DC Entertainment Has No Current Plans for Superman?

September 15, 2009
Source: MTV


Comic book movies and their companies have been at the forefront of industry talk over the past two weeks. First there was Disney's huge $4 billion acquisition of Marvel Entertainment, and then Warner Bros. joined forces with DC Comics to form DC Entertainment to counter the Mouse Power House. But now that the industry is sifting through the red tape and the ink is drying on these new contracts, we're finally getting to some project specifics. MTV caught up with Diane Nelson, head of the recently formed DC Entertainment where she offered information on one of DC Comic's most iconic properties and it's not exactly good news.

Here's what Ms. Nelson told MTV:

"We've obviously done a lot of great things behind the property in our history, and it's a key part of the family, but we don't have current plans behind Superman."

Talk about a Debbie Downer. Honestly, I can't imagine why Warner Bros. and DC wouldn't want to do everything they could to bring back Superman in the way that Bryan Singer's Superman Returns was supposed to. While I didn't hate Superman Returns, I wholeheartedly agree with the masses that it was a lackluster return for Krypton's last son, and Superman deserves a more thrilling contemporary adaptation. My favorite one-line review of Singer's attempt from an excerpt written by Alexandra Du Pont at Ain't It Cool really sums it all up: "I believe a man can fly, but I also believe he can spend two-and-a-half hours doing more than moving around large chunks of real estate." Superman needs something to do other than fly and stop things from falling, but is this really a hard problem to rectify?

It's not as if there's a drought of ideas for a new Superman iteration with everything we keep hearing here and there so what's the hold-up? If WB has the competence to work with producer Charles Roven to bring together such an amazing team to bring Batman back in a huge way, then why not Superman? Are they still reeling from Joss Whedon's succinct and wholly accurate criticism of why DC Comic's movies can't seem to cut it?  I'm hoping that DC Entertainment is simply taking a big breath before they make their next move, and that Superman won't be on the backburner for much longer. Who's ready to bring this guy back?

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"Who's ready to bring this guy back?" James Cameron!

Benê on Sep 15, 2009


James Cameron only had an interest in one superhero and that one is on its 4th film now

nelson on Sep 15, 2009


I have lived and breathed Superman from the first time I picked up a comic as a child and 30 years later there has still not been the ultimate realisation of this iconic hero on the big screen. Im starting to think that it’s just not possible to do the man of steel justice in a film, I would love for someone to prove me wrong and hopefully sometime in the near future they will, but to be honest im not going to hold my breath as they do seem dead set against making a new film or taking another chance on earths greatest hero.

Dar-El on Sep 15, 2009


i would give up 2 ridley scott

jono on Sep 15, 2009


I wouldn't lose hope, there will eventually be a great superman film.

Nick Sears on Sep 15, 2009


Id love to see another superman movie, its got alot of potential... really good storys to tell, good villians that could be used(that we havent seen on the big screen yet), and like every other superhero has good source material from the comics that they can use. the script was the main thing i didnt like about superman returns ... Singer was ok i guess, so was the cast but if they did a reboot i doult they would bring back brandon routh since his contract is up, i thought he was ok but if they did do the new movie they would most prob replace him. Dont think they will ever use the smallville cast, i watch it, but i dont think dc would ever use it as a theater movie if they had to do a new cast i dunno who they could pick as clark/superman...most prob be an like to see anne hathaway as lois lane, billy zane as lex luther, anton yelchin as jimmy olsen and i dunno zachary quinto as zod, hopefully they would use brainiac

Mark.E on Sep 15, 2009


Perfect because I don't plan on watching it, if they do make one.

Brandon on Sep 15, 2009


Routh piss-poor acting and Singer's piss-poor movie may have killed the franchise and left a bad taste in eveyone's mouth, but there is no reason DC can't start fresh. Pretend the movie never happened and start over. Clark Kent's first day at the Daily Planet, meeting Lois Lane and battling Metallo or Brainiac all over the city.

