Dan Mazeau Writing a Flash Script for Warner Brothers

January 30, 2009
Source: IESB

The Flash

When I was writing the news that the Green Lantern movie was finally going into production this year, I knew comic book fans everywhere would go crazy with excitement. He's just one of those characters that real hardcore comic book fans love to death. Another one that I know comic fans have been waiting anxiously to see on the big screen is The Flash aka Barry Allen or Wally West. We've heard rumors off and on for a while now, but nothing concrete has come together. Well, IESB is claiming that they know for certain that screenwriter Dan Mazeau is currently working on a Flash script for Warner Brothers.

Some of you may remember an article we ran three weeks ago about Warner Brothers putting all DC Comics movies on hold. While that is still in effect, IESB claims that they know for 100% certain that Mazeau is writing a script. This could mean he was just hired so they could entertain the possibility and nothing more. Producer Charles Roven wouldn't confirm or deny the news, but did say this: "The Flash that was the policeman and Kid Flash, Wally, and his uncle. Those are the two Flashes that I grew up with, so I was excited to have the opportunity to try and see if I could actually translate those characters to the screen."

Whether or not this version of The Flash makes it to the big screen, I'm sure there is an exciting future ahead for DC Comics characters and movies. Let's just hope if they ever do go back and make a Justice League movie, that The Flash ends up on the team. Until we hear more on this, we're planning to settle down with some old comics for a while, to get caught up on the Scarlet Speedster. Anyone excited?

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love the flash, a great comic book character....remembers the tv show, with the dad from dawson's creek as the flash....old skool!!

cregster on Jan 30, 2009


The TV show was great, yea.

9mm on Jan 30, 2009


As long as WB keeps the quality of their movies up, I mean even Superman Returns was better than most Marvel Movies, I think they can come out on top.

????? on Jan 30, 2009


As long as they make this good.

Xerxex on Jan 30, 2009


Wonder what happened to the David Goyer script? The guy did write Batman & The Dark Knight, he's pretty damn good at the super hero stuff.

Jason on Jan 30, 2009


Get Ryan Reynolds in here NOW.

bRINGER on Jan 30, 2009


The flash is an awesome character and one of my favorite...its just I find his abilities hard to be rendered on screen without it looking like a looney tunes streak of color. I mean really how are they gonna have him zipping around whooping people when hes like well, a flash unless they added some slow mo OMG that would be sick.

Cody on Jan 30, 2009


More sh*tty comic book characters pulled of the enormous treasure trove that is the comic book world. Way to spend that cash.

sumonesumtime on Jan 30, 2009


Ryan Reynolds is already playing Deadpool. Highly unlikely he'll get this. They will probably use somebody like Adam Brody.

The_Phantom on Jan 30, 2009


sumonesumtime: Warner already owns the company so they don't pay anything for doing a movie about it. The rest of your comment is fail, so let's not go there.

Batzarro on Jan 30, 2009


They probably meant making any were on hold but not creating them. Now they know what to do they just want to make sure it's always done right so by doing that release dates will be down the road instead of rushed for next summer's blockbuster. By the way, Flash, awesome!

Aravena on Jan 30, 2009


the bad guy from never back down should play flash. i don't think ryan reynolds could fit the role, that my opinion

Darrin on Jan 30, 2009


Jim Caviezel!

Scott McHenry on Jan 30, 2009


if Jason Lee was in better shape and looked younger he could pull this off, he's got that personality as seen in the Kevin Smith films as Brodie.

Movieraider321 on Jan 30, 2009


check out a trailer called the objective on yahoo, looks alot better than the random comic book films.

Darrin on Jan 30, 2009


why doesn't warner & dc just do a marvel & do the following make flash,green lantern,aqua-man & wonder woman movies, crossover with each others films that lead into justice league film, darkseid the villain job done.

zetsu on Jan 30, 2009


#7 Cody-I thought they did pretty good, especially for TV, depicting Flash's powers on the old show. The running effects looked a lot like the the way Carmine Infantino, the great original silver age Flash artist drew them, with the faster-than-the-eye multiple images. In fact, I wish they'd use more effects techniques like that, instead of the now-endless parade of obvious CGI. In any case, I'm sure they can depict Flash's abilities, just like they can Green Lantern's if they want. I actually want it to look just a little bit comic booky. #8 sunonesumtime, I can't agree with you about comic book movies, which, in some cases, are finally being done right, in my view. The current cycle will end, however, but not before it gets run into the ground. I also think the following: Another day, another James Bond movie: no matter who is in front of or behind the camera, it is just another James Bond movie. Another day, another Star Trek movie: same as above. Now THAT'S the way to spend that cash. My 1st James movie: Dr. No, August 1963 1st Star Trek, September 1966

zubzwank on Jan 30, 2009


Flash for me is the coolest character in DC i read an article once that Ryan Reynolds might take the role.

Fisherr on Jan 31, 2009


The flash is a pretty cool character. More vunerable then say Superman. And as awesome as the last two Batman flicks have been, they do need to change it up some.

Dating in Toronto on Mar 27, 2009

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