Dave Gibbons Confirms There is No Squid in Watchmen

February 7, 2009

Watchmen Squid

One of the biggest questions surrounding the Watchmen movie that still remains unanswered, for good reason, is about whether or not the "squid" ending remains intact. While we're not going to spoil the ending, there's nothing wrong with telling you what will not be appearing in the movie - and that's the squid. Artist Dave Gibbons appeared at the New York Comic-Con earlier today during Warner Brothers' Watchmen presentation and fielded questions from fans after sharing some new footage. When asked about the squid, Gibbons tried to dodge the answer, but did eventually say "the outcome is exactly the same as the novel."

Gibbons added that "the McGuffin is different in the movie and I think you know what I mean." He's obviously talking about the squid. "I think it has to stand as a good movie… The reality is you have to make changes, and I think it's been done very well." What Gibbons is saying, basically, is that the final outcome in the end will be the same as the graphic novel, in theory, but the squid won't be the way it gets to that end. Ah shucks! But is it really that big of a problem? I mean, really? Gibbons later went on to talk about how the squid was a "special effect" and it would not just work with the movie. I couldn't agree more!

There may be others out there more qualified in speaking about the squid than I, but from what I know of the ending in the graphic novel and the movie, I think it's a smart and appropriate decision on Zack Snyder's part to not have the squid. I don't know why everyone keeps bringing up the squid as the essential part, especially because the point is not that it's the squid, but it's what the squid causes and what actually happens at the end. And as long as that ending, and that theory of it, is still intact, which as Gibbons says it is, then why be worried? Even without the squid, I'm sure Watchmen is still going to be phenomenal.

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agreed, to people who havent read the book a giant squid fucking everything up wouldnt make all that much sense now would it?

tw on Feb 7, 2009


thanks for the fucking spoiler warning... oh wait.

Trystan on Feb 7, 2009


While it makes sense that, to those unfortunate enough to have not read Watchmen, removing the squid takes away something that in a 'movie' setting might be 'outlandish' or 'too much', it stills speaks to what Moore has said all along: his novels are intended to be unfilmable. I've never understood adaptations, some work when what you're adapting is better fleshed out on film--but Watchmen seems to exist purely as a graphic novel. So, taking out the squid just adds to what else cannot be retained on film: Under the Hood, Black Freighter (which are conveniently being made into straight to dvd profit). From images I've seen, it also looks as though Black Freighter is done in a pseudo-anime style, which completely belies the pulp, colorful 60s--80s horror comics its based on. I will still see the Watchmen, only to live out some of the fantasy. I don't feel that the movie necessarily 'cheapens' the novel, but nothing can add up to the holistic experience of the text.

John Servo on Feb 7, 2009


I actually agree. Actually the squid ending totally kind of ruined the novel for me anyway. Additionally, the Cold War era setting having a nuke or something going off makes more sense to me and would be more devastating than a giant squid. It would even fit in today's society as well if a nuke goes off, giving present tensions. I don't see this being a big deal, as long as the rest of the movie is the same as the novel.

????? on Feb 7, 2009


I personally am a great fan of the graphic novel. Without a doubt, the squid is a huge element of the story as well as the cause it creates in the final ending. Essentially, i do believe this novel is a a medium that has so many challenges to adapt for the screen that its easily comprehensible to make some drastic changes. In other words i personally am a little heart broken that they could not go all the way with the original ending but knowing Zack Snyders vision i understand there are some things you just cant keep, even though he made a strong attempt to stay true to pretty much everything else, and that's something every director has to face in reality man. Plus if go back and re-watch the trailer, their is a small clip of some type of electric ball eruption that explodes in time square. Maybe that's the source? but god i hope not.

Zachy on Feb 7, 2009


Oh please. Like not having the dang squid will disrupt the whole of Moore's themes. Hey, guess what? In Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy actually DIES on the Brooklyn Bridge by the Green Goblin's attack. I suppose the Spider-Man movies lose thier merit as of consequence? And Wolverine is actually 5'6 so Hugh Jackman completely ruined the mythos of the character, is that correct? Please. You don't need the dang squid. And if the ending is as I've heard, Ozymandias will become even MORE super bad-ass and will add a twist to Doctor Manhattan's departure. "Nothing ever ends, Adrian." Peace

Bugs on Feb 7, 2009


This won't matter much. I would explain why, but I'm afraid I'll give something away for those who didn't read.

