Does Dylan Baker's Return to Spider-Man Mean We'll See Lizard?

October 22, 2009
Source: UGO

Dylan Baker in Spider-Man

Don't read too much into this, but actor Dylan Baker confirmed at a Q&A for a Trick 'r Treat screening in New York City last night that he would indeed be returning for Spider-Man 4. UGO has the scoop and says that apparently Trick 'r Treat director Mike Dougherty and Baker were joking a lot during the Q&A, which doesn't necessarily mean that this is a joke. "According to reports, Baker said that he had just gotten his first call concerning Spider-Man 4 that very day." So if Baker, who played Dr. Curt Connors in both Spider-Man 2 and 3, is back, does that mean we may finally see him become the villain The Lizard in Spider-Man 4?

Ever since Dr. Connors showed up in Spider-Man 2, missing an arm exactly like his character should, I've been hoping we'd see him turn into The Lizard, preferably sooner than later. I think the dynamic of seeing one of Peter Parker's most trusted and closest friends turn into a villain would be great, especially after the mess that was Spider-Man 3. Connors eventually turns into The Lizard because he becomes obsessed with figuring out how to grow his arm back after losing it years ago in the war. He develops an experimental serum made from reptilian DNA but the experiment goes wrong and he turns into a human-sized lizard.

Again, take this all as simply a rumor for the sake of discussion. I just talked to a friend of mine who knows Spider-Man 4 screenwriter James Vanderbilt and he said James wouldn't even tell him who the villain is, so no one really knows. So let's get down to it. Would The Lizard make a good villain in Spider-Man 4?

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I think so. Though I would prefer to see the badass that it Carnage as the villain. Then again, Venom was always the one i wanted to see and they messed that up horribly so...who knows. I always thought of The Lizard as more of a side villain than a main one, but it could work.

krieg70 on Oct 22, 2009


hell yes and spider-man 3 wasn't bad

paul on Oct 22, 2009


*is Carnage*

krieg70 on Oct 22, 2009


i saw Dylan Baker walking his two doggies the day prior to the screening on 42nd and 11th ave, as I was waiting for a cab with a friend - I shook his hand, and let him go he said "have a good night" all with a smile. it was surreal. first actor i've met face to face.

sedna on Oct 22, 2009


See... now this is where I lost faith in Raimi as director of the franchise. They put Connors in the first, tease us with the second, and totally go a different route with the third. The Lizard, in my opinion, was the next logical villain for the franchise but they messed it up with venom and sandman.

teyhtr on Oct 22, 2009


#6 it was out of his hands Raimi has publicly stated the studio wanted venom and he personally said he was not a fan of the venom character but venom was more popular and what studio wants stdio gets

nelson on Oct 22, 2009


I think they should make Spiderman 4 more romantic then the other three, maybe even call it Peter and Mary. Oh and make it a fuckin musical too!

phil on Oct 22, 2009


#6... #7 is right. And he said in the commentary of Spider man 3 that he originally wanted to do the vulture with Ben Kingsley. So it was more of a movie of what the studio's wanted.

The_Phantom on Oct 22, 2009



Antioch on Oct 22, 2009


I'm all for a new villain for Spider-Man 4. They ruined Venom for me with the disaster that was SM 3, which made me lose all hope for a decent Carnage in the future as well, and more New Goblin. I am so sick of that storyline. Now if only MJ would finally gtfo...

SuicidalOptimist on Oct 22, 2009


the shocker

sam on Oct 22, 2009


Can you imagine the kind of action sequences if Mysterio was in it? There'd be scenes that are just big CGI fests with Mysterio playing around with Spidey. It would be awesome.

Ravster on Oct 22, 2009


I think lizard would make a pretty good villian. Given the fact that he was mentioned in part 1 and was actually in 2 and 3 it would make sense. @#6 Your right they did ruin it with sandman and venom. Venom is spiderman's most dangerous and popular foe and they downgraded him to a side villian in the movie. They should have did completely away with sandman and just had goblin and venom. They could have still teamed up and just fought venom and the story could have still ended the same. But just like it was said before raimi had no control over that aspect. I hope the studio doesn't intefere too much in spiderman 4 and just let raimi do his thing.

Q on Oct 22, 2009


he's either lizard or Carnage.

jake the snake on Oct 22, 2009


I think if they would have been smart about it, they would have done the lizard in SM3 along with introducing the character of eddie brock and allowing that story to develop. Blacksuit spidey appears at the end of SM3 with peter using the blacksuits powers to aid him in defeating the lizard. End SM3. Begin SM4 with peter already in the blacksuit. Now SM4 is all about the venom saga! And as a extra bonus, since harry and eddie both want revenge against peter parker and spider-man, they could both plot together to kill him. However, since Venom is inherently evil and perfectly capable of defeating spidey on his own, Venom could just be manipulating harry and even planning to kill him later in the movie (since the writers obviously wanted his character dead anyway) as yet another way to make peter suffer. Kind of like the Joker and Harvey Dent relationship in The Dark Knight. Just my opinion. That how I would have done it.

JCal on Oct 22, 2009


#9 ...Ben Kingsley as the Vulture? That would've been cool.

