Damn, There's Another New Dragonball Evolution Trailer?!

February 5, 2009

Dragonball Evolution Trailer

Flying SUVs, huge dragons, American actors - what more could you ask for in a Dragonball movie?! Oh right, how about a good story and good effects! Although we just posted a French trailer two days ago, another new US trailer for Dragonball Evolution has arrived this morning. I've been emailed by numerous Dragonball fans who have been telling me that I need to run the new Japanese trailer that showed up online yesterday because it finally clears any doubts they had. Well, this is the full version of that Japanese trailer, and it's in English, so check it out. And let us know if you still have any doubts?

Watch the new US trailer for Dragonball Evolution:

[flv: 480 260]

Dragonball Evolution is directed by James Wong, of Final Destination, Jet Li's The One, and Final Destination 3 previously, with a script written by Ben Ramsey, of The Big Hit and Love and a Bullet previously. The film stars Justin Chatwin as Goku, James Marsters as Piccolo, Emmy Rossum as Bulma, Chow Yun-Fat as Master Roshi, Jamie Chung as Chi Chi, and Park Joon as Yamcha. 20th Century Fox is releasing Dragonball Evolution in theaters everywhere on April 3rd, 2009.

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Ahhhh looks like crap!

dee on Feb 5, 2009



hate me on Feb 5, 2009


Wow- I am speechless... (In a bad way)

Allen on Feb 5, 2009


It´s absolutelly amazing.I´m a dragonball fan and had my doubts about the movie but after the latest news and trailers(especially this one)i must say i´m impressed.FOX and Wong have really tried to please the fan´s.We have the dragon,Oozaru,Mid-air fighting,green Piccolo and epic wibrant scenaries yust like the anime.But people will complain no matter what.Atleast the majority is starting to reallize the potential of the film

Bob on Feb 5, 2009


For someone so 'repulsed' by this movie I find it surprising that it is getting a full coverage. Just limiting to one trailer report would be more then enough for this failure. I'm a fan of dragonball... and this does NOT look good.

Rickmeister on Feb 5, 2009


Rick, I would like to have done just that... But first off, blame Fox and all the fans for dropping too many different trailers way too often. And secondly, I keep getting emphasis from people like #4 to keep posting these. Despite that a few Dragonball fans think it looks terrible, there are a LOT who think it looks great... :/

Alex Billington on Feb 5, 2009


As much as I despise the Dragonball franchise, I have to admit this is a must-see to me. I'd watch a 10-hour marathon of drying paint if it had Emmy Rossum in it.

Wottock Hunt on Feb 5, 2009


This is gonna be worse than Dragon Wars...

Daiteechu on Feb 5, 2009


God that looks like crap....I can't wait. : p It will be so cheesily fulfilling.

Sean on Feb 5, 2009


#8 Nothing can be worse then Dragon Wars 😀 At least this is gonna be "fun" to get to see all the DB things again.. :s Or something..

max on Feb 5, 2009


I Agree with #8!!!!

Atg2040 on Feb 5, 2009


My childhood is crying.

that one guy on Feb 5, 2009


I'm crying somewhere inside.... and the worst part is I'll probably go see this movie anyways.

Andrew on Feb 5, 2009


Don't be bitter just because they made it for kids who deserve it more than you king-size nerds who wanted it rated R.

Ironmonging on Feb 5, 2009


It looks fine to me, cheesey balls out action with silly looking characters, exactly the same things you find in the anime. Fans need to stop pretending that the DB anime\manga is anything more than the cheaply made crazy childish cheesey action drivel that it is!. A good way to put it is: hardcore fans are looking at this film the same way casual\non fans look at the anime; a slightly dodgy looking mish mash of action and weird characters not to be taken seriously but enjoyed for what it is. And Alex, if the fans had been positive about this movie you would be running it as 'Another badass trailer' as you always seem to go with the majority on these things! (ie the 'i haven't seen the source material but fans are saying its awesome so this must be awesome' comments which pop up your posts).

ChrisUK on Feb 5, 2009


They could make 7 more verisons of this trailer - still won't get me to go see it.

Nick Sears on Feb 5, 2009


Come on, #10, Dragon Wars was AWESOME. There was big dragons and things blew up! What more do you want!? Dragonball was a pretty mediocre anime that had an undeservedly large following. Show me live-action Robotech (!) or Trigun movies before you give me Dragonball.

Andrew (not the same as the other Andrew) on Feb 5, 2009


Ill admit it was better than the last one, but still totally useless

Boris on Feb 5, 2009


*gasp* Trigun was awesome! A live action Robotech or Gundam would be the best thing ever but it would have to be so on queue for it to work and no one cold pull that off probably, except maybe Snyder. This is such crap and obviously Alex has not spoken with many DB fans unless they are 8. Any DB fan that grew upw ith this is the 80's and 90's will agree this is pure crap. Looks like their flying ability isn't any better than Matrix 3. That was horri.

