DreamWorks Animation's Shrek Goes Fourth Plot Revealed?

February 22, 2009
Source: Lackluster Emporium


Sadly, DreamWorks Animation is working on another Shrek sequel, called Shrek Goes Fourth, for release in 2010, even though the third one was panned by critics (it has a 49% on Rotten Tomatoes, to be exact). The third one was as bad as it was, because after three movies, the concept has been stretched so much, that there's no more good stories left to tell that aren't ridiculous and/or contrived. If you've been curious about what they're doing next, an early plot synopsis has been discovered, thanks to Lackluster Emporium (via SlashFilm). Just like the past two Shrek movies, though, it doesn't sound that great at all.

After challenging an evil dragon, rescuing a beautiful princess and saving your in-laws' kingdom, what's an ogre to do? Well, if you're Shrek, you suddenly wind up a domesticated family man. Instead of scaring villagers away like he used to, a reluctant Shrek now agrees to autograph pitch forks. What's happened to this ogre's roar?

Longing for the days when he felt like a "real ogre", Shrek is duped into signing a pact with the smooth-talking dealmaker, Rumplestiltskin.

Shrek suddenly finds himself in a in a twisted, alternate version of Far Far Away, where ogres are hunted, Rumplestiltskin is king and Shrek and Fiona have never met. Now, it's up to Shrek to undo all he's done in the hopes of saving his friends, restoring his world and reclaiming his one True Love.

So there you have it, it almost sounds like a reboot (think Fast & Furious), where Shrek tries to go all the way back to the life he had in the first movie. I'm not a fan of the Shrek series at all, in fact, I really hate the movies. I can appreciate the first one, and I love the Pinocchio and Gingerbread Man characters, but I otherwise hate the entire franchise with a fiery passion. So I'm sure you already know what I'm going to say about this plot snyopsis and it's not good. But then again, I'm not part of the audience it's meant for, so I'll let people who are fans state their opinion instead. Does that plot sound that entertaining?

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Actually it sounds great, but if Shrek was to go back to his dreamland then why would he need to save his friends. And if he trys and does get back, surely thats such a depressing story saying that nowheres great and that you wont be truely happy anywhere...! Iunno

Marcus on Feb 22, 2009


It doesn't sound like a reboot at all, it's a twist on the Monkey Paw tale. Guys wish turns sour. It's not a new theme by any stretch, but it's a good idea to shake things up given how stale the franchise has become.

Rob on Feb 22, 2009


fuck off shrek,the only thing i want to see big & green on the big screen again is another hulk film,just fuck off shrek & take that fucking donkey with you.

zetsu on Feb 22, 2009


fast and the furious cant really be a reboot if michelle rodriguez dies ... but yea im not really interested in how bad the 3rd one was considering most children loved it... i mean since it is a kids movie... if anything the children will love the movie i think critics should let kids review kids movies and they should leave em alone

kindbuddy on Feb 22, 2009


It sounds like they're just trying to redo waht made the first film entertaining. This is the problem with studios, they just don't know when to stop. They'll keep milking a franchise because people keep watching until it's dry and just has a load of direct-to-DVD sequels. I hope this works though.

SlashBeast on Feb 22, 2009


Shrek was always meant to have a fourth movie. After the first one Mike Myers said it was a four part story. Secondly I thought Shrek 2 was the best of the three so far and Shrek 3 had it's moments, it just wasn't nearly as good as the other two.

Drew on Feb 22, 2009


That definetly sounds better than than the last 2 it may even be on par with the first one

Moviemike on Feb 22, 2009


I loved the first movie so much. The sequel was alright. and then, BAM. Number 3 is just AWFUL. this doesn't sound good at all either

-Peter- on Feb 22, 2009


Another insane comment by kindbuddy

feohatestheworld on Feb 22, 2009


there gonna run this thing into the ground

djw on Feb 22, 2009


actually that sounds sweet sweet enough, in conception, to see

Josh on Feb 22, 2009


sounds good

zach on Feb 22, 2009


I was only a fan of the 2nd one. Hated the 1st and couldnt make it through the 3rd. Is anyone else of the same mind?