Greg on Sep 15, 2009


The latest Superman was super lame, imo. I only watched it because of Kevin Spacey, and even he couldn't save the movie. I admit I never cared about Superman at all, that's probably why my interest in another movie is little to none. If they made another one and the cast seems appealing, I'd still watch it, tho. Right now I'd much rather see someone finally make another Dare Devil. Preferably a GOOD one. -.-

SuicidalOptimist on Sep 15, 2009


A Debbie Downer? LOL ... Where did you dig that one up Ethan LOL

Sanka on Sep 15, 2009


Jon Hamm.

Jeff on Sep 15, 2009


I am sorry guys... but letting Superman die for a while is EXACTLY what DC Entertainment needs to do!!! We all love Superman but I think at the current time people are a little "over" him and nothing proved this better than the opening box office numbers of the last film. Sure we all had issues with "Returns" but when a Superman movies opens to $52 million on a July 4th three day weekend and only $84 million for the five day run with an ending $200 million box office gross (yikes!) ..that shows a lack of interest. And let's keep in mind the general reviews for that film, not the ones from fanboy sites, were good! Superman has never been gone long enough for us to miss the property. There has always been either a film or some lame TV show..Lois & Clark, Superboy and yes even Smallville, available to us so I think with Smallville ending this season(hopefully) DC should let the character be dead for a few years, work on other properties, Green Lantern, The Flash, Lobo, maybe Wonder Woman and then around 2013 or so start the comeback then people will have had enough separation and will CRAVE a new Supes film!

Jay on Sep 15, 2009


It has taken me awhile to write on here about this issue because I really wanted to sit back and really think about what this all means. I was angry when I first heard the news and now I am ok with it. This is a new company that is forming right now and the really need to focus on getting "Green Lantern" and "The Flash" and "The Dark Knight Returns" made first. Singer really f**ked up that so called Superman sequal. I still can't believe that the guy that made one of the best comicbook films (X2: X-Men United) of the last last 10 years made "Superman Returns". It was like his brain was in melt-down mode. I don't honestly believe that they are not even talking about another Superman film. They are doing the right thing here and probably just throwing new and different ideas. The one thing they want to do though is only have Lex Luthor as a supporting character and not the main villian in the next film. Get rid of the whole real estate shit and have be in charge of Lex Corp. Bring in villians that "Smallville" have been doing for the past nine years. They have metallo this season and he looks bad ass.

last Son on Sep 15, 2009


For what it's worth, I don't think Routh or Singer ruined Superman. In the end, it was probably two things: Lex Luthor (not Kevin Spacey) and that 800 lbs gorilla of a half-human, half-Kryptonian son. Those two things made the movie unrealistic. Spacey did a great job. He looked the part, and he acted convincingly. However, at the end of the day. In a movie, Lex Luthor is just isn't a good arch nemesis for Superman. It's a nuke the fridge thing. How can Superman lift something the size of the moon from the earth, throw it into outer space, and be threatened by mere human being? I don't care how diabolical he is, a Lex Luthor just doesn't cut it in a movie when he's up against a guy that can move continents. That part of the plot might have been good as a mid-season episode of Smallville, but not as a two and a half hour movie. As for that kid, it was just an awful idea. Whoever's idea it was to put him into the script needs to spend the next ten years in screenwriting school. It sidetracked from everything, and children in superhero movies have a shelf life of about ten minutes before they become unbearably irritating. What can they do to fix it? Keep the relationship tension between Lois Lane and Superman. Let Lex Luthor stay in there, but make him a gateway to more and more powerful enemies, like Brainiac, then Zod, Doomsday, and Darkseid. Lastly, keep any idea about offspring locked in dark room in the middle of Antarctica.

Tex on Sep 15, 2009


Superman Returns got good reviews and ended up grossing quite a bit of money. You'd never know that nowadays because the film apparently created cancer. I'm dying to see another Superman film that can reintroduce the characters to a modern audience. The original 2 Superman films still rank as some of the best and most important comic book movies ever created and some of my personal favorites. I just want WB to get their heads together and only tackle Superman again when they're confident that they've got everything worked out and set straight.

SlashBeast on Sep 15, 2009


I think someday there will be a better superman film, but right now i'm not holding my breath.

Joseph S. on Sep 15, 2009


Good. Superman is over-rated. We need new movies. DEADPOOL AND GREEN LANTERN with RYAN REYNOLDS!!