Aravena on Feb 5, 2009


Can any of you be optimistic? It could be good. Special affects look cool. Lets try not to judge a book by its cover people. If you are true fans you will give it a shot. I'm excited. Iv'e wanted a DB movie since I was a kid.

TIm on Feb 5, 2009


JUSTIN CHATWIN SUCKS! WHO CAST HIM AS GOKU?!?!? Watching him act is like watching a wax statue. He sucked in War of the Worlds, The Invisble, and everything he is in. He is also half of the reason i won't see this movie, the other half is no Vegeta, no Trunks. WTF??? Justin Chatwin can Below Me!

MagnoliaFan on Feb 5, 2009


@20 LOL...You just did not get it right? What is so hard to understand. Well lets try to explain you this, but im sure that you wont get it anyway ^^ This is DRAGONBALL (Adaption) and NO DRAGONBALL Z Adaption. Did you see Trunks or Vegeta in Dragonball? Well if yes, than go see a Doctor please ^^ And Chatwin fits as Goku. There are 1000 better Gokus, but i think its fine that way.

Engin on Feb 5, 2009


The trailer looks good i don't know why people still crying like little baby girls, actually yall cry more then my nephews do. Have fun kissing Michael Bay's ass will you. As a die hard Dragon Ball fan i was bit worried at first but this trailer looks awesome, well good a least i'll save some of the awesomeness when the movie comes out : )

Mikey on Feb 5, 2009


Mates... this movie is going to hurt sooooooooooooooooo deeply :S

7#3 #4%02 on Feb 5, 2009


Am I in the minority that this looks like fun!? I mean, sure it looks terrible... but you can have fun with terrible things in a while. This trailer actually made it look more watchable than the previous trailers.

Moses Roberts on Feb 5, 2009


After all these trailer and promos, I think I've come to conclusion: as an adaptation of DB, this movie sucks. From casting to storyline, everything is a mess. It's nothing like DB. BUT as a stand alone film (if you can ignore its connection with the DB franchise), it seems a pretty good film.

AZMT on Feb 5, 2009


Im still gonna see it

Trey on Feb 5, 2009


hyper mega epic fail

Kamus on Feb 5, 2009


AW- wait for it -FUL

Mubariz on Feb 5, 2009


I look at this trailer and i wonder why people think that this looks bad, specifically. no body has specified why it looks bad they just say "o wow what a piece of crap". My thought is that if this was the first trailer anybody had seen for the movie it would not have the outcry of hatetred it has recieved.

benny on Feb 5, 2009


you guys suck if you dont want to hear or see this movie stop clicking on the article grow the fuck up

tired of bullshit on Feb 5, 2009


you guys suck if you dont want to hear or see this movie stop clicking on the article

tired of bullshit on Feb 5, 2009


trust in that movie, trusted transformers, nobody heard me then everyone said, that was the best movie. with dragonball evolution, will be the same thing

joi on Feb 5, 2009


Some peeps just don't understand that very seldom a cartoon, a book, TV series, etc translates exactly well onto the screen whether it's in tone, content, characterizations, etc. Some of the elements of the anime "Dragonball" are here. I think this has a chance. Peeps will still flock to see this. At first I had my doubts, but it's gotten progressively better with each trailer I see. Sure, peeps will always have something to bitch about---that's how buzz is generated. Big deal!! Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Blue Silver on Feb 5, 2009


ok the cg looks nice but Piccolo looks kinda funky and this wont be as good as the anime was

saiki on Feb 5, 2009


I like the stylized look It looks like those dream sequences in films with mad bloom lightning, except for the whole movie Oh yeah, why did they change the Oozaru's eye from blue to red for North America?

Jaf on Feb 5, 2009


these trailers seem to progressively keep getting better, and I'm sure many people are reevaluating their opinions on how this might turn out. But it will be awful. even if they finally got the trailers down to an art.

-Peter- on Feb 5, 2009


If the fans all said 'this looks awesome' then this site would run the trailers as "Another BAD ASS Dragonball trailer hits". I don't think many of the writers have much experience with DB so they will go with the old "i've not seen the source material, but fans tell me it's so i feel "

chris on Feb 5, 2009


hmm lost half my comment! But yeah, maybe the film is fine but people seem to perceive the DB anime\manga as being all kinds of AWESOME!"685"!! when in fact it's just a crude(ish) kids entertainment when the movie looks like a crude(ish) kids entertainment flick they all go 'hang on thats shite!' and claim their childhoods have been raped. Just my theory. I'm half fan (i love the video games) and think it looks good, and the effects look fine and fit in with the whole crazy concept.

chris on Feb 5, 2009


hummmm, I Like! Fot the people who say this is a crap!!!, please Shutup!! this is for Child this is fantasy, be a director and make the movie yourself. I´ll see it, I dont expect nothing really high, but, my son o yeah! he will.

Luis on Feb 5, 2009


They better not reveal the Ape until the movie comes out. Makes a great little extra to be surprised.

