District 9 Viral Begins to Spread, But No Major Updates

May 31, 2009

District 9 Viral

Earlier today I noticed a post on ComingSoon mentioning that an ad for the District 9 viral had started appearing on bus stop benches, but I didn't think much about. Wen I was out driving today, I passed a few of them, so I decided to stop by one and take a few shots of it (while getting some odd looks). The ad, as you can see below, plays on the non-human segregation idea again, stating that the bus stop is for humans only. And there's the quirky line beneath it that says: "Beware non-human secretions may corrode metal!" The phone number actually connects with the corporation Multi-National United and it links to

District 9 Bus Bench Ad

The unfortunate thing is that, despite all of this new advertising, the viral hasn't changed. All of the ads point to the website, but that website hasn't changed since it launched last year. The only difference is that the teaser trailer pops up first before users can continue on into the site. I would hope that they would've added something new since it launched last year or would've moved the whole viral into its "next phase," since the movie is due out in less than three months, but nothing has happened. As far as I know, there aren't any major updates yet. Maybe we'll see something soon, hopefully? We'll let you know!

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Well that line about their secretions corroding metal is a small little bit of news. Is it possible they use it as a weapon? Defense mechanism?

Dan W on May 31, 2009


OH I saw one of there viral posters after seeing Brothers Bloom in Pasadena

Gavin on May 31, 2009


yeah, i've followed the site and very little has changed on it in the last year... makes me sad. cause its a cool site too.

dave13 on May 31, 2009


It happens alot in the viral blog..

Tomb on May 31, 2009


Did anybody else call the number..I did and it gave you a new website. It says 1 to report a non-human that escaped from district 9. Press 2 to look into careers for humans and non-humans. To find out more about MNU go to So there IS a new website. :-p I haven't gone to it yet. I typed that as I was listening to the phone message...I didn't dare press "0" to talk to a representative. lol. I was afraid someone would actually be on the Cause it says press "0" btw to talk to someone. I might call back and press 0 though. I have to admit I haven't been this excited for a movie since Cloverfield. Although I was DEEP into cloverfield even from Literally Day one July 4th 2007. lol.

Jaybear on May 31, 2009



Jaybear on May 31, 2009


Okay so there are even more websites. I'm assuming now that the person who wrote the article didn't call the number and follow the first new website to all the OTHER new websites. lol. Okay so here is another one.. Now we need a decoder. Now on this website there is alien writing and its in a blog format. Also some youtube videos of protests. And the third website so far that I've found in 5 minutes is Which I'm assuming all these websites are LADEN with clues. I registered at the first website the MNU website. Apparently their looking for "job's" for example A Non-Human dentists. So I registered with them. :-p Then I registered again but hit "download MNU Materials" and there are all these neat POSTERS!! I can't believe I'm the first person to write about all this!! lol. Okay there is so much more. So thats about it for now. I'm going to explore some more. Now we have a TON of viral thanks to this seemingly innocent park bench. -jaybear

Jaybear on May 31, 2009


Also if you click on Employee Profile at the MNU website you get a name Koobus I search him and I find out that he has a Facebook page. and the only info you get if you're not on his friends list is that he's a fan of " Angus Buchan" I'm going to try to add them both. I think that Koobus is the man who befriends the Non-Humans. If you click on MNU rules and regulations its basically all the laws for the Non-humans on earth. Also if you click Peacful living guidlines you'll chuckle a little. It won't let me copy and paste anything that's written though. If you click the top tab "future" you get MNU Future Milestones. There is also a countdown click in the corner. August 14th is "breach day" Where MNU probing teams will unlock hidden secrets to the future of a vast array of technological advances. :-p Okay so I'm going to add both people to my friends and see if I get anything message in return. Also if they accept my add then I'll see if there is anything cool on their sites. -Jaybear

Jaybear on May 31, 2009


Wow The number actually works :l

Toucmyinfction on May 31, 2009


4- 14 1989 is the day it says the aliens landed in South AFrica on the MNU website..geez. I could do this all MNU used to be called Henderson Manufacturing 6- 15- 1982. This is all under PAST at the MNU website.

Jaybear on May 31, 2009


starting to have this premonition that D9s gonna be a Huge Let down but I'M still looking forward for Transformers 2 funny people Sherlock Holmes ( well for some reason aka martial art expert holmes) Bruno The Wolf Man !!!! (benicio de wolfro) Avatar by the way, ice age 3 suppose to come out in a month but i havnt seen much advertising or anything really.... hope it int like shrek 3 ..

PinkSushi on May 31, 2009


If you go to the Math's for outer Space website you can take a tests and it mentions on the main page something about scrambling DNA w/ Non-humans. It did let me copy and paste seen below. Become a learning pioneer! Maths From Outer Space wants to redefine what it means to be human! Our scientists have found a way to enhance the spatial and logic capabilities of the human body. By synthesizing earth-based proteins with DNA from our other-worldly friends, the MFOS program will enhance your natural physical and mental capabilities. In other words, we've found a way to make you smarter! Would you like to see if you are qualified to take part in this exciting endeavor? So I took the test, but I zoomed past the last few questions so I got. Sorry, you answered 4/10 correctly. It appears that you are below our baseline standards for this program. However, you may qualify for other MNU initiatives. Please register below for more details. I'm going to copy and paste the last four questions and see if I can find a answer online. I think if I get them all right I might get somewhere.

Jaybear on May 31, 2009


Jaybear - If you read some of our older District 9 updates, all of this has been solved. These sites have ALL been around since last year. But there haven't been any major updates for a while. The only site that has updates is George's blog - That's where the trailer without the blur on the face of the alien first showed up.

Alex Billington on May 31, 2009


Jaybear - for those of us who're just coming across this though, nice work indeed 🙂

Digital Metaphor on May 31, 2009


In France you can see some ads on the street about D9, but I don't think that most people even look at them, they are to peculiar ... Protecting Aliens and such ... so I don't think their marketing is working at all except for a few geeks or moviefans

frenchbob on Jun 1, 2009



D-9 on Jun 1, 2009


This movie looks like it's going to be totally great, i think the bizarre, oblique marketing will take on a new dimension when the real trailer comes out, revealing information in strips, like an onion, the movie itself is going to be balls-to-the-wall great , and, i'm convinced, a satirical piece of the hghest order - D9 here we come ...;

jed on Jun 5, 2009


This was a very long movie that I was not very impressed with. I thought that the concept was good but the overall movie could have been a little better.

Hsa on Oct 1, 2009

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