Ironmonging on Feb 7, 2009


Setting aside the nature of the ending and what new idea Zack and his crew decided to go with... If the movie were to end with "a nuke or something going off" it would be total cliché. I mean think about it. A bomb going off in the end is just something that anyone would predict, sure it would be a cool effect but damn! that's just been done way too many times and in my mind an explosion is more of a let down than anything else. On the other hand, seeing a squid or some supernatural element terrorizing New York city would be totally awesome. People are always intrigued by something that doesn't make complete sense. Something like the squid with a mysterious origin IS a cool element, know why? because it's something not often used. It may not make sense.. but it is entertaining. Think about that. It's the reason why you went to see Cloverfield high as a kite.

Zachy on Feb 7, 2009


I'm kind of disappointed in the blatant lack of concern for readers who haven't read Watchmen yet. My neighbor is reading it right now for the first time, and he would be pissed if he came across your site and you ruined it for him like that. How about a little warning next time? SPOILER WARNING FOR THE POSSIBLE ENDING OF THE FILM And since it's already been ruined for anyone reading this far - of course the squid is essential to the plot. The whole damn thing revolves around it. Ozymandias creates it and uses it to bring the world together; the end result is that The Earth comes together because its inhabitants are so startled and confused at the presence of this "alien" creature that they put their differences aside. Having Dr. Manhattan nuke various places on the planet at the same time (which is what I've heard the ending of the film will be) makes no sense whatsoever - as he says in the trailer, why would Manhattan "save a world [he] no longer [has] any stake in?" So Manhattan works together with Ozy to bring about the same thematic effect with this new ending, completely undercutting his entire character in the process? Give me a break.

Ben on Feb 7, 2009


Thank You.

Zachy on Feb 7, 2009


Why are so many people commenting on the ending of a book they haven't read? read post 9. exactly right

John on Feb 7, 2009


It seems like maybe they will be using a different type of "thing" to induce what happens at the end and still create the feeling throughout the world that it was meant to in the graphic novel. I could see a lot of people thinking that the hole squid thing is stupid if it was put in the movie. I have total faith in the movie and now it just makes me more excited to see what happens. Because knowing the whole story already it just gives fans something new to look forward to.

Dan W on Feb 7, 2009


TAKE THIS ARTICLE DOWN!!! I don't want to know how the movie ends until i fucking see it. I also don't want the ending of the book ruined for people who haven't finished it, which many people are currently in the process of doing, being a month before the release of the film. All true Watchmen fans should be encouraging their friends to READ WATCHMEN the graphic novel before they see WATCHMEN, the film adaptation. If you agree that THIS ARTICLE SHOULD BE TAKEN DOWN!! then comment as such, or AT LEAST there be a spoiler warning for both spoilers; the film and the novel. Seriously guys NOT COOL, this is my first and only time having a problem with anything on this site. So pleas don't let this problem escalate.

Mars on Feb 7, 2009


The movie was never intended to replace the novel. Snyder has always said that its more of a 2.5 hour trailer for it. The movie is going to be incredible, and the directors cut (which will be over 4 hours long with the extra footage and Tales story in) is going to be even better. I've known the squid to be out for at least 5 or 6 months. In a recent interview Snyder explained that every script written for Watchmen has never had the squid in. Every script until this current one had a different ending and different theme from the novel. If you read the interviews with Gibbons and the cast, Snyder carried the novel with him everyday rather than the script, as an effort to stay as faithful as possible. All i know is, I've never been as excited for a movie, or as confident, as I am with Watchmen.

Apollo on Feb 7, 2009


SPOILER ALERT!!! This is interesting but it's definitely a spoiler. I was really looking forward to seeing them replicate the novel and now I know they took this out I'm feel disappointment in what else they took out? How will it be replaced? It was quite essential unless you substitute for a lobster, if you catch my drift. Also, you need to edit this article for those that don't want to be in the know because this IS the movie. All I can think of is that they replace it but if #9 is right, then I will be sorely disappointed and demand a refund as Snyder will not get my money for changing the key element of the novel, the ending.

Emma Watson is so f***able on Feb 7, 2009


#9 - In the current script, Ozy creates a machine that can replicate Manhattan's energy signature. He uses this to attack dozens of major cities around the world. It shows this in the second trailer with the blue explosion in New York. The world thinks its Manhattan, and unites together in the same way as they do against the squid. It is completely believeable in the script and it will work.