Jordan on Sep 15, 2009


Sanka, To answer your question... Check out the video here: And the Wikipedia entry: I'm a pop culture reference machine

Ethan Anderton on Sep 15, 2009


get Christopher Nolan in and get him to start everything fresh.... ye know he would make a kick-ass film.....doubt Marvel would be too happy with him jumpin ship to DC though.

cregso on Sep 16, 2009


Agree with #19 cregso, and how about Sam Raimi??!! Zack Snyder's take on Superman would be also awesome, but I think he already turned it down!! Superman Returns wasn't too bad but it did lack core areas, but then again, Batman Begins had some shitty villian too. It was directed in a way for adults only having a PG-13 rating.

Fearl3ss on Sep 16, 2009


At 19- I agree completely with the bring in Nolan! Make a darker superman a vengeful god or something but just confused about the Marvel jumping ship to DC what movie did he direct for Marvel?

Luke on Sep 16, 2009


THE DOOMSDAY STORY!!!! But not like the cartoon version . that was ridiculous. There has to be other heroes involved to attempt to stop Doomsday. That will give an audience more of the sense that he is unstoppable and that Superman is truly our last hope. Shortly after the death of superman, end the movie with superman sightings. This can lead us into sequels, hell, even spin offs for Kon-el, Man of Steel, etc . But this gives DC to incorporate some of their less popular heroes far as more popular heroes (eg green lantern), they can be included in a way that would not interfere with the new franchise. Just use a news broadcast covering the story of how flash or green lantern failed to stop Doomsday as he heads towards metropolis. Just let me write the thing hahaha. Too many ideas going on up here. Even a brief look at doomsday's origin on Krypton.

superman2011 on Sep 16, 2009


@ 22 Perhaps it is time for Superman to go away for awhile, but I still think that the Death/Return of Superman story would work great as a movie. The character is so iconic that everyone knows him, anyway, so killing him would pique interest. Plus, the story was one of DC Comics' biggest events, so the hardcore fans will be pleased that they are using a well-known story that sticks to the DC continuity, instead of an original story that may be lackluster. Having Doomsday fight and kill Superman on screen would be incredible. Follow that with the introductions of Superboy, Steel, Eradicator and the Last Son (in the same movie, not sequels/spinoffs) and then the return of the original Supes would be mindblowing.

NadaNuff on Sep 16, 2009


What a waste.Potential great franchise bogged down in political bullshit like who owns the rights to the cape or the S symbol or Krypton.This character needs a 21st century overhaul like the Dark Knight or Ironman,both brilliant films. Bring in new people with talent and vision,how about Mark Millar writing with Neil Blomkamp directing or maybe the Matrix guys writing or directing/both?

TIR NAN NOG on Sep 16, 2009


Thanks for this repetitive and uninformative article. How many times are we going to read they don't have plans for Superman? I don't think WB will ever get this right which is fine, I'm not a big fan of Superman anyhow. Smallville was good, initially, it's gone to the campy we've0run-out-of-ideas-but-we'll-keep-pushing-til-we-have-to-cancel, because Superman was vulnerable and of course it's a series that can develop a bit more. Was a bit 90210 in the beginning but nothing over the top bad. There are elements still that make it a hit and miss show each week but they need something darker, something that takes down Superman. Death? It could work but they'd have to be committed.

Tra la la la la di da on Sep 16, 2009


I think they should use Doomsday in the 2nd and 3rd sequels, and maybe have Bizzaro in the 1st. They do need to reboot this even though the Christopher Reeve's was all-time classic. they need some kind of build-up for the next sequel hype and keep brandon routh. I think Bryan Singer still could pull it off it all depends on the script, if not any other Director, because I cant think of anyone else who could do it apart from the ones I mentioned before. (see my previous post #20)

Fearl3ss on Sep 16, 2009


I agree with 26 as far as villains go. What happen with the teaser from I am Legend. Was that just a joke or something....what a let down. We need an epic villain!

Tim on Sep 16, 2009


Superman Returns sucked and that's why there are no plans for another movie. It's embarrassing to have to reboot the franchise so soon.