Ironmonging on Feb 5, 2009


im still in the opinion that will hurt but maybe it wont... but thats a far far far change. want im specting for not sucking will be? 1. use of the cartoon music (update of course). 2. nice fxs 3. keep close to the original history ( and yes could be hard but with now days fxs its possible). 4. and yess kicks ass fights DB kind. what you think mates?

7#3 #4%02 on Feb 5, 2009


It looks good to me, nothing different than a transformer. It's not like these movies are made for Oscars, looks like a fun movie to watch, nothing more nothing less.

Wil on Feb 5, 2009


Why didn't they just call it Dragonball? Evolution sounds like it's somekind of sequel.

The Awsome Norwegian Dude With Sunglasses on Feb 5, 2009


The current trailer makes me wonder if the people who made this movie have ever seen one episode of the show. This movie = EPIC FAIL

Mostskillz on Feb 5, 2009


Wow it might not be shot for shot of the anime, or panel for panel for the manga but that trailer makes this look pretty faithful to the source. To 45 its called Evoulution because its a new version of the Dragonball universe. At least thats what I take from it. Looks like you people who say this isn't Dragonball are crazy. Looks pretty close to me. The bad guy is green Goku has spiked hair Grandpa gohan is in it Flying cars Weird ships Deserts they fight at The dragon is there Pretty spot on if you ask me.

jesse on Feb 5, 2009


@23 Huh? Did you see the letter Z at all in my post? Go to a fucking doctor and get some glasses. Shit... @45 Because if it was Dragonball they may actually have to follow an existing plot. This way they can act like it's something new and film their own shitty story.

Emma Watson is so f***able on Feb 5, 2009


biggest piece of crap I have ever seen. It is so cheezy and almost seems like nothing from what I remember of the dragonball universe and it sucks that Funimation sold the rights of their most famous comic and cartoon to the idiots who picked some looser as Goku and the director of this pathetic adaptation. Gaaaaah it makes me sick

Vin on Feb 5, 2009


Looks pretty good, more entertaining than Star Trek, Transformers, Terminator, and Watchmen. I don't know what the hell you people are talking about not following storyline. How many movies based on comics or mangas follow the storyline to a T? Akira Toriyama approves of the movie, so he its good enough for him then it should be good enough for anyone.

Robby on Feb 5, 2009


As I said with the Street Fighter trailer, this and that look the same to me.

Ryan on Feb 5, 2009


huh.... hmmm.... well... i'm holding on any other judgement until i see it, which i know i probably will. if it's not a good dragonball story, i think it might still be fun in itself. in itself.

Lauren on Feb 5, 2009


Well...this actually looks cool, but we'll have to see...i think it'll be ok's not so bad this one...but we'll see, this will either be really goood or really baaad...if it goes bad, it'll be jsut as the super mario and street fighter movies...welll...again, we'll see... /(XD)\

XD Reyes on Feb 5, 2009


I'm a huge fan of dragonball series and seriously hope this movie for some reason never comes out. In this day and age, a good quality Dragonball movie can be done, with appropriate casting and all. They seemed not to have cared and are banking on the die hard fans to go watch the movies .... terrible

Don on Feb 5, 2009


My youngest Son says this is "dead to him". I have to go with what he says....he has been a fan for, I don't know......since he was 8 and he collected all of the Japan import stuff before domestic release. He now is 20 and an Illustraition Major at a serious school. I have to respect his view. ( and if he finds out I went to see it, he would dis-own me.) Dammit!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Feb 5, 2009


Blue Silver articulated his post the best, it improving with each release that even staunch critic acknowledge. If you think it crap dont bother posting on it, but somehow i think these hyper critics feel compelled to keep comming back.

mike on Feb 5, 2009


#48 You didn't actually say 'Z', but you complained about 'no Vegeta, no Trunks', who only show up in DBZ, NOT DRAGONBALL. Get your eyes checked.

Ironmonging on Feb 5, 2009


Are you stupid or something? Seriously, there are people that can help. Ya stupid dipshit that was number 22 and not 20. can't even defend yourself properly. That's just pathetic.

Emma Watson is so f***able on Feb 5, 2009


if these haters had their way and made the sequel, it'd look like this lol

johnny on Feb 5, 2009


# 4 you are a total deuch bag! you must not think that it is anything like the anime! cause its not anything like it. its a total disgrace to the name of dragonball, and Im deeply dissapointed. and no I would not be dissapointed at anything they put out. it would be nice if they would just follow the damn story and make a movie that is like the books or the fucking show. wong is a damn fool! someone just really needs to make a good true to the show and manga dragonball or dragonballz movie. there is good story there and could turn out to be incredible but just stick to the basic for christs sake!!! gad damn is it really that hard!!! fuck hollywood for real!