Apollo on Feb 7, 2009


Not impressed at the blatant spoiler in post title. Make some effort please. I certainly didn't want to know this and you've just removed a huge aspect of my anticipation for the film : will they/wont they? Sorry Alex, but that's a Blunder.

Dr.Duvel on Feb 7, 2009

18 *sigh....

Evo on Feb 7, 2009


umm... But it's the giant squid that so insanely horrifying that unites the people... that's the whole plan and POINT of it.

Rob on Feb 7, 2009


I think that not having the squid in the movie, while mildly disappointing (I mean, come on! It's a giant freaking squid!), is a good idea for the movie adaptation, especially since it's going to be just one film. I kind of wish they had filmed it like the Lord of the Rings trilogy and made it into three full-length films. They could have done 4 chapters per film, 2 hours or so each and covered pretty much everything. The plot of Watchmen is is already complex and layered enough without the squid, and its absence of totally eliminates the potentially confusing subplot of the missing artists. I'm interested to see how the squid is replaced, I hope it's something equally engaging and exciting. I'm really psyched for this movie!

Jonathan on Feb 7, 2009


In regards to what number 4 said, a nuke going off would not make sense at all. The whole reason why it was a squid was because the act of sending out a squid/alien meant that all of the world would band together because of the horrible tragedy, since nobody could be blamed for it. A nuke would obviously be a blamable offense, so it wouldn't make sense unless Ozy was really just trying to fuck the world over, which he obviously wasn't.

Johan on Feb 7, 2009


Thank you #9!!!

bltzie on Feb 7, 2009


What squid????

moldybread on Feb 7, 2009


I completely agree with you #9. I do have faith though that Snyder will do something though that will please all the original fans though somewhat. Hopefully.

Itri on Feb 7, 2009


From what i've seen in the featurette videos released the level of parity with the comic book is near 100%. Now the 'giant squid' does get explained in the comic book, so unless someone went to the bathroom while the entire comic book was explained at the end (i won't ruin it, read it) then the 'giant squid' makes perfect sense now i do say 'giant squid' because it isn't a giant squid exactly... its all explained and to me it was perfect for the series as I thought i had the secret plan all figured out until...

Janny on Feb 7, 2009


Yeah, seriously... wtfspoilers??

Mister_Bubbles on Feb 7, 2009


As long as the line "30 seconds ago" is still intact in some form or another, I will be happy.

D on Feb 7, 2009


I honestly think if you keep talking about watchman everyday. Im gonna be sick of it before it even comes out. BTW Dragonball is going to be the shit

HD on Feb 7, 2009


^Go away... I almost forgot about the missing artists. That was a big subplot. The problem with The Watchmen is that it's a very in depth story and while it can be done as is there is no need to change stuff. It has such a huge fan base as is it would make tons of money and most people wanting to see it are reading the book or will and then understand everything they may not have before and see it again. So to change something seems so pointless.

Emma Watson is so f***able on Feb 7, 2009


i am disappointed that they are taking the squid out, because t=i can imagine that scene being so violent and bloddy that it would be the film's culmination. what they should take out is some of the unecessary dialogue during the last ten or so pages. i thought it ended on kind of a sour note with no fighting or blood other than the untimely death of a particular masked character.

LeeMan on Feb 7, 2009


thanks for revealing the ending to everyone ( ive already read it but still )

Pj on Feb 7, 2009


The novel is over 20 yrs old. If you don't know how it goes already, it's your own damn fault. I never found the squid compelling on any level. It always seemed like extra fluff of a thought after a hard night of drinking and heroine. The McGuffin could always be something more believable or tangible. However, i do think it was a great image in a comic.

L on Feb 8, 2009


#32 Ah yes, because everybody is aware of/decides to read every single piece of media that's ever been released in the past 30 years... ;P

Mister_Bubbles on Feb 8, 2009


In my opinion, the nuke ending was done to leave all the stuff about the island and missing artist stuff out, cutting the film's running time down while still keeping true to the overall message of the graphic novel.

LVL on Feb 8, 2009


I would have preferred the alien, and I don't think that including it, and the related stories, would have been that hard to do. I am disappointed that a main part of the story has been changed, and sad that it took until #9 to realize it, but I will wait until after I see the movie to judge whether or not it was changed for the worse.

