Downey Jr. Already Talking About Sherlock Holmes Sequels?

April 10, 2009
Source: MTV

Robert Downey Jr.

You have got to be kidding me? We haven't even seen an official trailer for Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes yet, and Robert Downey Jr. is already talking about sequels?! Of course, leave it to MTV to report this news. Not that there was ever any doubt, but Downey Jr. confirms that Sherlock Holmes will end up rated PG-13, with a family friendly tone. Okay, so maybe it is Guy Ritchie's first PG-13 movie, so what? Anyone have a problem with this? Additionally, RDJ said briefly, "I feel like there's going to be a Sherlock Holmes 2." Uh, it's a bit early to make that call, but I guess I'd say it's on Warner Brothers' plate if this does well in the end.

I almost feel odd talking about his so early, especially when no one else has seen any footage (I caught a glimpse at ShoWest). What is interesting, however, is that the family friendly, comical tone might not go over so well. I know that it has that Pirates of the Caribbean-like comedy, but is that what audiences want to see? From the moment that I first heard that Guy Ritchie was doing Sherlock Holmes, I was hoping that it'd mean we'd see something very dark, very gritty, and very stylized, exactly what Ritchie is good at. Unfortunately, it's just stylized, which is still good, but not as good as if it were rated R. Thoughts?

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I like Robert Downey Jr. He's The Feel Good Comeback Of The Year(tm). I love Sherlock Holmes. As a mystery writer, it's been a major influence, besides being very entertaining. I like Guy Ritchie movies. Well, okay, I like LS2SB and Snatch. But all of these together just don't add up well, I'm afraid. I'm willing to be pleasantly surprised, but it just seems like a perfect storm of box office bomb.

William Mize on Apr 10, 2009


I'm not much of a Guy Richie film fan- I admit I haven't seen any as they haven't seemed heavy on character development. I could be completely wrong and I may exert myself to see one, though they seem targeted to the guy's guy crowd- "Sherlock" will definitely not be a bomb- Downey is way too marketable for that- but it may not do as well as they hope it will (and who knows what they are hoping for...) I'm having my kids read the books this summer so they can form their own concept of Sherlock Holmes as a literary character (as we did with the LOTR trilogy). I had no real expectations of what they were doing-I would go to see it at least once (I could not possibly care less what professional film critics say). At PG-13 the kids will be allowed to come on the first viewing while they may not go at all if I have to preview it. I thought a gritty "Sherlock" would be interesting- I was surprised to like "Ironman" but I placed that at Downey's door (along with Favreau) for making me care about the character. The same will be relevant here. So if it works that's great, I'm not seeing the movie for the purpose of comparing it to the books- though I know there will be a great many Holmes fans who will do so. I read the books a good many years ago and loved them for themselves- I will not care about this film one way or the other based on it's adherance to the books. It may please in an unforseen way. Time will tell. I have heard that Will Farrell is also making a "Sherlock Holmes". Perhaps his version will be gritty. :O !!!

uhm.yeah. on Apr 10, 2009


It's crazy how more Hollywood studio companies are talking about sequels before the first movie even comes out. I understand they feel they have a brand and franchise and want to lock it up as quickly as possible, not sure if that's the best strategy, also usually a good way to produce crap. In LOTR, it's an established series with great content to work off of, so that situation is completely different than coming up with some weird poorly written sequel just to make money.

Craig on Apr 10, 2009


I would have liked a gritty rated R Sherlock. But I'm sure this will still be alright

-Peter- on Apr 10, 2009


Still can be serious & gritty & PG-13, but I don't think that's what this will be. The idea of a sequel definitely would create questions about the "Rock n Rolla" trilogy, no?

Aaron on Apr 10, 2009


Let's just hope that the film will be as good as Iron Man...and then I can see RDJ talking sequel...actually, then again, many of his recent films can definitely qualify for sequels...maybe he knows what he's talking about...hmmm.

Athena on Apr 10, 2009


Directors go against the grain every so often. Why so surprised? I mean Martin Scorsese shouldn't have made Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore or Robert Rodriguez shouldn't have made Spy Kids? Still, I don't understand why people are so surprised that directors will give something different a go.

BahHumbug on Apr 10, 2009


An R-rated Sherlock Holmes movie? Why would you ever think that that was on the cards? It's just not that sort of character and never has been in any previous incarnation as far as I'm aware. You can still have plenty of strangeness and creepiness without graphic content. And I don't have a problem with it having a wry sense of humour at all. I just hope it isn't TOO silly...

Mathieu on Apr 10, 2009


Wow! The was fast. A Sequel already!?

Fisherr on Apr 10, 2009


I have a feeling this movie won't be that good

Dan W on Apr 12, 2009


There's nothing about Sherlock Holmes that NEEDS an R-Rating.

vva on May 17, 2009



johnny on Dec 6, 2009


i think that in the next Sherlock Holmes movie that they make, they should give Holmes an apprentice wouldn't it be cool? well with watson moved out and whatnot. . .

mandy on May 16, 2010


rated R stinks, its the same deal except with more cusswords, sex, and blood. and if anyone thinks thats bettr, they must be jacked up on something. PG-13 is alot more focused on the story. rated r? bettr? realy? i think not

Caleb on Jul 29, 2010

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