Dan Aykroyd, Justin Timberlake and Anna Faris Join Yogi Bear

November 5, 2009

Dan Aykroyd, Justin Timberlake, Anna Faris just got a big casting scoop on the unnecessary adaptation of the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon Yogi Bear, in addition to revealing a writer and a new director contrary to what we heard when the project was announced over a year agoEric Brevig (of Journey to the Center of the Earth previously) is directing a script from Brad Copeland ("Arrested Development", Wild Hogs) with Dan Aykroyd voicing the picnic basket stealing bear and Justin Timberlake taking on the role of Boo-Boo. Meanwhile, Anna Faris (seen in Observe and Report) will play a nature documentarian following Yogi and Boo-Boo for her next project.

While there's not much mentioned in the vein of conflict or plot for this film, I'm left wondering how and if Ranger Smith will fit into this story. The frustrated character was such a huge part of the original cartoon that I can't imagine them leaving him out. In addition, back in March there were rumblings of discussions to bring in B.J. Novak (of NBC's "The Office") to take on the role of the authoritative but bumbling ranger. However, at that point the supposed plot involved a character named "Sergio Bear" who seems like a sophisticated bear from Argentina, but is actually an average bear who has escaped from the Bronx Zoo in an effort to find a legendary goldmine hidden in Jellystone Park. But with a new writer and director, who knows what shape the project is taking.

Personally, while I find an adaptation like this wholly unnecessary and most likely completely lost on a generation that didn't grow up Hanna-Barbera cartoons like Yogi or even Tom & Jerry (which I'm sure we'll see get a contemporary update sooner than later).  And while Dan Aykroyd is one hell of a choice to play Yogi Bear, Bill Murray was also inspired casting for Garfield and I hated that movie as much as the orange cat hates Mondays (and if you've seen Zombieland, you know Murray even hates it, too). We'll see exactly what the story is behind this film soon enough, and otherwise keep you posted on the tomfoolery to come.

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*Ugh Am i the only one sick of Anna Faris, and because I'm about to rant i should also bring up Zooey Deschanel. I cant fathom the fact that there are hundreds or even thousands of better actors who haven't gotten their break, but yet somehow these "jokes" are established actresses. As much as I would love to see Yogi Bear as a live adaptation I think ill skip this and any other film these actress' may put their lacking talent toward. I get that in Hollywood it's almost impossible to change your image especially after being in such movies as Scary Movie, Mama's boy and The House Bunny (God i just threw up in my mouth a little). Ive seen 13 movies from Faris and I cant in good faith say that any of her performance in any of them were even par! Now to Zooey Dechanel. Can someone please tell me where she came from so i could send her back? O.k. I first saw this actress in The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, to me this was her BEST EVER PERFORMANCE in a movie from there it goes down hill. Every time i see this actress I cringe, movies that I think I will like all turn to shit, grow feet then hang themselves when her face graces the screen ( If you think that's bad don't let me think about The Happening).... O.k. too late, If I had to choose between watching a movie directed by Uwe Boll or stomaching a performance of this actor I'd not only watch his whole damn repertoire, Id star in it! So that's my rant for today, sorry the unexpected people of the wonderful FirstShowing community had to witness this but acting and movies are something I take seriously. Its more than a story being told but its art at it's finest.

Eduardo- The Moon on Nov 5, 2009


Dan Aykroyd? That's a pretty awful pick for the voice casting of Yogi Bear. Dan is the best but Yogi? Not even close. It's going to be so bad.

Chris H on Nov 5, 2009


#1 fuck off. Zooey Deschanel is a top actress. Her performances in 500 Days of Summer, The Go-Getter, Almost Famous, and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford are pretty damn good. You're judging her on a very small basis, and yes the Happening was god-awful, and there is where I agree with you, but Deschanel is very talented and can sing to boot. You are comparing Anna Faris to her which is probably the most ludacris comparsion ever. These two actresses are completely different in their acting abilities. You've come off as a complete asshole in your critique of two people you have never met. No hard feelings I hope.

xerxex on Nov 5, 2009


I personally applaud the producers for picking Dan Aykroyd for Yogi's voice! It is inspired casting and I'm sure it'll put Dan back into the spotlight in anticipation of the "Ghostbusters" flick. Hey, even Bill Murray did "Garfield" too! Anna Faris is cool too. The only problem I see is the inclusion of Justin Timberlake. I am not a fan of his in any way, shape, or form. ROCK ON DAN!!!

Spider on Nov 5, 2009


So we are so desperate for material that we are doing this shit now? What the fuck. I am going to be sick.

Nicholas J on Nov 6, 2009


One word..... FAIL

smacky on Nov 6, 2009


ahhh crap is happening the world gone upside down everyone in hollywood going crazy lets all gather around the campfire and sing mad world 🙂

Spider94 on Nov 6, 2009


If Hollywood suits are so desperate for original scripts, they should just go out to lunch, ask the first waiter/waitress they see for their script (which they no doubt have written) and then throw a decent budget, director and cast at it.....guaranteed to be better than this shit, and if nothing else, more original.

Cmurder on Nov 6, 2009


Terrible cast and stupid to try and do a movie of this.

M on Nov 6, 2009

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