Cat on Sep 16, 2009


#27 - yea the ad in the movie was a joke a tease... I doubt they're dropping it for now, I believe it's under closed doors. There's no way WB/DC will push him to the side. Plus if I recall after the last court proceedings the SM film needs to be our OR OFF THE GROUND IN PRODUCTION by 2011. Which is clearly enough time, that's what I forsee. Everyone else will be off and running Bat, GL (2nd), WW, etc etc then Supes will hit the deadline with a release of 2013. To save time perhaps a back to back filming of the 1st and 2nd to save time. Listen WB/DC will do anything in their powers to prevent a franchise player leave the DC universe. So it's going to happen, they just want to make sure it's dope, kick ass movie. Regarding the darker view of opinions for Supes, I disagree, Superman was never darker using that angle on Supes own film will not work. It's a fresh but would not work. They just need a high tension flick with Superman being pist off. Now hear me out, there's a lot of stories to go with, everyone just needs to be on the right page. It should be a trilogy format, Lex should not be the prime character in all 3 movies. Rather in the first 2 he should be kinda of a puppeteer, the story can revolve around villains such as Metallo, Solomon Grundy, Toyman or Bazzaro. As Supes remains the good man from Smallville, make the villains DARK, make them evil. Perhaps making a trend through the movies that Lex's ultimate plane is keeping Supes occupied as he to finds Doomsday. DD's will then confront Supes in the 3rd, die tragcially. Resurrect it himself, come back kick the shit out DD's, then finish the story where DD is sent to the phantom zone. As that happens either Brainiac or Zod is release. With that said either villain can be used or combined to focus on a continuation with a JLA movie (by that time, the 3rd Bat film is out, Flash, GL 2nd is out, WW is out) Now mind you throughout the first 2 films perhaps teasers or cameos of GL, Flash, GA, WW, MM or even Bat (but I doubt Nolan will want to lol, he will need to be persuaded). Here's a way of teasing Nolan to let go and agree to have Bat cross over, give him the chair to control JLA AND THEN that's the movie that can be DARK, that's the movie you'll let Nolan take all what has been transpired and let him put a spin to it and make it DARKER. Feel free I love to see people's comments on my view or ideas?

Blue Orange NY on Sep 16, 2009


#28 legal matters will cause for it to be rebooted.

Blue Orange NY on Sep 16, 2009


The Singer/Routh abortion caused the reboot. That was obvious 3 years ago, when the studio chiefs came out and publicly dissed their own movie. Way before any legal judgment came, they were talking reboot. Now legal matters is what is causing the reboot to be stalled, but the embarrassing reboot itself is all Singer/Routh.

Sean on Sep 16, 2009


Firstly - nothing against Brandon Routh, his role in Zack and Miri make a porno was hilarious, but he is no Superman. Secondly - although the concept of making a movie where the audience apparently knows info going into a movie sounds smart and easy, it's not. It's dumb. We're dumb. Treat us like we're stupid. Build up the intensity, his struggle... for the first half of the film I kept trying to figure out if Lois knew Clark's identity. If you introduce everything with a fresh pair of eyes, then the sky's the limit (no pun intended). Thirdly - ... if people really want to see the Doomsday story, go rent the animated flick. Anyone can make a movie. ... a good story, that takes talent and time.

Dan the Fan on Sep 16, 2009


number eleven: You are awesome? is anyone else aware of the painstakingly obvious choice of John hamm? He is clark kent. Don draper is superman in a grey flannel suit. His kryptonite is obviously not a green stone, but rather a 22 year old flight attendant. David fincher and john hamm should be the only ones allowed to touch superman.

indyjack on Sep 16, 2009


The animated Doomsday movie was good, not great. We're talking about live action Supes, not animated.

NadaNuff on Sep 16, 2009


Superman deserves to be brought back onto film. There is possibly no other superhero who is more iconic. I highly doubt that WB is going to drop Superman as many have been foolishly claiming. They just need to work things out before they restart the franchise.

Governor on Sep 16, 2009


#17 I KNOW! I want to see those way bad. Ryan Reynolds will be amazing! Forget about Superman!!

Scott on Sep 16, 2009

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