Mark on Oct 22, 2009


The Lizard would make sense for a Spider-Man 4

tazz on Oct 22, 2009


what about bruce campbell? i heard he was gonna play mysterio in sm4

Spider94 on Oct 22, 2009


I am excited about "Spider-Man 4"! If the villain is, indeed, The Lizard, we will not know anything at all. I'm sure Dylan Baker signed a confidentiality agreement. The suspense is good in that it will generate buzz. Now, a Lizard and Chameleon story would surely kick ass! I still have faith in Raimi. Heck, even the best of us get a tough break every now and then! For the record, "Drag Me To Hell", reinvigorated Raimi's directing chops! I know Raimi realizes the blunder of "Spider-Man 3" and will bring us an epic "Spider-Man 4"! 🙂

Spider on Oct 22, 2009


"I think the dynamic of seeing one of Peter Parker's most trusted and closest friends turn into a villain would be great, especially after the mess that was Spider-Man 3." Didn't they do that in Spiderman 3?

Bobby on Oct 22, 2009


Yeah, I am aware that the studio (Avi and Ziskin) pushed Venom onto Raimi but I was referring to Raimi's inclusion of Sandman. He originally wanted the villains to be Sandman and The Vulture and the story was to be that the two meet in prison and help each other escape. The Vulture's wings would've been made out of all these scraps he'd collect behind bars. Sandman really served no purpose and Raimi even changed Uncle Ben's killer just to make him more important which I thought was a dumb move. I'm not pissed off at Raimi because of Venom. I'm just frustrated about Sandman.

teyhtr on Oct 22, 2009


@2 Thank you, jeeze I'm so sick of every Spider-man 4 article talking about "The mess that was Spider-Man 3" Nerds just like to bitch.

Welbanks on Oct 22, 2009


Let's all kill Tobey then figure the rest out.

Matty on Oct 22, 2009


Every comment is great.. I want to pay money to see The Lizard in Spider-man 4... Bring It Back to BASICS. This villain/hero is just waiting to be seen and rescued from turmoil. This character has one or more real true to tail elements that can RESURRECT this dwindling franchise... Sam Raimi and family... make it happen !! Thanks FS ryaN

Ryan McCarthy on Oct 23, 2009


Well, Raimi said few weeks ago at MTV that "it has less to do with the mention of a particular villain in an earlier film", so maybe the Lizard for the 5th Spider-man. Anyway, in the final of Spidey 3, Venom was blown away, but there is a piece Doctor Connors' office !! With little imagination, we can see what he's going to do with it 😉

Meeea on Oct 23, 2009


i dont understand how a normal person can be excited about spider-man 4????....the worst trilogy ever is getting another sequel....cant wait....o yea,and transformers 3 are coming....great...who watches all this crap????

splinter on Oct 23, 2009


#15. . . that is actually a pretty stellar idea. That would have been a sweet way for this franchise to have played out. As for Lizard being the villain. . . I can see it. It could be interesting. I would like to see something with Mysterio, though.

diggy381 on Oct 23, 2009


I didnt think Spiderman 3 was as horrid as everyone says it is..I mean it wasnt great, but I dont think it deserved the reviews it got...besides the emo jazz club scene with Parker...omg that was just fucking embarrassing for Raimi if ya ask me.

Cody on Oct 23, 2009


Lizard takes the place of Vermin, setting up the best Spidey story ever: KRAVEN'S. LAST. HUNT.

Django on Oct 23, 2009


So long as the story is about the change and Peter having to deal with fighting a former mentor, the story could go well. If he just shows up as a lizard and Peter doesn't know about the transformation, it'll be a waste of a good character.

Atrum on Oct 23, 2009


I would actually keep the fans all antsy with anticipation...Hold the Lizard till Spiderman 5...Set up in the 4th one though...I would like to see Scorpion and The Vulture/Shocker in the 4th... and pleeeeeaaaaase...I know this is near impossible...but this is Marvel...please have some sort of Crossover in one of the Next Two Films of Spidey...If not one of the Major Characters that already have their own film, then at least another Marvel Superhero that Hasn't been Tainted yet... Thank You!!!!

zeldaprimed on Oct 23, 2009


The thing about having multiple villains in a single film, is that you have to logically link them together. That was one of the biggest problems in Spider-man 3, where Sandman shows up, just as Harry becomes the New Goblin, and the alien-symbiote just HAPPENS to land directly next to Peter. SM3 was just a big breakdown in logic. It was ridiculous. Now with Lizard, we have Dr. Connors established, so the Lizard would be a solid logical choice to begin with. Then they can bring in "Kraven the Hunter" who comes to NY to hunt the Lizard, (and not Spider-man) but then Spider-man has to fight off Kraven in a race against time to save Connors from himself. It's a perfectly logical story-progression, has elements for both a lot of action and spectacle, but also still has a lot of heart too.

DRM on Oct 23, 2009


#2 Paul, You are right! Spider-man 3 wasn't bad. It was f**king terrible. Even though Raimi can't take responcibilty for Venom in Spider-man 3. He sure can take the blame for the rest of that crapfest of a movie. I wonder what the hell he was thinking when doing it. I have no faith in the next film. I am hoping that the next Batman film will be the first third film of a series that will actually be awesome like we all thought Spidey 3 was going to be.

Last Son on Oct 23, 2009


did/does anyone else remember that in Spider-Man 1, at the Daily Bugle, there is a line said something like "Eddie has been on it for weeks" or something, referring to trying to get pics of Spiderman. Then in SM3, 'eddie brock jnr' is a new recruit or something... i don't know? Someone please explain xD

Charles on Oct 24, 2009

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