Disney and DreamWorks Distribution Partnership is Official

February 9, 2009

Disney - DreamWorks

To quote Bob Dylan, "the times, they are a changin'." The Walt Disney Studios has agreed to enter into an exclusive long-term distribution arrangement with filmmaker Steven Spielberg and partner Stacey Snider, CEO of DreamWorks, to distribute all upcoming live-action motion pictures produced by DreamWorks under their partnership with Reliance Big Entertainment. Under the terms of this arrangement, Disney will handle distribution and marketing for approximately six DreamWorks films each year. The first DreamWorks film to be released under the Touchstone Pictures banner is scheduled for in 2010.

Out of all the big studios that I thought DreamWorks would end up at once it split from Paramount, I didn't expect it to be Disney. Now don't forget, this partnership has nothing to do with Jeffrey Katzenberg's DreamWorks Animation or any of the animated films they're developing. Additionally, Disney may distribute these new DreamWorks films under different "banners", including Touchstone and Miramax. Although we're not sure if Disney is selling off Miramax in order to make sure this deal goes through. Either way, the times definitely are a changin' and it'll be very interesting to see how this partnership pans out.

Bob Iger, president and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, said this of the deal: "We are tremendously pleased to join forces with Steven Spielberg, whose artistic vision and commitment to quality filmmaking are legendary. DreamWorks has had a great creative and commercial track record under the leadership of Steven and Stacey Snider and I am delighted they're now associated with Disney." And Steven Spielberg said this as well: "Disney is the birthplace of imagination and has always been as close to the worldwide audience as any company ever has. I am so pleased that industry leaders like Bob Iger and Dick Cook reached out to become our distribution partner. This is a major step forward for us and Reliance."

Can you imagine what it would have been like to see films like Saving Private Ryan, American Beauty, Galaxy Quest, Gladiator, Cast Away, A Beautiful Mind, or Minority Report distributed by Disney? That's just a small sample of the films that DreamWorks has produced over its 15 year history, but representative of their overall quality. Disney has become an extremely powerful studio in the last few years, primarily due to its relationship with Jerry Bruckheimer and the success of franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean. This partnership will only continue to help both Disney and DreamWorks grow in tremendous ways.

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That's positively partnership, in times like this, there is not better news, and lets hope for the best. Disney/Pixar ring's a bell. Anyone.

Alexander Gramlich on Feb 9, 2009


I can only hope for the best with this news.

Red Color Buttons. on Feb 9, 2009


This will definitely end up hurting Disney's production quality, even if Dreamworks has come out with a few gems here and there. Die, Dreamworks, DIE!!!

Cogsworth on Feb 9, 2009


Are the films going to be under the Disney banner at all though? I mean how you mention that list of films Alex. Or in fine print below the title card for Dreamworks will it just saw a Disney corp. like how Fox Searchlight has it and New Line.

Ryan on Feb 9, 2009


HaHaHaHa we will now see mickey fishing of the moon goodbye dreamworks

Nick on Feb 9, 2009


why did they split from Paramount? that company is much more suited to distributing those types of films than Disney.

dave13 on Feb 9, 2009


Great partnership. It's awesome to see Disney really grow by the year.

Darunia on Feb 9, 2009


Who got the distribution rights to Transformers 2 ha that be funny if Disney was the face of real action movie

Cheater on Feb 9, 2009


disney is too powerful, they have to be stopped

jh on Feb 9, 2009


they will fuck up transformers 3 this is the end of transformers

Nick on Feb 9, 2009


Oh great... Disney manages to find someone else to rescue them. I wish Pixar just ditched Disney and watched them crumble.

Emma Watson is so f***able on Feb 9, 2009


#3 Agreed! ~6 Spot on - they should never have left Paramount, now Paramount is doing better than ever yet DreamWorks is struggling!

SKD on Feb 10, 2009


It's all about the "jake $$$"

Tim "CLoverfield" on Feb 10, 2009


Dreamworks is going to loose alot of money for partnering with Disney.Why? I was able to find out that Walt Disney was a member of 33 Freeamson (Satan Worshipers) and the majority of the public people know this for a fact.When more and more parents find out about this partnership,they're going to think to themselves 'why should I let my child watch Dreamwork films if this company is teamed up with a perverted influenced buisness.I say perverted because I know about the subliminacle messages in Walt's films.

T.R. on Jan 2, 2011

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