DreamWorks Hires Writer for Puss in Boots Spin-Off

January 30, 2009

Puss in Boots

DreamWorks Animation is officially moving forward with their Puss in Boots spin-off and have hired Tom Wheeler to write the screenplay. DWA is already in production on Shrek Goes Fourth for 2010, which means this Puss in Boots movie will be the second feature set in the Shrek universe that we'll be seeing in the next few years. Shrek the Third co-writer and co-director Chris Miller wrote an early draft of the screenplay, but Wheeler is being brought in to re-work it. No other details were revealed regarding the story, although we're guessing it might focus on the cat's origin before he met Shrek in some way.

Given I'm not a fan of the Shrek series at all, and especially not of Puss in Boots, I don't have much on the positive side to say about this. Is a spin-off really necessary? Why don't they just send it straight to DVD? I'd much rather see a spin-off of the Gingerbread Man or Pinocchio than frickin' Puss in Boots! But I've come to realize that this Shrek stuff just ain't for me, and there are hordes of people who do love it, so I'll just let them enjoy it while I continue to despise it. We're guessing DreamWorks will get Antonio Banderas back to voice Puss, but the announcement didn't confirm his involvement yet. Is anyone excited for this?

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not excited at all

Ben on Jan 30, 2009


Yeah, I lost intrest in the Shrek series after the first movie. The humor shifted from subtle and witty satire to vulgarity and popculture references.

Phase on Jan 30, 2009


Our kids love all of the Shrek characters and that includes "Puss in Boots" so for them I say bring it on...

Bob Brouhaha on Jan 30, 2009


gun. mouth. trigger. brains. wall. drip.

Crapola on Jan 30, 2009


At first when I read Puss in Boots I thought they were casting Joaquine Phoenix in a Reboot of Zorro the Gay Blade

The Genius on Jan 30, 2009


its a shame really....i used to like the world....i sure will miss it.

al on Jan 30, 2009


I'm not sure I'd use the word "excited," but I like the idea. Puss 'n' Boots was one of my favorite characters from the Shrek movies, so a spin-off would be fine with me. I'd do it as a straight-to-DVD tie-in, though.

Terry on Jan 30, 2009


he was a great character in the 2nd film, and the 2nd film was quite fun. Then they laid a big one with the 3rd movie, and I lost what respect and appeal for the franchise I had. so I say "booo"

dave13 on Jan 30, 2009


I agree with #8. Personally, I just want to see more Tom-Waits-as-Captain-Hook.

Voice Of Reason on Jan 30, 2009


its too bad that DWA, cant come up with an original idea, with all of disney's old talent over there, you would think they could come up with something new. Nope. Disney's still got the talent, and the originality that makes DWA, an embarrassed second fiddle.

troy on Jan 30, 2009


Can't believe Alex despises "Puss." (Sorry, but someone had to say it first)

curiouscaseofredbuttons on Jan 30, 2009


and number 5, that is funny stuff!

curiouscaseofredbuttons on Jan 30, 2009


Shrek should've stopped with number 2. Now they're just milking for profit. I remember the days , back in the 90s, when I used to have such high hopes for DWA (I doubt they were called that back then).

Alfredo on Jan 30, 2009


Actually, I am really looking forward to this! Puss In Boots is one of the better Shrek characters and, of course, it will be shot in stereoscopic 3D! 😛

Jim Dorey on Jan 30, 2009


Another lasting piece of evidence that Hollywood is losing its integrity and ideas....O YEAH AND ALL ITS COMMON SENSE TOO!!

Cody on Jan 30, 2009


i think shrek is the most overrated cartoon of all time. not not good, just overrated. HOWEVER, puss in boots is by far the best thing that that franchise has produced, so with the right people on board they could be on to a winner!

fanboy d on Jan 30, 2009


The first was okay. The second and third are utter and total shit. I hate them. This will suck.

DinoChow on Jan 30, 2009



Jack Bauer on Jan 30, 2009


This is worse than Rogen keeping Green Hornet a go. I hate Shrek so much and wondered why it was such a big deal. Can't believe there's a fourth one as it is. Gosh... What are they trying to do? Be the next Land Before time with 12 or is it 13 movies?

Aravena on Jan 30, 2009


is that a sea kitten in the image?

Linear Algebraic on Jan 30, 2009


Can you say "Straight To DVD"? 😐

Toucmyinfection on Jan 30, 2009


god stop milking it !!! the first one was ok... second... hmm third ... wtf? a fourth!!?? and now a spin off whats wrong with these people !!

Dark Padme on Jan 30, 2009


I absolutely loved the first two SHREKs but the third one was one of the worst movies of 2007. I like PUSS IN BOOTS, but not enough to want to see a movie just about him.

Ryan on Jan 30, 2009


More Puss....less Donkey

peanutz2u on Jan 30, 2009


First Shriek: Awesome! loved it. Second: Good movie, like it. Third: Getting kind of tired, but still Ok i guess. Fourth: ? sigh idk... kind of pushing it at this point aren't we? Double the effort needed just to match the second or third Spin-off: If they make it a prequel or something.. maybe.. *shrug*

Dating in Toronto on Mar 27, 2009


hopefully they're getting all of the suck out of the way before they drop kung fu panda 2 on us. high hopes for that movie, i have.

anonymous on Nov 27, 2010


ya those are cool ones kids would love them..

Tim on Mar 28, 2011

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