Aureleus on Feb 8, 2009


#9's information on the new ending is for the most part wrong. He has it all twisted up and that isn't how it happens. Someone over at Superherohype has actually read the script and gives many details on it at the forums.

Mike G. on Feb 8, 2009


#4 and everyone else who thinks a nuke would be the right replacement to the squid ending... You are forgetting that this would go against everything the plan was meant to do. SPOILER! I mean how can you stop a nuclear war by starting a nuclear war. You obviously haven't read the novel or you'd already know that.

Stevo on Feb 8, 2009


What makes the alien squid significant to the whole 80s milieu of Watchmen is that speech in 1985 by then President Ronald Reagan on how an alien invasion would unite the planet and all differences would be put aside to combat that threat.

sacredeye on Feb 8, 2009


WATCHMEN------ MOVIE SPOILER MOVIE SPOILER MOVIE SPOILER MOVIE SPOILER I read online from a source who saw a screening of unfinished sfx of the movie Watchmen and said there is no squid in the end, but rather ...... if you DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THE END OF THE WATCHMEN MOVIE STOP READING NOW.... Adrian Veidt sets up Dr. Manhattan to set a series of nuclear bombs to explode in various parts of the world e.g. New York City being one of the key locations. And there's your bloodbath ending. We'll see how it all turns out in a few weeks!

Conrad on Feb 8, 2009


There Definitely needs to be some change made to this post. It doesn't have to be taken down but it should at least be titled something different. "Dave Gibbons confirms Watchmen ending will be different" or something.

Da Man on Feb 8, 2009


Why do I have to put a spoiler warning up when what it's in the title isn't even IN the movie? Unless you haven't read the comic book, but come on? Plus, I wrote the article to hide what actually happens IN the end and only just talked about the "method" (meaning the squid) and how it won't be in the movie.

Alex Billington on Feb 9, 2009


blah blah blah. movie isn't replacement for novel. therefore things don't need to be exactly the same. aslo since the squid is sort of a finale to the Balck Frieghter subplot it would not work as well now would it?

gabriel Oakes on Feb 9, 2009


ive read the book but the part of me that hates spoilers hates u too, alex

mos on Feb 9, 2009


Snyder is a smart film-maker, so I have no issues with the changes I'm expecting from what I have seen and read. Yet on the other hand, not being given additional funding to get The Black Freighter done live action (ALA Sin City) and as it appears in the novel is lame... And even though Snyder chose the next best thing of making it animated and planning to add it to the Blu-Ray Director's Cut release of the film, choosing to do it in an anime style and not the late 60s to early 80s style of horror comics it was loosely stylized on is LAME. Reminds me of how lame the animated sections of the overrated Kill Bill movies were/are. Granted, I'm not in any way implying Kill Bill is on the level of Watchmen, far from it as Kill Bill is an expensive knock off of cheaper and better Asian Cinema of old.

Johnny Neat on Feb 9, 2009


Alex don't even worry about it. As Gabriel Oakes' comment, what? Explain that again.

Johnny Neat on Feb 9, 2009


I won't be seeing this movie, ever. I hold Alan Moore in too high a respect to do this, and I honestly believe that it is impossible to make a decent movie adaptation of his book, especially with Mr. 300 directing. The plot DOES revolve around the squid. The Comedian discovers the squid. That's why he's killed. The squid was vital to Ozy's plan, in that no human could have been responsible. But, hey, with all the other stuff that's going to be lost anyway, I suppose Snyder's money was better put to all those incredibly original slo-motion fight scenes and explosions they've got lined up.

P. on Feb 9, 2009


I can see the logic. Remember the spider at the end of "It"? Watchmen is one of the few graphic novels in which "novel" is as important as "graphic." On the page - even a four-color page - the idea of the squid is sufficient to serve the story. (This is not a knock on Gibbons's work, btw.) The real horror is that Adrian Veidt would contemplate such a monstrous act in the pursuit of an ultimate good - the tentacle are arguably beside the point. Which seems to be what Gibbons is getting at in his remarks. I don't know if I'll see this movie or not. I have found over the years that Peter Traver's reviews in Rolling Stone are a good way to decide if a given film is worth ten bucks. I'll be interested in his assessment of this film.

