Director Peter Berg on What We Can Expect in His Dune

August 6, 2009
Source: SciFi Wire


Before director Peter Berg goes off to helm the Battleship movie for Universal, or anything else for that matter, I want to see his epic new Dune movie first. Maybe it's because I'm a big sci-fi fan and because I think we could use another Dune adaptation, I'm not exactly sure, but I hope it happens soon. SciFi Wire caught up with Berg recently and asked him about the status of Dune, which he says he's working on "getting up and running." So while we still don't know when we'll ever see this, he does talk more about what we can expect to see (if it ever happens). And of course, he wants this to be different than before.

"I had a much more different experience, I think, with the book than David Lynch did," Berg says about Lynch's Dune movie from 1984, one of two big adaptations of Frank Herbert's novel. "To me, I think my interpretation will feel significantly different from that and the [Syfy] Channel miniseries that aired. I have a different experience than both of those filmmakers did." Well that's good, we'll get to see something new and different, I'm down for that. Just as long as he makes it epic and adventurous and keeps all the same elements that make it so damn good, like the sandworms and blue spice-eyes (which he will include).

"[The book] was much more muscular and adventurous, more violent and possibly even a little bit more fun," Berg goes on to say. "I think those are all elements of my experience of the book that can be brought in without offending the die-hard fans of the Bene Gesserit and Kwisatz Haderach. There's a more dynamic film to be made." I've got no problems with what he's saying, and honestly, I'm just excited to see him work on this, even if it is going to be more dynamic than the Lynch version or the SciFi miniseries. Maybe that's exactly the reason I'm so excited to see this happen. But how will the Dune diehards respond? Thoughts?

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Why do we need another Dune movie. Did anybody ask for this? Please raise your hands.

Matt on Aug 6, 2009


might have something to do with the fact that its one of the best sci-fi novel series of all time and that the other movies / tv series didnt do it justice? just putting that out there for your consideration because you seem to have thought of everything already

tw on Aug 6, 2009


I don't know. I wasn't really taken by either version so far, and the book is so bloody good. I'd like to see another crack at it in hopes it gets closer to giving the book justice.

ThinningTheHerd on Aug 6, 2009


Dune Sucked in the first place. people only like it so they feel special and french fries are 6 times bigger than any asian shlong, bow chick a wow wow. ALL OF YOU IDIOTS ARENT CRITICS SO STOP ACTING LIKE YOU ARE AND LET THE WEBSITE PEOPLE DO IT.

LittleAsianShlong on Aug 6, 2009


I'm interested to see it to be honest. I've always loved Dune. I thought that Lynch's version was well done and i watch it when ever it comes on Tv. Plus the soundtrack that Toto of all bands did for the movie was Epic. Really created a feel for it. Dune is such a huge universe though. The books span over 3000 years and have been immensly popular so i can see why film makers want to do their own interpretation of it. I can't really say much more till i see the first trailer though

darren on Aug 6, 2009


I say let Berg do it, he really is a talented director, I mean Friday Night Lights was good, the Kingdom was a good action flick and Hancock wasn't all that bad. maybe with Dune Berg can get people back on his side, and bring us a good Dune movie, just give the guy a break.

Xerxex on Aug 6, 2009


I like the idea of a new shot at Dune, however i cant see Peter Berg directing it...if Lynch didn't give the book justice, then i dont see Berg standing a chance

Hb on Aug 6, 2009


i am interested... the 1984 movie was awsome, the TV series was ok, and I like the sound of "more muscular and adventurous, more violent "

Janny on Aug 6, 2009


This is one of them films that when people say remake everyone goes HUH! or NOOOO!!! The 1984 DUNE was amazing at the the time it came out, Sure you could tell there was so much more that wasnt included which is why i saw that if they are to do this i would really think it would awesome to see it done as a TRILOGY. If you want to take a new look to it and make something new and Muscular. What says Muscular better than a Trilogy? Each one could be 1000 years worth of movie.... All im waiting for now is for someone to touch on a remake of NIGHTBREED!!!!!!! lmfao

THERBLIG on Aug 6, 2009


The Lynch version goes down as possibly the worst movie I've ever seen. So this might do it justice.

Korm on Aug 6, 2009


Im confused as to what he means by "dynamic"

Dan W on Aug 6, 2009


I'm a huge fan of the book, and none of the movies got close to it except maybe the 80s version. I'm very skeptical about this. Usually I can let some things go, where movies based on books change things or keep certain elements out. This book I've always been very critical on it because I felt like they kept important stuff out. What Berg said about the book being more violent and fun...etc. I don't know about that. I reacted differently from the book I suppose. It was violent and stuff...but there's so much more to it. It was more complex than that. I just want to see my favorite book done justice.

