Cyclops Says X-Men: First Class to Start Shooting in 2010?

September 17, 2009
Source: SuperHeroHype, Twitter

Young X-Men

Back in April, we received a bit of information about the spawning of a new X-Men franchise in the form of some young mutants forming the first team out of Charles Xavier's School for the Gifted. As of now, the project is being referred to as X-Men: First Class, but we haven't heard any real information about the project since Josh Schwartz (creator and exec producer of shows like "Chuck" and "The O.C.") was said to be penning the first draft of the screenplay. But some new info has come to light today via SuperHeroHype, and it looks like the production might be on track to start filming sooner than we might have originally thought.

The site was tipped off about a potential 2010 start date for X-Men: First Class when actor Tim Pocock, who played the young Scott Summers/Cyclops in Wolverine, updated his Twitter. Apparently the young actor is filming an Australian TV series until February and then will be shooting First Class. However, he doesn't say how soon after this series' finishes that he'll be in production so it could be months later.

You might remember back in April, producer Lauren Schuler Donner (X-Men Trilogy, Wolverine) let us know that X-Men: First Class would be like a whole new beginning. Here's what she said at the time:

"It is the first class of Xavier's school, way back when, so it's young Scott, young Jean, young Beast and that'll be really fun. Hopefully First Class will become its own franchise and we can follow them as they grow up."

While I love me some X-Men action, I can't see the adventures of a teen team of mutants being all that exciting for anybody over 13. When's the last time an entire cast of kids came together for any awesome action/sci-fi flick? It was hard enough seeing the immature antics of Iceman and Pyro as their rivalry grew from X2: X-Men United to the horribly campy in X-Men: The Last Stand. If we're going to start fresh with a new franchise and continue on this trend of combining characters from other franchises into one story a la The Avengers, then why doesn't Marvel just figure out how they can bring the Civil War storyline to the big screen. Never have I been so intrigued by a comic series (and I'm not an avid comic reader). If you haven't read it, I wholly recommend it, it's incredible. Where do you want the X-Men franchise to go next?

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sigh...Wolverine was shite....the only hope of redeeming this franchise is through creating a serious Magneto film, but that wont bring in the ADD fanboys who though Wolverine was "like...awesome"

ConnachtFan on Sep 17, 2009


Yeah I really don't know how to feel about this...a part of me wants to say it sounds lame, another parts says it sounds cool. To be honest I'd much rather see a Colossus origin story rather than First Class, but show me the cast and a trailer then I'll judge.

xerxex on Sep 17, 2009


Sounds a bit lame to me.

Sabes on Sep 17, 2009


?? you don't see how a team of teen mutants can be exciting to anyone over 13..??? you HAVE heard of the X-men, right? teen mutants.... teaming up.. Someone wants to do the original X-men and you guys are complaining..

Ballyhoo on Sep 17, 2009


Bring on the mutants! Sheesh guys, you can just like Wolverine for what it is - not every comic book movie has to be The Dark Knight. The title 'First Class' sounds a little too episodic though.. the could come up with something catchy

Antioch on Sep 17, 2009


How about X-Men 4 film? Bring in Apocalypse & Mr. Sinister. Archangel. Caliban. So many cool ways to go.

Marius on Sep 17, 2009


#6 i agree with you X-Men 4 Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister, Archangel, Caliban that would be epic

tazz on Sep 17, 2009


#4 Ballyhoo, How old do you think Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Charles Xavier, Magneto, Mystique, Sabretooth and Toad were in the original X-Men? Because they were between 13 and 19 (those are the years when you are a teenager). Iceman and Rogue were the only prominent teen characters in the first X-Men followed by Pyro and Colossus in X2, and Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde) and Leech in X-Men: The Last Stand. And the parts of the movie featuring those teen characters (maybe with the exception of the cool Colossus cameo) were consistently the weakest parts. So yes, a team of TEEN mutants as the main focus is not desirable. If you want to see a good comic book movie with kids and teens, then you should be begging for Runaways to go into production. Look it up.

