009


bullshit or not, this thing gave me the chills - where's the website for the movie, can't find it. seriously though, what if this crap was legit? I know I know... but what if? haha

phizer on Aug 13, 2009


this does seem really real, there are so many abductions in alaska, way higher than other states.. its weird that people describe these dreams as white owls, the resemblance to extraterrestrials is just too creepy. mann looks like a great movie im excited!

djcalidude on Aug 13, 2009


YES! finally a scary movie thats actual based on something credible, not like zombies or weird stuff. there could be life beyond just humans. im interested to see these interview footage

Pandas_extreme on Aug 13, 2009


Fuck you Hulu, Thank you David.

Bernhard on Aug 13, 2009


Ug, why did I have to just watch that at night in my dark room. πŸ™ Thanks a lot... Otherwise it looks interesting. Effin creepy owl.

Sabes on Aug 13, 2009


A link to the real world mystery:

Oyanar on Aug 13, 2009


Intriguing! I've often pondered what the whole abduction process entailed---not just a 'snatch and grab' scenario! Creepy as hell, though! This flick seems to go far beyond what the flicks, "Communion" and "Fire in the Sky" showed us!!! Oooh, I'm there! πŸ™‚

Spider on Aug 13, 2009


Ok, Great, but where is the Trailer for International Audiences???????

Wylles on Aug 13, 2009


Filmed in Bulgaria? My sister is over there. coolness. ...that was creepy. >_>

Scott on Aug 13, 2009


I will never look at white owls the same way again. Looks really creepy. Irrational fears and threats that aren't visible are so much better than blood, guts and gore. I am not sure I'd believe in abductions by aliens, but denying that there is more life "out there" beyond our galaxy, would just be ignorant, imo.

SuicidalOptimist on Aug 13, 2009


Wow I am so down for this! I'd like to see all the archival footage also. Can't wait!

Dan W on Aug 13, 2009


good find oyanar. looking for other stuff about nome to see if legit. google has too many results to sift through this late.

crystaljade on Aug 13, 2009


I have new hope for the rest of this film year now with this and the Law Abiding Citizen trailer. Both look excellent!

Zac on Aug 13, 2009


im scared someone hold me!

Sancho on Aug 13, 2009


This looks fucking awesome!

Scriptshadow on Aug 14, 2009


Wow, this looks fucken sick! Can't wait...

Mr.Big on Aug 14, 2009


that was really creepy

DoomCanoe on Aug 14, 2009


Apparently from the Youtube vid, this film was made by the Illuminati. Looks pretty good anyhoo, even managed to get in some ancient civilisation bits, although if the aliens were hanginging out with our ancestors enough to let them be depicted in stone carvings, how come they keep anal probing folk nowadays? Hulu can get tae fuck though.

Crapola on Aug 14, 2009


C'mooon.. what about us poor swedes..?

Dick on Aug 14, 2009


I love movies like this

Trey on Aug 14, 2009


Looks fucking stupid and lame. What's the matter with you people?

normf on Aug 14, 2009


this shit looks dumb. real events or not.

A-B on Aug 14, 2009


i dont think its technically impossible to serve us europeans!!!fuck hulu!!!

yojoe on Aug 14, 2009


I do not believe in UFOs and associated abduction cases. The happening of life in the Universe is too improbable and volumetric space between stars is too vast. However, for those interested in this form of psychological delusion, here's the official site of the film:

Oyanar on Aug 14, 2009


PG-13? Whoa. Well. I'm not seeing it with my little sister, that's for sure. xD The trailer doesn't creep me out. Thinking about it does. "True events", I think I've read about some of these.

Lar on Aug 14, 2009


But Oyanar the happening of life is very unpredictable so assuming that no life is out and about in the vast universe is also improbable in its own way, dude.

Xerxex on Aug 14, 2009


Well, Xerxex, what I meant is that it is highly improbable that folks from elsewhere come to visit us. With modern technology, it would take about 73,000 years to go to the closest star to the Sun. And our galaxy is made out of about 200 billion stars. I think the Universe is still too young to allow such technological breakthroughs as interstellar travels, if it ever exists. I do believe however there might be some sort of lifeforms, microbial or more advanced, somewhere in the Universe, perhaps even in the Milkyway. We might never know.

