Disney Adaptation of 'Fallen' Making Angels the New Vampires

December 10, 2009


If Twilight has proven anything, it's that there's apparently nothing more appealing to the female majority than a vampire and werewolf fighting for the heart of a human girl. So naturally, wouldn't these swooning ladies also love to see another girl at the center of a centuries-long battle for affection between two angels? Disney seems to think so as THR reports that the Mouse House has picked up the rights to the recently released young adult novel titled Fallen, the first in a four-part series about an alienated girl torn between two charismatic young men, unaware that they are fallen angels who have battled over her for centuries.

While the story itself doesn't sound all that awful, the problem is that, as THR points out, "angels have been identified as the next trend in young-adult fiction with vampire and werewolf tales having inundated the market." That wouldn't be so bad if it didn't depict angels as "otherworldly hotties who are immortal and possess bad-boy charm." Normally I would complain about fangirls finding a different kind of story to latch onto (of course this hasn't garnered the following that Twilight has just yet), but with all the similarities and formulaic stories in fanboy favorite comic book adaptations, that would be the pot calling the kettle black for sure. Anyway, no talent has been attached to the film yet, but we'll keep you posted if anything develops.

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HAHAHAHA!!!!!! wow...what the fuck happened? Vampires used to be blood suckers, and could not go out in daylight, now its become a sad genre...Anne Rice started it and it wasn't bad Interview with the Vampire was great...Dracula was an excellent movie Lost Boys was just pure badass, and Blade was good (well the second one anyway) Nosferatu is turning in his grave...lets all hope this "Daybreakers" will save Vampires from this abyss...sad.

Xerxex on Dec 10, 2009


The Beauty and the Beast theme redux

Phillip Gibb on Dec 10, 2009


I want some movies where an angel humps a cat til it explodes. Meow. Or hamsters being baked in their cages by demons. Or a scriptwriters meeting being interrupted by automatic gun fire.

Crapola on Dec 10, 2009


There was a day when females loved Fabio ... The silver lining is that with everyone jumping onto the vampire bandwagon, they will tire of the genre sooner rather then later and move onto somehting else .. Run Frankenstein .. Run!!!

Hattori Hanzo on Dec 10, 2009


unfortunately...since a lot of females spent more then males in a lot of things and apparently bullshit like twilight, this is causing for other studios to jump on the bandwagon and to profit on this period of time. I agreed with Xerxex... WTF?! happen!? this bullshit came out of no where it seems.

LC on Dec 10, 2009


1- Write a novel about a girl you don't describe, ever, except in the vaguest possible way, and some wow-super-cool guy with extraordinary abilities. 2- Describe the shit out of the guy, several times if necessary. 3- Blur the lines between "romantic obsession" and "psycho stalking", a little. 4- Sell the book to the female market, ages 14 to 24. 5- Lather, rinse, repeat.

Luis M on Dec 10, 2009


Let's see I'm a woman I don't care for Twilight or romance novels. Fallen Angels is the new trend in young females. I'm not a young female, but for me Fallen angels represent something other than romantic. And the books premise isn't awful, it's actually an interesting thing. Now if he starts to sparkle or other things of that nature, then that's a problem.

TVN on Dec 10, 2009


Eh... : I'm not into Twilight or romance novels either, being a woman. I thought the movies were horrible. xD Made some good banter between me and my friend though. I wouldn't mind this though if the books and movie are well written. Twilight was not.

Sabes on Dec 10, 2009


Ethan, I'm with you on this 100%! Although i must say I love much of Japan's view in their shows and comics about angels battling and falling in love, but they do keep them angelic, fallen or not. America needs to give up on taking an idea from one area and acting like they know something about it to make it good.

Tra la la la la di da on Dec 10, 2009


Daybreakers looks great- good to see Ethan Hawke back on the scene. The Daybreakers facebook page is cool too-

Jana on Dec 10, 2009


Yeah, I don't buy anything First of all, Fallen will not have the reader support behind it that Twilight had. Check out the Amazon entry on Fallen. It's averaging 3 stars on reader reviews- and most of the reviews claim it's a snoozer. Plus Disney is notorious for picking up movie rights on teen books and then sitting on the rights for years. So if something actually happens, I'll be shocked.

lexie on Dec 11, 2009


Just for the record, a fallen angel is a demon. Some people might not know that.

NadaNuff on Dec 11, 2009


I agree with Luis M. anyone could make a top seller... anyway why would Disney want this book to be a movie there just going to fuck it up majorly!!!

Taylor on Oct 20, 2010


Hey everyone 😀 I have written a screenplay for Fallen, and i would really like some feedback. If you are interested in reading it please email me at: It isn't exactly like the book, i had to kind of tone-down the 'stalking' thing haha 😛 but it is quite good:D I really would like some feedback and if anyone knows how to get it to Disney then please share (: If i do say so myself -and im not up myself or anything but- it is actually really awesome !:D Anyway so yeah , please email 🙂 JesiConnell xx

JesiConnell on Nov 13, 2010


I really likes the book Fallen and I cant wait for the movie....Disney better make this one the best movie eva. I personally HATED twlight and i hunger for something better. Vampires and werewolfs are going to be just a myth when this comes out:)=

Lasetta Ghostmary on Feb 6, 2011


God, another Twilight movie? Please, no. I've talked to a lot of people who said this book was basically Twilight but with angels. To quote someone, "This book was like playing 'Name That Twi Character or Name That Twilight Scene' with it...It totally feels like a fanfic."

Eris on Feb 15, 2011


The Fallen series is nothing like their description btw...its not really a love triangle at all....okay maybe for like 50 pgs, max. and then she realizes how horrible the other dud really is... disney is going to screw it up....this book really isn't for tweens, it's for teens, there's a reason it's called young adult, disney!!!Sell it to a company who will keep it like the books! 

loveztvd=) on May 14, 2011

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