Roddy McCorley on Feb 9, 2009


It is not a squid. It is more like a cuthulu Old god type of beast. The Story does not revolve around it at all. It is part of the Mystery that pervades the entire series, but If you remove those aspects from the story, or just make changes to the contest of those particular scenes. doing so would allow whatever ending they are going with work. Besides, how would they represent a massive and fatal phsycic attack? Dr. Manhatten is basically a God. No matter how powerful you are as a nation, if there was a single being that was potentially more powerful than all nations combined, Then it would create a unifying threat. 911 whether real or pre-planned was a unifying threat simply because it showed that even the most powerful nations could suffer a devastating attack. and it also pulled at the compassions of the common man. Considering that outlook, 911 was the perfect Maguffin to bring the real world together regarding the seriousness of Terrorist capabilities. The Story revolves around Edward Blake. from beginning to end. The overarching plan that plays out in the book is the reason for his murder and the reason Rorshach contacts all of the Crimebusters. Plus quit complaining about spoiler warnings. This book was released over 25 years ago and even if there are new people reading the book, knowing that one element of the ending has been changed will do nothing to ruin the story for them.

Mike W. on Feb 9, 2009


Spoiler what? Nobody considers the revelation of Darth Vader being Luke's father; Rosebud being a mere sled; the chick in the Crying Fame actually being a guy; Oliver Twist being the son of a noble family spoilers. And you know what? Because they're not. They've been out for so long and become a part of popular culture that talking about the endings isn't considered "spoilerish" - same with Watchmen. The book is almost a quarter of a century old. It's a cornerstone in comics' history and it's been around long enough for people to have more than a fair chance to read and find out on their own. Why should he bother with spoiler warnings? Come on... Besides. The only "spoiler" he mentioned was that there was no squid. Nothing else. Which means that someone who'd not read the book, reading this article, only knows NOT to expect a squid at the end - WHICH, I might add, is only PART of the end. Not the ACTUAL end - that remains untouched in the above article. He's spoiled nothing.

Simon on Feb 9, 2009


you serious, guys? shut the hell up with this spoiler crap, the comic has been out for 20 years and on top of that he didnt even mention any details of the end except for one that isnt in it. also, the squid was incredibly unimportant. could've been any major catastrophe pretty much. they could put alot of different things in here and it wouldnt change the plot, or they could take that section out entirely. they dont have to show what destroyed ny, just that its destroyed.

Allen Sharpe on Feb 9, 2009


People. Relax. We all love the comic. The movie can't possibly replace the comic. Because it's a MOVIE. So let's see it when it comes out (except for the poor bastard who "holds Alan Moore in too high regard, seriously, get a life) and enjoy it for what it is. Or criticize it for what it is. But do so based on it being a movie. I've collected comics for over 20 years now and I love 'em as much as the next guy, but you purists are making me sick to the back teeth. You are all commenting on something you haven't even seen yet.

Dave Philpott on Feb 9, 2009


It's not a spoiler when the book and the story have been out for over 20 years. Did people on the internet complain when they talked about Dumbledore dying? No, because thats been out for awhile. It's always read at your own risk online.

Bob Dole on Feb 9, 2009


Ok, my first comment was pretty out there, but, seriously guys, please, take this down, and don't ever post anything like it again.

Zach Forrester on Feb 9, 2009


Ok, second of all, anyone saying that this ISN'T a spoiler, is kind of retarded. Yes, we all know there's a squid at the ending of Watchmen. What we didn't know, and what I wish I still didn't know, was that the squid ISN'T in the end of the movie. Movie ending spoiled. Like, if, right before Titanic came out, somebody said that the fucking boat didn't sink, and had proof from someone involved in the production, you would consider that movie pretty well spoiled, right? Right? Fuck!

Zach Forrester on Feb 9, 2009


Snyder said like 4 or 5 months ago that there was no squid. Thanks to The Guard at, who has a copy of the script, we found out exactly what the ending is. Snyder told us early on about the changed ending because he knew the hardcore fans would be upset and that they would need time to cool down before the movie was released. If anyone wants to know more, they can email me at