Oyanar on Aug 14, 2009


HELLL YEAH... looks like fun... and Mila is hott.. I am all for it

Dusty on Aug 14, 2009


1. Glad Mila is doing something other than Resident Evil flicks. 2. The video tape footage makes it uber-creepy. 3. PG-13? Probably just due to disturbing images, no evidence of a sex scene or extreme violence in the trailer. 4. Gives me a vibe like The Mothman Prophecies. I loved that film. 5. Can I pre-order my tickets now?

jasonmd2020 on Aug 14, 2009


I'm usually sort of against alien-abduction flicks cause they're either not very good or the whole concept just seem too 'scientologic' for me. But this one looks kind of interesting!

Nathalie on Aug 14, 2009


It's probably the only movie where she keeps her clothes on.

nem on Aug 14, 2009


I understand Oyanar I assumed that you meant no life existed in general thats my bad, and I agree its is highly doubtfum that we will be visited, but perhaps one day we will?

Xerxex on Aug 14, 2009


Looks Fantastic!! I am afraid though that it will be one of those films that spends a majority of the film building up this mystery only to have a "bull" ended....we have seen these types before!

Jay on Aug 14, 2009


The Owl Man Prophecies.

joe on Aug 15, 2009


i shit my pants when i saw the actual footage of the guy in the bed

Darren on Aug 15, 2009


actual footage? link please.

jman571 on Aug 15, 2009


Wow, this looks awesome, can not wait for it to hit the theathers.

Nick on Aug 17, 2009


the only part that was a tad creepy was the guy who sat up in the bed he looked like someone stuck a huge cock right up his ass XD

neonblue120 on Aug 20, 2009


God scariest trailer I've seen in a while. Couldn't sleep comfortably after I watched it... And that was just from watching the trailer Can't imagine how scared I would feel after watching the movie....

Notex on Aug 21, 2009


okay, i grew up in nome, ak and they really should have filmed it there, not some other place in alaska. how lame.

Ahne on Aug 26, 2009


I have watched that trailer, its scary and creepy. I think that I'm going to like it. With that said. The case about the existence of aliens and abductions. I will say that there is so many facts that are quickly overlooked or dismissed simply because it would shatter so many sheltered realities that we set up for ourselves. If you look past the everyday joe who has your typical ufo sighting or abduction account and begin to look at the cases by those in uniform like air force pilots, scientists, commercial pilots, astronauts, authentic faa reports, audio recording from those pilots and even from military personnel who have said these beings do exist and they have recovered bodies and technology and they know that there is at least 57 types of aliens that they have catoloqued since the late 40's early 50's. Its not just newly founded proof from this country but as well as others from around the world. It has been said that governments from around the world is planning some type of disclosure about the existence of aliens to its people. To say that it is impossible for other life to travel here, because we cant travel out there past the speed of light. That would be based on our limited science and how we calculate the possibilities. That would not even be compared to their advance intelligences whoever they are. That would make us so damn egotistical to believe that we are the only ones with a technological advancement. With astronauts, scientists and others saying that there are beings on the moon, building structures there as well as mars and the moon of mars. That would imply that they been here for a long time in our own solar system. This type of information will force us to rethink everything we think we know. Always research, dig deeper, ask more questions, find the truth that cannot be denied.

GNICO on Sep 6, 2009


I am a amateur astronomer and when I was young I used to enjoy these kind of stories. Even today, I like movies like KNOWING, 2012 etc. So many movies are cropping up these last few years of this genre. This shows some kind of subconscious fear especially being bombarded with information regarding asteriod collision with earth, our planet being exploited beyond regeneration of resources. The matter comes to only one point - what to believe and what not to believe. When people do not believe in mainstream religions such as Christianity, Moslem, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism, they start to believe in everything. Almost every night I watch the universe from my advanced telescope and see the vastness of it. If aliens really exist (which I believe they do) I cannot understand why they creep up in our planet and do fourth kind actions whilst it would be easy to do the third kind. When one studies science and not science fiction, one kind come to understand that there is vast difference in believing between what is true and not.

Heron on Sep 7, 2009


IT IS NOT REAL. I live in Nome and we DO NOT have aliens. Do these idiots even know what Nome looks like geographically? NO! We don't have trees!!!! Just another way for movies makers to make a buck off of someone else's misfortunes. Sad, sad, sad!!!!