s on Feb 5, 2009


this movie = epic WIN all the haters' prior complaints have been answered (except krillin, who is dead in the king piccolo saga anyways) but haters keep bitching cause their pussies are all tied up in a knot. all of you "TRU FANZ" should untie your pussies no body raped you childhoods but you uncle George

johnny on Feb 5, 2009


Well at least there trying hopefully it will be better then street fighter

Derek on Feb 5, 2009


Lawl it just as a guy said be4 all ur retard haters just say this sucks, this is epic fail, it looks cheesy, yet u still haven't pointed out one part of the movie where u think this is so. It's sad really u delusional fanboys are looking for anything wrong with the movie, and when u can't find anything anymore u start making up stuff with no real backing to ur claims. Im confused if i watch the show regularly, know a inordiante amount about the show and all its details, buy sets of the DVD's how can i not be a fan, just because i support this movie? lawl give me a break, u think that i'm suddenly going to change my mind and not go see a movie i've been waiting for for years just because a few weaboo fanboys think it sucks, yeah right. U weaboo's aren't film critics not even they judge a movie until they've seen the whole movie anyway. And for the record yes pure blue hair for bulma is unrealistic, flying and aliens/superpowers are not, if u think otherwise then i suggest a psychiatrist.

Anthony on Feb 5, 2009


if they just changed character names and attacks and just called it evolution i could totally get with this movie more. it looks lame graphics wise if it came on tv tho i be for it

sam on Feb 5, 2009


ironically, the people who say its "so bad" and are "true fans" will also end up watching it. I'm a DBZ fan and I know that it is a fail compared to the book indeed but i think its still pretty decent (was actually impressed and really want to watch it now). Also, I kinda agree with #15, Alex. You seem to be biased depending on what "fans" say.

solider on Feb 5, 2009


Despite the fact that I do not like James Wong's body of work, and this movie will probably turn out to be garbage, this was a fun trailer. Regardless, thanks for posting Alex!

Conrad on Feb 5, 2009


What do you mean "Another Dragonball Trailer?" How many have they had for the Watchmen?

Dragonballfreak on Feb 5, 2009


SHIT! thats all im saying . . . SHIT!!!

James on Feb 6, 2009


i for one think this movie is gone be tight. it got some martial arts, decent special effects, and nice looking ass females. yall fans are taking this shit to heart. just have fun with it. most of you are obssessed fanboys who jerkoff to dragonball z. being upset over a movie like this and bitching about is straight homo. i mean what do yall want from it? someone please tell me whats so bad about this movie. its all make believe anyway so who gives a shit. not me. theres much more important things in life to be upset about.

Q on Feb 6, 2009


ther is no vegeta cuz its dragonball and the invisble was a great movie you alll are crying bout this so wat dont see it then unless u are a true dragonball fan this movie has the stride to b a series where we could see more of the charters like trunks and vegeta so see it if u really love dragonballl if u dont then shut da helll up wat movies are u guys in none so let them act and be happy to seee the kammeha wave

squeaks on Feb 6, 2009


wow numer 24 nearly got me with his micheal bay-hate. but no. looks terrible. not gonna watch it.

TN on Feb 6, 2009


I still have doubts...... that its gonna be any good. LOL

Dalton on Feb 6, 2009


Dude! I just noticed that Goku has his magic extending stick! Woot! XD know, there really are some actual Dragonball like things is the trailer. I don't think it looks half bad.

duca on Feb 6, 2009


compared to all the other trailers this is ALOT better. I still have high hopes for it even though it may not be good. But we dont now its gonna suck HARD, not until it comes out. Im a die hard Dragonball fan. (Not so much Dragonball, but the series of shows as a whole) and I gotta say that maybe it wont be THAT bad. Besides, Ive been reading rumors about this for at least 10 years, now that its coming out i could careless if Ernie Reyes Sr. was Goku. Im stll for it

Dexer on Feb 6, 2009


honestly i dont c how ya still think this is crap, it look fine to me, the trailers are gettin better and better, but hey, atleast pplz word got out to the film makers and atleast made a dragon ball movie for us, its suttin for us to enjoy, and its suttin we all wanted and ya got it so stop sayin bad things about it, so what if its crappy to u but to us (the ones thats liken it) atleast we will enjoy it, but watch ya'll might go c it when it comes out lol, but im done, and im liken the outcome of the movie, plus it have to start from dragon ball anyways and then dragon ball z, duh!! of course its not gonna b what u expect it to b, loserz lol

Tana on Feb 6, 2009


does anyone besides me think this should be a straight to VHS movie...? not dvd... but VHS!!!

mike on Feb 6, 2009


i think its gonna be good.......... if its a hit then theres gonna be a sequel 4 sure.......... i vud like to see vegeta and frieza........ AND goku transformin into supersayaan Hope it rocks......

gogeta on Feb 7, 2009


Im a hardcore DBZ fan and although i wont rush to see this at full price, i will see it at the "dollar theater". And yes I truly LOATHE Justin Chatwin. I give everyone at opportunity to redeem themselves when they are shitty in a movie like War Of The Worlds, and then shittier in The Invisible. The Invisble was just a remake of Ghost anyway, and nobody puts baby in the corner!!! CHATWIN YOU SUCK, YOUR ACTING IS LIKE A STEP UP FROM PAULY SHORE!