Ethan Anderton on Sep 17, 2009


they will change it and they will fuck it up. i want to be optimistic, but so far the track record for any movie concerning anything related to the x-men hasnt been anywhere close to doing the characters or the stories justice. or even the artwork and character design. if you took all the characters from the movies..renamed cyclops to laser-eyes...jean grey to jennifer dark...beast to animal and ice-man to freeze-boy...wolverine to mean-ass-animal-with-claws dude...nobody would give a shit about it. everyone would look at these movies as being dumb and cheesy with no character development and awful dialogue, botchy editing with weak plots. but..these are characters that alot of people love, and alot of people are attatched to and alot of people have grown up with (like me). and they are just cashing in on that. why do they need to bother putting any real creativity into any of this? everyone already likes these guys. they just take a name, the basic character design, some simple character traits, bang out a quick script, shoot it good and quick and dump it in the theater. no integrity or respect payed to the characters and history and creativity put into these comics ever since the 1960's. if it didnt have the "x-men" title on it, it wouldnt be anything any better than some made for sci-fi channel movie. just seeing some dudes on the big screen in costume as some of my favorite comic book characters jumping around spewing poor dialogue doesnt cut it.

mossy on Sep 17, 2009


boo. x-men series was horrible. i didn't even care much for the first-then they went down hill, FAST. please stop the madness. stop sh*tting on my favorite childhood shows.

Nick S. on Sep 17, 2009


As long as Deadpool with Ryan Reynolds is involved. lmao 😀 That would be neat.

Jordan on Sep 17, 2009


As long as they don't make it 90% about Wolverine, again.

SlashBeast on Sep 17, 2009


Fuck i'll go see it even IF i sucks the big one.. cause if we don't there just stop making comic book movies all together and that'll be lamer than bat-suit nipples..

Mic on Sep 17, 2009


If Fox stops making comic book movies, I'll be a happy man.

1-7 on Sep 17, 2009


I agree with those that want a 4th movie instead of a prequel. And bring back cyclops and don't make him such a bitch.

S on Sep 17, 2009


The whole movie about them when they were kids? Sounds boring IMO.

Cat on Sep 17, 2009



Trey on Sep 17, 2009



I am Ron Burgandy? on Sep 17, 2009


The big elephant in the room is "Would the genral public see a X-men film without wolverine in it?"

Steve on Sep 17, 2009


You liked Civil War? Hmm looks like you really do need to read more comics...good ones.

jesse on Sep 17, 2009


#6 and #7 are idiots...exactly how the fuck do you introduce Archangel when in Xmen 3 Angel was introduced....that would not make any sence continuity wise morons !!!

CORNBOY on Sep 17, 2009


#21 actually you are an idiot we know Angel was introduce in X-Men 3. but we want him to turn into Archangel in a sequel to X-Men3 thats why we said X-Men 4 you idiot. X-Men First Class is a prequel to the X-Men series but we can talking about a sequel to X-Men 3. read what we saying first before calling people idiots.

tazz on Sep 17, 2009


#21 CORNBOY #6 and #7 are talking about making X-Men 4 a sequel to X-Men 3 instead of doing this stupid prequel X-Men: First Class. when they mention Archangel should be in X-Men 4 they mean to the sequel to X-Men 3. i rather want to see X-Men 4 then this X-Men: First Class

mace on Sep 17, 2009


God, why do they have to turn my favorite group of mutants into a bunch of angsty teens. Even movies can't survive the wrath of the hipster emo.

J Taylor on Sep 17, 2009


Bally, you stupid stupid man. When were the X-men ever kids? Never until that stupid cartoon came on, X-Men Evolution, where Wolverine and Storm still managed to be adults and actually start. Heck, first class, Wolverine shouldn't even exist or do ya'll need a comic lesson? First Class on the other hand will not be anything like the original X-men 'cause Iceman apparently wasn't born although he was an original X-man along with Angel, Beast, without being hairy, Jean, and Cyclops.

Tra la la la la di da on Sep 17, 2009


God no.

Ajax on Sep 17, 2009


undo the mistakes of the third xmen, its possible with the whole power of jean grey and all. i say hint at apocalypse. but introduce the shadow king

dahmer on Sep 18, 2009


I liked the first 2 films but have zero interest in seeing them as teenagers at school

napoleonblownapart on Sep 18, 2009


@ #11 i totally agree, besides that Deadpool is the only character i care about in the upcoming Marvel movies. I am not forgetting The Avengers ofcourse.