Amy Smithhisler on Sep 9, 2009


They're not saying it was shot in Nome. Noone disputes that the filn was shot somewhere else either because of cost or look. Just because they shot it somewhere else doesn't mean that it's not based on actual events and people. Looks scary as hell to me...

jellyroll on Sep 10, 2009


this won't play in Japan.

J on Sep 17, 2009


This kind of publicity is completely unacceptable. It is one thing to simply lie about the truth of certain events, but to actually create websites and other sources that attempt to verify the lie should be illegal. How is anyone supposed to be able to conduct legitimate research when corporations can go around creating fake medical journal website. Here is Universal Studios phone number – please call and complain about this blatant public manipulation: 818-777-1000

Felix on Sep 26, 2009


they are miss leading you as to what many will think what Nome acually looks like. it is not sitting next to mountains with trees. google earth this for yourself. at least get the geographic location right in the trailer scene, adds more realism to the effect because people can actually see pictures and satillite images of the area and say "yeah! thats where it happened". they are feeding your brain with incorrect information. and look now you think you know what Nome looks like. WRONG!!!

allan on Oct 24, 2009


who cares where they shot the movie? most movies are shot in different locales than where they take place for lots of reasons. cost and look will always trump authenticity. i'm guessing it would have been tough to actually shoot in nome because of where it is and what it looks like. personally i'm more curious about the footage they're using than where they shot the rest of the film.

jiff on Oct 25, 2009


This movie is mostly full of crap. The only part which is interesting and "REAL" is the individuals who spoke at the National Press Club conference. This conference holds some of the most distinguished speakers about UFO sightings and they are all top government or academic officials who aren't named "bubba" and point to real convincing evidence of a government cover-up into something strange. We do need answers, however this film says it is about facts from Nome Alaska. Nobody can find any of these reported "case-studies" which the director boasts as real in the film.

Response on Oct 29, 2009


I've dreamt of the owl a few years ago. It was horrifying and I woke up screaming to my wife "did you see that, did you see that!". Then I thought it was just a bad dream…a typical dream that doesn't make sense... an owl? I never had any idea that abducties saw owls until I saw the movie trailer for this film. Now I'm wondering if it was just a coincidence?

anonymous on Nov 4, 2009


Was this a clever marketing Hollywood movie scheme? Perhaps..As an author of Secret Societies Exposed, Ufologist, Cult Investigator and former law enforcement, I conclude that this movie has profound merits as depicted with their representation of plausible events. Like so, there is no doubt that the film challenges our imagination with the premise of science VS fiction. Nonetheless, we are always fascinated with such mysteries of the paranormal and the universe! Like so, the Movie and Acting was superb!! I have performed multiple field investigations of such paranormal anomalies and found Parapsychological evidence to support such claims even thought there are many unfounded cases that are classified as hoax. Im also a Senior Paranormal Investigator with the Florida Paranormal Research Foundation and there are plenty of cases that exist that are beyond scientific and logical comprehension! Interestingly, the real AKA Dr. Tyler never received sufficient assistance in her case and was dismiss by officials since this type of conspiracy theory can never be ascertained by officials, FBI or government. Thus, can you Imagine the social crisis and religious pandemonium that would develop if the government was to confirm that Aliens are real! Subsequently, the Church will also lose its multibillion dollar a year franchises. In conclusion, the truth is out and thou shall find. I would like to find the real A.K.A. Dr. Abigail Tyler and re-open this cold case file in order for her to receive closure on her misfortune events! She deserves that much! Charles Del Campo Cult Investigator. Link:

Charles Del Campo on Mar 21, 2010


they just want their friends back so area 51 stop the abduction before their planet starts a war with ours.

aaron dequan starks on Mar 24, 2010


sometimes its the little things you dont recognise, but since 9 they have been there. I spent a year dreaming most nights in only one house that they were there. I have spent years dismissing it and now even I dont know. I have had the odd experienece since 19 when it was vivid and unmasked. Now I start to wonder was I really dreaming, because it was always seemed real....I'm now 37 and this film affected me more than any other awake tell my soul that was not real...please

anon on Jun 9, 2010

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