MagnoliaFan on Feb 7, 2009


I'm looking forward to the movie. The movie will be better than the show in that it won't take the majority of the movie to have the characters standing there sharing semi-sexual grunts and moans with each other. I liked the show but could not stand wasting 30 minutes of my afternoon watching Goku and Frieza having a 20 minute orgasm. That mixed with the super long "recaps" and "Next time on Dragon Ball Z" The show was crap unless you owned the episodes on DVD where you could skip the BS. This movie will do just fine because like every other action movie out there, it will entertain. Whether you watch it because you'll like it or you watch it because you'll hate it, you'll still watch it. To #78. That line was from Dirty Dancing. If you're going to insult something and or make a joke, Get your shit right. You look like an idiot now, congrats!

Ariel on Feb 7, 2009


Ill download it! wont spend my money... Hardcore DB fan here. By now everything looks crappy, the actors, the characterization, the adaptation of the story, the special effects, the fight scenes... DB should be the greatest live action adaptation ever... and fox delivers this... f*** fox

Galethog on Feb 7, 2009


Looks like Mortal Combat 2. WTF

Batist on Feb 7, 2009


Check this out you miserable haters. What do you think of Ouzaru?You still think they are not faitfull to the anime.And remember this is a still from the oficial movie game.So on the movie screen it´s going to look much better

Bob on Feb 7, 2009


Holy shit!! This looks AWESOME!!! It has many similarities with Dragonball, I dont know what the hell are these haters talking about. This trailer rised my hopes for this movie. It looks so good!! The haters are a bunch of cry babies that will bash this movie no matter what. Very nice Trailer guys!!

Fushar on Feb 7, 2009


lol It looks like the producers actters and etc.. dont know anything about the dragonball franchise. damn even with all that im going to see it anyways, damn it i guess i'd see anything with the name dragonball in it. XD

bryan on Feb 7, 2009


PEOPLE HAVE GOT TO STOP SAYING THAT THIS IS A GOOD MOVIE... i know the film couldnt be like the anime cuz that would be crap too, BUT the way i see THIS story interpeted.. IT SUX! IT LOOKS LIKE A CHEAP MOVIE WITH A REPEATED STORY LINE AND CRAPY WAVEY GRAPHICS... whatever ya'll wont listen, you people will just eat whatever fox shove down your throats

christian on Feb 8, 2009


@83 i agree. most of these guys are closed minded individuals who are bashing this movie just because its not like the anime. think for a second. the movie will be completely garbage. so you guys think if they added the talking animals and constant perversion from master roshi would make it a better film. okay so they didnt say kami created the dragonballs. so what. yall need to remember what an movie adaptation is. its means taking bits of material from an original source and making it your own movie. thats what this is. i know some of it is different but its still sticking to some of the main storyline. piccolo is evil and goku trys to stop him from taking over the world. was that not what happened in the actual series. okay mai is working for piccolo and not the red ribbon army but she still a villian. im pretty sure you guys would be more pissed if she was a good guy. yall need to understand that they cant put EVERY and characternd a detail from the series in the film. Remember when they tried to do that in the Van Damme Street Fighter? Look how that turned out. and stop bitching about no vegeta or raditz. didnt goku battle piccolo before even meeting the saiyans? Yes. So why are yall bitching about that? i dont know i guess im just too open minded cause i just dont understand what the big deal is. its just a damn movie.

Q on Feb 8, 2009

87 Wow check out Oozaru...

7_leaves on Feb 8, 2009


Wow there's still haters and "true and loyal fans". What is a good movie is transformers and their "true and loyal fans" said it was going to suck. This wont the greatest movie in the world but it'll a good movie. Not a dark night excellent movie but more of a hancock ok movie. What it wont be that I am 80% sure it wont be a it sucks like/more than disaster movie. Disaster Movie was a disaster it didnt have a good and enjoyable story line (unless they planned it to be a disaster). Dragonball will have people watching it, it will be gripping but it wont be a box office hit.

Deathmore on Feb 8, 2009


Alex Anime News translated an news story on Japan entertainment site. "Akira Toriyama left a comment on Dragonball: Evolution before the newest Japanese trailer for the film. ANN translates: As the original creator, I had a feeling of “Huh?” upon seeing the screenplay and the character designs, but the director, all the actors, the staff, and the rest are nothing but “ultra” high-caliber people. Maybe the right way for me and all the fans to appreciate it is as a New Dragonball of a different dimension. Perhaps, this might become a great masterpiece of power! Hey, I look forward to it!!" link of original story in japanese link trailer with message If Akira is open to new interpretation, I think i can be too despite its flaws. Mike

mike on Feb 8, 2009


I remember when I used to wake up before school looking forward to DBZ on Cartoon Network (and borrowing videotapes from Japanese friends). Now I just wake up and cry.

