Derrick Comedy's Mystery Team Theatrical Trailer Arrives Online

July 20, 2009
Source: YouTube

Mystery Team Trailer

It's here, it's finally here! Derrick Comedy has unveiled the official MPAA approved theatrical trailer for their Sundance smash hit Mystery Team. If you don't know what to expect with this, then start here, because this trailer gives you a great look into the crazy comedic mind of Derrick Comedy and some of the madness that you will see throughout Mystery Team. You might've already heard the buzz about this coming out of Sundance, but if not, don't worry, you will hear it from one of your friends soon enough (or you can just read our review). Anyway, I think I've said enough, just do yourself a favor and fire this up.

Watch the theatrical trailer for Derrick Comedy's Mystery Team from YouTube:

For more info on Mystery Team, head over to their official website:

Mystery Team is directed by first-time feature filmmaker Dan Eckman, a Derrick Comedy regular who has directed most of their videos including the short film Checkout from 2006. The screenplay was co-written by Derrick Comedy's own comedians D.C. Pierson, Donald Glover, and Dominic Dierkes. This first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and was eventually picked up for US distribution by Roadside Attractions. Mystery Team will hit theaters sometime later this year, as a date has not been announced yet.

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1st! Can't wait for this

Zega on Jul 20, 2009


hmmmmm... dont know if i need to see this at the cinema but it looks kinda funny i guess.

NeoN on Jul 20, 2009


Wow! That's a different kind of awful than you're used to see.

captain subtext on Jul 20, 2009


The other trailer is a lot better.

RC on Jul 20, 2009


pretty shitacular

Jason K on Jul 20, 2009



gplongwood on Jul 20, 2009


holly god... I've never seen a trailer that's made me want to kill my self. Christ its like Denis the menace, Ercle and Napoleon Dynamite had some freak orgy and right before climax they fuse together and spit out this monstrosity. ...I would rather be strapped down and had my eyelids forced open by clamps while 2 screens played Alexander and Manos The Hands of Fate over and over again then have sand poured in my eyes and be force fed my own vomit.... before even consider watching this movie. this is as bad as getting T-bagged by an old sweaty fat man with the herp and wort's. ok...sorry... I'm done

DoomCanoe on Jul 20, 2009


I guess if this ever comes on IFC I'll watch it.

Henry Jones Sr. on Jul 20, 2009


@6 i have to agree and @7 shove you fist down your mouth and pull out your thought! p.s. cool beat

taylor on Jul 20, 2009


i agree with #1. the rest of u can fuckoff. (:

ronnicxx on Jul 20, 2009


That was really stupid and unfunny. I mean, seriously, is there supposed to be something funny in that trailer? It might be a good movie for all I know, but this trailer was horrible. It seemed like a cheesy Youtube faux-trailer.

Kevin on Jul 20, 2009


🙁 *eyes everyone else* Well, I thought it was funny........

Sabes on Jul 20, 2009


Pretty bad trailer. Liked the earlier ones way better.

Marty on Jul 20, 2009


This is one of the worst trailers I've seen in a while. It looks like a particularly bad episode of Psych. I love this site, but some of the stuff you guys get excited about boggles my mind.

Aaron on Jul 20, 2009


REALLY??? "It's here, it's finally here! " REALLY?! This is the worst thing I have EVER seen!!! I have so many things to say about this I don't even know where to start. I'm so upset how bad it is and that you made me watch this. I will never forgive you for this.

Nick on Jul 20, 2009


#15 is dead on. this is absolute dog shit and i love this site, but the stuff that excites you guys baffles me. this is my first comment because i think #15 was a first comment too. he must feel the way i do. i feel like the principal in Billy Madison where a simple "wrong answer" would have worked. after watching this, i think alex might look like one of these mystery team members. i can't explain it any other way why you would get excited for this crap. do you live with your mother?

mark it zero on Jul 20, 2009


#15 and #17 lol and true this is just like what happened when this site overhyped transformers 1 &2 (when every1 knew it was gonna be shit)

AR on Jul 20, 2009


#17 your comment baffles me. If you don't like what Billington has posted then don't waste your time bashing what a lot of other seem to like, go to the other articles posted on this fine webpage. And futhermore why bash Billington the guy and his team have created a sight dedicated to the art of film. Take the time and read the review of Mystery Team then comment. I'll say this the redband trailer was much, much better than the MPAA approaved one. I suggest you check it out.

Xerxex on Jul 20, 2009


Sure maybe its not the grade A mainstream comedy bs your used to, but its important to mention becasue its one of the first totally independantly produced wide release films ever. Its slapstick, reminds me of British humor, lots of exaggerated physical comedy and smutty humor. I didn't like quiche as a child.... I still dont but thats not the point. This film. Its different, and if FS only reported on Apatow I wouldn't have this as one of my home tabs. This is the modern version of what Black Adder and Monty Python invented, the least u can do is appreciate it...

BVDR on Jul 20, 2009


This could possibly be the best or worst film ever made 😛

luden on Jul 20, 2009


At first I wanted to dismiss this film but on a 2nd watch I find myself intrigued... I honestly want to watch this film.

Catbert on Jul 20, 2009


It was hilarious, I'm sorry the casual movie goer doesn't believe its worth watching, but the Derrick Comedy guys are really funny, just watch the other trailer and decide first.

Michael Martin on Jul 21, 2009


The other trailer was much better. This trailer sucks and will only act to scare people away from this movie. Bad job distributor.

Cinemassiv on Jul 21, 2009


Great, now we have to pay for youtube videos?

Rob on Jul 21, 2009


#19 first of all learn how to spell. It's spelled 'site' and not 'sight'. Secondly, I like this site a lot and I didn't mean to bash Billington, IT WAS A JOKE. I did HATE the trailer though and I still think the movie looks like garbage but then again everyone is entitled to their own opinion right?!

Nick on Jul 21, 2009


What, in the name of all that is cool and good, is funny about this movie?? It pretty much sucks!!!! I watched the first trailer a couple of months ago, and I had enough for a lifetime about those guys. I'm not even watching this new trailer because it should be the same crappy scenes. I am really disturbed about all the excitement of some people about it. Come on...

leiner on Jul 21, 2009


ah, and #20. Are you comparing THIS with Monty Python?? dare you!!

leiner on Jul 21, 2009


#19 you are entitled to your own opinion, I can understand why people hate its not a good trailer, the redband in better. Out of 537 words you found only one spelling error, now for me that is a personnel best, I spelt 536 words correctly, that hardly warrants to be told how to spell.

Xerxex on Jul 21, 2009


hey xerxex, look at the comments. you and two other dudes are the only ones who don't think this is dog shit. But let's get back to the point... in no way should anybody get excited for this. "Finally! It's here!" That's what baffled me. i understand that people like different things. i like the cable guy. not too many do. anywhoooo.... #25 said it best! hahahahahahaha

mark it zero on Jul 21, 2009


Worst music in a trailer ever, I will watch it. When it is on t.v.

link1983 on Jul 22, 2009


One day Sundance will recognize talent and not "genious".

Scott44 on Jul 24, 2009


LOL. #29, ermm, Xerxex, you spelled "personal" wrong in your post replying about your spelling mistakes. You are so KEEN!

Scott44 on Jul 24, 2009


Trailer wants me to see the movie completely not what i would watch but with the movies thats out there i really interested in seeing this.

booster1 on Jul 28, 2009


looks awful

midnightlight on Dec 8, 2009


to anyone that dosent like this trailer, your right this versions crap beacause its the green band trailer, watch the red band version its mutch better: re_zunderquote+u guys wanna get dry-fucked_re

farmers on Jan 24, 2010

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