Todd on Feb 9, 2009


Alex there is way to much assuming here, I mean who knows, yes he dodged the question and yes he said "McGuffen" but that doesn't mean there is no squid, don't make this as news, set it as a rumor article. Although I can see how they could easily alter it. Spoiler Instead of the island having comic book artists and creative minds it could have scientists and engineers who build a mental anguish bomb(just what the squid did) and then it could detonate from the strain of the teleportation #9 the movie has not come out yet please don't tell these less than intelligent people an ending that is most likely not going to happen. I mean that is nothing like the end of the novel, Dr. Manhattan doesn't bomb anything, he leaves to go create life for himself. Not bomb the shit out of stuff. The moment Laurie leaves him, he pretty much quits working for the government, thus the reason he doesn't save the world by blowing up other countries. The end of my rant

Movieraider321 on Feb 11, 2009


oh btw, too many "basically"'s and "assumptions" and "He obviously means this"

Movieraider321 on Feb 11, 2009


The squid could have been left in if handled properly. I just re-read the comic and Owlman really does think it's absurd. The chuckles and thinks Adrian must have lost his mind. If the audience were told the same way and Owlman's disbelief lasts the same as theirs, the dread certainty introduced by Rorshak would have plenty of impact and following it by the scenes of devastation (including the dead side characters from issues 1-11) would have made the whole thing a surreal and horrific moment. I think the producers lacked faith in themselves, the audience or both. At the least, it should have been attempted and screened to see if it would work. My opinion...

Jp12x on Feb 13, 2009


It's not a fucking squid. Calling it a squid detracts from the fact that it is supposed to be beyond human comprehension and, aside from being an intrinsic part of a particularly intricate and meticulously well crafted novel, is sadly also beyond the comprehension of Mr Snyder and most of the intended audience. The plot of the Novel is perfectly woven and every detail fits exactly where it should. It's meant to be heard to understand, that's kind of the point. I'll still be watching the film, if only to see Rorschach et al. in the flesh.

mumbl on Feb 19, 2009


A little late, perhaps, but I think the point is important to make. I too am a little disheartened to hear that the alien horror at the end was taken out. The way the book was constructed, it made perfect sense, down to the way it was drawn. Alan Moore was right in saying that his story's only true form is the current one. It also serves to explain why for many years the adaptation was considered unfilmable. Needless to say, I am more upset that the Black Freighter couldn't be fit into the movie, which served to lead up to the alien horror ending in itself. But I understand the reason they were left out. Those things just don't translate well, and Watchmen had so much of that as subtext that I'm surprised it ever got this far. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD The way the movie's ending was explained to me made just as much sense. With the world on the verge of war, Ozymandias takes it upon himself to save humanity from total destruction. Using technology adapted from Dr. Manhattan, he builds a device that he claims will solve the world's problems under the pretext that it will be used to provide free energy. Aware of the obvious threat Dr. Manhattan poses would he discover his real intentions prematurely, Ozymandias begins fabricating the events which result in Dr. Manhattan's re-examination of self and eventual exile. Unfortunately, the Comedian discovers the true purpose of the device and is killed, setting Rorschach's quest in motion. Ozymandias, fearing exposure by the unpredictable Rorschach, has him framed for an attempted assassination also taking suspicion off of himself in the process. On Mars, Dr. Manhattan contemplates his connection to humanity. Fearing he has lost his humanity, mis-characterized and misunderstood by all, he seeks the perspective of The Silk Spectre as a proxy for humanity in general. With her help, he is able to reconnect with humanity in some form, even if only conceptually, and they return to Ozymandias' base on Earth. Rorschach and Nite-Owl arrived too late to stop Ozymandias from using his device. Ozymandias explains his reasoning, to everybody's horror, and implies that in blaming Dr. Manhattan for the attack (a veritable god-like being they have already come to distrust, and whose existence was the source of increased tensions between the superpowers), humanity could look toward their common fear as a sign of their common global interest. He is eventually successful in convincing the assembled heroes that what he did was best for humanity in the long run. Most of them, anyway. Rorschach refuses, getting vaporized as he leaves by Dr. Manhattan who has now seen the rationale for the preservation of life on a universal, rather than personal, scale. With the dice landed as they have, Ozymandias asks Dr. Manhattan if he did the right thing. Dr. Manhattan answers with his now infamous line, and leaves for space-unknown, satisfied that he could not have fit back into humanity even if he had chosen to do so and holds no ill will toward Ozymandias and his bit part in the history of the universe. Que sera sera. Not much difference when put that way, is there? Come to think of it, I recall reading somewhere that the real allure of Watchmen was its telling, not the particulars, and I think the adaptation does well in reaffirming that.

anonymous on Feb 23, 2009

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