Dave Matthews Band 3D Concert Film Coming in December

November 12, 2009

Dave Matthews Band

And the 3D trend continues. Thanks to the success of Michael Jackson's This Is It (which has pulled in almost $200 million worldwide) as well as U2 3D, AEG Live and Action 3D have partnered to produce a series of filmed concerts shot on HD 3D and slated to be released theatrically for one-week engagements. Variety reports that the first film to hit theaters will be called (take a deep breath): Larger Than Life…in 3D Featuring the Dave Matthews Band, Ben Harper and Relentless7 and Gogol Bordello. The concert film will feature footage that was shot at the Austin City Limits festival held just this past October.

That Dave Matthews concert film will be shown in some 300 to 400 digital theaters on December 11th next month. "Our goal was to mimic a concert," said John Rubey, president of Network Live, comparing that film to U2 3D. According to Rubey, the December release date was chosen to take advantage of the window between the release of Disney's A Christmas Carol and James Cameron's Avatar, which opens the following week. Other concert films in the works include Kenny Chesney (from Sony) as well as Phish live at Festival 8 and "best of" editions of both Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits as follow-ups to Dave Matthews in 2010.

I actually had a blast watching U2 3D in IMAX, so I'll admit I've kind of got a soft spot for 3D concert films, but it all depends on the band or performer. I won't go see anyone, which is why I hope they choose great bands. So far it sounds like they're doing a good job. Anyone planning on seeing the Dave Matthews flick?

DMB concert photo courtesy of Manuel Nauta on Flickr.

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Dave Matthews is the opposite of epic, and the opposite of who you'd want to make a concert film, 3D film, or any other film. This is bizarre.

Al on Nov 12, 2009



whomever on Nov 12, 2009


Whoa you guys are crazy!!! Dave Matthews Band is known for their live shows! In fact, I'm pretty sure they hold the record for making more money with concerts than any other band! I go religiously every year! Hell yeah I'm gonna see this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CharlesInCharge on Nov 12, 2009


This is the greatest news ever. hell yeah im seeing this!

Daniel on Nov 12, 2009


DMB = crap. sorry, they do. and I really hate when people compare them to the Counting Crows. He has nothing on Adam Duritz

Colt on Nov 12, 2009


Dave Matthews Band? 3D? Seriously... what the fuck?

Nick Gligor on Nov 12, 2009


@5 are you kidding? dave matthews has everything on adam duritz. what have the counting crows done lately besides the shitty song they wrote for shrek 2?

Nick on Nov 12, 2009


Pretty sure Id see this JUST because of Gogol Bordello, and then I'd just bounce to the next movie. other than that DMB sucks ass. ;P

Toucmyinfection on Nov 12, 2009


I am of the firm belief that most people who think that the Dave Matthews Band sucks have TERRIBLE musical taste. Disagree? Go on, try to fucking prove it. That being said, I am now wearing Levi's cream jeans...if you catch my drift ๐Ÿ˜€ (Bike Horn)

Sean Hunter on Nov 13, 2009


Correct me if I'm wrong, but Dave Matthews' concerts have been in 3D since they were around correct? I've never been to their concerts but I've known plenty of fans and some that saw him said it was like 3D... ๐Ÿ˜€

Tra la la la la di da on Nov 13, 2009


Dave Matthews Band is great. I've been a fan for almost 15 years and I've never once heard them compared to Counting Crows.

Brian Ricci on Nov 13, 2009


#7 hmm I don't know...maybe "Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings" released in 2008. that recent enough for you? I'm sorry the Crows don't aspire to have the bogus idea of a concert in 3d. #11 I've heard it plenty of times. I just don't care for DMB at all

Colt on Nov 13, 2009


DMB is love em or hate it seems. In my experience, people that don't like them don't know how to appreciate Dave's writing and lyrical abilities and doesn't realize that every musician is one of the best at what he does. Also, their live performances are what has made them continually popular through the years. Definitely seeing this for sure.

branden on Nov 13, 2009


If you don't like DMB, don't read the article or at least don't post. No one cares who anybody they don't know doesn't like. Do you feel the need to convince people who enjoy DMB that they shouldn't listen to them? Let people enjoy what they like without hating.

jeff on Nov 13, 2009


14, i hate when people say Im not entitled to discussing my opinion just because i disagree with them.

Al on Nov 13, 2009


#15 Thank you, I agree.