Voice of Reason on Feb 23, 2009


I'm actually a pretty big Shrek fan, and this plot actually sounds good to me. I mean, it's not original but it does sound entertaining. When you go into fairytale land, you just have this huge pool of characters to pick from, and now they're dredging up Rumplestilskin! I had completely forgotten about him. But yeah, we all know this is going to follow a very predictable plot line, but hey, the movie's gonna be there to entertain us. And if the writing is as good in this one as it was in the last 3, then I'll certainly be entertained.

Maria on Feb 23, 2009


Think "It's a Wonderful Life" meets "Conan the Barbarian." THAT sounds like a cool movie to me. Just when we have gotten bored to death with Far Far Away, it sounds to me like they're re-inventing Shrek and revving it up a notch. Kinda like "Batman Begins" re-invented that series...

Anim Fan on Feb 23, 2009


i definitely agree with # 15 i think its a very cool idea although they do have some glitches to deal with but the over all theme sounds good

alan on Feb 23, 2009


That script idea sound decent to me. Its a lot better than the idea they had for the third movie. Man was that a stinker. As long as they don't have Shrek doing the same whining of "oh, I'm not worthy. I'm just an ogre. I'll never be able to do it." then the movie has a chance.

Joe on Feb 23, 2009


as long as there are little kids, this franchise will be a success

jmoney on Feb 24, 2009


I agree with 18 But this plot, it *might* avoid the distinction of being the worst of the four. Not as good as the first but, neither the worst.

Hand Knotted Rugs on Feb 24, 2009


Number 1 was fantastic enough for a series. Number 2 had some great bits. Number 3 - ah - Number 4 needs some imaginative writers and I know of some with so much originality in plot line, dialogue, character, and all aspects that I REFUSE to believe that this is the best that can be found. (Okay, so granted the best person that I can think of was begged to join the creative writing dept of her college and offered full ride grad scholarships if she would just come attend and write while she was there - She is amazing and this is her genre) - Still, it can be done, and much better than the plot listed above and the work on movies 2 and 3 would lead me to believe. Shrek deserves better. I hope they at least put in a good music montage at the end. I will have a grandchild to take to this one, and I want to enjoy it. Besides, kids are tougher critics than adults.

Mary on Feb 25, 2009


I have seen every one with my daughter though I agree they were garbage after #1, she still likes them however when this one comes out she'll be going on 12, hopefully I'll be able to miss it!!

CatchHerInTheEye on Mar 1, 2009


Is that all they could come up with? I guess it doesn't sound TOO bad... It's possible they could throw in enough jokes to make Shrek 4 enjoyable to watch. I'm thinking it's definitely a rental though. There's no way I'm going to the theater to see yet another sequel. I hope they don't do a fifth one though... The movie people just don't know when to quit sometimes. Anyone remember "The Land Before Time"? Good movie right? Then they had to make the millions of sequels to it and completely ruin the movie.

lilsteves on Mar 6, 2009


Sure, the plot's a little unexpected, but I think it'll be worth watching. I'm just glad Dreamworks had the courtesy to make a movie. That company's the reason I have a favorite movie.

shrekfan92 on Mar 8, 2009


Hang on. I thought Shrek was a part 5 story. what in the world is going on here?

natlie on Mar 29, 2009


fuck. dont do it

BenFuckingMoore on Apr 29, 2009


i agree with comment thirteen. i think another is a terrible idea. just checked yup theres a fourth a fifth coming and a puss in boots movie. dreamworks overall makes bad movies but some have their moments ill admit. theyre making a big mistake here though. dont do it!!

george on May 26, 2009


Actually I KNOW this sequel will be very good.. They learned their lesson from 3 and made sure that the story here will be compelling.. Just wait all you doomsayers and Katzenberg haters, This movie will be a HUGE hit. Wipe the Pixar Pixie Dust off your glasses.. .