Case on Feb 9, 2009


Hey #79, im not sure if you saw Ghost but Swayze was in that too, so when I put down a quote that was from the same actor but a different movie, I find hard to believe that your simple mind can't find the connection. Ameteur. Oh, this movie looks so terrible, WHO PUT JUSTIN CHATWIN AS GOKU?????

MagnoliaFan on Feb 9, 2009


im not saying the movie is going to be trash, i just said it looks like the story is off, lol picollo looks cool with out the antenas though.

bryan on Feb 9, 2009


WELL! I seriously thought this movie was going to suck major balls, but this Japanese trailer was off the chain!!! I think I wanna see it now, although I'm not a fan of the anime, I did enjoy dragonball Z, and I hear they're making two more films! lots of chances to fix it, and do it right....Goku needs some HGH ASAP!!!!

John on Feb 9, 2009


#93 "I hear they're making two more films! lots of chances to fix it, and do it right…." yes just the way they got Spiderman right LOL.

MadZool on Feb 10, 2009


I am a huge DBZ fan, and to see this makes me sad. They are f****up the best anime series ever! thanks for ruining it.... I rather watch Watchmen....

clipse on Feb 12, 2009


ahah why people like its gunna be a bad movie? it loooks proper, only if goku was chinese or japanese or something, it wouldve looked more like a japanese movie. i aint saying its gunna be a blockbuster hit, but it will be up there with the most controversial sci-fi movies of all time ie. spiderman or hulk.............not as good as iron man sorry:P ahha

blitz on Feb 15, 2009


Well it looks better than the lame teaser that they showed earilier, but I'm still in doubt. Movies like these I never consider as a part of the franchise I call them fanfiction-on-screen cuz you can tell it barely has anything to do with DB except for a couple of things. Though it looks like a major flop I'll just have to wait and see when it comes out in April, cuz you never know they might prove me wrong. :/

Nocturnal Bunny on Feb 16, 2009


#89 You know, Asians have a custom of criticizing things they don't like in a manner that seems like they are praising it, that's what they do as courtesy. Which means, you cannot take Toriyama's words by its face, but have to look into his true meaning. For example, when he said "huh?", he was having the same reaction as every regular Japanese, namely "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SHIT!!!???". Also, "a new Dragonball from another dimension" is synonymous to "this crap isn't my precious Dragonball". Therefore, what Toriyama really meant to say was "people all over the world, don't get fooled by the title, boycott to this flick!!!!".

PWO on Feb 16, 2009



TANA on Feb 20, 2009


After this 2nd trailer, im going to go in with an open mind & happily give them my money.. Everyones so quick to say wat something will be.. Im going to gas up, be the 1st one with the balls to go into this movie and give it a chance.. Fock it!! I think it will float not sink!!

warnpeace21 on Feb 21, 2009


they should call it kamahamahaa wave its fake and shit. if u dont no goku was 14 in dragonball i dont think it says in the dubed vesion. if u wont to see justice like i do they fucken better make a next movie contuine from this one and put the fucking z fighters init and make roshi buld and bulmer have blue hiar ffs if japan made it she would have blue hiar hate hollywood when they make shity movies like

t-man on Feb 21, 2009


remanber everyfan most watch on the big screen or on the internet its a most see for true fans *noods* if u wont a secound dragonball to come out we most make this one a sussces plz watch the movie even if it looks shity and crap and not DragonBall-Worldish WHICH IT DOSE LOL

t-man on Feb 21, 2009


Did anyone hear how Beastie!! that kamehameha wave was in the trailer 4rm :56 to 1:01.. that alone is worth my movie money to see this movie.. Strictly a popcorn flick worth watching, take it for wat its worth and enjoy urselves at the theater.. But i need a part 2 so they can bring the Prince of all Saiyans into the mix asap!!

warnpeace21 on Feb 22, 2009


i personally think that it wouldn't hurt to watch this film..i dont think its that bad and i dont expect it to be that amazing too..the thing is we should LOWER OUR EXPECTATION to appreciate this movie.. i mean let's just applaud the hard work they put in the film.. im also a Dragon Ball fan and i kow i might be quite disappointed in this one but who cares..i'll watch it anyway..even if this movie is not that good or amazing, i'll still watch it cause im a follower and i know that this movie would mark history =D

Rian on Feb 22, 2009


Why don't all you internet punks just wait till the movie comes out. Also if you don't like something it doesn't mean you have to go out and downsize and everyone. Go get a life.

WOWZERS on Feb 26, 2009


I wonder why do those either working for Fox or should be committed are still making up excuses for this people of crap? Like, comeon, Toriyama actually watched this whole thing, and he came out to warn everybody that this thing is nothing Dragonball and that people should boycott it.