Colt on Nov 13, 2009


anyone know if they'll be showing in theatres in canada?

evy on Nov 13, 2009


Dave Matthews band in HD, awsome!

fiestyg/Gina on Nov 13, 2009


Most people I know who don't like DMB have never seen them live (which is their soul) and no appreciation for music as an art form. Underrated in their originality. They can play rock, bluegrass, folk, jazz all in one song and you'll never even know what hit you.

dre on Nov 13, 2009


who honestly wants to see middle aged men popping out of a screen?

xerxex on Nov 13, 2009


#19, No appreciation for music as an artform...simply because they don't like one band? please... I can tell you right now, regardless of how they act on stage, it's not going to make me enjoy their music. thats a ridiculous statement.

Colt on Nov 13, 2009


In defense of Dre he said "most" people and yes its still overstepping a bit. I'm not a fan of DMB. I'm a musician myself, however and I will say this at least: Anyone here who says "they suck" know nothing about music. Their musicians are INCREDIBLE. Oh and Colt I don't think anyone is talking about "how they act on stage" when they are talking about how to appreciate the band. I think you outed yourself there a little in terms of ignorance. They are referring to the fact that they are at their heart a live band and their albums never capture what they are really capable of. I would never listen to one of their albums. I don't own any of their albums. But I must admit live they are a completely different band, very creative. Not my cup of tea, but talent wise, they are among the most talented bands I've ever listened to.

Sam on Nov 14, 2009


I guess in my "ignorance" I somehow thought saying "how they act on stage" would cover them on stage...heart, soul, whatever. their Musicians are incredible, that shows because they're in a band...making money. so obviously they're good at that. that doesn't mean you have to like them or even think they're good together, regardless.

Colt on Nov 14, 2009


DMB is nothing like counting crows. And they ARE extremely talented. Why don't you pull up a video of Carter Beauford playing drums on Youtube. You'll be amazed!

Leoben on Nov 14, 2009


Counting Crows.... ha. I went to see them once, the band had to actually restart A Long December two or three times because the singer couldnt remember the words.

Dave on Nov 14, 2009


I went to see DMB in concert once, the band had to stop playing cause no one showed up. see what I did there?

Colt on Nov 14, 2009


Wow, Tom Hanks looks like crap. Oh wait, that's Dave Mathews?

mxr5150 on Nov 15, 2009


this seems like something that when it was brought up, there would be a 1 second pause and then everyone would start laughing.

Steve on Nov 16, 2009


dude! thats awesome! dave matthews band is the best! cant wait to see it! even tho they are a WHOLE lot better live! but still its gonna be awesome!! cant wait!

Dustin on Nov 17, 2009


i cant wait to see it! I think you dont really appreciate DMB unless you see them live. For example my boyfriend never liked them untill this year i made him go to the 3 day Gorge concert.. and guess what HE LOVES THEM! and Colt.. no one showed up to there show? The Gorge sells out every year and thats 3 days!

britt on Nov 18, 2009


DMB! Pretty sure they are one of or the top selling band of all time for concert tickets!!!! Counting crows.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Where do they rank in cincert sales? The list doesn't go on that far!! One of if not the best live band ever!!!!

Rich on Nov 18, 2009


Who ever out there that thinks that DMB sucks or isn't musically talented unfortunately doesn't understand music at all. Even if you are the least bit musically inclined, u realize that they are one of the most creative and original bands out there. They have been around a long time. You don't have to think they are the best, but at least acknowledge the fact that they are basically one of the most talented long standing bands of recent years. Period. I'm definitely going to see this. I own all of their early 90's albums and they are my favs. So, all you haters can zip it. Why even waste time making your comments if you don't care about them. Just to have something to say?? Didn't your mother tell you, if you don't have nuthin' nice to say... Love you DMB!! COME TO HOUSTON!!!!

Rachel on Nov 21, 2009


Wow, people on this site are hilarious!!! A whole bunch of Dave haters. Actually didnt know this many people exsisted who knew NOTHING about musicality. I have seen DMB twice and I walked out of the U2-3D show impressed but WISHING DMB would do one too. They are the GREATEST band live OR recorded of all music today. Which is why they are the #1 touring act of our genertation. That is fact, not just my opinion. And Colt? You went to a show were no one showed up?? Was this in 1991 when they were just forming? Cause it sure didnt happen in the last 18 years. They pack stadium after stadium, night after night. Quit being so ignorant, listen to DMB for what they are. Talented musicians. I'll be going to see them in 3D as will MILLIONS of others!!!! I HEART DAVE!!!