Fisherr on Sep 18, 2009


I'm all for X-Men 4: The Rise of Apocalypse. And honestly, I'd be down for ONLY 1 X-Men: First Class film. Let Bryan Singer direct it and let it be a decent follow up story about how the school got established. Let the film be a starting point for all these young actors. Basically we'd have Scott, Jean, Hank, Ororo and maybe a younger Magneto. Other characters could always be added like Avalanche, Thunderbird and a twist could be added to the movie by making Mystique a student at the school before she went bad. No one ever said they didn't know her and her past hasn't be explained in the films. What if she was a founding X-Men and left with Magneto? Just my two cents guys.

Marius on Sep 18, 2009


Ew, I forgot how Paris Hilton-y Emma Frost was until I saw that pic. Blech.

Paigey! on Sep 18, 2009


I would love to see the X-Men franchise go to the recycle bin. And then empty it. Half of X1 was cool, and Most of X2 was cool. That was 6 years ago.

Dan the Fan on Sep 18, 2009


This is starting to go the way of the Predator franchise...all concept, no substance. I don't feel this is the right direction for the series, although I don't have any suggestions for a better storyline. Maybe take some cues from the graphic novel 'Days of Future Present'...but that would require some cross over with the Fantastic Four, so on second thought, scratch that idea:P @28 napoleon...I'm pretty much in total agreement with you.

Marc on Sep 18, 2009


The men movies went up and down the first one was cool, the second one was only epic because of Nightcrawler!!! the third one sucked ass except for beast i loved the fact that they got someone like kelsey grammer or however you spell his name to do it, completely from left field. And if Halle berry were not so much of a bitch complaining how storm was to marginal of a character for her grammy ass cyclops and nightcrawler would of been in the film. As fo this first class shin digg ehhh im going to to have wait till i see something that makes it worth while, i love the fact that they want to re-boot it but come on JUST MAKE IT GOOD . As for wolverine origins,( from a comic fans standpoint) well lets say it was a too much too little to fast movie, to many interesting characters not enough backing to them, they gave this little potion of wolverine that was whipped by love and fighting for it ( yes it was ok for the first 10 minutes but give me my animal) as for the fast part they had an amazing set of actors who portrayed characters and i believe did a great job ( still having problems with gambit tho WHERE THE HELL WAS THE CAJUN) but simply ran through all of these characters to dam fast and deadpool well the only two problems i had with him was the cyclops powers and the the wolverine style blades . meehhh (From and industry point of view) THEY ARE NOT ONLY TRYING TO GET THE COMIC FANS IN THE SEATS!!! SOOOOO NATURALLY THEY HAD TO PUT THE SAPPY LOVE STORY!!!! OF COURSE THEY CANT MAKE WOLVERINE THE OUT OF CONTROL SAVAGE BEAST ( NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN EYES PPL !! ) so when it comes down to it guys its the money but there is hope now that marvel has more control over there movies, but i am wondering how this disney thing will work out. P.S. the CG ON WOLVERINES CLAWS WAS SHIT!! I COULD OF PRDUCED BETTER 3D MODELS AND TEXTURES

splinter on Sep 18, 2009


excellent if it's going to be the original x-men(cyclops,jean grey,ice man,angel & the beast)go fuck yourself if it isn't,also keep that fucking prick brett ratner away from it.

zetsu on Sep 18, 2009


X-men - The Retirement home ?

napoleonblownapart on Sep 19, 2009


I'm a little torn... But if I was in charge I'd go a different direction. Make X-Men First Class a TV series on Fox. We need more mutants in prime time. =) I'm for bringing in characters such as Bishop, Cable, Apocalypse etc... creating cross overs and or cameo appearances with the Avengers, Spider Man, Blade, FF etc etc. for a serious X4 / X5 effort. If you're gonna do it.. do it big!!

DJ Sid on Sep 21, 2009


Remember at the end of the last stand where magneto moves the metal chess piece which means is ower is not completely gone Why cant they continue the original x-men It is going to suck without wolverine and a bunch of kiddie mutants is ust a bad idea to me

max s. on Oct 15, 2009


Remember at the end of the last stand where magneto moves the metal chess piece which means is ower is not completely gone Why cant they continue the original x-men. It is going to suck without wolverine and a bunch of kiddie mutants is just a bad idea to me

max s. on Oct 15, 2009


#37 well said

max s. on Oct 15, 2009


i think that they should just start over with the whole x-men series and make it all new because they totally fucked up the whole thing with these movies imean we had to wait untill origins to even see gambit who was deffinately an x-men long before prof. X died and the fact that rouge and iceman basically get together is shit because actually rouge and gambit are together

gambit rules on Nov 1, 2009

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