Don't Watch: Tim Allen Directed Crazy on the Outside Trailer

December 1, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Crazy on the Outside Trailer

Why am I featuring a trailer for a movie that looks this bad? Well, there's one reason, and one reason alone. Crazy on the Outside is the directorial debut of Tim Allen. Yes, Tim "The Toolman" Taylor both directed and stars in this absolutely atrocious comedy that doesn't even deserve to be seen on the big screen. The sad thing is that this actually has a good cast, including Sigourney Weaver, Ray Liotta, J.K. Simmons, Kelsey Grammer, and the still-kind-of-attractive Jeanne Tripplehorn. But it's probably the worst looking comedy that I've seen a trailer for in a while. Or so I think. Watch this if you wish, but don't say I didn't warn you!

Watch the trailer for Tim Allen's Crazy on the Outside from YouTube:

You can also watch the Crazy on the Outside trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Tommy (Tim Allen) is fresh out of prison and ready for a second chance in life. Enter his loving sister Viki, her cynical husband Ed and their family. Tommy moves in with them in hopes of turning his life around.

Crazy on the Outside is the feature directing debut of comedian Tim Allen, who has written and directed episodes of "Home Improvement", but never direct a movie before. The screenplay was co-written by Judd Pillot and John Peaslee (both of "According to Jim" and "Coach"). Freestyle Releasing is bringing Crazy on the Outside to theaters starting on January 8th, 2010. In truth, I'd call this "dumping" it into theaters.

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Whyd you even post this?

Cody on Dec 1, 2009


Bad trailer...but is this Allen's first attempt at directing? If so its is first and he is allowed to make mistakes, and I'll see this but probably on an HBO premier.

xerxex on Dec 1, 2009


sorry the "if so its is first and" should not be there, damn...

xerxex on Dec 1, 2009


Actually, I'd say that unlike most comedy trailers, this one actually hints at funny parts that aren't shown here.

Collin on Dec 1, 2009


Collin, unfortunately our population is too dumb to read between the lines.....if it's not funny in the trailers, they won't go see it.

Cmurder on Dec 1, 2009


To be honest, I didn't think this looked THAT bad. Certainly can't be as bad as OLD DOGS or WILD HOGS or any of that shit.

Cory Sharp on Dec 1, 2009


the trailer doesn't exploit all the comedic moments of the movie in 2 minutes, instead it lets us in on what the story is about, leading us to see that there could actually be something underneath.

troy on Dec 1, 2009


Don't be too quick to judge. These are all actors who don't need the work. So it probably won't be that bad. And sorry but Wild Hogs was way funnier than I expected.

Bryanmakeup on Dec 1, 2009


pretty amazing cast,the trailer wasn't as bad as i in

twispious on Dec 1, 2009


i do not understand what is so bad about Tim Allen seriously what did the guy do?

mike on Dec 1, 2009


Looks a lot better than a lot of the 'Must Watch' stuff you guys put up. I'm with #8 - what does everyone have against Tim Allen? Wild Hogs was funny~

Antioch on Dec 1, 2009


Change the VO guy and this wouldn't nearly be as bad. This is the same VO guy from like little mermaid.

Pff on Dec 1, 2009


Tim Allen is the man!!! he made wild hogs good, i mean old dogs was complete garbage without his help. I cannot comprehend what makes you like and dislike movies Alex... it baffles me that you can heap praise onto crap, and then completely shoot this down after a pretty solid trailer that presents an interesting and funny premise with some fantastic actors. you, my friend, are the one thats crazy on the outside. (anybody enjoy that little quip? come on, just a smirk maybe?)

FritzHatesAlex on Dec 1, 2009


I would see this faster than I would see Old Dogs.

Kevin on Dec 1, 2009


it just doesn't make sense to have a "don't watch" section in this site. ok, it has that intimate blog feel where you talk like you would talk to your friends, which is cool, but man it's just mean to NAME a blog post with "don´t watch", mainly because you can't be the judge to that, if YOU hate it so much making you run away from it, it doesn't mean everyone would do the same, just read the comments to this post, there is a fair amount of people interested making your section fall to the ground. just respect your readers with constructive opinions and ENCOURAGING your readers to see the movie and hoping that they have the same opinion, if not you would have a shitload of great arguments for a healthy discussion. I probably wouldn't see the movie based on the trailer, but now with this "don't watch" thing I might give it a shot to see if it is THAT bad. ok, it made me interested, but in a VERY bad way, think about the respect I mentioned above, it might bring something to your mind.

felipe on Dec 1, 2009


This looks pretty good, glad they took the high road and actually gave us the story instead of ruining the comedic moments. How is this a Don't Watch????

Bryan on Dec 1, 2009


looks like it could be good, not a very good trailer though

jh on Dec 1, 2009


i will also say it isn't that bad... although the announcer voice remined me too much of the voice over bit in the south park episode where stan has to coach pee wee hockey and i'm a sucker for ray liotta movies...