Stacey on Nov 22, 2009


Colt.....give me a explains it all...Colt???? Must be a Peyton fan!!!! Losah!!!!!! DMB is one of the GREATEST bands of all time and Counting Crows doesn't even hold a match to them!!! You went to see DMB once and no one showed up???? Obviously you were watching a DVD in your living room!!!

Tracey on Nov 23, 2009


not shocked to see the hate for dmb. its always been 'cool' to hate on dmb. but the fact of the matter is they are one of the most successful bands in history, and they continue to sell out huge venues and they make people happy. counting crows?? thats a joke right? sure they are okay, but they dont hold a candle to dmb. being a huge dmb fan myself ive heard reasons for why people dont like the music, and its not for everyone...i mean if you hate having a great time and dancing to REAL music. guitars, sax, violins, these are real instruments people, not auto tuned bullshit that you listen to

matt on Nov 24, 2009


counting crows played a minor league baseball stadium infront of 2000 fans max last year , dmb sells out 30,000 seat amphitheaters every night

matt on Nov 24, 2009


The Dave Matthews Band performance from Austin City Limits will be in 400+ theatres in the US and Canada for one week only Dec 11-17th. One week only because Avatar opens on the 18th and eats all the 3D screens. So DMB fans MUST get out and see it that week. for theatres and tickets.

m2 on Nov 24, 2009


AWSOME!!! This is a great thing bringing concerts to the local theaters! I will be watching this one! DMB is the one of the MANY great bands out there right now, and to everyone who doesn't like them, DONT WATCH IT THEN! This is a great alternative to spending money for a concert and hopefully people will see how great they are in a live show and expierience a live one for themselves. Take it from me, they put on one of the BEST, (yes I said BEST) live shows I have ever seen! The music they make is great, but it is also what they do outside the stage. The band established the Bama Works Fund in 1999 to help disadvantaged youth and the disabled, as well as support protection of the environment, the arts and humanities. The band donated the $1 million raised during a charity concert to homeless and childrenโ€™s charities in San Francisco, California. The band has played other charity concerts benefiting Bay Area parks, music education and AIDS research. So hate all you want but what are you doing or who are you supporting right now to make a difference?

Aaron on Nov 28, 2009


WHAT! whomever is saying that DMB live isn;t good has obviously never been to one of their shows! they are certainly one of the best live performers of the generation, and always put on an amazing show. I can;t wait for this 3d deal, sounds kinda cool.

Robert on Dec 1, 2009


Please stop hating on my DAVE!!!!!! DMB is awesome live and I can't wait to see this show:) Back in the day, my mom used to scream at me for playing their music in the house so much. I took her to one of their live shows and she fell in love with them. Now- She plays their music more than I do. Moral of the story is: Dave Matthews Band is incredible and everyone should attend at least one of their concerts during their lifetime. p.s. I have NEVER heard of this DMB/Counting Crows comparison.(i just threw up a little bit in my mouth) Counting Crows just does NOT do it for me, but at least I'm not going out of my way to spread hate on their 3D concert film page...oh, wait... they don't HAVE one. hahahahahahahahah ๐Ÿ˜›

Alexis on Dec 8, 2009



Em on Dec 8, 2009

42 are a bitch

meek on Dec 9, 2009


Can someone clear somethin up for this a 3d movie like they pop out of the screen or its just cameras from all different angles.... Just to add a little to the discussion DMB IS THE BEST BAND ALIVE!

E on Dec 12, 2009


Some of you people on here have nothing better to do with your time than bash those that are talented and successful. Smells like a lot of jealousy. First and foremost, Colt....your name sucks. name 2 members (without looking it up on the web) of DMB other than Dave himself. Second, DMD and Counting Crows are not even in the same category of music. I work in the music industry and am well aware of who is successful and to what degree. While the Counting Crows are talented musicians, they have not had near the success of DMB. I have seen DMB nearly 40 times since I got their first bootlegged cassette tape in 1994. They never let anyone down. I am going to see the film tonight and looking very forward to it.

Nash on Dec 16, 2009


Yeah, I'm gonna look into seeing this. I don't really get the DMB-haters either, because it's not like they really whore radio airplay or put themselves out as egotistical superstars. They just do their own thing and love being a jam band. Not everybody likes that, but who asked you anyway, so to speak? Dave's an incredibly talented and successful musician, this looks cool, and the haters are probably just sour, the way that story usually goes and may always go until the end of time, sadly.

Replay on Dec 17, 2009

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