PWO on Feb 27, 2009


how can you fuck heads just judge it by the trailer. obviously you people dont have any idea how hard these filmakers try to make this the best they can, and if its a little off who the fuck cares beside the 250 pound virgins still living in there parents basement

gerberbaby on Feb 28, 2009


So sorry for Dragonball...Adaption isn´t everything! The trailer is full of bullshit...okey, some lightningballs looks like the dragonballs... Goku looks like a lil nube without any..i repeat^^ without any bear a resemblance to The most best fighter in the world.. @gerberbaby^^ best they can?sorry, this isn´t the best...look at Starwars...or something else...they´ve got so much possibilities and take Justin Chat???come on...give me a Good reason don´t give me a head shot^^ sorry for my english, i´m an alien 😉 Kind regards JB

JBS on Mar 2, 2009



dAMO on Mar 6, 2009


...1 sentence i think it looks fucking terrible and no, that's not judging a book by its cover, that's judging a horrible film by a horrible trailer, oh wise apostles of cinematic ethic and reasoning

Zach on Mar 9, 2009


i dont think that these trailers do it justice, it is a representation of dragonball through a different medium, you wont get an experience like watchmen where it went exactly through the slides. this is something new, it is just an adaptation, not trying to be exactly the same, and i have seen small action clips and many photos and the special effects are really incredible, they have the large scale explosions that are used in the anime. i personally loved the anime, i used to go home everyday after school and watch it, i own many of the movies and i still watch from time to time. i am sure that this movie will be better than it looks. the trailers are making it look terrible but i think if anything, it will be immensely enjoyable.

Epic on Mar 10, 2009



jc on Mar 16, 2009


I've Actually Seen The Movie Already And iit Was Wayy BETTER Than ii Exspected The Special Effects Are Amazing & iit Stood Pretty Loyal To The Series There Will Be Plenty Of More Sequals To Come ( I HOPE ) Well OverAll it's WorthWatchiing !!

Jonathan on Mar 21, 2009


i seen this movie on a website already, and was ok, it didnt suck only at the end sucked bad becuz the scene between goku and piccollo wasnt that long at all, the oozaru was ugly as hell didnt look as big as the one in the anime, but from a 1-10 i'll give it a 7, but im not a DB fan...IM A DBZ FAN!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO p.s: they made it kinda funny like how most of the anime was

tana on Mar 22, 2009


no no no. were the hell is krillin, and why is master roshi no perv? why are we talking about this movie, it shouldnt exist, it should not be here WHYYYY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO THE CLASSIC. my day is ruined now. and all those better graphic companys, they choose a sucky one, use the one that did transporter three of somthin , come on i dnt want to the move and it looks like 3D . sad...

jus2far on Mar 24, 2009


Ok. Dragonball/Dragonball z was my childhood. i recorded episodes, i lived by that show pretty much. i know pretty much every single thing about this anime. i just watched the bootleg. this was one of the worst movies ive seen in my entire life. its not even the type of awful movie that you can laugh at (Troll 2). This movie had no good qualities. chi chi was 100% wrong, goku spontaniously changed clothes every five minutes while everyone else was the same, oozaru was in it for literally 2 minutes and was like 7 feet tall and ugly as a bitch. piccolo bitched out after five minutes, yamcha was shit, mai was in the red ribbon so she shouldnt even be in this movie. the dragon was abou tthe length of two busses.....BULLSHIT. i dare anyone to tell me anything good about this movie. everyone. save your money, go get lunch, because a cheap ass burger n fries that youll shit out in a few hours is worth more.

Epic on Mar 28, 2009


As long as this movie is better than street fighter legend of chun li its all good.

Q on Mar 30, 2009


OH MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM A DRANGBALL FAN (#1). I AM WAITING FOR THIS MOVIE TO COME IN INDIA. I LOVE DRAGONBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luv jaiswal on Apr 6, 2009


I am waiting for this movie to realase in India. Its already 6th of april here and god knows when will it cime over here. I am a huge Dragon Ball fan(#1)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY ALL ABOVE BAD COMMENTS ARE RUBBISH. espicially the one just above. SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luv jaiswal on Apr 6, 2009


to number 119 (Luv Jaiswal) go to and type in dragonball evolution, they have it up there, and the movie was alright, but the fighting between piccollo and goku wasnt good at all and the oozaru was short and ugly and they changed up the story, they made it be that oozaru worked for piccollo, so yea, there u go, no hate comment or nothin, just letting you kno man XD

Tana on Apr 6, 2009


after reading your comment it doesnt will be my plesure to see this movie! holy totaly loyal to DRAGONBALL, i like the story line the charackters..everything! but after looking the trailer...nooo...why they took dragenball as a name? why not "Hollywood makes cover shit" or something? it is rather sad to see what they do with dragonball.... in memories ....

Nova on Apr 6, 2009


I was happy as hell when I first heard about the movie, but now..........blahhhhhhhhhhhh lol

Tana on Apr 6, 2009


you´re right! me too! when i heard about it, i was a lil monkey^^ and now, just a big cow (@_@)

Nova on Apr 6, 2009


Ive seen dragonball, It sucked. It sucked a big one. Dragonball & Dragonball Z Animation remains one of the greatest things ive seen and this movie was a big pile of shit. It probably wouldve been better if they went with CGI like Astroboy, or just didnt make it at all. Fuckin Hollywood, I pretty sure I only saw one Asain in the whole damn movie.

mrmr on Apr 7, 2009


fuck fox!!!! fuck fox!!! everything in it is poorly done.

