Devastator Stands Tall in These New Transformers 2 Photos

June 5, 2009

New Transformers 2 Photos

Alright, I'm getting a bit nervous, I hate seeing too much from movies right before they come out. But these new photos are just awesome and I've got to feature them. Celebutopia has posted six new photos from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, but we've select the best two for your viewing below. In addition to some new shots of BumbleBee and a badass new shot of Optimus Prime, there is an awesome new photo of Devastator that you just have to see to get sense of this guy's size! You can see the rest of the photos in high res on Celebutopia, but check out these two below. Only 19 more days left until The Fallen arrives!

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Photos

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Photos

Don't forget that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has at least three full scenes shot in IMAX!

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is again directed by action film superstar Michael Bay of Bad Boys, The Rock, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, The Island, and Transformers previously. The story and screenplay for the sequel was written by Transformers writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci as well as Ehren Kruger (The Ring, The Brothers Grimm, Blood and Chocolate). Paramount is unleashing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in both IMAX and regular theaters on June 24th this summer. We'll be there!

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FREAKING SWEET!!! christ devastator is monstrous!

thejugfather on Jun 5, 2009


YO FS!!! What happened to the Marvel post??? I posted a couple comments, came back and it's gone. What gives??? Oh... Prime looks badass! Hope he kicks a lot more ass in the this one. Underused in the first.

K on Jun 5, 2009


isn't the date the 19th??? It is here in the uk

link1983 on Jun 5, 2009


Holy shit. They both look Epic. Tickets went on sale today! i already bought my imax midnight showing tix

Jim on Jun 5, 2009


This movie might kick terminators butt!.....



#2 - We were asked to take it down by Paramount... It might me back up again later. But for now, stay on topic. Transformers 2 looks awesome! 🙂

Alex Billington on Jun 5, 2009


oh yeah ! i was pretty impressed back in 2007 with the 1st tranformer flick. i want to experience that feeling again, twice if possible, for the sequel and Avatar !!

PinkSushi on Jun 5, 2009


Where is devastator in that pic? There are no pyramids around.

Cat on Jun 5, 2009


#8 He's around sand, my bet the pyramids are around him (behind the camera). Damn he really is huge, will be loads of fun seeing how they tackle him (as a hint - in the Animated Series and probably in other comics, Devastator is... stupid and slow) , it's quite clear that raw firepower wont bring him down. I'm interested to see if they bring any of the Transformers special (/key) powers, like Starscreams Null Ray and Hoists (will have to be given to someone else) holographic projectors, or Mirage (again, given to someone else) with his invisibility. In someway they've made some of those things, like giving Blackout an EMP in the first movie and Ratchett having a repair ray and biological scent ("The boy's phermone levels suggest that he wants to mate with the female").

Felix on Jun 5, 2009


I'm looking forward to see how the Constructicons are going to assemble Devastator. ILM will sure do an awesome job again.

GTO on Jun 5, 2009


If by "awesome" you mean incredibly stupid then I agree. This movie looks worse than the first one... and that's saying something. Why is everyone giving this obvious piece of shit a pass?

Pdorwick on Jun 5, 2009


Pdorwick how does this look worse?

mr sol on Jun 5, 2009


I think the design of devastator looks cool as an idea but I hate it that they're using it as devastator. He looks nothing like the original character. Every image i've seen so far makes him look like he's always on all fours like an animal. The only two robots that has some resemblance to the originals are Optimus and Jazz. Maybe when I see the movie, it'll kick ass and I'll be more forgiving.

The One on Jun 5, 2009


@ #11 Learn to have fun man, I as big a highbrow critic as they come, but Bay did a terrific job making Transformers THE must see popcorn flick in 2007. From all we've seen and read, this summer will once again belong to him. Looks like a ton of fun.

Mark on Jun 5, 2009


The Devastator is big, really big.

Fisherr on Jun 5, 2009


that punk's huge! Did they ever fix that whole naming thing with the first movie? You know, like how they called the tank decepticon "Devastator"? Hopefully they don't screw up the naming in this sequel.

solider on Jun 5, 2009


The Constructicons and Devestator were always my favorite. Im so jazzed (no pun) to see how they do him.

L on Jun 5, 2009


something that peeved ,e about Transformers was Prime! He seemed a little suicidal!

xerxex on Jun 5, 2009


when i went to watch star trek thursday nite for it's opening, i noticed in one scene of the TF2 trailer that Optimus Prime was gettin' ripped apart?! that doesn't look good as if it true to what i saw a few nights back. sad.

EvOiSGooD on Jun 5, 2009


@ #11 and #12, of course haters will never reply about a comment they made and actually make sense about what they don't like. I still yet to see a reasonable explanation from a hater such as #11. By the way, Transformers was no. 3 in 2007 and will probably be no. 1 this year in the box office.

GTO on Jun 5, 2009


@ #20 the only two films that have a chance at beating TF ROTF this year are GI JOE and Star Trek. Hopefully this film is better than the last one as i found the final fight seemed a bit short. Hopefully the main Villain (The Fallen) doesnt die in some really lame or quick way. The Images seem cool though i really want a CGI Turnaround of Devastator to be included on then 2-Disc DVD along with the other new and cool Charecters. Devastator doesnt look very large in that picture although the scale of the buildings and the two twins help to show the scale he just seems too small. I would rather have a pic of him from the twins view looking up.

Scorpio` on Jun 6, 2009


Actually saw one of the new Camaros on the road today, brand spankin' new with paper plates. First one I've seen not in an autoshow. And that it was yellow with black stripes, just like you-know-who, made it that much sweeter.

BDAllen on Jun 6, 2009



Brandon on Jun 7, 2009


I wonder what trailers they will show in front of this big blockbuster?

big r on Jun 7, 2009


@ #21. No how can you say that G.I. Joe has a chance at beating Transformers? I'll give you Star Trek has a slight chance (astronomical) but that's not even a ballsy pick seeing as you already know most of the money it's going to make. But G.I. Joe? Have you seen the trailer?

Jim on Jun 7, 2009



Google The Oct8pus on Jun 11, 2009

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