Sabes on Aug 6, 2009


The Dune books are great, hope all get made into movies next 10 years. (On a side note, no#9? I've heared that somewhere, 'Nightbreed' getting re-made. I asked a friend, he got sad aswell and said he was sure he had read about that somewhere? I'll post if I find out anything...)

David Banner on Aug 6, 2009


I loved the original Dune movie. I loved the Dune mini-series and Children of Dune mini-series even more. I can't wait for this movie! (I also would love a remake of Nightbreed!)

JeepFu on Aug 6, 2009


#9 Holyshit!!!! YOU READ MY FUCKING MIND!!!!

esophus on Aug 6, 2009


I thought that Lynch's take was beautiful visually, but the SciFi (now SyFy...jeez...) Channel's take had more complexity story-wise. If Berg can take the best of both I'll be happy. And screw a Nightbreed remake. They left it hanging at the end. We need a SEQUEL.

jasonmd2020 on Aug 6, 2009


Am I alone in thinking the Westwood studios version of the DUNE universe was also not bad? A bit more of that scale and "big armies" feel would probably do some good. At least in the Westwood universe.. The Harkonnens really looked like they could do some serious menacing once their tanks and stuff rolled out.

SS on Aug 6, 2009


Enjoyed the Lynch version - hated the miniseries. Good luck!!

bozoconnors on Aug 7, 2009


I can't help thinking that while the Dune novels are probably up there with the best of most Sci-Fi stuff in print form I'm lost for words why on earth this is worth revisiting in film form, if its being pitched at the same audience are they going to want to see this again, if its being pitched at a younger PG13 audience does that mean dumbing this whole Space opera down because it sure isn't Star Wars. Peter Berg was lined up for the Marcus Luttrell book adaption of Lone Surivor which seems to be flapping around in development hell.

CHACK on Aug 7, 2009


I read the backs when i was really young so I don't remember most of it and I never really saw any of the movies. But I love sci-fi flicks so I'm sure this will be great.

TheSaint on Aug 7, 2009


The last time I saw either of the Dunes was when I was much younger, so I only remember bits and pieces, like the eyes. But, I told my dad about this and he said "Sweet!"

Lar on Aug 7, 2009


Since the book hasn't really been properly presented on film, I am eager to see what Peter Berg might be able to do here. I wonder who they'd pick for the top characters in this version?

Hilander on Aug 7, 2009


Awesome i love anything to do with Dune except that crap TV Series they released....

werdnafaz on Aug 7, 2009


#19 Lone Survivor was a great book. I've been looking forward to the movie for some time

darren on Aug 7, 2009


I agree with some of Berg's comments (particularly ) and I know that he likes Dune and is well aware of how fanatic Dune's fans (like myself are) however, I have 2 big concerns about him. 1. Dune is very intelligent, deep and multilayered. I am getting hints that he sees it as a simply swashbuckling adventure story to have fun with. It is and it isn't. For me what makes Dune special is NOT the adventure aspect, it is the intense way it deals with political undercurrents and human nature, its phiolosophical depth and the way it handles the idea of the superman. Berg is not stupid but he is no intellectual and I think that is takes one to do justice to Dune. 2. He sees the film "his way" and that is how he is going to do it. That sort of arrogance is riding roughshod over how many people see the book. HE shoudl ask himself the question: How did Frank Herbert want his book to be seen. And How do most fans of Dune see the book and he should make a film that respects those two ideas rather than ram his interpretation down people's throats.

Rufus McDufus on Aug 8, 2009


Peter Berg is the absolute worst, pedestrian and wussy mike bay. BERG BLOWS

jose on Aug 12, 2009


both of those are BAD things

jose on Aug 12, 2009


(PLEASE READ WHOLE POST) I disagree with the whole fact of people saying the Lynch version was more faithful than the TV Miniseries. The book did not have weirding modules, the stilsuits did not cover the head (a very important fact about the stilsuits was that they covered everything but the eyes so as to avoid water loss), and the whole tribal society of the fremen was missed completely with the various sietches getting together. The Guild Navigators did not look like ginormous brains, they were more accurately portrayed as very evolutionary-advanced human-like beings in the miniseris as they were described in the book. It surprises me to hear people say that it was more accurate, so I suggest that they go and read the book, pick apart the politics, people, technology, and dogma, and they will see that they portrayed it MUCH better in the miniseries than in the theatrical version. I'm not saying this to be mocking or superior, but I think that people who think that weirding modules or giant-brain-navigators were in the movie could not have possibly read the book, as they were simply absent. Reading the book then watching the miniseries right after should give you a whole new appreciation of both and I hope you enjoy comparing the two as I have. However....the acting in the Lynch version was FAR SUPERIOR to the actors in the miniseries, as well as the cinematography. The epic feel was also something that was better captured in the theatrical version. If they were able to take the actors from the theatrical version, with the vision shown in the minieseries, and mold them together, it would be something that everyone would love.

chris on Sep 4, 2009

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