Janny on Dec 1, 2009


It doesn't look too bad. Certainly not targeted to the "under 30" demographic, but it's something my parents would probably enjoy watching. I hate to keep saying it but this site has zero objectivity.

haha on Dec 1, 2009


It didn't look that bad? Trailer wasn't great but the acting looked good.

Byonic on Dec 1, 2009


It does look pretty bad, but I'd watch it late night on a tuesday, obviously he's ending up with the parole officer and things will work out. On a completely different note I just saw this blog post about Aliens and has a press shot of Sigourney Weaver in, wowsers....

Crapola on Dec 1, 2009


What is so bad about Tim Allen?! How about The Shaggy Dog, Zoom, or The Santa Clause 3?

A-Dog on Dec 1, 2009


I wouldnt say theres anything bad about him personally. Its just hes kinda pulling the Eddie Murphy except without the shitload of fame at the beginning of his career. He just doesnt know when to stop, its almost like every crappy b kids movie he makes exponentially gets worst. He just needs to stop already.

Cody on Dec 1, 2009


Looks like a fun movie. I'm not sure what's so wrong with these movies, seriously. Can you actually be intelligent and break it down why it's bad. Is it not $9 worth it bad or just bad? Honestly, these "bad" movies really describe many classic movies that many love. I believe the Vacation movies are the best example in that they're quite horrible if you break it down. I'd never pay to watch it but growing up you kinda love it when watching it and it's just so easy to relate to. I could see myself relating to this movie actually, cause I was in Italy for 3 yrs. 😉

Tra la la la la di da on Dec 1, 2009


Yep, looks pretty good. Alex your a dumbass.

Nick on Dec 1, 2009


I think there is potential in this, but definitely not anything more than a decent DVD rental. The big problem for me in this trailer is the voice over which makes it sound and look worse than it probably is.

Marty Martin on Dec 1, 2009


Bump the haters ! This looks fun and I'll give it a try .

Wussupman on Dec 1, 2009


Why do you think it looks so bad Alex? Sounds like you have something against Timmy? Not my cup of tea, looks like your average american comedy. Maybe its a semi-beased-on-a-true-story. Timmy did go to 'France' for 2 years and when he got out started that grunting show with tools.

David Banner on Dec 1, 2009


i think if you remove the voice-over, it makes it look a touch better p.s. ray liotta is kryptonite to Hollywood

funnytunney on Dec 2, 2009


made me smile, doesnt look that bad. i would watch.

ea5raergaergregaweg on Dec 2, 2009


it looks like it has some funny moments. i'm not a fan of Allen, but i'll probably see this on dvd. and by the way: when did julie bowen get good-looking? i've never seen her look that good.

beavis on Dec 2, 2009


Tim Allen would have been better doing a movie about Home Improvmemt, than this film did not like the trailer for Crazy on the outside.

Cineprog on Dec 2, 2009


its not that bad... looks entertaining.

Leo on Dec 2, 2009


At least if you're gonna hate on something be constructive about it. Write professional. Not "this absolutely atrocious comedy that doesn't even deserve to be seen on the big screen" shit.

Golgo 13 on Dec 2, 2009


This doesn't look THAT bad man. I mean, it's not a laugh riot trailer but that might mean they actually saved some funny parts for the movie for once.

Syphous on Dec 2, 2009


I'd still give this movie some looks at subsequent trailers. No way that all those actors are attached and it sucks. Yes, I know it's happened before with a great cast, but I just don't think it will be "atrocious."

branden on Dec 2, 2009


There seems to be more positive comments than negative ones regarding THIS? Did I wake up in the Bizarro world? Well, I have to go now. Hello!

DLM Entertainment on Dec 2, 2009


Tim Allen is going on tour with this film and in some places doing a 30 minute stand up routine before the movie. He was just here in Denver last night at the Mayan. It's was actually pretty funny! I have to agree with the statements about the voiceover talent in the trailer. Get rid of that guy...

Juice on Dec 2, 2009


Not sure why Jeanne Tripplehorn is referred to as "still kind of attractive"... She is a beautiful woman.. Kind of insulting description of her..

Mike on Dec 2, 2009


What about Tim Allen's other works? Toy Story? Everyone here loves those movies. He makes his directorial debut and because he's not a cohen, you bash him. WTF? How about Galaxy Quest? That movie still kicks ass. I don't know where the Tim Allen bashing comes from but send it back, we don't want it around here.

Ariel on Dec 2, 2009


Wil Hogs was bad, the movie about his native american son was a family movie and not bad, Toy Story movies are 2 of the best animated films. Christmas with the Kranks wasn't good too. Santa Clause 1 and 2 were pretty good. He's not the best actor ever, but he has his own unique comedic persona that is instantly recognizable a la Robin Williams.

branden on Dec 2, 2009


I didn't think this looked that bad at all. Not theater worthy, but definitely worth a rental.

Terry Myers on Dec 6, 2009


Doesn't look bad. Actually i liked it.

tin on Dec 15, 2009

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