David Fincher Might Direct Aaron Sorkin's Facebook Movie?!

June 23, 2009

David Fincher

Whoa, wait just a minute, David Fincher doing a Facebook movie? This just can't be right, can it? So here's the backstory. Late last year it was announced that "The West Wing" and Charlie Wilson's War screenwriter Aaron Sorkin was working on a project about Facebook called The Social Network. The story will focus on the evolution of Facebook from its 2004 creation on the Harvard campus by sophomore Mark Zuckerberg to a juggernaut with more than 60 million members. Entertainment Weekly breaks the news that Oscar nominated director David Fincher is in early talks to direct this as his next movie.

As I was writing this up, Variety also confirmed the news, meaning it's pretty much official and not just a rumor. "The hope is to begin production later this year," they say. Scott Rudin and Michael De Luca and Trigger Street are producing for Columbia Pictures. Sorkin is a very political writer with strong scripts making his attachment to this very interesting to begin with. But I would have never pegged Fincher as the kind of director to tackle such a modern-day topic as social networking and the world wide web. Apparently it must be a damn good script and a great story, or else he probably wouldn't be interested. Thoughts?

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Really? A movie about Facebook.....? I know we all want Hollywood to come up with new ideas instead of rebooting everything, but... really?

Pete on Jun 23, 2009


i'll reserve judgement...a movie about who wants to be a millionaire sounded like a terrible idea!

manxome on Jun 23, 2009


I have Facebook on my phone. It's coming to my 360. It'll be on my TV. Do I really need to see Facebook in the theatre, too? What's so intriguing about Facebook? I've been using it, along with countless others, since its conception. We've all seen it grow, read about how, why. We know the dollar values. We live with it everyday. It seems to me that there's a piece of the puzzle that we all are just not privy to yet. I trust that something caught Sorkin's political sensibilities. And something's caught Fincher's eye. But right now -- that something is what I need to know to make any kind of educated judgment about this project.

Brandon Lee Tenney on Jun 23, 2009


Lol, seriously you dont need to make this movie. Just give me the money and I'll spare you the embarrassment.

mordok on Jun 23, 2009


wut the...your kidding me with the facebook movie right?....i mean c'mon..i'm suprised it wasn't a myspace movie for the least..but wow lol a facebook movie.

Oscar on Jun 23, 2009


Ì think I`m starting to understand a lot of these weird movie pitches. Like when you hear they`re going to make a `Sims`movie or a `monopoly`movie, trying to think of the game will not help at all and will just confuse you. Like this isn`t going to be a `Facebook`movie, to say that is extremely misleading and makes the idea sound retarded. What this is going to be is a movie inspired by the `true story`of Mark Zuckerberg, which is going to be a feel-good story about how a middle-class harvard dropout, went on to become the youngest person on the Forbes 400 list (thx wikipedia). That`s it, this is not some movie about using facebook, how the fuck would you make that into a film

jman571 on Jun 23, 2009


I'm sure it won't be a "facebook" movie. I think what interests Fincher is telling the story of an internet startup becoming huge and making its inventors rich. Like the 2 dudes that invented youtube. Imagine a movie telling their story.

Daniel on Jun 23, 2009


I saw a friend of one of the guys who started Facebook on TV and he basicly told the whole story. I can't remeber all of it but I know the very beginning. A few guys who werent into the fraternity thing hacked the schools computer, got all of the girls photos, and started a "hot or not" thing for the students. They did get caught but were allowed to stay at school. But to make it legal, they gave girls the opportunity to upload their photos voluntarily, instead of them being stolen and it snowballed from there and even went to other colleges. Interesting fact: One of the guys from Napster got up with them eventually and started facebook. That's all I can really remember.

I have anxiety (and depression) on Jun 23, 2009


Sounds boring. I'd much rather see Fincher's Chef, or Torso. Moneyball was too boring for Sony, so they go with Facebook instead? Are you kidding me?

Kimmie on Jun 23, 2009


how bout i just give you my 10$ so you dont make this movie?

harrison on Jun 23, 2009


I love everything Fincher has done, he's probably one of the most innovative and smartest filmmaker out there, if he does do this, with Sorkin writing, I think it'll be good. Seriously, has Fincher made a bad movie yet??? Fuck Alien 3, Fox hijacked the movie from his hands...Se7en, Fight Club, The Game, Zodiac... Anything he makes is gold. I'm hopeful.

David Fincher is GOD on Jun 23, 2009


Will the Facebook Movie add me as a friend?

gabe the Accuser on Jun 23, 2009


like we really need to see a movie about geeks who become millions all because they wanted to jerk off to the girls in college? Although they could make it like...super bad pt. 2.

wm on Jun 23, 2009


what do you think Fincher is saying in the photo above...let's talk about that.

wm on Jun 23, 2009


Yes, the thought of a movie about Facebook is kind of frightening, but like @manxome said--could surprise us all! There's a much better chance of that with a creative director like Fincher at the helm. Who knows, maybe in the film Zuckerberg will end up starting an underground organization designed to take down capitalist American...oh, wait... 🙂

Brian Bowers on Jun 23, 2009


If they do this, they better have SNC's Facebook Stalking on there. lol

w00t!!! on Jun 23, 2009

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