Galethog on Apr 10, 2009


I saw this movie. My friends and I knew it was going to be horrible. But it was so horrible it was entertaining. I loved it for the comical value of it. This movie was so bad it was hilarious 🙂

Rodney on Apr 13, 2009


I went to see it with high hopes and it was just horrible. I kept trying to make excuses for them in my head the whole time I watched it. I kept thinking that part was pretty bad but hopefully they will redeem themselves on the next part. God, it was worst then Street Fighter. So much for a Dragon ball z sequel (thank god). If they were ever to remake this again, they need a true visionary to direct and would have to be mostly CGI. They needed somebody to direct who loves the series as much as we do and stay true to the show. This is a very sad year for 20th Century.

Tim on Apr 16, 2009


1. Its dragonball not dragonball z 2. Im sure ya all agree dragonball the anime was borin anyways 3. I seen the movie and I kind of enjoyed it, just mad that shenron was named shenlong and was short and white 4. Just remember its dragonball, of course its not gonna b big explosions like ya expected becuase the anime dragon ball didn't have big explosions and it was more of a comical type anime with some seriousness to it Im not a db fan really im a dbz fan, is 2 different anime's ppl, please realize that because most of ya'll are still calling this DRAGON BALL Z WHEN ITS NOT!!

Tana on Apr 16, 2009


Oh man! What the fuck you talking? Dragonball or dragonball z, gogu is goku, and Piccolo is piccolo! The charackters are the same! Look the dragonball again and you will find out the hole story of it! did you senn the movie?did you ever really seen db? And y you need BIG EXPLOSIONS? ------------------------------------------------------------ I´m still a german one^^

Nova on Apr 16, 2009


The shit im fuckin talkin about is that I don't watch dragonball because dragon ball is wack and borin to me, I don't give a fuck on how piccolo and evry one met, im only into dbz that's it no db-gt at all either, but idc im ok with the movie evn tho some things are changed, but shit homie that's ya opinion and im sayin mynes ight, I never really liked plain dragon ball at all, so what if you watched dragon ball, u aint have to come at me sideways like dat blood, so calm ya shit down

Tana on Apr 16, 2009


do you thing the second part will be better? do you really think db the movie z will not come in the future? better explosions better effects and only what the fucking movie will show is a wanna be goku and bulma(so freaky^^) searching for dragonballs^^ tz tz tz sorry of your oppinion, its really weard^^ ------------------------------------------------------- Now i´m a russian one^^

Nova on Apr 17, 2009


Well idk, I doubt it, james wong is not a good director, final destination 3 was corny, and maybe just maybe if they had the director from harry potter (XD) now that would bbe sooo good of a suprise, but hey, its an adaptation and based on the cartoon like they say but made it different, but I agree they should just make the dequels be CGI which im sure u agree on lol

Tana on Apr 17, 2009


i meant sequels

tana on Apr 17, 2009


yyeah i do^^ hey, Hulk got two remakes..maybe db too^^

Nova on Apr 17, 2009


The both of you are retarded.

Tim on Apr 17, 2009


I hope so, but how we retarded tim? Becuase we expressin our thoughts

Tana on Apr 17, 2009



Nova on Apr 17, 2009


Hey Tana, i found something for you^^ ohhh man, thats nice^^ still happy

Nova on Apr 21, 2009


I thought that what the movie would looked like 🙁 but it wasn't (wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) lol but it'll be nice if they make the sequel be suttin close to that look XD

Tana on Apr 21, 2009


wow....sigh!!! I actually think my eyeballs are bleeding. I really don't have much hope for this one.

Brett on Apr 23, 2009


this is in no way/shape/form loyal to the series. Piccolo looks nothing like that, Goku would have never said he didn't think he could do it, he had all the confidence in the world. nameks made the dragonballs, so that crap with the secret society thing is wrong. also, Goku was a kid when he fought King Piccolo, although i do realize it would've been difficult to find a kid to do that. and where may i ask, is Bulma's trademark blue hair?

Tucker on Jun 14, 2009


just what i thing^^ So, but its done...and nothing can change lets hope they made a real good movie of DB/DBZ DBGT^^ peace

Nova on Jun 15, 2009


wow, i watched it, i couldn't resist. it is NOT dragonball, but the movie itself wasn't that terrible. it would be a good way to get somebody that didn't know what it is to want to see the series, and then fall in love with that. the movie wasn't good, or dragonball, but it wasn't really bad either. i was suprised

Tucker on Jun 26, 2009


i like this movie it was awesome and besides they should make another movie

alyssa on Jul 31, 2009


i think they're signed on to do 2 or 3 more movies

Tucker on Sep 12, 2009

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