Inside on Jun 4, 2009


i agree #13. shrek 2 was the best b/c it wasn't as raunchy as the third and it wasn't as nasty as the first. I do hate the thrid one though the most. Number one is definitrely my second favorite since the story is well... funny,. But when they went from an all powerful fairy to a weak spineless fool (charming) the third movie really fell apart. They need another pure evil villain like fairy godmother.

james on Aug 16, 2009


To comment 1: Well, Shrek would need to save his friends because they're his FRIENDS. And saving ass is what friends do. To comment 28: (Wow, a lot of replies) What was wrong with the first and third Shrek movies?

shrekfan92 on Aug 17, 2009


To Comment 29: The first one was... weird. The villain was a part Dwarf. The third one had no spine. the second one rocked ass. To Comment 3: Shrek is awesome. go **** your mums *****.

PussInBootsFanGirl on Sep 30, 2009


To Comment 30 - Yeah, I loved the first two. I liked the third, but honestly...not as MUCH. But in all honesty, if you asked me to pick a favorite out of Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, and Puss in Boots, I couldn't do it; I love them all equally. 🙂

shrekfan92 on Oct 2, 2009


i think it sounds sweet. i love how shrek loves fiona so much and i wonder if Prince Charming comes back? it sounds like i hav heard of this plot in many other plots of animated fairytales, but maybe it is just my imagination. my favorite characters are Puss in Boots and Donkey and i hope they bring them back and hav them play an important role to help shrek win back his one true love 🙂 .

iloveGingie! on Oct 13, 2009


i like d some parts in the third one, like merlin... i thought it was funny how they turned this great magician of Camelot into a wacko magic teacher. i also liked how merlin was so out of the loop and crazy. i love crazy stuff and maybe the fourth 1 wont be so bad. they r kina tireing out the series and i hope they dont go to far out and ruin the whole series...

catsinbootsrock!!! on Oct 13, 2009


donky is funny ass shit in the first one. fuck those gay ass fairie's. OH NO NOT MY GUM DROP BUTTONS

Rumplestiltskin on Nov 29, 2009


To Comment 34: wat? To Comment 31: I can. Puss In Boots. DUUH!!!

PussInBootsFanGirl on Nov 30, 2009


leave shrek alone! the movies are the fairytale disney (still the best) didn't come up with. so what if the plot is getting a little stretched? its going to be funny, entertaining and something families can go see together. all you see these days are stupid films made to scare us all, what fun is that for families? young kids will love it, i'll love it and parents will love it. so stop whining and let us enjoy one of the few films that isn't about deaths, lunatics, the end of the world, or vampires.

REM on Dec 4, 2009


I agree with comment 36.

PussInBootsFanGirl on Dec 4, 2009


To Comment 35: Yeah, Puss in Boots is awesome...But so is Shrek and Donkey. Fiona's OK...but a little stubborn in the beginning of Shrek 1. :/ Meh To Comment 36: THANK you. 🙂

shrekfan92 on Dec 9, 2009


To Comment 30: Part dwarf?? Who?

shrekfan92 on Dec 9, 2009


There are many movies bad after their 3th movie. DreamWorks, bad animation, bad movies, not funny, very boring movies, big flops. DREAMWORKS, KNOCK IT OFF.

Shrek on Jan 3, 2010


To Comment 40: The Shrek movies are OK, and by the way, Dreamworks ROCKS. They make movies better than any other. And FYI, it's written as "3rd", not "3th"; otherwise it'd be "thirth", not "third". 🙂

shrekfan92 on Jan 3, 2010


Im a little taken to see how much critisim there is about a kids movie... I have a two yea old daughter that litterally loves these movies. watches them over and over, i''ve even had to replace the 2nd one twice. But as a first time dad, Im extremely looking forward to the release of this first time to take my little girl to her first movie experience. Go Shrek!!!!!

beachnitdaddy_21 on Jan 15, 2010


To Comment 42: I've never seen a father so enthusiastic about Shrek before. It's nice to see that adults can like it too.

shrekfan92 on Jan 15, 2010

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